An unexpected shag.. With my sister


Chapter 1

So me and my sister have always been very close. My names Ryan, I’m 22 and Im pretty average sized and looking, My sister helen, is 20 and she is a bit on the plumper side but thats what attracts me about girls. In my opinion Helen is absolutely gorgeous and sexy.

Being close has always had it’s advantages, when we were kids we used to always play action man vs barbie which lead into real fights. Them it turned into what pop band was better which ended up in singing contests at home. As we hit puberty it turned into wrestling, my dad was big on wrestling so we used to watch it and afterwards play fight again. I enjoyed these fights as being a teenager i was obsessed with sex so I always grabbed my sisters ass and boobs without it looking dodgy. Now were older we always hang out in each others rooms and watch dvds and talk really openly about anything and everything.

Today we both had the day off work and we were waiting on mum to come in and make dinner so we went to relax in my room and started watching a movie that unintentionally involved sex. This started a conversation up about what each of us have done sex wise.

“So Ryan” my sister teased. “have you ever got your dick wet?”

“lol you know I have, you heard me and that girl do it when I came home drunk. What about you sis, had your cherry popped?”

“Honestly…no!” helen answered but sounded slightly embarrassed and upset.

I was stunned, I know Helen isn’t to everyones taste but she was gorgeous if you don’t mind she was a bit big. I see past that and see a girl with gorgeous eyes and lips, very big boobs and just all around cute.

“Aww sis, you’ll find the right guy and have sex soon I’m sure”

“But I’m nervous and I havent even seen a penis for real, I’ve only kissed a couple Sex hikayeleri of guys and that was lucky”.

“Erm…. do you want to see mine? I know your my sister and all but at least if you’ve seen a dick you’ll know what to expect.”

There was a very awkward pause, I really couldn’t believe what I just said and I thought i really went too far.

“I guess that would be nice.” helen said, but sounding a bit unsure.

Wow, that was a surprise, I didn’t expect her to say yes.

I got up and closed the bedroom door and put a stopper in it so no one came in unexpectedly. How awkward would that be to explain, me with my dick out and my sister staring at it. I walked back over to the bed and stopped close to her, not so close that it’ll slap her in the face but close enough for detail. Being a hot day i was wearing shorts so it was easy for me to take my dick out and show her. Being flacid it was at 6″ but still big enough to get a gasp from my sisters mouth.

“Wow Ryan, it’s bigger than I thought”

“They do come in a variety of sizes and shapes and colour”

I grabbed hold of it and moved it around so she could see it all and to show her my balls. I also pushed back my foreskin to show her the head.

Seeing my sister eyeing up my dick I did get slightly aroused and I suddenly thought how close i was to her mouth.
My dick started to get a little harder and bigger and a drop of pre cum had shown up.

“Can I touch it?” Helen said while eyeing up my dick.

“Erm I guess so!”

Helen slowly lifted her hand up and stopped short, then grabbed hold of my dick. At first she did nothing but just held it, then she slowly started running her finger up and down it then to my suprise she slowly started tossing me off.
She gave me an ‘is Sikiş hikayeleri this ok’ kinda look. I nodded with agreement as I was totally in shock. I had often fantasised about Helen doing things to me but I never expected it to become reality.
Helen got more enthusiastic and was tugging at me harder now and my knees were getting weaker and her breathing came more sharper when..

“Dinners ready!!!!” Mum called out.

Holy Shit I didn’t even realise mum got home and judging by Helens face nor did she. Helen opened the door and headed downstairs while I put my shorts back on.

As i got downstairs mum was putting dinner on the dining room table and Helen was helping herself to some coke. Helen gave me a funny look, not like a WTF just happened look, more like I want more kinda look.

I sat down really quickly as i still had a semi in my shorts and I didn’t want mum to see. Helen came and sat next to me as usual and mum sat next on the opposite side. Dad was working late so he wasn’t there.

We started eating and mum was asking about our day and we just said the usual (we obviously skipped out what just happened) and we asked how work was which started a really boring speech from mum about what she has to go through each day and how the boss gives her hell etc etc. As i was really uninterested I was eating my food and thinking about what happened upstairs and it looked like Helen felt the same..

I felt her hand move onto my lap. She started rubbing my cock, making me go hard again. I couldn’t believe what she was doing. She wanted to toss me off infront of mum. Finally Helen slid her hand into my shorts and started tossing me off, she was doing it slowly so mum didn’t notice her arm moving up and down under the table. I struggled not to let out any Erotik hikaye moaning or fast breathing as i was getting fairly close to cumming.

Mum finished her dinner and went to the sink to put her plate in and while she did that my sister tossed me off really hard and fast which blew me over the edge. I couldn’t warn her as I came. I knew it was a lot and it shocked my sister too, getting a handful of my cum. She slowly stopped tossing me off. As mum wasn’t looking Helen lifted her hand and quickly licked up my cum to get rid of it. She licked her lips so I take it she enjoyed the taste.

Mum turned around and said “haven’t you too finished yet?” haha the irony, I definitely had.

“Well I need to go to the study and work. Can you 2 finish washing up please?”

With that mum went upstairs without a second glance.

“What was that about, you could of got us in so much trouble?” I asked.

“I had to, I couldn’t wait to go upstairs. I’m horny I wanted you to cum!”

Well she got her wish, I had cum a lot.

“Well you can do the dishes miss horny”

Helen got up and took mine and her plate away and started washing up. I adjusted my self and I noticed there was still a big blob of cum at the end of my dick so I went to the sink and stood behind her, I lifted my hand up and put my finger in her mouth. She didn’t know what it was at first but as soon as she got the taste she sucked vigorously at my finger.

When she sucked my finger clean, I put my hand between her legs. I felt her tense up and then spread her legs. Helen was wearing leggings so I felt the damp through them.

I started teasing her pussy with my finger through her leggings and she started breathing heavier. I moved my hand away and said,

“You want more? You better finish them dishes quick”

With that I ran up the stairs and into my bedroom and waiting for my sister to turn up..

To find out what happened next like this story and ill start the next chapter.

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