Billie Jean, Like The Song

Caleb was a long way from home. He decided to make the trip to see his parents and have a nice home-cooked Saturday dinner with them. Their boy had graduated and got a job in the big city, he even had a fancy office. He was homesick though. For all the convenience the city offered, it lacked that small-town feel he knew growing up. The kind of place where everyone always asked if you were “so-and-so’s boy” or if you were related to those “Kerstetter’s who owned the farm behind the old railroad bed”.

He left early hoping to get home at a sensible hour and not wake the neighbors in his apartment building. He was making good time even on the dark, lonely two-lane highways that are the standard in North Central Pennsylvania. Something went wrong, he heard the engine sputter and felt the car begin to buck. He glanced at the fuel gauge, still well above a half tank. Then the check engine light came on and his chest tingled with dread. It was going to be a long night for him. He pulled over to the shoulder, he could hear the shrubs scrape against his car. He shut the motor off and opened the glove box.

He had to dig to find his insurance agent’s business card. He would clean out his car next weekend to avoid needless searches in the future. He called the 24-hour roadside service number and the dispatcher transferred him to “Zeke’s Garage” or something, he didn’t catch the name and nor did he care. His mind was racing trying to plan ahead. The phone rang but no one answered. Finally, an answering machine picked up. A man’s gravelly voice told him the shop was closed and to leave a message and he would call in the morning.

Caleb was annoyed. Who the hell still has a fucking answering machine in 2022?! Why in the fuck did the dispatcher put his call through to these jokers who aren’t even open twenty-four hours?! He put on his best customer voice and left his name and number hoping they would hear the beep of the machine and wake up and call him right back. He yelled and punched the steering wheel, there weren’t enough conjugations of the word “fuck” to soothe his exasperation. He grabbed his phone and was about to call the 1-800 number again but the phone rang.

“Hello?” he answered.

A young woman replied.”Hey, is this Caleb?”

“Yeah,” Caleb was incredulous but before he could continue, she interrupted.

“It’s Billie from Zerbe’s Towing and Garage. Where are you?!” Billie asked.

“I don’t know, I passed a Sunoco a few miles back but it’s all woods now.” Caleb got out of his car to look for a road sign, a billboard, anything.

“Okay,” she said, “I’m going to send you a text. When it asks you to allow tracking reply ‘yes’ and that will tell me where you are based on your phone signal.”

Finally, Caleb thought, someone around here who is living in the 21st Century. “Okay, thank you for getting back to me so fast.”

“No problem. It looks like you are on Kline Road. I can be there in about twenty minutes.” Billie said.

Relief washed over Caleb. Billie could hear it in his voice. “Thank you, thank you so much for doing this, um…”

“It’s Billie, Billie Jean. Like the song. I’ll see you soon Caleb, sit tight.” She replied.

Before long he saw headlights bobbing in his rearview mirror. Billie’s got a lead foot, he mused. The tow truck slowly slid past him and backed up in front of him. All the lights came on and it reminded him of a carnival. He got out of his car and slowly walked toward the cab. The door swung open and a petite young woman in a stained white t-shirt and denim overalls hopped out. The door closed with a clunk. Billie smiled at him. He was well dressed. She liked his dimples and sandy hair.

“Hey, I’m Billie.” She took her hand out of her pocket and presented it.

“I’m Caleb. I’m hoping you also do repairs, the engine isn’t running right and the check engine light is on.” He shook her hand. God damn, this girl had a grip, he thought.

“It runs though, huh?” Billie asked.

“Yeah, sounds terrible though and it bucks like it doesn’t want to go.” Caleb replied.

“Do you mind if I start it up?” Billie continued.

Caleb handed her the keys and she slipped them into her pocket. “You can sit in the cab if you want, I’m gonna get the rigging ready on the bed and if it starts I’ll just drive it on and then chain it in place.” Caleb lifted himself into the cab and watched her through the rear window. She was tiny but strong. The chains rattled and clanked while she worked. Her bursa escort bayan red hair, tightly braided into pigtails, whipped and thrashed behind her. In the dark blue light, they looked like the chains she wrestled.

Billie noticed him watching her through the cab window. She moved quickly to work up more of a sweat and give him more of a show. She wished her tits were bigger so they would bounce and jiggle more, guys like him probably liked that. They probably didn’t like tomboys with red hair, small tits, and freckles. She would have a little fun with him. She slid her hand down her overalls and scratched her groin. He saw that and she noticed him react. She jumped off the towing bed and smiled to herself as she got in the car.

When she turned the key, it sputtered to life and idled irregularly. She noticed that it was missing on a cylinder but she didn’t hear a knock or rattle. Good news for him, she thought, probably a cheap fix. Good news for her too, she could charge him a little extra to fix it tonight and then get back to her dirty movie. She drove the car up on the deck and shut it off. After she hooked up all the cables and chains, she climbed up into the cab with Caleb.

Caleb looked over to her and then at his wallet as he fished out his credit card.

“We are cash only. Sorry.” Billie frowned.

“No worries, can you stop at an ATM? I have it in my account.” Caleb replied.

She smiled. “I just messing with ya, we take cards back at the shop.” They laughed a little. She shifted the truck into gear and it lurched forward. “So I can tell you aren’t from around here, you got somewhere to spend the night?”

“No.” Caleb looked at his phone. “I’m on my way home from visiting my parents. They live in Greensboro.”

“Oh, that’s a ways to backtrack. Where are you heading?” Billie asked.

“Scranton. Is the Meridian Hotel open, the one on Main Street a few blocks from your garage?” Caleb asked.

“Yeah, but I think I might be able to fix it and have you back on the road in an hour or so.” Billie replied.

Caleb was shocked. “Really you would do that?! You know what’s wrong just by listening to it?”

“I think it’s an ignition coil. I won’t know for sure until I get it in the shop but we have a few coils that should work in your car.” Billie replied.

“Oh, that’s fine. That’s great actually!” He smiled. She smiled too. “Thank you so much.” Caleb replied.

She caught him eying a sliver of her panties showing beneath her overalls. She didn’t feel like putting on leggings. Maybe he likes girls like me after all, she thought. Maybe he likes a girl like me just fine. She shifted the truck up a gear and it groaned and rattled. God, she loved that. It went right to her groin. She should have finished before she left, she was almost there but he called and ruined it. Why try to relight the fire and rush to a weak orgasm? Come back to it later when you have time to build to a real leg-shaker.

She broke the silence. “Just you? The spouse isn’t too keen on the in-laws then?”

“Oh, I’m not married. I’m single. I just moved to the place I’m at now and took a job at a firm. I haven’t really met anyone yet.” Billie placed both hands on the wheel so he could see she wasn’t wearing a ring. Caleb’s interest in Billie was piqued. “And you?”

“I got an ex-boyfriend who keeps trying to sweet talk me into restoring his Mustang as a ploy to get back together.” Billie said.

He looked over at her. “How’s that working out for him?”

“His pony is still sittin’ on cinder blocks in our scrap yard.” She said dryly. Now to see if he’s up for some shenanigans, she thought. She deftly slid her phone down her overalls and put it between her thighs. “I think my phone slid out of my pocket, can you see if you can reach it? These roads at night can be tricky.”

“Sure.” He started fumbling around the edge of her seat. “I can’t find it. Did it fall to the floor?” Caleb said.

“Actually, I think I feel it.” She said. Billie put his hand in the side of her overalls.

“Oh, I think maybe you should…” His voice trailed off.

“I’m driving, I can’t. It’s okay, I really need you to do this.” She continued to stare out at the towering trees waving to them as they passed.

Without a word, he reached in. His hands were burning up. She felt his palm brush over her leg as his fingers probed. His hand ventured halfway down to her knee. “Up higher,” she cleared her throat, “I think gorukle escort it’s up higher. It’s okay, I really need that phone.” He looked at her face as he moved his hand higher and higher up her leg, waiting for her to say “stop” or pull him away. She didn’t. He could feel from how smooth the skin became and how warm the flesh was as he was getting close to somewhere he had better not go.

Finally, he felt the corner of her phone clenched between her legs. He gently pulled it out and handed it to her. “Thank you.” She looked at the screen. She already knew exactly where she was on this long black road and now she knew where she stood with him. He was willing to reach down her pants. Her heart fluttered and her brow warmed.

Caleb slid back in his seat, silent.

“Thank you for getting my phone, Caleb.”

“You’re welcome.” He replied.

Billie slowed the truck down as she neared the gas station, garage, and convenience store. Above it a faded sign with cracking paint read: “Zerbe’s Towing and Garage.” One of the spotlights was out. The soft glow of the lights from the shop washed the black macadam in golden light. “My dad is probably asleep, we should be careful not to wake him.” Caleb nodded in reply.

Billie wheeled the car into the shop and the code reader confirmed she was right, a bad coil. Caleb sat on a couch next to a workbench covered in a collage of chrome-plated tools. The couch was actually just a bench seat pulled from a car. He was comfortable enough if not for the rubber and solvent smell of the garage.

He flipped through some car magazine pretending to understand what the hell he was reading. Every couple of pages there was an ad for car parts with some chick in a bikini. He noticed the TV and DVD player. The case was open and he read the cover: “Bad Girls Six: Coed Cocksuckers”. He shifted in his seat uneasily and then got up to ask Billie about his car.

She must have heard him approach. She started talking to him before he could get a word out. “I have good news, it is an ignition coil. It probably wouldn’t hurt to replace the spark plug either, neither part is expensive.”

“That’s good news. Billie, you don’t have to do this tonight, I’ll get a room or something.” Caleb said.

She continued. “We have the parts in stock. It’ll only take about twenty minutes.” She turned to face him. It’ll come to about $280 with the tow included.

“That’s not bad at all!” Caleb pulled out his wallet, Billie noticed the ring of a condom tucked in one of the card sleeves.

“Or I could go and pull a used one off of my ex’s clunker out back and save you some money.” Billie countered.

“Billie, it’s fine, I’ll get a room at the Meridian and swing by tomorrow with some coffee. We can both get some sleep.” Caleb replied.

She ignored him, stepping closer. She looked up into his eyes and rested a hand on his wrist. She hadn’t noticed it but she was breathing deeply now, filling her lungs completely before exhaling.

Caleb looked at her face. Freckles dotted her nose and cheeks. Her hair had pulled loose from her pigtails from working under the hood. A speck of black streaked her chin. She had that look of someone waiting to be kissed. “How much would I owe you for that?” His voice was barely above a whisper.

Her eyes darted across his face and her lips bloomed, engorged with blood. She pressed her thumb into the groove of the condom ring. Her breath washed over him as she leaned in, pressing her cheek to his. She lightly bit his ear before she whispered: “How about a good fuck?” She felt his face heat up and his breaths quicken.

“I can do that,” he replied.

“Good.” She cooed, licking his ear. “Why don’t you have a seat on the couch over there.” She pointed to the black vinyl bench seat. He took his pants off and sat down.

She undid the clasps of her overalls and they poured onto the floor. She peeled off her cotton panties and stepped out of the denim puddle. Her hips were supple and heart-shaped, and she had a tattoo of a dream catcher on her thigh and a svelte torso. Below that she had a well-trimmed patch of red hair. Caleb was already hard, he rolled the condom on and pulled off his shirt to reveal his hairy chest. She ran her fingers through his hair, into his mouth, and down his neck to his shoulders. She sat on him and he glided his full length inside her. She must have been dripping. He felt the angst slide off her shoulders and she was bursa merkez escort bayan instantly lighter. She flipped her braids over her shoulder and started grinding her hips on his.

Billie kissed Caleb as she straddled him. She slowly rocked on him, probing herself with him. It was different with a condom, it wasn’t such a primal experience. She liked bareback, feeling the veins surge and ream her insides but the smooth sides of the condom and the tingling of the lubricant was a welcome new sensation for her. Caleb ran his hands over her body. He was amazed that someone so strong could have such smooth skin, lips so delicate, and be such a passionate lover.

She buried her face in his chest. His hair tickled but it smelled nice. It had the ghost of his Ralph Lauren cologne in it still. She drank in his smell and the warmth of his body. He ran his fingers up and down her back and squeezed her ass. It’s really awesome to fuck, but to be desired, for someone to be so enamored of you that they want to uncover all of your secrets, no orgasm can match that. She could feel him keeping rhythm, lifting his hips to hers and running his cock all the way inside.

Caleb ran his hand over her hip, across her ribs and under her shirt. He felt her smooth, soft skin ignite with heat and crackle with electricity under his touch. Her body spray smelled like pears and lemons. He could taste her kisses, they made him throb and he thrust himself deeper and harder each time. She lifted off her shirt and he put his face to her breasts. He gently sucked her small, pink nipples and he could feel her fingers tighten and her back straighten.

Billie put her palms on his shoulders and rode him hard. Each pounding squat set shivers through their congress of quivering flesh. Her small breasts danced wildly on her chest and her hair flailed. Both were covered in sweat and groaning. She watched Caleb’s head roll back and he closed his eyes. She kept the frantic pace until she felt the contractions start and they nearly squeezed him out of her.

That did it. Caleb groaned and his grip on her hips tightened. The orgasm lurking in her loins burst out of hiding and pushed a guttural moan up her throat. Her torso shook and her legs spasmed, squeezing his hips. He couldn’t keep in sync with her as they came. He was groaning and panting. As it subsided his grip loosened and his hands fell to the coach. She sat on top of him, elbows resting on his chest as she kissed him.

“Oh my God, Billie, that was amazing!” Caleb said. He was still panting as he spoke.

“Yeah, I needed that too.” She ran her hand over his face and mouth, kissing him one last time before climbing off. “There’s a shower in the back if you want to get cleaned up.”

When Caleb finally finished showering he found the keys to his car on top of his pile of clothes. The lights were off in the shop. By the light of his phone, he made his way over to thank her but she was asleep on the makeshift couch. He noticed the DVD was put away. No need for that anymore. He gently lifted the blanket over her shoulder and covered her feet again.

He quietly slipped out and made the rest of the trip in good time. He could still taste the vanilla of her chapstick. He could still feel her white-hot hands burning against him and the ecstasy of her pussy swallowing and gripping him.

The following Friday he sat at his desk at five o’clock. He pulled out his phone and went through his call log. When he dialed her number, it rang a few times before he heard a familiar voice: “Zerbie’s Towing and Garage, this is Billie.”

“Hey, it’s Caleb.” He said.

“Hey,” she said warmly. “Is everything okay with your car?”

“Yeah, it’s running fine.” He paused. He had to take a breath lest it escape from him. “I was wondering if you had time for an oil change this weekend?” He could swear he heard her smile.

“Sure, I can fit you in.” She cleared her throat. “Bring more of those gaskets we used last time and I’ll see to it personally.” Caleb heard a muffled, gravelly voice ask her why she needed gaskets for an oil change and she shushed him.

“Great, thank you. I can’t wait to see you,” Caleb said.

“I totally understand, I’d need an oil change as well.” Again Caleb heard a muffled voice asking her why she hadn’t changed the oil in the truck. Billie covered the receiver with her hand before she replied to the voice, “I’m talking to a customer, Dad!” She cleared her throat again before taking her hand off the receiver. Caleb was trying so hard to hold in his laughter that it pushed out some tears. “I’ll see you tomorrow then?”

“Count on it,” Caleb replied.

Before Billie hung up Caleb could hear the voice again: “Why the hell do ya have someone coming in for an oil change on Satur…”

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