All Sex’d Up


1. Izzy was cooking eggs when she heard a car pull in the drive way. She looked outside and saw an insanely gorgeous man. He was built and had sandy blonde hair. And from what izzy could see, brown eyes. Izzy took a look at herself. She had her brother’s shirt on with no bra and skimpy thong. She smiled in satisfaction and tightened her messy blonde ponytail. She was slender, but not too skinny. She kept looking out the window when another man got out of the passenger seat. Izzy felt a knot form in her stomach. She smelled something weird and immediately ran towards her eggs. They were burnt. ”shit” she muttered to herself. She dumped the eggs in the trash and turned the stove off. Izzy heard a knock at the door and she smoothed her brother’s shirt out. Fixed her hair and walked towards the door. It’d been about two months she had a good fuck. She opened the door to see the two men standing there. ”Isabelle Reynolds?” the handsome one asked. She nodded and felt herself getting worried. The chubbier man to his left smiled and said, ”you’re exactly what we need.” she swallowed the lump in her throat. She weakly smiled and the two men became aware of her awkwardness. ”I’m Jason.” the slender man put his hand out. Izzy shook it. ”And I’m Louis” the chubby man smiled. ”Well it was very nice to meet you. But I have to get back to the kitchen to cook.” Izzy started to close the door. Jason smiled, ”we’re getting kind of hungry ourselves. Care to satisfy our needs?” Izzy started to turn around when Louis grabbed her arm and moved his hand up her thigh. She struggled to get away, but Jason handcuffed her. ”am I going to jail?” the men laughed and carried Izzy to the car in the lot. They placed a blindfold over her eyes and drove fir what seemed like forever. They finally slammed on the breaks and made Izzy fall to the car floor. They picked her up and carried her into a cabin. Jason threw her to the ground and tools Porno hikayeleri the blindfold off. He turned around and handing Louis about $500. ”thank you for your service, and keep it to yourself. ” he walked to Izzy and started unbuttoning her shirt. She sreamed as loud as she could. Jason smiled and knocked her out. When izzy awoke she was naked and tie to a bed. She had a saliva soaked rag tied tightly Around her throat. She tried screaming but subtle whimpers came out.

2. Jason stepped into the bedroom Izzy was laying in. ”Look who’s awake” he smiled. Izzy tried to wiggle loose. Jason laughed watching the show. Izzys boobs were wobbling everywhere and Jason grew down below. Izzy saw him unzipping his pants and her eyes grew wide and she started freaking out. Trying her best to scream. That just made Jason smile more. ”scream all you want no one’ll hear.” she calmed down a bit, knowing it was worthless. Jason continued to undress. ”now here’s a few rules for you. One. Never talk, unless I ask you to. Feel free to yell, I love hearing your pain. Two. You’ll do as I ask, and like it. Three, you’ll always beg for more. I don’t care if you’re on the verge of death. And finally, call me sir. I’m sir, and you’re my slut.” he took the rag out of Izzy’s mouth. ”got it?” Izzy swallowed a lump in her throat. ”yes sir” she quietly moaned. He looked satisfied and climbed over Izzy’s face a put his 8 inch cock in her face. ”suck.” he demanded. But she kept her lips tightly sealed. ”mmmmm. Looks like were gonna have to do this the hard way.” Jason started to massage Izzy’s clit. She let out a moan Jason shoved his dick in her mouth. ”you’re not gonna make this easy, are you?” Izzy shook her head. Jason grabbed clamps and placed one them on Izzy’s chest. ”no biting or anything. Don’t even let your teeth touch it. If you do, so help me you’re going to pay.” he placed his dick in slightly and Izzy started Sex hikayeleri to bob her head. Jason moaned and felt his cum boiling and shoved his cock all the way down her throat. She couldn’t keep up and her tooth scratched his dick. ”keep going” he demanded while grabbing the clamps and twisting her nipples hard. She let out a shriek of pain and Jason felt the vibrations throughout his body. He finally hit climax and released his load into Izzy’s mouth. He finally took himself out a shoved his hand in front of her and made her swallow. She had a hard time but she did it. A tear rolled down Izzy’s face. ”awe, baby. You just make me want you more.” Jason slapped her pussy and walked out of the room. The second the door slammed shut, Izzy screamed as load as she could. She heard Jason in the other room yell at her. ”baby you just turn me on more.” Izzy started struggling to release and then the room went dark.

3. When Izzy awoke, her head was face down on the pillow. ”Jason!!!!” she yelled. No answer. She started rocking the bed when she felt something scrap her pussy and clit. She looked down and there was a rope. She didnt want it there and tried to get away from It, but it just scratched her harder. She moaned and felt herself getting wet. ”no!!” she yelled. And then heard footsteps. Jason entered the room just in his boxers. He moved his fingers up and down Izzy’s body. He made his way to her pussy and felt the wetness ”We’ll” he began. ”looks like someone did some self pleasuring. I was gonna go easy on you. But now, he started circling her ass asshole with his finger. We’re gonna do this without lube.” Izzy was confused for a minute, but then she realized what he was doing. ”NO!!!” she yelled as Jason took his boxers off. ”do anything but this. Anything. Nit my ass. In sensitive.” Jason laughed and stuck his finger in his ass to loosen her a bit. He looked down to her pussy and saw Sikiş hikayeleri it moisten. ”well well well. Looks like you really are sensitive.” he smirked and climbed on top of her. He slowly slid inside of her. She let out a moan of pain. It took a minute if maneuvering, but Jason got himself inside. He dug deep and rapidly moved. ”feel free to scream, it turns me on.” Izzy kept her mouth shut tight. She held in her shrieks of pain for about five minutes, but it seemed like an eternity to her. Jason was getting irritated with Izzy’s ‘cold fish’ act. He decided to take things up a notch and make her squeal. He pulled all the way out and Izzy released her breath. Then Jason rammed into Izzy as hard as he could. She shrieked with pain. But he kept going. Tears started to roll down her face. ”stop it!! Just leave me alone!!!” she yelled. Jason smiled in satisfaction. ”beg for me, bitch” Izzy kept quiet. Jason smacked her across the head and pulled on her breasts. She muffled a scream. ”beg for me, NOW” Jason insisted. Izzy took a breath, ”please Jason go harder.” Jason smiled. ”what do you mean?” he dug his nails into her boobs. ”please.” Jason kept tugging harder while pumping himself in and out of her perfect little ass. ”I can’t do what you want, slut, if I don’t know what you’re asking for.” he used al the forced he had in him and shove himself in a d out. She shimmered and cried out, ”please, sir, pound me senseless. Fuck me until I’m unconscious, make me cry for more.” Jason smiled and pounded her harder then he’s ever done to anyone. He went this for about another 2 minutes. Then, he shot the biggest load he’s ever had into Izzy. She screamed in pain tears began to fall to her face, again. Jason laid flat on top of her and said, ”no more second chances. You disobey me once, and that little show will be pleasure compared to your punishment.” he picked his belt up off the floor and whipped her back. ”go to sleep, little whore, for when you wake, you’ll be in for a treat. Or I will, at least.” he smiled kissed he on the lips. She was too exhausted to fight. So she did what he said and fell asleep.

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