Beach Body Ch. 07

Big Tits

She was… resigned. The outfit was… fine. Nora popped her hip and posed in front of her mirror, trying to ignore her parts that weren’t perfectly flat or smooth or trim enough. She had been aspirational about this particular set of workout clothes when she bought them. Unfortunately she hadn’t intended to be wearing them so soon. The top was snug. It was supportive, but the only things it hid were her seemingly constantly erect nipples. The shape of her breasts were completely revealed by the smooth lavender material. There wasn’t much material left after that. Her stomach was again bare and wasn’t too bad if she stood completely straight.

She bit her lip observing her tights, also matching lavender, and riding remarkably low which may have just been an effect of her wide hips that they desperately stretched over. She couldn’t pull it up higher if she tried and was glad for her near obsessive compulsion to keep her small patch of pubic hair neat and trim, like a little hidden guitar pick in her underwear. Well, usually it was under her underwear. Today she decided to go without. She was being bold. She was about ready to chicken out at the sight of herself in the mirror despite no visible pubic hair and scramble to put on a clean pair, but Dashe’s ‘words’ echoed in her head. They flashed in her mind, the texts like little imps.

Put on your sexiest workout clothes, Dashe had advised her.

Dashe: And no panties.

Nora: That is definitely NOT a good idea.

Dashe: It is the best idea!

Dashe: See how he reacts when he sees how wet he’s making you.

Dashe: Be bold!

Nora had been leaking at the thought alone, in her bed just chatting with her obliviously supportive friend. For all Dashe knew, this mystery personal trainer was just some hot older guy and Nora was never going to reveal more to her.

She was revealing a lot now, and had to leave the bathroom before she really changed her mind. Already thirsty she grabbed her bottle and slurped loudy in the workout space. Then her father was buzzing. She let him up stairs, waiting at the door and chewing on the plastic straw. She heard his footsteps on the other side, found her heart pounding, and opened the door before he could knock.

“Hi Dad,” she greeted him, bottle at her lips as she looked up at the man. She hadn’t intended to be suggestive in any way, but Adrian was stopped in his tracks and staring at her, frozen in the doorway.

“Nora…” he breathed, as if reminding himself of who this was, and only when she stepped back and broke eye contact did his legs start working again. “Hey, sport,” he managed, recovering as he stepped into the apartment and placed his bag on the floor. His daughter noticed a heavier thunk than usual and was distracted from her thoughts.

“What are those?” she said, watching him open the bag.

“Just some dumbbells and things,” he noted casually, wanting to assure her that there was nothing to fear. Nora was skeptical, but didn’t mind watching her father pull out the weights like they were nothing. He was in an airy tank top made from some sort of sweat wicking material, his beautiful shoulders on display and she felt her teeth itch she wanted to bite into them so much. She clenched, trying to hold herself together and hold herself in. “Here,” he said simply, standing and handing her two pink dumbbells which she took after pulling her eyes away from his legs, thighs bulging in those tight trunks he wore.

She noticed the color of the dumbbells before the numbered weight on them (2kgs). They were remarkably similar to Mister Tulip’s ‘skin tone’. Had that been deliberate on her father’s part?

Adrian hadn’t realised what he had done until he saw his daughter holding the two plastic covered weights in her hands. “Not too heavy right?” he asked, pushing past it and Nora had to put herself back into the training mindset and assess them.

“Should be okay?” she guessed. They felt pretty insubstantial right now to be honest. She didn’t know what they were for.

“Good. We’ll do some warmups then I want to start with some weighted lunges,” he went on, leading them over to the workout space. Again he had to push the couch back and did so effortlessly. Nora could marvel at his strength. “We’ll start slow and see how your ankle is.”

“My ankle’s fine, Dad,” she told him, then took up position next to her trainer. And they started exercising. And it should have been strange. It should have been awkward. Nora had sucked her father’s cock and swallowed his cum yesterday. They had always been close, but they had been intimate now. It couldn’t just be ignored. And yet. “How was yesterday?” she decided to ask before they would have to concentrate instead of conversate.

Adrian stiffened and his eyes darted to her. “With the building?” Nora clarified. She smirked at the relief on his face.

“Oh! It was awesome actually,” he replied, rolling his great shoulers. “The space is big enough. Decent parking. I think Barret is ready to sort it out so we’ll make an offer.” And that was that. liseli porno No more talk about yesterday’s events and the workout began.


Lunges were awful. Nora couldn’t quite figure out her balance for a while, although holding the dumbbells at her side helped. She was sweating before she started her first set and by the time she had made it to the other side of her apartment, taking the long lunging steps, bending deeply to get that proper stretch, she was about done. This whole affair had become a lot less sexy than she had first envisioned. Her legs burned, her tight grip on the little pink bars hurt her palms, and her father hadn’t touched her. She felt sweaty, uncoordinated and uncomfortable with how the top cut into her back and the tights rode up her crack. She imagined the tightness of the outfit must have been quite unflattering now instead of the intended effect she had been hoping for.

Her father, brow only a little damp, kept his positive, encouraging opened mouth smiling expression the entire time. He would correct her stance verbally and give a sharp clap after each completed set. He was so infuriatingly professional, which at least did urge her on and make Nora push herself. It was a relief to finish this part of the exercises though, and she dropped to one knee and let the dumbbells fall from her grip, hearing them roll away on the hard floor and not much caring to ever pick them up again. Her father stood in front of her and she looked up, face pink, panting, and she could tell he wasn’t hard even at this angle. Did he not find her arousing any more, Nora worried, wondering if Sunday had just been an amazingly vivid dream.

“Water?” she asked, imagining him pulling out something else to quench her thirst with as he turned and grabbed her half-empty water bottle off the counter.

“That last set was good,” he told her, ever the encouraging trainer, and when he went to pass her the bottle a combination of his sweat and the wet bottle caused it to slip out of his fingers. It hit Nora straight in the forehead, bouncing off comically and clattering to the floor. “Oh my god!”

Nora reeled, more from the surprise than the pain, stunned in the moment and squeezing her eyes shut.

“Ow! Dad!” she complained, and her father was already kneeling in front of her and trying to see how badly hurt she was, but also not wanting to touch her head in the wrong place. Realising that her pride hurt more than her marked forehead she just let out a sigh and dropped to her elbows, then laid flat on her back on the yoga mat. She was happy to just rest now and getting beaned by a bottle seemed a perfect excuse. Her moment of relaxation was somewhat overshadowed by the literal shadow over her and she opened her eyes to see worried blue ones staring down.

“Sorry about that Nora!” he said, so concerned he didn’t realise how on top of his daughter he was right now. He wasn’t exactly sitting on her, but Nora was awash with the heat of his body with him bearing down on her like a blanket. “It just slipped. Does it hurt?”

Nothing hurt in that moment, gazing into his eyes. Then she winced, the delayed pain making itself known but it was really easy to forget.

“It’s fine,” she told him, and he looked unconvinced, glaring at a faint bruise starting to form there. Something else was forming. “But dad… you’re getting your stink all over me…” Nora was basking in it, like she was under a hot iron grill. Adrian realised then that he was literally hunched on top of his daughter and moved back, pushing himself up with his hands but before he could completely escape she caught his wrist. She sat up then, pulling against his arm. With her father up on his knees, her feet between his legs, Nora thought about Dashe’s advice. She would be bold.

“Sorry Nora I didn’t-” Adrian began but his daughter shook her head, her grip still on his wrist.

“Dad it’s okay. I wanted to talk about yesterday,” she said, sounding a lot calmer than she felt. Her father’s eyes were like a deer in the headlights, knowing she wasn’t talking about the new gym. “What I mean is…” Nora waffled, the subject hard to broach but she really only had two main things she wanted to cover. “Did you like it?”

Adrian couldn’t pull away. He had the physical strength to, yes, but being here, under his daughter’s hot gaze, Adrian was immobilized. Her question was incredible. In that the answer must have been incredibly obvious. Did he like it? Of course he did! The way she had made him feel had been so amazing… but then there was no way for Nora to truly know that, was there? He realised he had been selfish. He had been silent on what had happened despite thinking about it almost non-stop since it did. Even when he was checking out that building on the westside with Barret he was only half paying attention. When he went back home he couldn’t go more than a few minutes without picturing Nora’s face… her lips… her tongue. Even the highlights from the game (which it turns out they won!) provided mobil porno very little distraction from his thoroughly preoccupied thoughts. Preoccupied with his daughter. That face she made when she begged him to watch as she got herself off. Did he like it?

“Yes,” he told her, and to see the relief in Nora’s eyes broke his heart. “I wish I hadn’t just left like that.”

“Why? Because you wanted to watch the second half of the game?” wondered his daughter idly. He was about to refute that obvious bait but saw her smile, and she tugged his wrist and he found himself listing forward. His hands were placed onto her thigh. “Or because… you wanted to return the favor?” And now his eyes trailed down her body and the thing he had been deliberately trying to ignore the entire workout was put into focus. Those tights she wore, while covering her completely, left little to the imagination. The crotch was so snug he could see the entire shape of her vulva, like he had xray vision. And not to mention his daughter’s obvious excitement now presented to him, the deep purple stain framing her mound like a wet diamond. He swallowed, gaze transfixed on the lurid, leaking shape.

“Shouldn’t we… finish the workout first?” he said, a small part of him still trying to salvage whatever was left of his wavering guilt.

“I think I’m in need of a bit of pain relief,” Nora replied, rubbing her forehead. He felt a different kind of guilt there, but also had to chuckle. His daughter was so charming. And beautiful. And sexy. His eyes fell to her oh so obvious arousal. How could he say no to that?

“Daughter’s orders,” he said to himself. He found his fingers moving up, pinching thin the fabric of her tights and he very slowly drew them down. Nora could barely believe this was happening and gripped the yoga mat. As her father pulled her pants down and exposed her she raised her hips just a bit, the waistband behind her slipping down quickly over her curve, then the crotch peeled away from her warm, damp pussy.

Adrian’s heart was thumping as he looked up and saw what he had done. His daughter’s womanhood was as perfect as she was and his mouth watered. She was watering for him too and he moved forward like a man crawling across the desert, oasis in sight. He smelled her natural perfume through the sweat, a sweet musk that made the back of his tongue tingle. The little triangular patch of pubic hair, almost heart shaped, pointed down like signage to his wants. He was so ready to taste her but hesitated, eyes shooting up at his daughter’s.

Nora wanted to thrust her hips up and smash her sweating mound into his face. Just feeling his hot breath on her skin was making her knees jelly. Laying down had been a good idea. Her father looked up at her with eyes that she recognized. They told her that if she told him to go then he would go. God was she ready for him to go. There was the slightest nod. She saw his smile dip out of view. Time to go.

Adrian finally tasted her. He pressed his mouth and tongue against her leaking slit and lost himself in her flavors. The sweat and the juice and sweetness of her skin. He buried his face into his daughter’s crotch. He could drown in between these perfect thighs and be happy. The way she trembled against him urged the man on. He had always liked eating pussy and it had been a long time between meals. If he was out of practice he made up for it with enthusiasm. Making a woman feel good with his tongue had always been satisfying. Making his daughter feel good would certainly fulfill him in ways he couldn’t imagine.

Nora held on for as long as possible, biting down on her lip, but she had been patient enough and let out a long, wonderful moan. His mouth was on her and she tried not to squirm. It tickled, the way his tongue lapped up and down, exploring her folds, but the amazing warmth spreading through her quickly overwhelmed every other sensation. When that slick muscle slipped inside she cried out joyfully. He was amazing, the pressure of his face on her swollen mons making it feel like he was getting in so deep. Nobody had ever gone down on her like this. Not with such fervor. The man was digging into his daughter’s pussy with abandon, drinking in her warm fluids as she squirmed. The side of his nose brushed the hood of her clit and Nora’s knees skewed. Adrian’s ears became muffed by those thick, warm thighs and he just kept pressing his mouth to her soft lips, licking his way to her core.

“Dad! Oh my god! You’re gonna make me cum!” she gasped, the disbelief in her voice not only because of how quickly he was bringing her over but for the simple fact it was from the man she called dad. She called out again, the words bringing her to a thrilling crescendo. “Dad! Yes! Dad! Daddy!”

Adrian barely heard it, his head clasped between his daughter’s legs, but he tasted her gush and instinctively gripped onto her shuddering hips and licked up. “OH MY GOD!” he heard her cry now, ears freed, as he took her clit into his mouth. “UHNNNGGGHHH!!!!” She bucked against öğrenci porno his face, feeling his chin press against her spasming hole. He was solid and hard, allowing his daughter to grind out that orgasm on his face, his mouth still working, lips still sucking. Nora’s entire body rose in a wave and with a final gasp she dropped back onto the yoga mat.

Sensitive but satisfied she gave sharp gasps and giggles as Adrian gently ran his tongue over her quivering folds a few more times for good measure, then finally raised his head. Nora saw her father’s smiling face, dripping from her orgasm, his mouth glossy like he was wearing lip balm. She wanted to get up and kiss him and taste herself off his lips but the workout and the climax had drained her.

“That was amazing,” he breathed, rolling her head back and staring at the familiar ceiling. “That was”-BEEP- “-ing amazing.” She frowned as she heard more intrusive beeping. She realised it was an alarm.

Adrian reached for his phone then silenced the beeps. The man wiped his mouth with his forearm hurriedly.

“Damn it I have to go,” he said, as close to swearing in front of his daughter as he would get. This stirred Nora into finding the energy to sit up.


Adrian looked sheepish, his daughter’s incredulous expression somehow even more alluring with her rosy cheeks and sweat damp fringe.

“I’m sorry, I have to train the new guys,” he apologised as he got up. “We booked in a few extra sessions this week. I’m not going to have time once we start up the new place.” Nora watched him tapping something into his phone with intense concentration, but her eyes fell to the stiff tent in his shorts. Was he really that selfless a lover to rush off like this after giving her the most mind blowing oral of her life?

“Dad!” Her tone was scolding and Adrian was startled. Realising she was perhaps in bit too heightened a state she softened her brow. “At least let me finish you off before you go,” she offered.

“Finish me-?” he began then realised what she meant. And despite literally still tasting her pussy on his lips he felt awkward about his obvious erection and turned away slightly, embarrassed.

“I can’t just leave you like that. I’m a good girl. Five minutes,” Nora continued, pushing up onto her knees and then, with effort, shuffling forward. She still had her gently pulsing vagina exposed and the way her hips swayed was going to stick in her father’s mind. “You can give me five more minutes before you go.”

“Five minutes?” he had to wonder, and while he never considered himself some kind of marathon man when it came to sex he wasn’t sure how to react to what his good daughter was implying.

“Trust me…” said Nora, now tugging down on his shorts and Adrian hadn’t the heart to stop her. Once freed and feeling the cool air on his throbbing erection he realised how much he did want her. How his thoughts had revolved around sliding inside his daughter’s mouth again since yesterday. And then her tongue was on him and the gym seemed unimportant. Nora revelled in the sweaty scent of her dad’s hard cock, and kissed and licked the thing to show just how much she had missed it.

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt to … a few minutes… ohh my god…Nora!” The normally steadfast personal trainer found himself stumbling backwards as his daughter pressed her mouth into his crotch. His back was against the apartment door now and with nowhere else to go he just had to enjoy what was happening. Enjoy another expert blowjob from his daughter. He looked down, this time exhilarated at the sight of Nora servicing his engorged member while down on her knees. She gave him pleading looks as she kissed and mouthed his shaft, then when she finally took his head he realised that five minutes was an overestimation.

Adrian licked his lips, tasting her lingering flavor and shivering as Nora fed herself with more of his stiff meat. She went up and down, spit dribbling down her chin and his balls. She was a messy girl… sloppy… the sounds of her sucking him off making him harder. Then she kept taking more of him, inch by inch, lips stretching around his girth. “Nora… oh that’s… oh…” he groaned, the sensations even better than before. She was absorbing more and more of his length and he had never experienced this kind of oral assault. When he realised what was happening, what was about to happen, his heart thudded and his cock swelled. He hit the back of her throat, then he was in it. There was a solid bang as the back of his head hit the door. “Nora… how are you…? Oh god… I’m gonna… your throat… ahhh…” He was panting, looking down as his daughter began sliding the entire length of him in and out of her mouth, her nose buried into his pubic hair with each deep stroke.

She reached up, took his wrists and placed his hands onto her head. He only knew to rest them there at first, until she placed her hands on top of his and pressed down, squeezed his fingers, made him grab hold of her. Adrian realised then that his daughter wanted him to take control. To hold her skull and fuck her throat. In a panic he thrust forward and pulled her down, and he lodged himself deep, and he was done then. He orgasmed bodily, cock throbbing in her restricted airway and he poured his hot seed directly into her throat. His elbows banged into the door.

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