Angry Father


Tim was a middle aged man who’s wife had left him and his daughter three years ago when his daughter was only 10 years old. She left because of his anger , it was explosive. They had always fought but one night he was especially angry and hit her. He immediately knew that he shouldn’t have done it but she packed a bag and left. He figured she would just be gone for the weekend but three years later he hasn’t heard a word from her.
He raised Amy the best that he could by himself and she turned into what he thought was a great kid. She never argued, got good grades, and had no interest in boys which Tim liked. Also she was really helpful around the house, doing the dishes every night, helping pick up, and doing all the laundry.
She was a skinny girl for being 13, she stood 5 feet 2 inches high and she was just beginning to fill out her bra. Her boobs were perky as they were only a B-cup but the fit her well. For how skinny and undeveloped she was she had a larger than expected ass. It plumped out but sat up nicely and was rock hard. Anytime she wore her yoga pants to the mall guys from age 10 to age 70 would almost break their necks turning their heads so fast to look at it when she walked by.
She had gone away for the week for soccer camp and during this time the laundry had started to pile up. The day of her return her father decided that even though he didn’t do the laundry he would do a couple loads so that she didn’t come back to a lot of work. The first two loads went fine but as he was sorting the third one he uncovered a small green lacy sparkly thong. Tim had always been there when Amy bought cloths until recently when she started to go to the mall with her friends. He had very strict rules about what she could and couldn’t wear and she wasn’t allowed to wear thongs. The only underwear that Tim permitted was bikini style and frankly if he thought he could get away with making her wear boxers he would have, the less sexy her cloths were the better in his mind.
Finding Sex hikayeleri the thong sent him into a rage. How dare she disobey him like that! “Well if that’s what she wants to wear then that’s fine by me!” he said out loud to himself. He went to the living room and started watching T.V. waiting for her to get home. After about two hours the door swung open and Amy came in. “Hey honey how was camp?” he asked barely able to contain him angry.
“It was good but I’m going to go shower now. I’ll come down after and tell you all about it”
“Alright” Tim responded.
About 20 minutes later Amy came down the stairs in her yoga pants and a tank top and sat next to her father. “Before you start,” Tim said “I found something I think belongs to you.”
“Oh really?” Amy asked with a little surprise to her voice. “What is it?”
Tim reached behind the pillow he was leaning against and pulled out his daughters green thong. Instantly the color drained from Amy’s face and a look of shock replaced the smile that was once on her face.
“Dad I can expla-”
“I don’t need an explanation.” Tim interrupted. “I know your getting older and are going to start liking more and more cloths like this. Do u like wearing this?”
“Um, I guess.” Amy responded feeling a little awkward about telling her dad that. “Only because its more comfortable though.”
“Alright then,” Tim said as the smile left his face also and a look of dead seriousness started to encompass his face and voice. “go put it on.”
“W-wh-what? Why?”
“Because its comfortable and you like to wear it.” Tim snarled back.
Amy had seen that look on his face before and knew that he wasn’t kidding. She grabbed the thong, got up, and walked up stairs. She walked back down a few minutes later with her yoga pants on and tank top but this time had the thong on underneath instead of having no underwear on like she usually did. As she walked back into the living room Tim got off the couch and turned around to see her. She Sikiş hikayeleri walked sheepishly by him to take her spot on the couch again. As she walked past Tim grabbed her by the shoulder and slapped her hard across the face. “What the FUCK do you think you’re doing?” Tim screamed at her. It was the first time he had ever hit her and she wasn’t sure what to do. “I told you to put the thong on not yoga pants!”
Amy was confused, did her father want her to only be wearing the thong? Why would he want to see his daughter like that. She was afraid to move, if she took her yoga pants off and its not what he meant then he might hit her again but if that is what he meant and she didn’t do it then he might hit her again. She decided to ask him, “You want me to take my pants off so I’m in just my thong?”
“Yes you dumb slut. Clearly you love to have it on and why have a lacy one with sparkles unless you want to show it off? So go ahead and show it off.”
“No I never show it t-” Amy started but her fathers hand came flying up to her face again even harder than before.
A tear started to well up in her eye but she did as she was told. She reached down to the waist of her yoga pants and slipped her thumb inside the waistband. She slowly slid them down, nervous about exposing herself to her father but far to afraid not too. As her pants hit the ground she stepped out of them and quickly went to go sit on the couch. Again her father grabbed her and threw her down on the ground. She looked up at him petrified about what might happen next.
“I don’t let sluts sit on the couch lay down on the floor like the dog that you are. Oh, and make sure your ass is up seeing how you love showing it off.”
Amy did as she was told thankful that that’s all she had to do. She lay down facing the T.V. with her ass in the air. She knew her dad was looking at her as he sat directly behind her lined up between her legs so he had a full view. She dared not turn around to see what he was doing. Erotik hikaye She laid there perfectly still for over a half hour when she started to hear muffled grunting noises behind her and one slap sound. About five minutes after the last grunt her father told her to get up and go to bed. She jumped up and almost ran upstairs.
After about ten minutes of looking at his daughters ass perched so nicely up with the green lace disappearing into her crack Tim couldn’t look at anything else. The way her tight thighs sloped perfectly from her ass and down to her legs, the way her inner thighs came almost completely together then right before her pussy split apart again as if inviting him in, the way the green fabric was pulled so tightly over her pussy that he swore it would break at any second and give him a view of her plump ripe pussy. He couldn’t take it any longer. His cock was rock hard and pushing against his jeans so badly it hurt. He slowly unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly. His cock sprang out of the new opening like a bullet from a gun. He slowly started to stroke it imagining what the perfect ass in front of him must feel like. With each stroke he fell deeper into a dream land where he was thrusting past his daughters round ass cheeks into her tight asshole.
As he started reaching his climax he started jerking off faster and faster, once he got out of control and made a slapping sound he knew she heard but he kept going. He starting letting out noises with each thrust of his hand. Soft moans that he tried to control but slipped past his lips anyway. Then, he exploded. Wave after wave of hot cum shot out of his cock and landed on his jeans. His hips started bucking and a long loud moan escaped his mouth that he had made no effort to keep in. Amy refused to turn around. She thought he knew what her father was doing but was afraid to find out she was right and even more afraid of his reaction when she saw him. She laid perfectly still now more aware than ever that her ass was fully exposed. Tim got up and without saying a word went to his room to change and go to bed.

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