I began seeing Bonnie about two years sober from heavy cocaine use. I met her after a divorce from a woman with whom I had a very open, swinging lifestyle. She and I both had side lovers and participated in swinging together. Those swinging episodes were threesomes, foursomes, cuckolding and some group situations.

For my wife and I, like many people in the 80’s, cocaine was a catalyst for many of the sexual situations that took place. Some were spontaneous, especially when we first started. Our first swap occurred shortly after we graduated college. The couple we ended up first swapping with were former classmates. They had come over to reconnect in Birmingham and after a little blow, one thing led to another, and we ended up fucking each other’s wife.

My wife was a petite, little stacked vixen who many guys couldn’t ignore. She wasn’t a classic beauty, but it was her tits that drew their attention. The wife I ended up fucking that night was around 5’5″ and perfectly proportioned with a great ass. She was also a dark-haired beauty. I particularly got into her hairy pussy because my wife was blonde and almost hairless. Don’t get me wrong, one the reasons I married her was because of her beautiful wispy blonde bush but having access to such a different and hairy woman was a huge turn-on.

After the couple left, we had a long discussion about how we felt about what had happened. We agreed it was fun and super-hot. We also knew we needed to be aware of the danger to our marriage if we didn’t communicate if either one of us ever felt uncomfortable. We both wanted it to happen again.

Over the years we had some great times and not so great times. We were always uncomfortable if one of us had a really erotic experience when the other had a dud for a partner. Some of the best times were when my wife had a really hung guy for a partner. I am an average 6-7″ but my wife really got off on big cocks, especially if the guy knew how to use it with a small woman. If he took his time and allowed her to adjust to his size first and then really fucked her hard, she always had amazing orgasms.

Over time, I got to where I really became more turned-on seeing her get off than always feeling I had to have another woman. I just really liked watching her be pleasured by another man or men. I also loved seeing her really focused on the man giving her pleasure. There is nothing more erotic than seeing your woman with another large cock in her mouth, looking up at the man and sluttily continuing to suck his cock while he is cumming in her mouth, white gobs running down her chin. I don’t know and I don’t care why I love that. I just know I do and having a woman willing to do that in front of me is wildly erotic.

Another thing I really enjoyed was seeing her being gangbanged. That is sluttiness at its best. Sometimes it would be me and two other guys and at other times it would be five or six guys repeatedly fucking her while I just watched and then took her by myself. Seeing her lose herself in all those cocks and totally forget that I am there is an unbelievable rush. The best part is after they have used her, to go to her and using her cum covered body for the last time that evening. Sometimes she would be still super aroused and other times she would be exhausted and almost oblivious to my presence. I would still empty my balls into her or onto her. Unfortunately, my wife and I divorced over my not wanting children. It broke us both emotionally and I was sort of lost for several years.

That’s when I met Bonnie. I was uncomfortable making a move on her initially. I was out of practice. Bonnie is 31 years old, 5’9″ and built for comfort. She has curves in all the right places and knows how to show them off in a classy way. When I first met her, she wore light dresses or business suits that accentuated every curve. You could tell she was packing a very sexy body. I am 39 years old, 6′ tall, and 185 and fit.

One night we were over at her house, and we were making out and caressing each other. I guess she was ready for me to go further because she got up went over to the sink in the kitchen that looked out over the parking lot of her apartments. She never even looked at me but slowly unbuttoned her daisy dukes and let then slid over her ample ass to the floor. She just leaned toward the window and raised up on her tiptoes. That was my cue.

I literally ran to the kitchen, dropped my pants and without ceremony, jammed my rock hard cock into her. I fucked her hard from the start and kept pounding up into her as a car pulled up right in front, their headlights illuminating us. I started to back out of her, but she hissed, “Don’t you dare! She giggled and said, “Keep fucking me. Give them a show!”

I was never into exhibitionism. I like my sex private, slow and sensual. Turns out Bonnie liked that too, but she had a wild streak that got her turned on when she fucked in public. I resisted but over time escort tanıtımları she got me to participate with her in some of these hi-jinks. The best for me was when she would blow me as we drove. She would pull my cock out, suck me with her ass in the air, giving the truckers a show. Several times they would try to convey their desire for us to pull over at a rest stop and Bonnie was game, but I shut that down. That was too much for me.

Bonnie and I would fuck in every place possible. We even fucked in the choir loft of a church. Middle of the week one afternoon, no one in there but us, hammering away at each other. She was a little strange, but I couldn’t get enough of her.

She had come from a marriage where she wanted to involve other people in the marriage bed, but her husband couldn’t handle it. He also could not handle the fucking in public. I knew I had to keep her satisfied, but I wanted to keep the public sex to a minimum.

One evening after a vigorous session in bed, I asked if she was willing to open up our relationship. She was all in. We began by advertising in the “Couple seeking other couples” and “Couple seeking single males” sections of several adult newspapers. We began getting calls or emails within days, especially from men. It was sexy and fun to look at and read the emails or talk to the people on the phone. It always led to some serious fucking.

We were able to weed out the non-qualifiers pretty easily. Not to sound snobbish, but if the couple seemed particularly uneducated or super inappropriate we moved on just as we did with the men. We felt we could get a good read on most people by talking to them or reading their emails. Their photos, if included, were also a source of info if we felt we could trust them, or they weren’t too vulgar.

Our initial ads read, “Mid-30’s couple seeking like couples or single males for fun and possible sexual adventures” followed by a blind email address and burner phone number. We felt safety and discretion were the most important things starting out. After all, we really had no idea what types of people might come out of the woodwork.

Initially, most of the inquiries were from single men or men who were in a relationship, but their partner was either not into sharing or was in the dark. We thanked them and said we would keep their info but right now, if we couldn’t find the right couple, wanted an unencumbered single male. No drama please.

We were still considering some recent males we had heard from when we began to get a few inquiries from couples. Some were possible but the vibe just wasn’t right. After about 6 weeks of wading through the folks we had passed on, we got an interesting call from a mid-40’s couple who were experienced swingers. After talking on the phone, we agreed to send photos to each other. They were an attractive couple, fit looking and based on their photos very much comfortable with nudity. Bill was about 6’2″ and packing. Bonnie giggled and commented on Bill’s equipment. Jess was around 5’2″ and slim with small but firm looking breasts.

Bill and Jess had done it all. Threesomes, cuckolding, swapping, gangbangs and group sex. Jess was bi-sexual but Bill, like me is super-straight. My door definitely does not swing both ways, but Bonnie is game for anything and definitely is open to some girl-on-girl action with the right girl. We liked Bill and Jess. The only issue was they lived in a neighboring state but said if we would travel, they could host us for a weekend. We agreed and made plans to visit them the following weekend arriving on Friday evening.

Upon arriving we were incredibly nervous. We had seen their photos and talked on the phone, but still, we really didn’t know what to expect. Their home was nice and well-kept but not extravagant. They greeted us with open arms and helped us retrieve our bags from the car. They got us settled in our room, pointing out the bathroom, shower, etc. After we unpacked our things, we looked at each other and said, “OK. Here goes nothing.”

They had cocktails and snacks ready when we returned to the living area. We settled in to chat and see where this weekend led us. They were very nice and personable. Their normalcy was the most interesting thing so far. We didn’t know what to expect. Would they be nude and super-aggressive? Would they jump us as soon as we came out of our bedroom?

We got our cocktails and went downstairs to their playroom. It was set up with lighted, scented candles all around, a large-screen tv and a king-sized bed on the floor, just the right height for fucking. There was also an area with a sectional and other comfortable furniture where we could sit and talk. Bonnie and I sat together, and Bill and Jess sat across from us.

Turns out, they were extremely relaxed and fun. We talked about the typical things most couples talk about when first meeting. Were we planning to marry? gaziantep escort telefonları Did we want kids? Where were we from originally? The usual. Once the niceties were out of the way they began asking us about our sexual experiences. What did we like? What were our fantasies? What were we open to trying? Did we have any rules?

They were very open to our questions as well. What were their experiences with swinging? Did they only play in the presence of the other? Did any of their non-swinging friends know about their lifestyle? Did their family know? What had they done? Have they ever been to a sex club? You know. The typical first swingers get-to-know-you questions.

Bonnie told them about her fun with public sex and exhibitionism. That got a laugh from both Bill and Jess because Jess liked public sex as well. They had a “dogging” spot in a rural park they had been to several times. Bonnie’s eyes it up at that. They asked how I felt about sex in public, and I told them I wouldn’t mind watching Bonnie but didn’t really want to participate myself. Bill said he usually felt the same way but one or two times they had gone in separate cars and Bill had pretended to be a stranger to Jess and used her just like the other men that showed up. Bonnie and I had never thought of that, and I could tell Bonnie liked that idea.

Bonnie also said some things we had not even talked about. I think the alcohol, the sensuality of our conversations and just knowing we would more than likely be fucking this couple in front of each other soon, loosened her tongue. She said she had always fantasized about well-hung men, anal sex and gangbangs. She also let Jess know she was wanting to experiment with her lesbian fantasies. Jess let her and I know that would not be a problem. I was floored. I had no idea Bonnie’s fantasies ran to such depraved places. The great thing was my fantasies ran along the same lines. I wanted to see her get her first taste of pussy. I wanted to see her with a huge cock. I don’t know why that idea turns me on so much, but it does. I am only about 6″ and somewhat narrow. The idea of seeing her or any woman struggling at first then relaxing into the experience of being filled by a large cock is a huge turn-on. I, also wanted to fuck a woman in the ass and Bonnie’s ass in particular. But I especially wanted to watch and participate in a gangbang. In Bonnie, I think I have finally found the woman who will make those fantasies come true.

Bill and Jess had many of the same fantasies and had acted out most of them. Bill had set up a gangbang for Jess as a surprise. They had always done anal sex with each other, so Bill incorporated anal and a dp into the gangbang. They were also into light B&D. They had been to Amsterdam several years ago and watched a B&D show and gotten turned on by it. Before that they had never considered it. They weren’t into pain, so they were unaware of the lighter, playful aspects of B&D.

All of this talk had the expected effect on all four of us. Jess finally said, “Well, let’s get this party started!” With that she stood in front of Bonnie and began disrobing. She started by unbuttoning her blouse and letting it fall off her shoulders to the floor. She stepped out of her shorts, standing in just her bra and panties. We could see the large wet spot on the front of her panties. She was staring into Bonnie’s eyes as she removed her bra. She stepped a little closer to Bonnie and said, “Take off my panties.”

Bonnie’s breathing increased as her lust took over. She scooted up and rubbed the back of her hand over Jess’s wet spot, leaned in and kissed the front of her bush through the fabric. Jess moaned and took hold of Bonnie’s head and gently ground her pelvis into Bonnie’s face. “I can smell your sex,” Bonnie said. With that Bonnie slowly peeled the panties off Jess’s ample ass and began sensuously kissing her pussy.

If Bonnie had never tasted pussy, she showed no hesitation. She pushed Jess’s legs apart and kissed her way up her thighs and lightly teased her cunt with her tongue. Jess was having what appeared to be several mini-orgasms as we watched. Bill was content to sit and watch, a huge smile on his face. He suggested I leave them alone for a while to let them explore each other.

Bonnie used her thumbs to spread Jess open and tentatively licked her from her ass to the clit. Once she got a strong whiff of jess’s cunt, she placed her entire mouth over Jess and lathed her clit with her tongue. Jess was looking at Bonnie with huge eyes and encouraging her with every breath. When Jess had been thoroughly eaten out and brought to numerous climaxes she pulled Bonnie up to her and kissed her deeply. She began taking Bonnie’s clothes off until she had her completely nude. She was on her knees on the sofa with her arms over the back. Jess knelt behind Bonnie and began an oral assault on her asshole and cunt gaziantep escort bayan telefonları which was by now running with juice.

Bonnie was mewling and moaning as Jess ate her from behind. She kept spreading her legs until her cunt bloomed open. Jess alternated between Bonnie’s asshole and her pussy until Bonnie was overcome with passion. She came and came until Bonnie eased up on her.

By now Bill and I were desperate to get involved. He went to Jess and helped her up into a standing position and kissed her cream covered mouth. Jess then turned to me and led me back toward their bedroom. As I looked back, Bill was dropping his shorts and aiming his substantial cock at Bonnie’s cunt. I stopped Jess and said, “I was to see Bill feed her his big cock.”

We stopped and as I watched, Jess pulled my t-shirt over my head, kneeled down and unbuckled my shorts. She let them fall around my ankles and engulfed my raging hard-on. My knees nearly buckled as I watched Bill kneel to the side of Bonnie, turn her head with his big hands and feed his prodigious member into her mouth. She was still recovering from the orgasms caused by Jess’s mouth. Her eyes were still closed when she felt the tip of his cock touch her lips. She moaned and immediately grasped it with her right hand and began stuffing it into her face. Jesus, that was the most erotic thing I had ever experienced. Between what I was watching and what Jess’s mouth was doing to me, I erupted into her mouth. She was taken by surprise but recovered to swallow the biggest load I had ever shot. I could hear her swallowing my load gulp by loud gulp. She continued to suck and clean me as Bonnie gorged herself on Bill’s cock.

As I stood there with my deflating cock being slurped by Jess, Bill pulled his cock from my wife’s mouth, took her hand and headed back to the bedroom as well. Jess stood, wiped he mouth, kissed me and led me back as well. I could still taste a trace of my salty cum on her lips and tongue. Normally that would have grossed me out, but I was too far gone to care.

Bill placed Bonnie on the bed on her hands and knees. He squatted and had a short taste of her as Jess crawled up to her head and arranged her pussy right in front of Bonnie’s mouth. I could smell the combined fragrance of their cunts. Bonnie moved up a bit and began making love to Jess’s beautifully coifed pussy. I love a beautiful bush and Jess’s was coifed and sexy. I could not wait to take Bonnie’s place between her spread thighs.

I watched as Bill moved Bonnie’s thighs far apart and moved up behind her. He took his big cock and rubbed it up and down Bonnie’s open pussy getting himself wet. He lined the large mushroom head with her hole and began working that monster into glistening gash. She paused her munching on Jess and savored the feeling of being stuffed for the first time. Bill would ease several inches into her and pause, then retreat then work several more inches into her. When he had about three-quarters into her, he paused and asked Bonnie if she was ok. She said, “Oh, fuck yeah!”

He said, “Good,” and buried himself in her. She groaned a deep, throaty sound she had never made with me and began curling her toes and cumming. Bill paused again, then grasped her hips hard and sort of hunched up into her from below, certainly impacting her cervix. Again, she said, “Oh, yeah! Fuck me with that big cock!!” Bill pulled out almost the head and drove back and up into her with force. She was thrashing for a good thirty seconds, fucking her cunt back onto Bill’s erection, cumming continuously. As she recovered her wits somewhat she began paying attention to the lovely bush in front of her. She dove into Jess with her tongue and lips, lathing her with her juice covered mouth. Jess was really enjoying Bonnie’s intense oral talents. She was a natural. Jess was cumming in little jerks and moans while Bill thoroughly fucked my wife. He picked up his thrusting. really laying into her until he shouted, “Fuck!!” His ass clinched as he poured himself into her.

All three of them were laying in a heap on the bed as I stroked my now recovering cock. I pulled Jess out of the pile and had her kneel so I could get behind her and eat her out. After several minutes of tasting her fantastic pussy juice, I stood and eased my cock into her. We fucked for several minutes and before long I looked to see Bonnie was nursing Bill’s healthy meat back to full staff.

When she had him ready she squatted over his shaft and eased it fully into her quim I one motion. She then placed her hands on his chest and began bouncing up and down on his huge pole. She was in heaven. She continued through several orgasms. With his cock still embedded in Bonnie’s cunt, Jess got next to her and began spitting on Bonnie’s asshole before working several long-nailed fingers into her. Bonnie went crazy cursing and making animal-like sounds coming from her mouth.

Jess got some lube out of the bedside table and rubbed it onto my aching cock. She then turned Bonnie’s head toward her and kissed her mouth. She then looked into Bonnie’s eyes and told her I was going to put my cock into her ass and Bill and I were going to DP her. Bonnie never said a word but kissed Jess back. Jess then broke the kiss and quietly told Bonnie to lay down onto Bill’s chest and to relax and breathe deeply.

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