Becoming a Hot Mom


Catherine had just got home from work. She was tired. It had been a brutal week at work and she was looking forward to the weekend. The house was empty. She lived with her 18 year old son Chuck. He was probably out with friends. School had just let out and he was not leaving for college for a few months.

The house was too quiet. She enjoyed it when Chuck and his friends were home. There was life, there was noise. She was trying to imagine life without Chuck. Since her husband had been killed in the accident, four years ago, Chuck had been her main company.

He also was there for her. When she was down, he made her smile. When she needed help, he put her first. They were a team. She started making dinner. She knew sooner or later they would roll in. Usually 3 of them. Chuck, Billy, and Chris. Practically inseparable. This was the last summer before they split up for college. She loved the energy they brought to the house. They were there almost all weekend.

As she was preparing dinner a message came in on Chuck’s iPad. Usually it’s in his room but this time he’d left it in the kitchen. Someone was obviously texting him and it was coming to the iPad as well as his iPhone.

Catherine had always given the boys their privacy, especially since they turned 18, but this went off right next to her. She couldn’t help but look.

It was from Billy

“You’re house tonight?”

Chuck replied, “You bet, pretty sure there’ll be dinner.”

“A great dinner and your hot mom serving it.”

“Come on man. That’s my mom.”

“Yeah, yea. You know she’s hot as well as I do.”

“Shut up.”

“LOL. OK, but I can still look. See you tonight.”

“OK, but I may have to poke your eyes out.”

“Why, so only you can enjoy the view?”

Chris replied, “My mom is pretty. I don’t understand why she doesn’t date. I’m afraid she will Be lonely when we leave in the fall.”

“Yeah, and she’s a great person. Maybe she’ll meet someone after we’re out.”

“See you tonight.”

Catherine thought about the conversation. They were obviously mature enough to care about her. They noticed she did not have much of a social life. It was sweet that they cared.

The part that stuck in her mind was they thought she was hot. Even her son said she was pretty. It had been years since anyone called her pretty. Never mind hot. It made her feel kind of tingly, flattered. She was 42. At 5’6″, 130, with long brown hair, and green eyes, she certainly took care of herself. She hit the gym 3 days a week and did yoga at home. Still, no one at work is allowed to say anything about how you look at work. So compliments are few and far between.

She’d seen the girls the guys hung out with. They often came and hung out. Little 18 year old perfect bodies. Yet these young 18 year old boys looked at her, at 42, and thought she was hot. It made her feel pretty. She hadn’t felt that for a while. She liked it.

She started thinking back. Images came to mind. The guys playing video games in the basement while she did her yoga. She’d never thought about it before, but now she realized they would sit in positions where they could watch her. If she were cooking, one, two, or all of them would come hang out with her. She’d never thought of it before. Now it had a little different meaning.

It made her happy. She smiled as she went through her routine making dinner.

The boys finally showed up. Friendly as usual. They greeted her.

“Hey Mrs. G. Dinner smells great.”

This time she was more aware. She was still girl enough to know when she was being checked out. She was still in her work clothes. She thought about what she was wearing. Nothing outrageous. A knee length skirt and button down shirt. She was decent and presentable. She’d lost the heels and the jacket as soon as she got home. You could kind of see the bra through the white blouse, but nothing crazy and certainly appropriate for the styles of today.

Still, among the usual greetings. She was aware she was being checked out.

She kissed Chuck hello. As usual Billy complained that only Chuck got a kiss, and, as usual, Catherine kissed them all on the forehead. It was a running joke. Now it had a completely different meaning in her mind.

Usually she changed out of her work clothes before dinner. Today was no different, She went to her room. She took off her skirt and blouse. She looked in the mirror. She looked good she thought. Usually She didn’t notice. Today, after reading those comments She was more aware.

Usually she’d just throw on sweats and a T. After dinner she’d go downstairs and do 30 minutes of yoga. This time she thought. She pulled out a pair of yoga pants she’d never worn before. She’d bought them for the gym but always thought they were too revealing.

She tried them on. She turned. They were tight. A second skin. Her bikini panties were clearly visible. Definately not a good look. She took the pants off and reached for her sweats. Something stopped her. She slipped off her panties and tried the yoga altyazı porno pants on again. They definitely covered everything and showed everything, She checked the front no, what the kids called, camel toe.

She liked it. She turned around. The pants crawled up her ass. You could pretty much see the shape of the whole thing. This made her nervous. She knew she shouldn’t wear them but she knew she wasn’t going to take them off. She pulled on a sports top. One that had the bra built in. No cleavage, but her belly from rib cage to below her navel showed.

It was reasonable. Everything was covered. This outfit was something people wore to the gym all the time. It was only different for her.

She put her hair in a ponytail and headed out to finish dinner. All eyes followed her. She was very aware of them looking. For some reason she was more aware of Chuck looking. She told herself it was because she was worried that she might embarrass him in front of his friends. Inside she knew she wanted him to be proud of her.

As we sat down to eat, the kids conversation included her more than usual. Usually it’s about them, between themselves. Today they talked with her, to her. They asked how she was, what she was doing. Catherine was enjoying the attention.

She obviously interacted with people at work, but there is always a guarded aspect to it. You didn’t want to offend someone with the wrong joke, or let slip something about a project you were working on that your boss was keeping secret so, that when he sprung it, no one else could claim credit.

The boys made her laugh in a way she hadn’t laughed in years. She realized they were flirting and she liked it. No one crossed any lines, but it was nice to be treated like a woman instead of a mom or coworker.

After dinner the boys jumped up and offered to do the dishes. Wow, that was new, she thought. She gladly accepted and went downstairs to start her yoga.

As she walked out she heard Billy said, “Jees Chuck, you’re Mom is hot.”

“Cut it out Billy, she’s my mom,” Chuck laughed

“Come on Chuck. Even you have to admit she’s hot.”

“Yeah, she’s still my mom.”

“I know,” said Billy, “but she’s still hot. Tell me you wouldn’t like to see her naked.”

Chuck just laughed.

As Catherine headed downstairs she kept replaying the conversation. They thought she was hot? Even Chuck thought she was hot. Billy wanted to see her naked. She couldn’t remember the last time a man had seen her naked. She had tried dating after her husband died, but really hated it. And, when Billy said Chuck wanted to see her naked Chuck didn’t deny it. He just laughed.

She started her yoga. The boys finished the dishes and came downstairs. Usually they started right into their video games. This time they sat and watched. They asked her questions about the yoga. It all seemed quite normal, but it wasn’t. This was completely out of the ordinary. They never paid that much attention to her.

She finished her yoga and told the boys she was going to go shower.

“Are you coming back?” Billy asked.

She laughed, “You guys have better things to do than hang around with an old lady like me,” she said.

The boys protested. It wasn’t until Chuck said, “We’d love your company,” that she agreed.

She went upstairs and stripped off her yoga pants and top. She was naked in front of the mirror. Billy’s words about wanting to she her naked went through her mind. I don’t look bad naked, she thought.

She got in the shower. She wondered what it would be like standing naked in front of the boys. What about in front of Chuck. As she stood in the shower, thinking these thoughts, her fingers slipped down to her pussy. She sighed. It felt good. She imagined the looks on their faces as she undressed in front of them. She knew it was wrong. The fact that it was wrong made her more excited. She had to reach out and support herself against the shower wall when she came.

She got out the shower. Now what, she thought. Jeans? It was getting late. Sweats? That would be best, but for some reason she rejected them. She was aware she was rejecting them. Was she fishing for compliments? She chastised herself for even thinking it. On the other hand, she was enjoying the compliments.

She grabbed a pair of sleep shorts. They covered everything from ” inch below her navel to 2″ below her crotch. They were a cute pink with lacy legs. The legs were kind of loose so she decide on a lacy pair of boy short panties. They were small. She’d never wear a bathing suit showing that much ass, but these were under the boy shorts. She then pulled on the matching tank top. It was not super tight, but I showed off her curves. The hem went 2 inches below the waistband of her shorts. If you stared you could tell she was braless.

She looked in the mirror. She felt pretty. She tried to remember the last time she wanted to look pretty for someone. She couldn’t remember, but here she was trying to be pretty for her son’s friends amatör porno and, if she wanted to admit it, her son.

She did a final check. No skin was showing. No cleavage was showing. She was completely covered. She brushed her hair. She hesitated. She looked back at the bathroom. She went back in and put on just enough makeup that you’d not know she was wearing it.

She was ready. She took a deep breath. Her heart was beating fast. She liked the feeling. That feeling of a first date with a boy you liked. She was relishing it.

She headed to the stairs. She stood at the top a moment and listened. She heard the sounds of sex. At first she was confused. Then she figured it out. Four 18 year old boys, privacy, and the Internet, they were watching porn.

Now what? Does she walk downstairs and surprise them? She was about to go back to her room when she heard them talking.

She heard Chuck first, “I admit man, my mom is hot.”

“Look,” said Billy. “Look at that mom on the video. Your’s is much hotter.”

Chris chimed in, ” I bet your mom looks much better naked.”

“You’d like to see that. Wouldn’t you?” said Chuck.

Catherine felt weird listening to the boys talk about her like that. On one hand she couldn’t believe they’d say those things. She felt like she should get down there and stop them. Yell at them. Throw them out of the house.

On the other hand she was flattered. She liked hearing she was hot. She listened some more.

Billy Said to Chuck, “Have you ever seen her naked?”

Chuck hesitated

Billy jumped on it. “You have. Tell us what happened.”

Oh my god she thought. When could he have seen me naked?

Chuck started. “She was coming out of the hall bathroom. There was something wrong with the shower head in her room. I was just coming out of my room. She didn’t see me. I backed into the doorway. She had a towel around her body and was using another to dry her hair.

She remembered the incident. She had no idea he was there. She remembered what happened it made her shiver. She continued to listen.

“While she was drying her hair the towel she was wearing fell off. She stood there for a second like she couldn’t figure out what happened. Then she picked up the towel and kind of walked real fast, naked, to her room.”

“Oh god,” said Chris. “Was it as good as I think it us?”

Chuck’s answer shocked her. “It was fucking amazing. She is hotter naked than you can imagine.”

She tried to process that. Her son thought she was hot. Not just hot. Fucking amazing.

She listened some more. The voices started talking about the movie.

“Look at her,” said Chris. “She’s fucking her son and blowing his friend. That’s so hot. Can you imagine if that were Mrs. G?”

She waited for Chuck to freak out. Up till then they were talking about seeing her naked. Now they were talking about fucking her. Not just fucking her, but fucking her and her blowing someone. Was he going to go crazy on his friend? Tell him to get out?

While she waited to see what happened, she imagined what was happening on the screen. She couldn’t see the people. Her head placed the only characters she knew into the scene. A picture of her fucking Chuck while blowing Billy. She shivered. What was she thinking.

She waited for Chuck’s answer. Chuck just said, “Yeah, that’s a hot movie. That’s why I downloaded it. Plus, she looks like my mom.”

Now she was shocked. Chuck downloaded a porn of a mother fucking her son and friends and the main character looked like her? What the hell? As she thought that, the picture of Chuck and Billy fucking Chuck flashed through her head again. She realized she was wet.

All of a sudden Billy said, “We better shut this off. Mrs. G should be here soon.”

They shut it off. She waited a minute and then from the top of the stairs said, “You sure you guys still want me?”

She regretted it the moment she said it. She realized they did not know she’d been listening, but she was blushing from the double entendre.

The guys assured her they did.

Billy said that they were getting worried she had ditched them.

The guys watched as she came down the stairs. She was mostly naked legs at first. As she came into full view. Both Chuck and Billy spoke at the same time. “You look great/amazing.”

She blushed. “Thank you guys,” she said. “So what have you guys been doing? Usually you’re playing video games.”

They all looked at each other with guilty faces. Catherine almost wanted to laugh.

Finally Chuck spoke up, “We were just talking.”

She was feeling naughty. “About what,” she said.

Chuck could not think fast enough. He had no answer. Billy blurted out, “We were actually saying how pretty you are.”

Pretty she thought. You were talking about fucking me like a slut. She decided to make them feel uncomfortable.

“So what were you saying?” She asked innocently.

Chuck stepped in. “They were teasing me about what a hot mom animasyon porno I have.” Then looking at his friends. “Jerks.”

“Did you defend my honor,” she asked?

Chuck looked down.

“Well,” she pressed.

Chuck was stuck. What was the answer? Tell her she’s not hot? That’s not right. Admit he thinks his mom is hot? That seemed the path of least resistance.

“I agreed with them,” he said. “I’ve got the hottest mom in town.”

All this time she was standing in front of them. She could feel their eyes on her. They were staring at her legs, following them up to her shorts. She was sure they noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. The idea made her pussy tingle.

“Hmmmmm,” she said. “Hottest or prettiest?”

“Both,” they all seemed to say in unison.

“It’s the PJs,” she said. “You just like the PJs” for fun she slowly turned around and gave a modeling pose.

“They are cute,” said Billy.

“And you look great in them,” said Chuck.

Now she was enjoying being looked at. “Thank you,” she said. “Now what? Want to watch TV?.”

The guys were sitting on the couch and a chair. Catherine grabbed a pillow and threw it on the ground in front of them. She lay down on her stomach in front of them. She felt her T shirt pull up so the small of her back was exposed. Her shorts also slid up. She wondered what was showing.

She grabbed the remote to turn on the TV. The boys all yelled, “No,” in unison.

It was too late. The picture came on. The woman on the screen, looking very much like Catherine was riding a younger man’s cock. She had another in her mouth and one in her hand. It was obvious all the men were younger than the woman on the screen.

Everyone was motionless.

Catherine twisted and looked at the boys. She still had the remote. “Just talking?” She said questioningly

The boys mumbled.

Catherine was enjoying their discomfort. She also felt kind of dirty watching porn with them.

“And what’s this movie called?” She asked.

Chuck spoke up. “The hot mom.”

“Oh, the hot mom,” she repeated. “Didn’t you guys just say I was hot?”

She was enjoying watching them squirm. She was also feeling wet as she saw the woman get on her knees and get fucked doggy style.

“Well,” said Billy. “You are hot.”

“Oh?” She went on. “Hot like her? She kind of looks like me. Doesn’t she?”

Then she asked, “Whose movie is this anyway?”

Chris, without thinking, said, “Chuck’s”

She turned to look at Chuck, “Really? You like hot mom porn?”

Then to Billy and Chris, “Do you think she looks like me?”

They both nodded.

Catherine started watching the movie. “Does my ass look like that?” she said. “I think mine is not as big.”

Chuck assured her that hers was better. Billy did him one better.

“Well, I think yours is better but we can see hers. We’ve never seen yours.”

“Oh,” laughed Catherine. “Is that why you wanted me to join you? So you can check out my ass?”

Chris spoke up. “No, no,” he said. “We like your company.”

Catherine was enjoying the squirming. Truthfully between the porn on the screen, these 3 boys under her control, and having their eyes on her she was getting horny. She didn’t remember the last time she was horny like this.

“Oh, so you don’t want to see my ass,” she teased.

They all just looked at each other.

Billy spoke up. “We’ve dreamed of seeing your ass for years,” he said.

“Years?” she said. Then she looked at Chuck. “Is that true? They’ve wanted to see my ass for years?”

Chuck squirmed. In the back of her mind Catherine started to realize she wanted these boys to see her ass. No ones seen her ass for years. Why not these boys who love her. Who she’s known for years. She knew she shouldn’t. She was sure she wouldn’t, but she knew if she could, she would.

“Is it true Chuck?”

Chuck nodded.

“And how do you feel about your friends wanting to see my ass.”

She was enjoying saying ass in front of the boys. It was making her Horny. She was thinking she needed another shower. This time with her shower massage.

In response Chuck just shrugged.

“So you wouldn’t mind if your friends saw my ass?” she went on.

Chuck didn’t answer. He kind of looked at the ground and shook his head no.

“I don’t believe you Chuck,” she said. “You’d be embarrassed if your friends so my ass.”

Then, the words just popped out. She wasn’t even sure why she said them. As she said them she was extremely aware that her nipples were hard and her pussy wet.

She stepped up to Chuck. “I don’t believe you. Here. If you want your friends to see my ass. Take my shorts off me and show them. I won’t stop you. If that’s what you really want. Do it.”

Chuck stood there. Neither of his friends said a word. She could see him glance at Billy. Billy was nodding.

Chuck reached out. He put his hands on the waist of her shorts. Her mind was spinning. He’s going to do this. Do I really want him too?

She realized she should stop him but her hands deceived her. As if moving on their own she used her hands to pull the hem of her top up over the waistband of the shorts. She felt like she was watching herself. Not that she was doing it, but another woman, in the room was doing it.

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