An Irish Experiment Ch. 07


All of this happens in modern-day Ireland and all people involved are over 18 years old.


We got outside and walked over to the hospital. It was about a twenty-minute walk in the Irish summer wind. Thankfully the rain held off but some clouds did occasionally pass over the sun. We got to the hospital and told the cute blonde receptionist who we were looking for. She made a quick call and I saw her check Charlie out as she spoke.

“Hiya, we’re here to see Dr. Alice Pratchett,” she said, smiling sweetly and softly.

She told us room 404 and how to get there. As we walked off, the receptionist’s eyes stayed glued to Charlie’s behind. I smiled to myself and the receptionist looked at me and blushed. “Interesting,” I thought.

We got to the office and Charlie knocked on the door. A musical, lilting voice answered.

“Come ih-in!” it said so Charlie walked in and a bottle blonde, sun-tanned older woman sat behind the table. She looked up from her paperwork and a bright wide smile spread across her face. When Charlie stepped in, the two women squealed and ran towards each other, arms out. The doctor’s white coat blew behind her revealing her clothes, a light multi-coloured shirt and a knee-length black skirt. They hugged tightly and I just stood there as awkward as a lemon. The doctor, Alice I guess, leaned back from the hug to look at Charlie’s face.

“Charlie, you look amazing! How have you been?!” Alice gave her another quick squeeze before breaking the hug entirely. She looked Charlie up and down.

“I’m good. Great, actually!” Charlie said. “This is-“

“Hi, I’m Alice,” she turned to me and stuck out her hand.

“Greg, pleasure to meet you!” I said as I shook it. Her hand was small in mine, but strong.

“And you!” Alice said as she sat back on her desk and folded her arms, still smiling broadly, turning her attention back to Charlie. The two of us sat in the chairs in front of her desk. “How long has it been? I feel like I haven’t seen you in years!” I felt myself smiling at this woman’s positivity.

“I think it’s been about two years? Julia’s wedding?” Charlie replied.

“Oh yeah, now I remember. How’s that guy you were with? Frank, was it?” she asked, waiting for the response.

“Oh, I haven’t seen or even thought about him in ages!”

“Good, he was a bit drab, wasn’t he! This guy is way more handsome,” she said, leaning over and touching my knee.

“Oh, he really is,” Charlie said, smiling warmly at me. It was my turn to blush.

“But!” Alice said loudly as she walked back around her desk, “I’m guessing you’re not here on a social visit. So, tell me, how can I help you?” she sat back behind her desk and pressed her hands together.

“Well, you see,” Charlie started, she seemed a bit nervous at first but I noticed a small shake of her head and her back straightened. I’d noticed she did that in business meetings too. This was her “take no bull” mentality coming out. She stood up and whipped off her hoodie in one fluid motion.

“This!” she said, her voice had strength. Her perky breasts, protruding from her slim body and curving upwards, jiggled from the suddenness of her movement. They looked amazing as they stretched the material of her top with each breath she took. She looked down at Alice intently. I tore my eyes away from Charlie to look at Alice, curious as to how she’d react. To her credit, she barely batted an eyelid. I suppose being a doctor for so long makes you accustomed to seeing unusual things.

“Oh, you had breast augmentation,” Alice said, nodding. “Is there an issue with it? Tenderness or soreness…?

Charlie interrupted her. “I didn’t have surgery. This happened… naturally?” The inflection of her voice made it clear that she wasn’t sure that it was natural but she was damn sure she hadn’t had a boob job.

“Ok, well, let me see, shall we?” Alice said, standing and making her way back around her desk. She sat perched on the edge of her desk. I glanced at her legs as she walked past me. The image of her bent over the desk, skirt and white coat thrown carelessly up her back and her ass and cunt exposed as I railed her popped into my mind. I tried to blink it away.

Charlie edged a little closer to Alice who was now staring directly at Charlie’s tits. Her hands hovered over them momentarily, fingers close to her palms. Alice flicked her eyes up at Charlie.

“Do you mind?” she continued. It might be a little strange for a woman to have her breasts examined by a family friend but we were in a strange situation.

“Not at all, it’s why I’m here,” Charlie said, relaxing a little. Alice pressed the backs of her fingers into Charlie’s tits, making them move and bulge slightly. Charlie’s nipples hardened slightly, poking through her top.

“And any tenderness or soreness or discharge?” Alice continued, following up on her previously unanswered question.

“No, no soreness.”

“Any chance you’re pregnant?”

“Well, maybe but I don’t think they’d grow that esmer gaziantep escort quickly, would they?”

“Why? How quickly did the growth take place?” Alice asked, I guess she knew Charlie had been flat as a pancake before. Charlie looked down at me.

“Eh, about two days?” she said, unsure.

Alice froze. She looked up at Charlie.

“Two days?” Alice said. “And beforehand, you were the same size as when I last saw you?” Charlie nodded.

“An A cup, or not much bigger,” she said. I kept my thoughts to myself.

“And you went from that to this size in two days?” Alice repeated, just making sure.

“Yes, since Friday night at least,” Charlie looked at me again.

“Ok,” Alice said as she stood and went rooting through her desk. “Can you step on the scales please?” She pulled a measuring tape and a notepad and pencil from her desk. Charlie popped off her trainers and stood on the scale, Alice noted her weight. The weight of her clothes was negligible or some easier word to spell. “And step over here,” Alice slid the plastic wedge down so it was just at the top of Charlie’s head and noted Charlie’s height. “And next we’ll have to measure your bust. We can do it over your clothes as your top is light enough if you prefer.”

“Would you mind if I took my top off?” Charlie asked.

“I wouldn’t but technically we should have someone else in here,” Alice remembered that I was there, “In a professional capacity, you understand.” I nodded, I was just enjoying the show!

“No, yeah, of course,” I said, eloquent as always. Alice went back to the business at hand, so to speak. Charlie took off her top and I swear Alice paused a moment to wonder in their glory. They jutted out from Charlie’s slim frame so perfectly and the nipple was such a light shade of pink and the curve was so gentle. They were a bit big for her frame but not huge, though if her growth continued at the same rate, she would get ridiculous quite quickly. I felt myself getting aroused just at the sight of them.

Alice ran the measuring tape around her, she had to lean in close to Charlie to do it and I could’ve sworn she took a deep breath in while her face was so close to Charlie’s bare skin. The scene was fascinating. Alice ran the tape under Charlie’s breasts. Charlie took a sharp inhale of breath.

“Sorry, was that cold?” Alice asked, concerned.

“Just a little, it’s fine,” Charlie reassured her. I noticed Charlie’s nipples had become harder and more pronounced. Alice then ran the tape closer to Charlie’s shoulders, nearly under her armpits and finally around the fullest part of her breast, just as the nipple. I was now rock hard, my cock really fighting to get out of my clothes. I moved around in my seat, trying to hide it. Alice jotted things down on her notepad and looked up.

“Ok, so by my reckoning you’re now a 28DD. What size were you wearing before now?” she looked concerned.

“30A,” I blurted out. The two women stared at me. “Sorry,” I said, shutting up.

“He’s right, 30A,” Charlie said as she put her top back on, turning back to Alice.

“Ok, so that is significant growth in a short time frame. Any other changes? You don’t seem to have gained a lot of weight but you look healthier, if you don’t mind me saying. I’ve jotted down your details so we can keep a track of things if there are any more changes. Have you changed your birth control?” Charlie shook her head, no. “One more thing I’d just like to record,” Alice said, pulling out the blood pressure cuff. Alice tore the Velcro strip apart and wrapped it around Charlie’s thin arm. Alice glanced down at my tented track pants. A look of shock flashed on her face before she regained her professional composure. She took her blood pressure and noted it. Her tongue ran over her teeth as she thought for a moment.

“Ok, everything seems normal enough but I’d like to take a blood sample as well,” Alice looked up at Charlie. “Just to track as much as I can.” Charlie nodded. “I’ll do as much as I can without having to bill you, so no big machinery at the moment,” she glanced at me. “Sorry, no pun intended!” I didn’t know what she meant but I saw Charlie smile.

“Yeah, that’s grand,” Charlie said as she put her arm forward for the sample. Alice took the blood samples and wrote for a minute. Charlie sat back down and I took her hand in mine and squeezed, trying to offer her support.

“Ok, I’ll send that off and I’ll give you a call when the results come back. It might be a few days and if there’s any more growth in the meantime, at least we can track it but if there’s no pain or discharge, and I couldn’t feel any lumps, it seems like it could just be a spike in hormones and the blood test will tell us more. Is that ok?” Charlie nodded and smiled. “I hope you’re feeling ok and not too nervous Charlie, I mean, they look great!” Alice said, staring at the perky tits in front of her. “And you two look like a great couple! I hope you don’t mind gaziantep esmer escort me saying!” Charlie looked at me and smiled.

“Thanks, Alice, that’s really put my mind at ease… but….” Charlie hesitated.

“There’s something else you want to talk about?” Alice said, pre-empting her.

“Yeah, it’s… well, it’s sexual,” Charlie said, tensing her jaw.

“Ok,” Alice replied, still unfazed, still professional, “tell me more.”

“So, I’ve slept with Greg here a few times… and the growth only happened since the first time we had sex.” Alice jotted something down on her notepad.

“The first time you had sex together was two days ago?” Alice confirmed, Charlie nodded.

“And the thing is, well, I hadn’t had sex in about two years before that, and Greg’s big, very big, look, you can see!” both women looked at my massive erection testing the strength of the material of my track pants. “And I came… so hard, sorry, I had a powerful orgasm. Extremely powerful,” Charlie continued.

“It’s ok, Charlie, this isn’t on the books so you can say come if you like! We’re friends, so feel relaxed!” Alice said, smiling warmly. Charlie laughed gently, relaxing a little.

“Well, yeah,” she said, leaning back in her chair, “I came like I never came before. Part of me thinks it’s cos of his size, sorry to be speaking about you like you’re not here Greg, but part of me thinks there’s other changes going on, not just my breasts but like in my vagina as well?” Charlie exhaled, that had clearly been weighing on her. Alice nodded gravely, glanced at her watch.

“Do you have anything on this evening? If you have about thirty minutes I could give you a quick exam?” Alice asked.

“No, no, we’re free, aren’t we Greg?” Charlie said, looking at me for confirmation and reassurance.

“Yeah, sure, absolutely!” I said, quickly.

“Ok, come with me,” Alice said and the two of us stood up. Alice looked at Charlie, “Do you want him to join us?”

“Yeah, I think he should be there, it’ll be an experience for him!” Charlie said, bouncily. Talking about her issues really had an effect on her!

“Ok!” Alice said, smiling brightly, “Just be careful you don’t knock over anything with that Greg!” she said, referencing my protruding dick. The two women laughed and I reddened slightly.

Alice led us to a close-by examination room, she opened the door and let Charlie and me go in first. I’d only ever seen places like this on TV before but it was what I expected. It looked very clean with the smell of just a hint of bleach in the air. There was an elevated table with stirrups, with a paper sheet drawn over it.

“Do you want me to hop up?” Charlie asked brightly.

“If you wouldn’t mind, though you’ll have to disrobe somewhat. Greg, could you please step outside for a moment?” Alice said, directing me out. I went to leave but Charlie spoke up.

“I’d like him to stay,” her voice was steady but insistent. I turned to see Charlie already without her trainers or yoga pants, just her hoodie and socks. Her thighs looked thinner than normal but only because of how baggy her hoodie was. In reality, her thighs had become more muscular and shapely. It was a good look! The decision was made and she perched herself on the table and hooshed backwards and put her feet in the stirrups, exposing her pussy to Alice and me. It was a really good look!

“Ok, it’s probably best that there’s someone else here anyway,” Alice said to the two of us as I stood by Charlie’s side and Alice pulled a chair up to sit in front of Charlie. My dick was pulsating and I needed to push the idea of eating Charlie’s cunt in that position out of my brain. “Is this your first pelvic exam, Greg?” Alice asked as she put on her gloves and lubed up.

“Eh, it is, yeah,” I stammered in reply.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be fine,” the two women smiled at each other. Alice turned her attention to Charlie’s pussy. “Have you been sexually active recently?”

“Today,” Charlie said, her face flushing slightly. “Sorry, we just couldn’t help it! That’s another thing…. My libido is through the roof.”

“Yeah, mine too. But I think mine is just cos of the visual stimulation,” I said, laying on the cheese.

“Well, isn’t he a charmer,” Alice said. “Not to worry, you’re just going to feel a little pressure now.” Alice eased two latex covered fingers into Charlie’s cunt, she let out an involuntary moan. I could feel the pre-cum oozing out of the tip of my cock. “Are you ok?” Alice said, continuing her exam. Charlie clamped a hand onto mine and squeezed.

“Yeah, sorry, that felt unexpectedly good!” her face flushed further. She looked up at me and cringed. A moment and her face changed, she moaned again. “Sorry!” she said, trying to squeeze her face in on itself.

“Just try to relax. Everything seems normal but it appears that you’re hypersensitive…” Alice said as she looked at Charlie’s face reddening face. I gaziantep esmer escort bayan watched as the doctor pulled her fingers out and then eased back into Charlie’s muff.

“What the…” I thought to myself. Alice did it again, with a faster and longer stroke. I thought I could see Charlie’s pussy juices on the latex, though maybe it was just the lube.

“And how does this feel?” Alice asked, two fingers deep inside Charlie. I don’t know what she did but Charlie’s whole body lifted off the table and she let out a deep groaning “Fuck!” I then noticed Alice’s non-examining hand was on her own chest. Was she getting turned on by this? Charlie’s fingers were digging into my hand.

“Ok, one moment,” Alice said, as she eased her hand out.

“Learn how to do that,” Charlie whispered up at me. I just smiled, I had no idea what Alice had done but I was willing to learn. I looked back down at what the doctor was doing just as she made contact with Charlie’s clit with her little finger.

“Tell me how this feels please Charlie,” she said as a bolt of lightning hit. Charlie scrunched up her face, squeezed my hand and leaned forward in the seat all at the one time.

“FUCK!” Charlie yelled before slumping back, breathing deep. Alice seemed to take a note of the dimensions of Charlie’s clit. It did seem a little bigger to me but I thought it was just engorged.

Alice pushed her rolling seat back a foot or so away from Charlie and looked at the two of us. I noticed her legs were quite wide now and it looked like her nipples were hard and showing through her blouse.

“I think I know the answer already but were you this sensitive before two days ago or before the growth?” Alice asked, her eyes darting between Charlie’s face and pussy.

“No, nowhere near it,” Charlie said, recovered. She let go of my hand and put it towards her crotch before stopping herself. “Sorry! See, that’s what I’m talking about!” she retook my hand. “Before this, I could go a week or two without getting myself off and it was a tenth of what that felt like. Now I feel like I need it several times a day,” she looked up at me, desperation, and fear in her eyes, before looking back at Alice. “If it wasn’t for Greg, I think I’d be going crazy!” Alice turned her attention to me, looked me up and down.

“Hmmm, so it started when you two had intercourse?” she mused. “Perhaps that’s something to do with it. Some sort of hormonal synchronicity. Tell me, Greg, have you noticed any changes since you had intercourse with Charlie?”

My throat immediately went dry, “Eh, yeah, actually. I have.” The two women looked at me, curious. “Well, for one thing, I become erect much quicker now and stay hard for hours and can come several times before my penis becomes soft and also, it has gotten bigger,” I said. I felt both relieved and embarrassed. But like the old saying, better out than in!

“Ok, that is interesting and I will talk about that but I did mean any changes in Charlie,” Alice smiled benevolently. “Fuck, of course, she did!” I thought to myself.

“Ah!” my face blazed with embarrassment. “Well, one thing I have noticed that hasn’t been noticed yet is, uh, her hips and, ah, bum, seem to have gotten bigger too. That hasn’t been mentioned yet. I don’t mean in a bad way or anything. You look great!” Charlie looked at me and smiled.

“Ok, good to know, I’ll take a note of that,” Alice said.

“And just before, she took all of my co… uh, penis, down her throat when she hadn’t been able to do that before,” I said, trying to be helpful.

Alice nodded. “I can see why that might be a challenge!” Both women giggled and Alice turned her attention back to Charlie. I felt relief like when a teacher turns their attention away from a student that hasn’t studied.

“I’ll do a quick ultrasound to make sure everything is ok. How long since your last smear?” the doctor asked, getting the equipment ready.

“Ehm, about two years ago?” Charlie said, unsure. “The winter before Jules’s wedding,” she added nodding.

“Ok, and nothing unusual that you remember?” Charlie shook her head. “You got the HPV?”

“Yes, I got it in school,” sounding definite about that.

“Ok, good to know!” Alice said as she readied the ultrasound. She squirted some jelly on the handheld and rubbed it on. Then said, “This will be a little cold!” as she put some on Charlie’s lower abdomen. Charlie exhaled and giggled.

“That’s more than a little cold, Doc!” she said, smiling.

“Sorry about that,” Alice said, glancing at Charlie before returning her gaze to the screen. With one hand she directed the view of the handheld, with the other, she re-entered Charlie’s pussy with her fingers. But I noticed they weren’t gloved this time. Charlie moaned as the fingers pushed inside and her eyes rolled back in her head. She flopped back in the seat and put her hand out for mine. I took it. I watched as Alice slowly pushed her fingers further in and eased them back out. Nobody spoke. I was enthralled watching what was going on, Charlie was in ecstasy at the attention and Alice seemed to be focused on the ultrasound screen. “And how does this feel?” I saw some movement on the screen and Charlie moaned. “I’ll take that as a good feeling,” she paused, more movement and more moans from Charlie.

“Oh yeah,” Charlie rolled her hips, trying to get more into her. “More… more…”

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