Affair in a Tent


I was in my early 20s at the time of this story. Now I didn’t think I’d enjoy this trip but my work was going camping as a bit of a treat. My issue was I didn’t have a tent but that didn’t stop one of my friends offering to share. I didn’t mind this idea because at least we’d have fun. She was in her early forties with 4 kids and a partner. Our work uniform didn’t reveal much until the end of the shift when we stripped-down to our t-shirts and trousers. That was when you could see her slim-ish body and her top hugging her hand sized 34C cups. She had red hair which was short to her shoulders which wasn’t to my liking but that didn’t stop me perving on her ass or chest.

Now I knew her family well including her partner so it wasn’t too awkward when I got to her house. We set off to leave in her car and we chatted about her family and my girlfriend.

We got there in about an hour and we put up the Maltepe Escort tent in the pouring rain. After that wet ordeal we got inside. She told me she was going to change and I decided to do the same. She took of her top revealing her body under a tight vest top which showed great cleavage. I told her I’d never seen her so revealed and I was enjoying it too much with a smile on my face. She blushed a little and told me to stop being silly because she was old enough to be my mother. I agreed to the age thing because I was as old as her oldest son. Ignoring her jokingly telling me to stop I moved towards her touching her waist telling her I was still enjoying the view. I moved my hand to her top and pulled out slightly down and then enough to expose the breasts in her white bra. She didn’t stop me so I groped a breast savouring the moment before I released her and got out of the tent. Anadolu Yakası Escort

After a fair few hours we were drunk and laughing. It was near 2am before we went to bed. We got into my clothes after she got in first and changed. We were in our own sleeping bags and I could see she was cold. I asked if she wanted a cuddle and I opened our bags and spooned her tight. My arm was around her and my hand cupping her breast. I gently massaged it in my hand as I felt her bum push against my growing cock. I moved my hand down her top and under her bra feeling her hard nipple under my fingers. After a little more grinding we heard the tent zip open.

One of our drunk work friends came in saying his tent was leaking. I half expected this as I knew it was cheap. We moved up against each other to let him in and started chatting for a bit all the while my cock was waiting till he İstanbul Escort was asleep. I was so horny and every time I could I’d touch her body which only teased me more. She would also touch my bulge to wind me up even more.

After a short while we could hear him snoring away. I moved back to her, groping now like a teenager on heat. I took her top off and she undid her bra letting her once perky looking tits sag a little. She told me a few times about her partner not giving her any sexual attention and how she never got to suck cock like she used to. The next thing I knew was feeling her wet mouth sucking me. I could see she was enjoying it and it felt like a porn star was in control of me. I found it so hot that there was someone right next to us while she went to down on me.

She didn’t slow down once which meant I didn’t take long to fill her mouth with my warm cum. She didn’t seem to even mind as she kept a tight seal cleaning my shaft in one movement.

After my wet spent cock went soft she came up to me and stuck here tongue down my throat. She tasted of cum and my cock but I kissed her hard back.

Needless to say this wasn’t the only night we camped together.

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