Amazing Gracie


I was in my mid 40’s when this took place. At that time, I was living in an apartment on the 11th floor of a building in a downtown area. My job had me traveling frequently, and sometimes for extended periods of time. I was currently enjoying some time at home base following a six-week assignment to the great northwest (Washington state).

There was a very nice lady that lived down the hall from me. Her name was “Gracie” and she was a widow in her late 50’s. Gracie was not a “little old lady” by any stretch. She was attractive and slender. She appeared to have (my guess) about 34C breasts. She had decided to embrace the onset of gray hair by coloring her hair silver and wearing it in a short cut. She smiled freely and had green eyes. Gracie and I had chatted from time to time whenever we encountered each other in the lobby or elevator.

On my first full day back home, I ran into her in the lobby and we rode up on the elevator together. She asked about my road trip and I told her the usual stories of living in a hotel room and eating out every night. She invited me to come to her apartment for dinner tomorrow night. I accepted and we went our separate ways. Later that evening as I was leaving my apartment, I noticed a young (early 20’s) black man knocking on Gracie’s door. He was tall and slender and he had a large envelope in his hand. I went on my way, not really giving it another thought.

I got back home about midnight, and as I came into the building, that same young black man was exiting. I smiled to myself as I realized that he had been at Gracie’s apartment for about four hours.

The next evening, I showed up at Gracie’s apartment with a bottle of wine. She opened the Maltepe Escort door looking tastefully sexy in a mid-length blue dress. She smiled and invited me in. She poured us each a glass of wine and we made small talk. As she put the finishing touches on dinner (blackened fish, baked potato and salad) I noticed what appeared to be the same envelope that the man at her door had in his hands.

I commented that I think I saw the envelope being delivered last night. She replied, “Oh yeah. That was Reginald. He is a friend of mine. He works with another friend of mine and I am helping him prepare his taxes.”

I smiled to myself and the conversation moved on to other topics. Dinner was delicious, we finished one bottle of wine and opened another. As the warm, fuzzy effect of the wine took over, Gracie’s language got a bit saltier and she even told a few dirty jokes. At one point she was standing at a kitchen counter pouring wine for us and I decided to just go for it. I walked up behind her and slipped my hands around her waist. I then kissed her gently on the side of her neck. This caused her to close her eyes and let out a deep sigh. She turned to face me and our kiss went deep and wet with a lot of tongue. She was an exciting and erotic kisser. She made her tongue dance in ways that had me wondering what else she could do with it.

We moved to the couch where we began full on grope mode. I freed her breasts from her bra and was pleased to discover that she had only a slight droop and large, thick nipples. When my hand went up under her dress, I found her panties soaked. I slipped her panties off and all was going well until I began to softly rub the outside of her pussy Anadolu Yakası Escort lips. She took hold of my hand and said, “No. I can’t tonight. Sorry.”

I told her, “No problem for me, but let me do something good for you.” I pushed her dress up around her hips and got on my knees in front of her. That is when I saw it. Her vagina had sparse hair that was trimmed short. But the thing I really noticed was that her pussy lips were pink and puffy.

I smiled. “Looks like someone had a bit of a workout recently.” I said.

She just closed her eyes and moaned. “I take it that this is some of Reggie’s work”? I asked. She nodded yes. “Good man” I replied as I lowered my face to her pussy. I started a slow, soft licking of her clit (which was also swollen). It didn’t take long before she was cumming. She clutched at the sofa cushions and my head as she grunted and groaned her way through an orgasm.

As she went limp, I moved up to sit next to her. We both had a sip of wine and she said, ‘Let me do something nice for you now.” She unbuckled my pants and pushed them down. My hard cock popped up as soon as it was free of my pants. “Oh now that is nice” Gracie cooed. She took hold of my cock in her soft hand and began a gentle stroking. “That feels so good in my hand. I so enjoy doing this.” She paused only long enough to unbutton my shirt and push it open. This was followed by her leaning over to lick my nipples while she stroked my inflated dick.

I said, “So tell me about how your pussy got to be in its current condition.”

She looked at me with wide eyes and a slight smile and said, “What? Are you serious?”

“Yeah,” I replied. I want you to Ümraniye Escort tell me.

“Well… Reggie is well endowed and he has tremendous endurance.” She replied. “When you combine both of those, it can take its toll on a girl.” The feel of her hand stroking my cock combined with the images her words were conjuring up had the desired effect on me. And she noticed.

She paused talking long enough to lean over and lick on my nipples and then she resumed her narrative. “Last night I was teasing him and he decided to teach me a lesson. He is pretty straight forward. When he shows up he is ready to go.” So after a while, he simply stripped my clothes off and got naked himself.” He made sure I was wet and then he got busy. “Your cock is pretty thick and I would say his is at least as thick plus he is about ten inches long. Another trait he has is that he cums a lot. One night he came like five times without going soft.”

I managed to grunt out a question, “How often do you fuck him?”

“Not very,” she replied. “He is pretty busy with his work and going to college. Before last night it had been three or four weeks. Last night he was really horny. He fucked me for almost three full hours and his cock felt like a steel rod. No wonder he left me so sore And I lost count of how many times he and I came. All I know is he had a lot of cum built up in his balls” When I stood up out of bed this morning, I still had some leaking out of me.”

That did it. I couldn’t hold back any longer. Talk about build up. I exploded with a geyser of cum that caused me to shudder, shake and gasp. Gratefully, Gracie took pity on me and slowly eased off on her stroking and grip. Now it was my turn to be the one that was sore and sensitive. She got up and retrieved a warm wash cloth. As she wiped my cock off, I thought I was going to pass out right there.

I have some more to write about this. And I will as soon as time permits (And assuming anyone wants to read it.)

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