Andrea , Sir James Ch. 03


The next morning I saw no sign of Andrea or Sir James when I went down to have breakfast. I asked Millie were they coming down for breakfast. She said she had no idea, as weekends were sort of a potluck affair. So after breakfast I took a stroll around part of the estate. At one point I walked down a narrow path between some trees, and ended up in a secluded garden with a small summerhouse. I tried the door and found it was unlocked, so I opened it and went inside. The place was clean and tidy and appeared to have been used recently by the look of the place.

There were two rooms of the living area, which I bypassed. I had just entered the kitchen, when I heard someone come into the house. I stayed as quiet as I could and heard the sound of a female giggling. Then a mans voice saying, “You are such a beautiful bitch. I have been longing to have you again after last weeks meeting in the hotel.”

“I’ve looked forward to being with you again too uncle Phil. I thought you were not coming today because you were fifteen minutes late.”

“I know Clara but the roads were very busy. I want to have you now Clara, strip for me let me feast my eyes on your beautiful body again”

I waited a few moments, then took a chance and peeked around the corner. To my surprise I saw that the girl Clara, who appeared to be between nineteen and twenty two years old, was now naked. She looked so vulnerable standing in front of the man she called uncle Phil. He appeared to be about forty-five or more, and I felt envious of him as he bent and kissed Clara’s pert young tits while she stroked his hair telling him how nice it felt.

“Suck my nipples, bite them hard,” I heard her say.

They were standing side on to me, and the sunlight coming in from the side window of the room illuminated the area where the erotic scene was taking place. She started moaning and cried out, I guess from having her nipples bitten. I drank in her beauty, my eyes moving down from her shoulders over the inward curve of her back to her slender waist, and then to her lovely round bottom. Her young breasts were jutting forward with no hint of any sag, showing their firmness.

Her uncle was sucking on the nipple of the breast farthest away from me, then moved his head to capture the nipple of her other breast, in his mouth. The erotic sight they made, and her moans made my cock start to swell. I saw his hands move around to her back, then slide down onto the swell of her buttocks, as he feasted on her lovely young tits. He must have squeezed her cheeks hard because she emitted a long loud moan.

Then I heard her say, “Yesss…mmmm…that feels so fucking good.”

Releasing her he said, “We don’t have much time. Do you want to suck me off while I lick your cunt and taste your sweet nectar?”

“Yes uncle Phil you know I like to suck you and swallow your come. And I love it when you lick my cunt.”

He quickly removed his pants and Jockey’s then lay on the floor. Clara straddled him in the sixty-nine position; she lowered her head and took his cock into her mouth as she lowered her hips down, putting her cunt in a good position for Phil to lick it. As she sucked his cock she moved her head up and down fucking her uncle with her mouth.

The sight of this sweet young girl with a cock in her mouth made me wish that I were the one she was giving head too. I was now highly aroused; my cock, already almost erect restrained only by its confinement in my pants.

Meanwhile uncle Phil was busy licking her slit, his hands on her arse to hold her in position. She was quite adept at sucking cock I could tell by the way she going down on his cock, taking it all the way into her mouth. He was licking and lapping her slit and then seemed to concentrate on her clit. Clara suddenly pulled her head up his cock, releasing it from the warm wetness of her mouth. She cried out as his tongue brought her to orgasm. He never stopped licking or moved his head away until her orgasm had finished.

When it was over for her Clara stood up. I could see her uncles face clearly his mouth all wet and shiny with the juices of her orgasmic release.

“That was fantastic uncle Phil,” she said.

Uncle Phil was now on his feet and said to Clara, “Kneel down I am pretty close myself, I want to fuck you face.”

She knelt as requested, her mouth open as she waited for him to put his cock into it. I watched as he placed his hands on each side of her head, and then pushed his cock into her mouth. They were side on to me still so I could still everything clearly. I watched as he began to thrust his cock back and forth her in her mouth, her cheeks sunken in as she sucked on his cock. He now thrust harder forcing his swollen tip into the back of her throat. She spluttered and started gagging on it, saliva began to drool from the corner of her mouth, making me recall fucking Millie the same way last night.

It amazed me that she could take all his cock when she was sucking him, yet when she was being forcefully made to take bursa escort his thrusting cock all the way it, caused her to gag. I realised that when she was sucking him she could control the depth of his penetration, but now that he was fucking her mouth she had no control and was unable to cope with his deep penetration, and this what caused her to gag. I thought how much I would enjoy teaching her and Millie to really deep-throat my cock, not just take it into the back of their throat.

Phil ignored the fact that she was gagging, intent only on his own pleasure as I had been with Millie. The scene was so erotic, Clara on her knees, her pert young breasts jutting out the pink nipples swollen, as she allowed her uncle to use her mouth as though it was her cunt he was fucking.

Uncle Phil suddenly cried out, “Take it, take my load Clara,” as his cock shot his come into her mouth.

She swallowed it all, then stood and looking at her uncle she said, “Mmmm, I love it when you fuck me like that even though it makes me gag, then fill my mouth with you cock juice. You made me come again using me roughly like that.”

“I am pleased you enjoyed our little get together as much as I did. You are one great little cocksucker. We must return to the house now before anyone finds us here together.”

As they dressed hastily, I heard Clara say to her uncle, “I can’t wait for this evening, Andrea said it was a special evening to celebrate me being twenty one last Thursday.”

“Is you your father coming to your party?” Uncle Phil asked her.

“Yes, he’s driving down and should be here in time for dinner. Why?”

“I just wondered. Did your sister Millie ever tell you about her special twenty first birthday party here at Henley?”

“No, all I remember was we had a birthday party at home for the family. You must remember you were there. When daddy took her with him to Henley that weekend, he said it was a special party for adults only, and now that Millie was twenty-one she would be allowed to attend. He told me that Sir James and Lady Andrea would probably do the same for me, and so they have.”

Her uncle never said anymore but urged her to hurry in case they were found in the summerhouse together.

“Why does it matter if they do uncle Phil? I have never told anyone about you seducing me and they will just see us as uncle and niece.”

He never responded to her question as took her arm and steered her to the front door. After they left the summerhouse I waited a few minutes and was in the living room on the way to the front door when I heard a voice say, “Did you enjoy watching young Clara having sex with her uncle Phil, Jack?”

“Andrea,” I exclaimed,” as I spun round to see her coming out of one of the side rooms.

“Yes Jack, its me. I knew they would come here. He’s been screwing her for the past two months preparing her for this evening’s entertainment, but her arse has been taboo for him. So I came and hid to ensure he did not break the rules. I saw you come in, and when they arrived I knew you would stay and watch. You could have slipped out the back door but you didn’t did you.”

“No, I guess I am somewhat of a voyeur just like you, Andrea?”

She walked over to me and said, “Yes Jack, but I bet your cock is in need of some relief right now after watching the incestuous coupling of Clara and her uncle.”

Her hand moved quickly taking me by surprise as she pressed it against my crotch, and then moved it up and down over my erect cock in its confinement in my pants, arousing me more.

“It feels so big. I wish you could take me now and thrust it all the way up my hot wet cunt. Yes I am aroused just like you Jack. However I am going to make you wait till this evening to stretch and fill me and fuck me hard, before shooting your come inside me. You may kiss me though.”

I took her in my arms, and as I kissed her she thrust her tongue into my mouth and cupped my balls in her hand, then sliding it up over my erection stroking it again arousing me more. To say she was a teasing bitch would be the understatement of the year. I retaliated by thrusting my hand between her legs and rubbing my fingers over her plump cunt lips, feeling how wet her panties were.

She broke the kiss and pushed me away; looking at me she laughed and said, “Now Jack you have to wait till this evening. Walk back to the house with me.”

The walk back to the house was painful for me as my balls ached. I wondered why she treated me in such a cruel way. Still my desire for her only intensified, and I would forgive her for her sexual teasing and other things many times.


That evening after dinner, if one could call it that. Millie had made a large pot of stew, and for afters she had made two rice puddings. No one really cared; they knew that by having no staff working at weekends the likelihood of the events that took place most weekends would not known by outsiders.

Those who attended Clara’s bursa escort bayan special birthday weekend were, her sister Millie, her father Frank, her uncle Phil, myself and the hosts Andrea and Sir James. There was however another woman who attended that I was unaware of until we had all assembled in the room where Sir James had spanked Millie.

While awaiting the arrival of Sir James and Andrea, Clara was asking Millie what had happened to her at Henley when she was twenty-one.

“Wait and see. Just go along with everything and you will enjoy your initiation into the adult world, and be invited to Henley most weekends. I love coming here, as I am sure you will also be after tonight, “Millie said to her.

The door opened and in walked Sir James and Andrea accompanied by a woman who was obviously Italian. She had lovely black hair and olive skin. She was a beautiful looking woman who I estimated to be about twenty-five to thirty years old.

“Greetings friends, Andrea said. This is Sophia; she has been looking forward to meeting you all, and particularly you Clara. She is looking forward to seeing you initiated into the adult world here at Henley.”

“Thank you Lady Andrea, and you Sir James for putting on this special party for me. But what do you mean my initiation into the adult world here at Henley?” Clara asked.

Sir James and everyone else laughed. Except me, who did not know what they meant either. Ignoring her question, he asked everyone to charge their glasses.

When they had, he raised his glass and said, “Happy Birthday Clara. I am sure this will be a most memorable birthday party, one you will recall often over the years. Am I right Millie?”

“Yes Sir James, I have always looked back at that night when I was twenty-one with pleasure, as I am sure Clara will after tonight’s events.”

We all drank a toast to Clara who sat beaming at being the centre of attention at this time; little did she know like me that she would be the centre of attention for the whole evening.

Then after a few minutes Andrea walked over to Clara and taking her hand she started to lead her to the centre of the room. Clara was smiling but her face suddenly changed to one of utter surprise when they stopped in the centre of the room. She cried out, “No, NO WHY?”

This was in response to Andrea, who had suddenly said to her in a loud demanding voice, “Take you clothes off Clara, its time for your initiation.”

Her Father Frank called out to her, “Do what your told Clara.”

“No Daddy what are you going to do to me, why do I need to undress?”

“Because you are going to be fucked, why else would we ask you take off your clothes,” Andrea said.

“No I am not that sort of girl. Daddy please don’t make me.”

“Lying slut Clara, did you think I was unaware that you have been fucking your uncle Phil for the past two months, or about your affair with your best friends father. Why earlier today you were in the summerhouse blowing your uncle Phil, telling him how much you loved having your face fucked. Get you clothes off now slut.”

Clara now red faced at having everyone know about her best friends father, but worse still about her incestuous affair with her uncle Phil started to remove her clothes. Soon she stood in her bra and panties everyone waiting to see her naked and her initiation-taking place. She unhooked her bra and dropped it on the floor revealing her pert young breasts with upturned nipples. Pictures of her sexual rendezvous with her uncle Phil flashed through my mind.

She hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and was about to lower them when Andrea said “Turn your back to your guests and bend over to remove your panties, spread your legs wide we are all dying to see your cunt.”

Clara realised that it was no use resisting did as asked and was now bent at the waist showing us all her cunt and anus. Andrea who was standing beside her ran her hands over the pert cheeks of her young arse, and then spread her cunt open revealing the pink interior to us all as she said, “Is she a good fuck Phil?”

“Yes she really is, she is also a very willing slut and eager to do anything to please, and I mean anything.”

“Well perhaps we will see her perform whatever you have implied later. But now I think you should let her father and the rest of us watch you fucking her up here,” Andrea said. Then she forcefully thrust two fingers up Clara’s cunt hole making her cry out as she began finger fucking her. Withdrawing them she ordered Clara to turn and face us again and to suck her fingers clean and taste her own juices.

As Clara sucked Andrea’s fingers Phil walked behind Clara, he cupped her breasts in his hands and squeezed them hard making her moan.

“Aren’t they beautiful young titties,” he said as he took her erect nipples in his fingers and twisted them making her moan again but louder, he then pulled them forward until they slipped from his grasp. He bursa merkez escort released her and started to undress.

“Let her ride you Phil,” Andrea said as Phil now stripped stood his partly erect cock now displayed.

Then Andrea said, “Come her Millie and suck your uncles cock and prepare it for its journey up your slut sisters fuck hole.

Millie wasted no time and was soon kneeling and sucking on her uncle’s cock while fondling his balls.

“It’s been a long time since I saw you sucking your uncles cock Millie and watching him fucking you,” Andrea said.

I realised that Andrea seemed to like orchestrating things and also humiliating Millie and Clara. She began talking in a very crude way, expressing herself like a whore would when having sex, or being involved in sexual acts with others.

As soon as Phil’s cock was hard Millie went and sat down again.

Phil lay down on the floor and said, “Come her you sweet slut and slide you hot cunt down over my cock. Show everyone how much you love having my cock up your hot cunt.”

Poor Clara blushed at hearing this stood still, feeling embarrassed I guess at having people watch her for the first time preparing to have sex, especially as the man was much older and was also her uncle.

She gave a shriek as Andrea grabbed her by the hair and dragged her over to Phil saying, “Hurry up you slack bitch, take your uncles cock up your fuck hole now.”

Clara stood astride her uncle facing him then she lowered herself down to a kneeling position and reaching behind her she guided Phil’s cock to her opening. She started to push down and take his cock inside her. Andrea suddenly moved and straddled Phil, putting her hands on Clara’s shoulders she thrust her down until she was sitting on her uncle. The sudden entry of her uncle’s cock into her, forcefully stretching her sheath to accommodate its length and girth made her cry out.

“Fuck your uncle,” Andrea ordered her.

Clara began to rise up and down on her uncle’s cock as she began to fuck him. Then after a few minutes she stopped suddenly when she heard Andrea say, “Pull her down and hold her Phil,”

I knew she had not noticed her father had vacated his seat and was now standing naked behind her. She looked down at Phil as he held her and said, Why are you holding me down don’t you like me fucking you this way?”

He laughed as Andrea said to Clara, “Have you ever had anal sex at all Clara?”

“No never, I am afraid it would hurt to much.”

“Well you lucky little bitch, your father is waiting to fuck you up your virgin ass.”

“NO DADDY PLEASE!” Clara cried out.

“Shut up you slut. I have been waiting for this moment for a long time now, however I never envisaged my brother having his cock up your cunt while I rammed mine up your lovely tight arse. Your sister likes taking daddy’s cock up her arse from time to time don’t you Millie? This may be the first time for you but it certainly won’t be the last.”

As Millie replied in the affirmative Andrea handed Frank a tube of lubricant. Clara’s body stiffened as she felt the nozzle being pushed into her anus and then the cool gel inside the warmth of her arse.

She lay motionless now knowing that no matter what she said or tried to do, her father was going to sodomize her while her uncle fucked her cunt.

Then as the nozzle was withdrawn from her anal opening she waited for the moment when her father’s cock would penetrate her bottom.

Frank stood astride his brother’s legs and stroked his cock back to full erection. Then stooping down he pushed his swollen cock head against Clara’s tiny anal ring, Clara moaned loudly as her fathers hands gripped her waist and she felt his big tip forcing her anal ring to expand, “Relax you bitch, let me in,” he said as he pressed harder. Clara gave a sudden scream as she felt her ring stretched wider as the widest part of the helmet like head was forced all the way and his cock head popped inside her.

While Frank held his cock still allowing her anal sheath to adjust to his invading tool, Phil released his grip on her and she now supported herself on her hands. She moaned loudly as she suddenly felt her father’s cock start its journey deeper into her tight anal sheath. Then her moans suddenly turned to a scream as Frank could wait no longer to feel his sweet young daughter fully impaled on his rigid cock and rammed it to the hilt inside her.

He held still once more as Andrea stroked Clara’s hair and said, “How does it feel to be stuffed full of cock?”

Before she could answer Andrea grabbed hold of her hair and pulled it hard making her cry out as she said to Frank and Phil, “Give the little bitch a good hard deep fucking now.”

As they both began to thrust their cocks into her well-stuffed holes she cried out, but her cries went unheeded as they fucked her without regard for her, only thinking of their own pleasure.

Meanwhile Andrea told Millie to come and kneel beside her sister facing her father. She came and smiling at Andrea she knelt submissively watching her fathers cock as it moved back and forth in her sisters bottom.

I knew that Frank would not be able to last long in such a tight sheath and when he said he was going to come Andrea said, “In Millie’s mouth Frank.”

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