Accidental Beast


You come home from work tired. It has been a long day, made worse by your worrying about me. It has been a week since I was turned into a dog. Gene splicing… it technically worked, just a bit more than it was supposed to. They’re working to reverse it but it could be awhile. Your stress has been rising by the day.
I’m all dog, incapable of human speech. I can still try to comfort you. I trot up to you as you shrug your jacket off and set your keys down. I nuzzle your thigh with my head and neck. I lick your hand. You look down at me, a white and grey husky, your frown curls up into a slight smile. Our eyes meet, I tilt my head in that cute way dogs do and a giggle escapes from you. You pat my head and scratch behind my ears, then you make your way to the living room and collapse onto the couch.
I’m thinking of anything I can do to cheer you up. Suddenly an interesting new scent fills my nose. It’s thick, sort of sickly sweet, it’s intoxicating, I need to know what it is. I follow the scent trying to find the source, my eyes closed to enhance my sense of smell. It’s so strong now, I bump into something and inhale deeply. Yep that’s the definitely the source. I open my eyes and realize I’m between your legs with my nose pressed into your honey pot. I glance up and you’re just starring at me.
I back up and sit. You’re slightly dumbfounded, not sure what’s going on, but then I lick my lips, glancing back and forth from your eyes and between your legs, and the situation becomes very clear to you. It has been awhile since either of us has had any release. It isn’t just work and my condition stressing you out, the sexual frustration is wearing on you too. And judging by the big, red prick starting to stick out of my sheath the lack of sex has affected me as well.
You’re not sure what to do. Are you really going to fuck a dog to get your release? The thought process takes less than ten seconds. You just about jump up. “The hell with it. You want it and I need it. Fuck, I need this.” You hastily strip your pants and underwear off and lay back on the couch with your but right at the edge, legs spread wide for easy access. “Alright, have at it.”
I rise to all fours. My fluffy tail wagging a mile a minute, tongue hanging out and I’m panting already. I pop my front paws onto the couch and move to mount you. However that’s not what you intended, so you shove me off. I try to hop back up but you stop me.
“I guess you need a little direction.” You say as you get up. You saunter over to grab a collar and leash. Your hips are swaying back and forth seductively. I’m escort jigolo gaziantep following so close behind you I’m almost able to bury my nose between your butt checks. You actually have to swat my nose away a couple times. Once you have it you strap the collar around my neck and attach the leash. This time you lead me over to the kitchen.
You run the leash underneath a dinning room chair and bring it over the back, the configuration enabling you to control the level of my head so I don’t get to hasty. You sit down in the chair, again with your butt on the edge and legs spread. Pulling on the leash you drawn me in near. When my nose just about brushes your lower lips you stop. “Get the idea now?” A quick yank on the leash causes by nose to bump your clit making you jump slightly.
But yes I get the idea and start lapping away with gusto. I start by licking the outer lips and just barely letting my tongue slip farther in. This ellicits only only slight “ahhh”s and “mmmhhh”s. That’s not enough for you so you jerk on the leash with one and and grab my scruff with the other, “More.” you purr. I don’t want to disappoint you again so I dive in without any reservations. My tongue is delving deep into your slit and each lick travels from your dripping opening up to your clit and spreading your lips wide covering every inch of your pink.
I lap away for minute after minute. A torrent of your juices is being realeased but lapped up by my tongue just as fast as they can leak out of you. You’re panting. You’ve given up on the leash and are now just running your fingers through the fur on my neck and grabbing my ears. Suddenly you grab my scruff and yank me away, my tongue still hanging in the air. “Come with me.”
Not that I had much choice. You grabbed my leash and lead me into the living room. You get down on your knees and elbows, making sure the leash was between your knees to allow you to control me. Once again you have me licking your slit, this time from clit to hole. My tongue slips inside you with increased frequency, very shallow at first but keeps going deeper and deeper. The feeling gives you an idea. You give me some slack on the leash, look back at me with a flushed look and a smile on your face, “A little higher” you say. I tilt my head, unsure exacty what you meant. You wink and nod and my suspicion is confirmed. I go back to licking but this time I’m licking your ass. The slick feeling of my tongue on your rosebud allows you to relax enough for my tongue to enter you there as well. This time my tongue escort bayan gaziantep lezbiyen makes you squirm, but you love it.
You allow me to lick your ass for a few minutes before you can’t wait anymore. You want to be filled, and the combination of your overflowing juices and my saliva you are more than prepared for my thick doggy cock. You reach back to my collar to unfasten it and let it fall to the ground.
“It’s time. Mount me like your bitch. Fuck me with that thick, knotted cock. Oh god, I need you to fill me up.”
I needed no more encouragment than you dropping that leash. I spring up on your back. My head is just behind your right ear, my hot, wet breath beats down on your ear and neck. I grip your waist with my front legs, dewclaws digging into your sides, but you’re too far lost in your lust to notice. I try to line up my pointed tip with your waiting hole, but eagerness and unfamiliarity with my own body makes the task very difficult.
Impatient, you grab my prick and aim it at your hole. “Do it! Fuck me, now!” You demand, and I comply, thrusting forward hard and deep. You take several inches on the first thrust causing your eyes to roll back into your skull, your mouth to gape, you would screem if you were able but nothing will come out.
The fucking is hard and fast. The pleasure so great you are constantly on the verge of passing out. You feel so full. Nearly my entire cock is inside you. You are barely able to think, but you suddenly, with a little horror, remember something about canine physiology: the knot! Just then you feel it beginning to swell. It has already slipped inside of you and is growning too fast for you to do anything. It gets bigger and bigger. You begin to worry about how large it will get but then it stops growing and starts grinding into your g-spot and all thinking becomes impossible.
Your sole focus is sensory: the massive cock and knot filling every last bit of your sheath, the friction coming from my short but fast and powerful thrusts, the hot breath on your neck and ear, the fur caressing the skin on your back, my weight pressing down on your shoulders, and my claws digging into your sides. Everything feels amazing to you and you’re nearing your climax. You can feel it welling up inside you and you can’t hold it back. Just as you feel yourself orgasm I howl and thrust into you and cum hard.
While you’re certain your orgasm would have been amaxing on its own but with my steaming hot cum pouring into you it reaches legendary levels. Every muscle in your gaziantep escort masaj salonları body spasms as waves of pleasure pulse through you and shot after shot of cum is emptied into your hungy honey pot. My own orgasm may have only lasted a few tens of seconds but yours goes on for minutes; even after your muscles go limp and you’ve slumped face first to the ground sporadic pangs of pleasure still rock your body. I dismount but we remain locked together by my knot. Though I doubt you mind since you can’t really move anyways.
I look at you to see how youre doing. At first I’m a little concerned, your still on your knees with your ass high in the air but your shoulders have hit the floor and your arms have splayes out to either side, your face is turned sidewayswith your cheek pressed to the floor, but what is on your face makes me feel relieved, a look of pure contentment.
It takes about twenty minutes for my knot to shrink enough to slip out of you without hurting either of us. By that point youve regained your composure and offer to clean me off. You take my cock in your hand and begin to lick and suck the juices off. The feeling of which causes my cock to start hardening again before it had even shrunk all the way down. You giggle and go back to cleaning, though now it is less cleaning and more playing, you even begin stroking it using our combined sex juices as lubricant.
I reach my full size again and it amazes you that this beast managed to fit inside you. You try to suck it now but even with your mouth full you can barely fit any of it in. I’m not going to last very long, I can feel it. My knot is swelling again. Your eyes go wide at the sight of it. You’re sure you’re going to be sore tomorrow.
You grip the base of my cock just below the knot and use the other to stroke the shaft while you suck and lick the tip. I do my best not to move and let you work but it’s becoming increasingly difficult. The combined efforts of your hands and mouth push me to my limit very quickly. As my orgasm hits I can’t stop myself from bucking causong my cock to hit the back of your throat making you gag and cough. The result is my cum spraying all over you. Though less than the first time there is still enough cum left in me to thoroughly coat your face, chest, and stomach with hot goo.
When I finally finish you clean up the last of the cum off my cock and I do the same for you. You lay back on the floor and I start licking all of my cum off of you. Starting with your head, then your neck, I move down to your chest and breast, spending more time there than was really necessary, reluctantly I continue to your stomach and lick it clean. Lastly I move down and clean up all of the excess cum, both mine and yours, from between your lips and down your thighs.
Once all clean and you feel ok walking we get up and go to the bedroom where we spend the rest of the day and all night snuggled up together.

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