Aunt Beth Ch. 03


I hear someone fiddling with the door latch, it brings me back to reality.

“Dad? Daddy!”

“Yeah, my daughter.”

“Ah! You are in your room, I did not know. I just wanted to tell you that I’m going out. Tomas is picking me up, we are going to have lunch with his family.”

“Okay, honey.”

“I’ve already made your lunch, whenever you want, just heat it.”

“Thank you, my dear.”

This is Julia, my beautiful daughter. Good thing I locked the door before I masturbated, imagine being seen like that, even more so for his daughter!

I go back, let my thoughts deepen, going to the day, to pool time, how nice to remember things like that with my aunt.


Beth drinks the last few sips of coffee mixed with my orgasm.

“Too bad, it’s over. I liked my coffee with your ‘milk’, Denis.”

She says this while pinching my cheeks. We kiss, an intimate couple’s kiss, but I haven’t slept yet, nor have I fucked this incredible woman who pushes me…

“Let’s get to work, Denny. Later, we love each other again.”

I put on my shorts, and tie my sneakers, she adjusts her robe, makes the bathroom gesture, pulls up the flaps, and shows me her big, beautiful breasts, a little droopy, it’s true, despite everything, I am fascinated by your breasts

“I like how you devour me, it excites me more than sucking you.”

She closes her robe and makes a knot at the waist, but she is still hot, in this robe that doesn’t cover her thighs.

Let’s go to the office, she shows me the closet, the reason I’m for being there. It’s the truth that it is messed up, but it’s far from what she made me understand in the conversation at my home.

I work for over an hour, and she helps and guides me. I finish before eleven, sweating profusely on my forehead and chest. Beth comes off the kitchen with two large glasses of juice and, before handing one to me, asks me with a cheerful air:

“Take off your shirt Dênis, let your aunt admire you.”

I obey, and she places the cold glass against my nipple, I react to the shock of the temperature, and she laughs. Beth hands me the glass, I drink, she passes the tip of her index finger in the sweat on my chest.

“Drink, don’t worry about what I’m doing.”

I take the juice in small sips as I watch her massage me, it tickles, but I’m also turned on by her touch. My dick gets hard again, and my nipples also harden. Beth knows how to excite a man.

We exchange a kiss, I see her smile just before she leans in and stretches the tip of her tongue over my nipple, wandering, searching, exploring. She goes to the other in the same way. Then ends up sucking oğuzeli escort and kissing, mixing the taste of saliva with my sweat.

His hands go down my body and enter my shorts. She moves closer, I smooth her hair, a color I don’t know the name of. His hands now squeeze my hips, my ass. She even scratches his nails while her tongue works on my chest.

She stops, stands up, and looks. The sun is still coming in through the window, her face is in a beautiful shadow. We kiss a soft kiss. I kiss her forehead, she kisses my cheek. Beth drops her hands and takes off my shorts.

She looks down, holds my cock, and spits a long, thick spit, wetting my penis. Her hand mixes saliva with my cock, polishing the little stick that glistens the more her fingers wiggle in a particular way. Make it easier for her to jerk me off. Unbelievable!

She does it without taking her big black eyes off my eyes. She hypnotizes me, bewitches me this slutty aunt who stirs my desires, my senses, desires never dreamed of before.

“See how it feels to have an experienced woman fuck you, do you like it?”

I can’t even speak, I just shake my head to confirm the fact.

“Don’t cum, darling, wait. I want to taste you again.”

Beth speaks in a sensual whisper, my cock hardens like iron, and my heart jumps.

I gasp with pleasure and surprise.

She goes down and kneels.

Takes off my shorts, all I have left are tennis shoes and stockings, and my cock bounces in front of Beth’s fleshy mouth.

“I don’t like men like that. Too ugly.”

She unties my sneakers and throws them away.

She unties the bow tie of the robe, removes the green fabric completely, and lets it fall her back. She is naked, beautifully naked, I can see her shoulders, her large breasts, her big thighs, and the black hair on her vulva.

Beth faces me again with a cynical smile, the smile of someone who knows something I don’t, she holds and tilts her breasts, massaging the beaks, making them hard. I am dominated, anesthetized, and paralyzed even by the image of Beth naked and with the face of a slut.

She begins to run her hard beak over my cock, she does it slowly, I help her by steadying my cock so it doesn’t move. I never thought it would be so exciting.

I close my eyes and notice the rubbing of that hard nipple against the thin skin of my dick, this slow massage was driving me crazy. My heart was pounding, bouncing in my chest, I did not know which sensation to pay attention to ‘everything excites me, I feel my blood boiling’.

My body vibrates, and I tremble uncontrollably.

She realizes, oğuzeli escort bayan she holds my knees and speaks in the gentle way of a mother comforting her child.

“Stay calm, honey. I know this is all new, easy, guy. I’m here to teach you, to reveal the pleasures of love between two beautiful and tasty people.

I open my eyes and see his eyes fixed on mine. I perceive the laughter of an experienced woman caressing my thighs “I see her white teeth, the perfect teeth of a respectable lady of Boston society.

“I’m going to do something special, better than what I did at the pool. I think you will love it, you will never forget it.”

I never forgot it.


“Stand against the wall, it will be easier.”

I take two steps and lean against the cold bare wall. Curiosity sharpens desire. She comes and smoothes my balls with her fingernails. I feel again in waves the sensation of heat coming from inside, coming from the hand that now holds my cock.

“Close your eyes, Denis, this is going to be even tastier.”

It’s not just my cock that’s pulsating, my whole body is vibrating. She runs her lips over the glans, I feel the warmth of her mouth, the wetness, her still minimal touch creating a mystery of what is to come.

She kisses me with tenderness and kisses the head of my cock with desire. Beth scratches the head of cock with her teeth, nibbles it, and spits a lot, making it shinier. Moves her jerking hand and with the other, she massages my balls.

Without meaning to, I moan and get on my tiptoes.


“That’s it, baby, come. Come again. Fill your aunt’s mouth.”

I hear Beth’s voice in a sensual whisper. I feel a strange sensation, my eyes are closed, I don’t know…, Beth’s luscious lips swallow my cock. She sucks me and licks me. The cock is in a delicious vacuum prison, soft, tight, hot, and wet.

She begins a gentle movement swallowing my cock, I feel the touch of her tongue, the inside of her cheeks. The movement increases, and I enter more and more deeply. I make the same movement, I move in and out of that fleshy mouth as if it were in your vagina.

My God! It’s delicious, I think.

I open my eyes, I see the ceiling of the room and I start to hear a strange noise a funny wet noise, coming from the woman who is eating my cock. I see saliva starting to ooze out of my Aunt’s mouth kneeling at my feet.

It drips from her mouth, down her neck, dripping onto her breasts, wetting the nipples of this insatiable pervert that is my aunt “I speak without thinking:

“Damn, what a delight! escort oğuzeli Yes, Like this, this… aunt.”

I hear thunder in the distance and the wind rattles the windows.

“I think I’m going to, I’m cum…”

Beth stops the motion and holds my ass, shoving my cock as deep as she can into her mouth. She swallows me whole until it reaches her throat. I hold her head with my hand. Beth’s face turns red, and she coughs and screams. I let out a scream.

I ejaculate a hot cum, coming in spurts, uncontrolled.

I stuff the throat of Beth with sweet white cream. My hands clench, crushing the soft hair of this naughty female.

“Ahh! Annhhh!”

I relax, she stays gasps for breath, livid.

Our eyes meet, and I feel a strange energy emanating from those glassy eyes that hold my attention, I smooth her hair. I caress her cheeks until I reach her ear. It is clear that she is tired, exhausted, and naked, the woman who swallowed my cock whole.

She runs of her hand over to wipe off the excess drool that wets her chin, without taking her eyes off me. Besides the tiredness, there are traces of sadness, but the naughty look remains. She smiles.

My aunt looks at her moist breasts, wet with my saliva and a little of my milk.  She mixes these liquids while massaging her large breasts. Beth looks into my eyes again before speaking:

“Help me, I’m not old enough for these plays.”

She reaches out her hand, and I take it and pull. Beth climbs into my arms, and for the first time, our naked bodies meet. The soft touch of this mature woman’s skin. The drool dripping down her chest now wets my chest and belly.

The sky out the window flashes with lightning and thunders are heard, it doesn’t take long and large raindrops start to fall, it’s the storm coming.

Beth is shivering, I can feel her cold skin, and her face a little down.

“What, did I do something wrong?”

“It wasn’t all good, it was all good honey.”

“Then why are you like this?”

“The image of Bruno came to me like he was here, I don’t know why I thought of it, I felt guilty, but guilty of what? We are human, we have desires, what’s wrong with fucking like that?”

Bruno is Beth’s oldest son.

“You want me to leave?”

“Not that, no! I want more, we have all afternoon, even more with this rain.”

She says this with a beautiful smile.

“It will be nice to love you under the covers on a rainy afternoon like this, and your mother has nothing to complain about. You’re staying, just as I planned.”

The rain crashes, the trees sway, and the wind whistles. She shivers.

“I’m cold, hold me, hold Denis.”

Yes, this intimate contact after orgasm is very pleasant. There is a certain tenderness in this act.

“Let’s take a hot bath, then we’ll have lunch.”


Beth takes my hand and pulls me toward her room.

“After lunch, we’ll go to bed.”

She says this with a dirty smile.

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