Anal Etiquette Ch. 06: Politics as Usual


If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the previous parts starting at chapter 00! Also if you like what you read check out Lordodie’s series that started it all!


Part 7: Timmi’s 18th Birthday Extravaganza

Timmi was now naked and fully restrained, laying on her back her legs were tied to one another with a thick binding rope that was itself attached to the ceiling keeping her legs upright and extended. Her hands were also bound to one another at the wrist, the rope doing the binding was attached to the black collar she wore around her neck. In that position she had very little freedom of movement and she felt very vulnerable as the party guests filed into the room. Her mother had left to fetch them after making some final adjustments to her restraints.

Upon entering the room the guests were treated to a view of Timmi’s tight-looking, bare pussy and asshole. The main party had taken place earlier in the day, presents were opened, “Happy Birthday” was sung, candles were blown out and cake and ice cream was served. About half of the guests had since left, mostly those present under the age of 18. Among those remaining was members of her family, of course there was Timmi’s mother Spring, her Aunt Autumn and her cousin Ethan, even Timmi’s own father, Dave had flown in from Seattle to take part.

The other guests remaining was mostly friends of hers or the family. Jasmine, Ethan’s girlfriend, Casey, Timmi’s friend and Jasmine’s step-sister, Bill, an older gentleman who was a friend of the family and his daughter Charlotte and finally Kelcie, Timmi’s best friend. Timmi watched them file in through the mirror on the wall to the right. From her vantage point it was difficult to see past her legs but the mirror gave her an unobstructed view of her surroundings.

Timmi was on her bed, but earlier in the day she and her mother had brought in several large bean bags and scattered them around the floor to give guests a place to rest if they liked. Nearly everything else had been taken out making Timmi feel like her room was a lot larger then it normally seemed.

The female guests started peeling off clothing, thanks to the town’s lax laws on female attire most weren’t wearing anything that took long to remove. The three male guests quickly followed. Timmi watched as her cousin Ethan’s cock sprang into view as he pulled off his “tighty-whities:” Jasmine, Ethan’s attractive brunette girlfriend moved beside him and started slow-jacking his cock. The two were in conversation but Timmi’s brain wasn’t comprehending language, everything was a blur to her.

She watched as her dad stripped and was mesmerized by the cock that came into view. The cock itself was pretty good sized as far as she could tell, but it sported a rather large piercing that was hooped through the head, her mind reeled “a Prince – something” she couldn’t quite recall the name for it, she’d only read about them before but had never seen one. Timmi was racking her brain trying to remember when Bill’s cock caught her eye.

Timmi missed him undressing and then her view was blocked by the well-endowed Charlotte who’d been on her knees in front of her father. Timmi caught sight of it when Bill had yanked his dick out of his dutiful daughter’s mouth. Bill’s cock was truly frightening, the stuff of nightmares, “no way is that thing fitting inside me” Timmi thought to herself, her own father’s cock temporarily forgotten. The mammoth fuck-stick was easily the size of her own forearm.

“That’s cold!” Timmi squealed.

“You’ll be fine.” Spring had squirted lubricant all over her daughter’s exposed holes and was rubbing it all over Timmi’s pussy and ass.

Timmi noticed that guests were pairing off. Jasmine had Ethan’s dick in her mouth, bobbing her Betturkey head slowly as she worked its length orally. Charlotte had resumed her own oral ministrations to Bill’s massive member Joined by the diminutive red-headed Casey. Her aunt Autumn had donned a 4 1/2 “wide strap-on and was in the process of working it into Kelcie’s snatch. Timmi could see the outlines of the massive plugs the two of them had buried in their assholes.

Timmi’s dad stepped up to the girl’s lubed orifices and pushed himself into her pussy with the help of her mother who’d grabbed the cock to guide it in. “Fuck! That’s good” Dave declared as his pierced dong sunk fully into his daughter. For Timmi it was an odd but pleasant sensation, she hadn’t felt anything like it before, it seemed cold and hot at the same time. Timmi watched in the mirror as her mother moved around behind Dave, she couldn’t tell what was transpiring back there but she Soon felt Dave tense up and it seemed as tough a lot more lube was just added to her already soaking wet snatch.

Dave moved away and plopped down on one of the unused bean bags. Timmi watched as Charlotte crawled over to him and started lazily sucking on his now deflated cock. She felt some pressure on her asshole, “Push outward honey, like we talked about.” Her mother had brought a few fingers up to Timmi’s anal opening and was beginning to push them through the tight sphincter. Timmi pushed and began to relax as the bunched fingers slide past her little ring.

She glanced once more to the mirror, the big change was that Casey was now sitting on the lap of a reclined Bill who’d decided to make use of a bean bag. Timmi noticed the girl had apparently expelled her retaining plug as a lay near her current position. Casey’s feet were up on Bill’s thighs and as they both leaned back their joined nether regions came into Timmi’s view. Bill had his enormous fucker buried to the hilt in Casey’s asshole.

Timmi knew Casey from school and she knew the girl was only a few months older than herself. “No way” she thought, “that’ll never fit in my ass” Timmi also knew she was kidding herself, she had been aware of what her training would involve for years now, girls talked and when they did she had always been sure to listen. Timmi may just have been shocked by the contrast between Bill and his rider however. Timmi estimated Bill to be nearly 6 ½ feet, he was broad shouldered, muscular, and tanned. Casey was none of those things, she stood maybe 5 feet, had pale freckled skin, had tiny almost nonexistent tits, was slender and seemed altogether too small to be in the position she currently was. Casey’s ass was doing a good job of encasing the giant dick lodged in it, and even though her anal ring was hugging Bill’s dick it was doing so loosely. Bill seemed to have complete freedom of movement as she slid up and down on the invading pole, a testament to her own anal training.

Timmi let out a moan as her mother had started sucking on the gooey mess inside her pussy. Just as she was getting into the snatch eating, ass fingering combo her mother was administering it abruptly ended. Timmi was about to protest until she realized her cousin Ethan was lining his cock up to her holes.

“Ow! Wait! Ethan STOP!” Timmi began protesting as Ethan forced his hard dick into his cousin’s slippery asshole.

“Now, now no need to throw a fit honey.” Spring was reassuring her squirming daughter as the cock worked itself fully into her backside.

Once seated Ethan started pounding into Timmi’s no-longer virginal ass, Timmi’s own protestations turned to whimpers then moans as her asshole proceeded to get battered into submission.

Around the room Dave had recovered and had moved to join Bill and Casey. Casey was tucked snuggly Betturkey Giriş between the two men as Dave started fucking her tiny twat as Bill continued to ravage her ass from below. Autumn had Kelcie on a bean bag and was -after having extracted the young woman’s retaining plug- forcing her right arm into Kelcie’s ass. With each thrust of her arm a bulge could be seen moving up into Kelcie’s otherwise flat tummy. Charlotte was in a similar position with Jasmine between the busty girl’s spread legs. Charlotte still had her plug embedded into her backside, Jasmine was sliding her hand into Charlotte’s pussy up to the wrist then yanking her clenched fist out accompanied by a squirt and a slurping sound. Charlotte was kneading her giant tits occasionally stopping at the nipples and giving them a hard twist while pulling them away from her body.

Timmi relaxed and settled in to watching the orgy going on around her as her cousin continued to pump into her tiny asshole. Timmi’s mother started rapidly running her hand over her daughter’s slimy cunt stopping to insert a few fingers into the girl from time-to-time. Ethan started grunting and Timmi soon felt a hot sensation in her bowels as he dropped his load in her. He finished up and quickly extracted his dick from Timmi’s anal ring and moved over by his girlfriend and Charlotte taking a seat on the bean bag beside the two.

Spring positioned herself at her daughter’s upturned holes and sunk her face into the cum filled pussy and ass before her. Timmi moaned as her mother’s expert mouth made its way between the two orifices.

As her mother devoured her private parts, Timmi once again settled into watching the other party-goers. Casey was now on her back, both of her recently vacated holes were leaking cum, on her knees beside her Kelcie was lubing up both of her hands. Timmi watched as Kelcie inserted first her right, then her left hand into the tiny girl’s pussy. Kelcie started twisting her hands making 180 degree motions, each time a full twist was made Casey’s gaping ass would flower open and the remnants of Bill’s cum would leak out splattering on the bean bag below. “My pussy will never be that loose!” thought Timmi as she turned her attention elsewhere.

Autumn was somehow cramming Bill’s massive fuck-stick down her throat as the older gentleman regained his hard-on after losing -or winning- the battle with Casey’s asshole. Autumn’s retaining plug looked enormous to Timmi and the girl could easily see the outline of the invading fake dong in Autumn’s otherwise toned stomach.

Dave had paired off with Charlotte and the two looked to be engaged in a particularly passionate 69. Charlotte was lying across Dave rubbing his and squeezing his balls with one hand and jerking his semi-erect cock into her mouth with the other. Dave was sucking on the girl’s clit while roughly ramming her ass with the plug she had buried inside her netherhole. Dave’s other arm was wrapped around the girl’s waist holding her still against his body as he showed her no mercy, violently, rapidly forcing her ass open with the plug.

Timmi moaned as her mother inserted some fingers into her daughter’s slit. Timmi couldn’t tell how many but the pressure was building and she soon started feeling uncomfortable with the fullness. “Just relax honey, it’ll be all in shortly, no reason to fight it.” Spring assured the girl as the assault on her pussy continued.

Timmi looked over at Ethan’s direction. What was happening caught her off guard and her pussy spasmed causing her mother’s hand to sink deeper. Ethan was lying on the bean bag legs up in the air and pulled back towards his chest. Jasmine had his dick in her mouth rolling it around her tongue. None of that seemed out of place to Timmi, Betturkey Güncel Giriş it was that Jasmine had her right fist buried in her cousin’s asshole that surprised her. She had only ever heard the older girls at school talking about doing that to their boyfriends and sometimes their brothers, but she had never seen it in person.

Timmi felt her pussy spasm around the fingers inserted by her mother again and then again, then the familiar onset of an orgasm took over. Timmi lost track of time but as she came back to her surroundings Spring pulled her fingers from her daughter’s snatch and let the girl’s legs down. Timmi was helped into a kneeling position on the ground. Bill sauntered over to the kneeling girl, his giant cock looked purple and angry.

“Open your mouth girl.” Bill looked down at his daughter’s disheveled friend. He grabbed onto her hair and shoved his cock into her waiting mouth. Timmi instantly gagged as he force feed her his slab of meat.

“Easy dad she is new at this!” Charlotte’s voice came from somewhere in the room.

“She better learn quick then.” Came the man’s reply as he attempted to shove more of his dick into Timmi’s already straining throat. Timmi gagged again harder this time as another inch pummeled its way into her throat. “You better not throw up on me birthday girl!” Bill sounded serious and Timmi suddenly lost her battle trying to hold back tears. The crying girl gagged once more and once more inched disappeared down her throat. “Oh, fuck yeah.” Bill half said it hal moaned as he unleashed a load down the bawling girl’s throat.

Timmi coughed as Bill pulled his deflating cock from her mouth, she then took a deep breath filling her lungs back up with air after the throat pounding she just received. When she looked back up there was another cock before her, this one a much more reasonable size however. Ethan eased his dick into his cousin’s waiting mouth and soon settled into a rhythm. He lifted his leg up and rested his foot on the corner of the bed, Jasmine had moved behind him and was in the process of running her tongue in and all around the boy’s slightly agape anal ring. Timmi could tell Ethan was close as Jasmine settled into a rhythm of her own. Timmi started deep-throating the boy’s dick holding herself all the way down on his cock before briefly letting herself up for air then repeating the process. After tangling with Bill, Ethan’s cock posed few problems for the girl and Timmi was soon rewarded with a mouthful of cum that she quickly swallowed.

Dave had been plugging away at Kelcie’s pussy doggystyle while watching his daughter. He could feel an orgasm fast approaching and quickly yanking his fist out of Kelcie’s asshole and his dick from her pussy he jammed his dick into Timmi’s mouth just as she finished swallowing Ethan’s cum. Dave’s piercing caused Timmi to gag, but that action set him off and he started squirting his seed into his daughter’s mouth. The gagging prevented Timmi from being able to swallow and seman spilled down her chin and onto her breasts, thighs and the floor.

As Dave backed away wiping sweat from his forehead Timmi looked up at Spring who was fuming. “Now look what you’ve done!” her mother growled, “Don’t think that went unnoticed young lady!” Kelcie and Jasmine moved over to Timmi and was in the process of cleaning up the spilt cum with their mouths.

“It’s your first night of training and I’m already going to have to punish you!” Spring had retrieved a wicked little buttplug from the training kit she had purchased her daughter for her birthday present. The smallest of the lot, it was clearly still a punishment plug though as the bulb of the plug was perhaps as wide as Spring’s three bunched up fingers it also had raised bumps spiraling down the length, each bump about the size of a half marble.

Timmi heard one of the girl’s snicker as she was turned over onto her stomach so the punishment could begin. “I’m never going to live this down, how embarrassing! And in front of my friends from school.” Timmi thought to herself.

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