Another Night Out


“Hey, do you know where the rolls are at?” Cody looked at the smiling girl half-standing half-dancing in front of him. She was pretty attractive – about 5’8″, blonde hair that went just past her shoulders, maybe C-cup tits and a very slim figure. Cody didn’t see any Xs on her hands, but she still looked pretty young. She had to have been 21 or 22 at the oldest. She had just run up to him on the dance floor and immediately asked her question, which wasn’t one Cody was unaccustomed to being asked. While he didn’t know where to find what she was looking for he did have what she really wanted; she just didn’t know it yet.

Cody had gotten into the nightclub scene and electronic music a few months prior after going clubbing with a few friends. He was generally a pretty introverted person who didn’t socialize much or really enjoy partying with large groups of people, and at 24 didn’t think this was likely to change, but decided on a whim to give clubbing a chance when he was invited. He didn’t plan or even have any idea that he would be taking MDMA, commonly referred to as Ecstasy or Molly, that evening, and once everyone started taking pills his friend Bryan pushed one into his hand with a wink and a sly smile. Cody had looked at the gel capsule filled with shimmering white crystalline powder for a long, slow five minutes until Ally, one of the girls they were out with, told him to quit being a little bitch and take it already. He was extremely happy with his decision to take Ally’s advice, as less than an hour later he was literally floored by the waves of amazing feelings crashing over him and had a completely amazing night, dancing and socializing with people in ways he had never done before.

Cody had learned after that night that his friend Bryan, a 29 year old chemical engineer, was actually the one producing almost all of the really good molly you could find in the city’s clubs. As a result of this, Cody had access to what amounted to a nearly limitless supply for pennies each. So when the hot girl standing in front of him had asked if he knew where the rolls were, he couldn’t help but smile as he reached into his pocket and clandestinely opened the zip lock baggie with 8 pills in it, got one out and closed the bag with one hand as he took a step closer to the girl in front of him so their bodies were only inches apart.

“This isn’t a roll,” he said to her as he slipped her the pill, loudly enough for her to hear over the blaring music but not loud enough for anyone else to overhear, “but you’re going to love it.”

“What is it?” she asked.

“I could give you the full chemical name but I doubt it would mean anything to you,” he replied. “But if you take this I guarantee you’ll have a blast tonight!”

“How much is it?”

“Don’t worry about it!” he said with a smile. The girl got a big smile on her face before turning and running off into the crowd. Cody never actually sold the extra pills he brought to the club when we went out. There were really two reasons for this. First, he had no desire to be a drug dealer. Second, he was usually rolling whenever anyone asked him for some, which meant he was always quite happy and just wanted other people to be too, so he gave them away freely.

Cody went back to dancing and enjoying the music. He turned to his right and saw a cute brunette who was maybe about 5’5″ dancing by herself next to him and put his hand on her arm lightly. She looked over at him and they locked eyes, both smiling. “I love this” Cody thought to himself as they both turned to face each other. He slid an arm around her waist and pulled her in close to his body as they danced together to the beats, gazing into each other eyes like they’d known each other for years.

After dancing for a few minutes Cody felt someone tapping his shoulder. He disentangled himself from the body of the girl he was dancing with and turned around to see who was behind him. To his surprise, he found himself face to face with the hot blonde girl he’d just given a pill to maybe ten minutes prior. This time she was accompanied by a guy on her left who was maybe two inches taller than she was and looked to be about the same age.

“Do you have any more for my boyfriend?” she asked.

Cody laughed as he stepped over to the boyfriend, placed a hand on his shoulder and retrieved another pill from his pocket with his other hand. Even though it really looked like this girl was just using him for free drugs for herself and her boyfriend, Cody didn’t care and handed him the pill.

“How much?” the boyfriend asked.

“Don’t worry about it,” Cody replied. “I don’t want any money, just have fun!”

“Really?” the boyfriend replied surprised. “No one has ever give me free drugs before. What is it? My girlfriend said you told her they aren’t rolls.”

“I could give you a scientific explanation,” Cody said, adding “but you’ll love it” once he saw the look on his face.

“Wow, thanks man.”

He then turned to the hot Antep Escort Bayan blonde and said something to her Cody couldn’t hear over the music. She nodded her head to him and he turned and walked off into the crowd.

“Where’s he going?” Cody asked her.

“Oh, he’s going to buy more drugs,” she replied. “He does this every time we go to the club.”

Cody turned his head to look back at the girl he had been dancing with to find that she was now dancing with someone else. By the time he had turned his head back to face the blonde she had gotten a lot closer to him.

“I’m Amanda,” she offered up without prompting. “As soon as we walked in I saw you dancing back here and knew you were the person I wanted to come talk to.”

“Did you?” Cody replied relatively surprised. He had gotten positive reviews on his dancing at nightclubs before – girls occasionally told him they liked it, or that it was sexy. It was still a bit surprising each time though, since only a few months ago he had been so totally socially awkward and introverted that he didn’t even think he knew how to dance and thus never even tried. MDMA had shown him the light and he was still getting used to that, but he still felt strange dancing while sober.

Amanda didn’t really reply, she just reached her arms around him and pulled their bodies together. Smiling, Cody joined right in and they started dancing together. They bobbed, weaved and slid their bodies all over each other to the beat, forgetting that anything else existed except that moment. Cody slid his hands down to her ass and lifted her off the floor. She wrapped her legs around his waist and clasped her hands behind his neck. Their faces got closer and closer until they could feel each other’s breath on their lips.

“I’m allowed to dance with other guys,” Amanda said to Cody, “but no kissing.”

Cody nodded his head and they kept dancing. He set Amanda down so she could stand and she immediately turned around so she could press her body against his such that her ass was firmly on his dick, which was starting to get slightly harder. She ground her ass into him as he slid his left hand down the front of her pants to rest on her inner thigh, slightly grabbing it. She tilted her head back to rest on his shoulder while he slid his other hand up her chest, lightly brushing over her right tit as it made its way toward her neck and shoulder. Amanda’s eyes were closed and she was breathing deeply with a big smile on her face. The pill was obviously working and she clearly felt that amazing feeling that people who haven’t tried it can never understand.

After dancing for some time Amanda pulled away from Cody, turned around to face him and grabbed his cock through his jeans. Her eyes were burning with desire as she smiled at him, licking her lips as she fondled his cock which was getting noticeably harder as she did so. “Can you help me find my boyfriend?” she asked as played with him.

“Sure, let’s go.” Cody wasn’t entirely sure what to make of Amanda. He hadn’t been feeling very sexual, currently preferring the deep emotional connections he was making to superficial physical ones, but once she had grabbed his dick like that the tone changed very quickly. Clearly she wanted him, he thought, but he had no desire to cause trouble in their relationship. She grabbed him by the hand and led him off the dance floor towards another section of the club that was less packed and playing more Top 40 music.

Amanda and Cody meandered around the club for a few minutes holding hands, occasionally walking up to people and asking them if they had seen her boyfriend, offering no description of him.

“Isn’t this your boyfriend?” one person asked her, referring to Cody.

“No, this is my friend, we just met,” Amanda replied to him as Cody stood there smiling and nodding.

They kept walking and eventually ran into Amanda’s boyfriend near coat check. She ran up to him and gave him a big hug as Cody smiled and turned to head back to the dance floor. “Come outside with us!” Amanda yelled to Cody. They were heading to the outdoor patio for a smoke break and Cody happily accepted the invitation.

Amanda’s boyfriend introduced himself as Joey to Cody and offered him a cigarette. Cody didn’t really smoke but wasn’t about to turn Joey down. Amanda decided to run to the bathroom so Cody and Joey stood outside, talked and smoked while they waited. Joey had found a dealer who sold him some yellow pressed pills with happy faces stamped on them and had taken one of top of the capsule Cody had given him. He was starting to get pretty out of it and Cody suspected the pressed pill was bad, but it was too late for that now.

Amanda came back from the bathroom as the guys finished their cigarettes and all three headed back to the dance floor. Amanda danced with Joey as Cody did his own thing next to them for a while. After about fifteen minutes Amanda slid back over to Cody and danced face to face with him, eyes locked, and then without warning she pressed her lips to his.

“I wonder what happened to no kissing,” Cody thought to himself as he and Amanda explored each other’s mouths with their tongues. Her lips were very dry, “She probably needed to be drinking more water.” They made out on the dance floor for a few minutes until it occurred to Cody that Joey was right next to them. He pulled back from Amanda and looked over to where Joey was standing only to find that he was gone.

“Thank you for helping me find my boyfriend,” Amanda said to Cody as she again grabbed his cock.

“Where did he go?” Cody asked her, trying to reconcile what was going on in his head.

“He’s really fucked up. He went to go wander around. He’ll be OK.” She added when she saw the look of concern on Cody’s face.

Cody thought about asking her about the kiss, but when Amanda pressed her lips together and licked them invitingly he changed his mind, lifting her off the dance floor again and started making out with her as he held her up.

They held each other as they kissed for several minutes before Cody set her back down and led her to the bar. Once there, he ordered a bottle of water. He took a sip then offered it to Amanda, who took several large gulps, and then started making out with him again while she still had a mouthful of water. She shared the water in her mouth with him, spilling about half of it out of their mouths. Cody took a few more sips afterwards before stuffing the water bottle into his pocket.

“I’m going to try to go to the bathroom,” Cody said as he walked towards the smaller bathrooms just off the dance floor. Surprisingly there was nobody in the bathroom as he entered one of the stalls to pee. He unzipped his pants as he tried his best to relax and pee. After a few seconds he heard a noise, but ignored it as he started peeing. Finishing up, he hadn’t even put his dick back in his pants when the stall door behind him swung open. Cody turned his head and saw Amanda standing there. He turned around with his hand still holding his mostly soft dick as Amanda took a step forward and shut the stall door behind her.

Cody felt completely morally off the hook now and stepped towards Amanda, pinning her to the stall door by her arms and making out with her. She moaned in his mouth and when he released her arms to slide one hand up her shirt while another reached around to grab her ass she unfastened his jeans, which fell to the floor. Amanda grabbed Cody’s dick and started stroking it as he lightly slid his fingers up and down her side, causing her to shudder and moan even more. It would have felt good in any situation, but under the current circumstances she felt orgasmic as the tips of Cody’s fingers played with her sensitive waist and sides. She felt Cody’s grip on her ass loosen as his other hand came around to the front, unhooked her pants and slid down past her panties.

Amanda stroked Cody’s dick softly yet firmly, enjoying the feeling of it growing in her hand while relishing the amazing sensation in her own crotch now that his fingers had reached her pussy. Cody’s fingers played with her pussy, which was very wet, and teased out some of the wetness onto his fingers which he then slid back up to her clit. Flicking her clit back and forth made her moan very loudly into his mouth, which made his dick harden a lot faster. Cody pushed his hand back down to her entrance and plunged two fingers inside, stroking in a come-hither motion that made her G-spot sizzle as her pussy muscles clamped down on them.

“Wow, she’s really nice and tight,” Cody thought. “This is gonna be awesome.”

His dick now mostly hard, he pulled his hand out of Amanda’s pants and she dropped to her knees. Pulling down Cody’s boxers, she stared as his dick for about 15 seconds before Cody grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her towards his crotch. She looked up at him seductively as she opened her mouth and dove onto his cock. Amanda took Cody’s entire dick down her throat from the very first try and moaned on it as she proceeded to suck like a champ, giving him long full strokes with her tongue massaging the underside as she went. It felt so good that Cody could barely stand and had to sit down on the toilet as Amanda kept plunging his dick balls deep into her mouth, throat fucking herself with his hard on. Cody had never had a blowjob like this in his life. It was better than most pussies he’d ever fucked – Amanda kept up complete suction, ensuring every millimeter of his dick was in contact with the inside of her mouth as she swallowed him down her gullet over and over again. He couldn’t help but stare at her working over his cock. It was simply amazing, both how it felt and how sexy it was to watch.

Cody tilted his head back, and relaxed as he enjoyed the pure bliss that was Amanda’s mouth, trying not to moan too loudly since they were in a public bathroom. That was about to change as he felt Amanda stop sucking and looked to see what was going on. She was standing up, stepping out of her jeans and climbing on to him. She pulled her panties off to the side as she leaned over him and hovered her pussy over his erect dick. Cody grabbed his cock and guided it to her entrance, then grabbed her by the neck with his other hand and very, very slowly pushed her down onto his throbbing hard on.

“Hooooohhhh Godddd…” Amanda moaned loudly as she was slowly penetrated by Cody’s 8 inch dick. Letting go of his cock now that it was partially inside her, he kept pushing her down further and further at a torturously slow paceuntil his entire cock was buried inside her to the hilt. Then he grabbed her hip with his free hand and, just as slowly, lifted her back up off his cock. Cody and Amanda both relished in the exquisite sensation of feeling every tiny bit of each other as they fucked, slowly, in the bathroom stall as the music blared and other club goers raged just feet away from them.

Once she was almost completely off his dick, Cody slammed Amanda back down onto him as hard as he could as he thrust his pelvis up into her and proceeded to fuck her whole body to the beat of music. It was intense, and neither of them could help but moan loudly. Cody released her neck to grab her shirt and pull it up over her head, exposing her bra before quickly unhooking it and pulling it up over her head with her shirt. Her now freed tits started bouncing to the rhythm, exciting Cody even more.

“Oh fuck yes!” Amanda yelled as Cody plowed into her repeatedly. Her pussy was clamping down on his hard cock, milking it for every ounce of pleasure she could as she bounced up and down. Cody grabbed her ass with both hands, standing up and pushing her up against the wall of the stall. It was hot – she loved being taken like this by a man who wasn’t afraid to properly fuck his girl, and right now she was Cody’s girl. Joey couldn’t have been further from both their minds as they humped each other.

There was a knock on the stall door. “What’s going on in there?” someone yelled. They both ignored it and continued fucking passionately until the door swung open. There was a crowd of 6-7 clubbers standing outside the stall who had heard them going at it. None of them seemed interested in stopping it though.

“Awesome!” “Fuck her brains out dude!” “Ride that dick bitch!” This had turned into a spectator sport, and both Cody and Amanda were sufficiently intoxicated by passionate lust, and drugs, that neither of them cared. Cody kept slamming into Amanda’s wonderfully tight pussy and she kept screaming for him not to stop, which was advice he was happy to follow.

Now that the door was open and the crowd watching them was loudly cheering them on, more people started coming over to watch the show. There were now too many people in the bathroom and it was attracting the attention of security. Cody and Amanda didn’t even notice the security personnel ordering people out of the bathroom and continued to fuck like rabbits in heat. Cody had set Amanda down on the toilet with her legs wrapped around him as he rocked himself in and out of her, keeping most of his cock buried inside of her, when security got close enough to see what was going on.

“You two!” the guard yelled at them. Now used to people yelling things at them as they fucked, they ignored it. Cody kept sliding himself deep into Amanda right up until he felt the hand on his shoulder, pulling him back. They both snapped out of their sex-induced trance as Cody was turned around to face the security guard.

“Couldn’t wait till you got home?” the guard asked, sounding moderately annoyed. He looked down at Cody’s dick, dripping wet from Amanda’s pussy juices. “How close are you?” he asked him.

Cody hadn’t really been very close to cumming at all; drugs can do that to guys. He had just been enjoying the amazing feeling of Amanda’s pussy wrapped around him, squeezing him, pleasuring his cock. Despite that, he replied “pretty close”.

The guard looked around, looked back at the two horny clubbers and said “you’ve got two minutes.” He then shut the stall door and yelled “Shows over, guys! Everyone out!”

Cody and Amanda looked back at each other, grinned and went right back at it. Cody sat down on Amanda and his jeans, pulling her on top of him. Knowing he only had two minutes to cum, and not really having been close at all before that, Cody went all out and started slamming into Amanda while pulling her down into his thrusts and lifting her off as he pulled out. He fucked her constantly, without pausing, focusing on finishing. He used one hand to finger her clit as he fucked her, which made Amanda moan even louder than before.

“Oh fuck! Yes! Keep that up! I’m gonna cuuummmm!” Amanda yelled as she beared down on his dick with all her might, her already very tight pussy tightening even more. Her orgasm pushed him over the edge and Cody’s cock erupted deep into Amanda’s cunt, pumping his massive load into her.

There was another knock at the stall door. “Time’s up! Get cleaned up and get out of here!” the guard yelled.

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