A Wet Afternoon

I wanted her to take charge so bad. My girlfriend and I had been getting comfortable with each other. And it felt like years that I had been trying to get her to really sit on my face. Like, not just sit there. I wanted her to grind her sopping wet pussy over my lips, grip my hair hard between her fingers, and make her hot girl cum gush down my throat.

Don’t get me wrong, she rode my face, at least a few times by that point. I loved every second of being nestled between her beautiful thick thighs. But I always had to ask her to do it. No matter how much I hinted by biting at her neck and rubbing my tongue down her neck, down to her titties, where I spent way too long grabbing on her ass and gently but unassumingly nudging her towards my face, she would not let me have her pussy unless I asked for it.

One day, I decided I wasn’t going to ask anymore. I wasn’t going to do anything until she took her panties off and pulled my head between her legs.

It had been a few days since we hadn’t had sex. Things had been busy at the office for both of us. I was finally taking a break on the couch, looking at my phone when she walked in with a familiar look on her face. She said “hey baby” in the most sexy innocent voice she could as she walked over, bouncing a little with each step so that her voluptuous tits would jiggle as she walked. She saw me looking at her. She smiled. But I just went back to what I was doing on my phone.

She sat on the couch and we made small talk here and there, while she pretended to not be excited and looked at her phone too. Eventually she started running her fingers up and down my side, not going too far but clearly announcing she wanted something. As much as I did too, I resisted reciprocating her advances. So she moved a little closer to me and just kept slowly doing the same thing, letting her fingers explore just a little further, hinting strongly but without being absolutely clear that she wanted me to pin her down and fuck her like I always did.

At some point she pushed me a little and started trying to play fight with me, but I just brushed her off. I pretended I wasn’t interested but she didn’t give up. She got up right in front of where I was holding my phone so that I could not help but see her. She had a semi-annoyed, semi-curious look on her face that made me want to jump her right then and there. She adjusted her yoga pants a little, drawing attention to the curvy thighs I so wanted to put my tongue between.

She asked me why I wasn’t paying attention to her and I shrugged and kept looking at my phone. “Don’t you want me baby?” She pouted. I told her, “not right now.” A bold choice, but I was gambling she was in one of her horny moods, the ones she couldn’t shake until something was done.

She pouted again, making the cutest face and turned around, clearly trying to get me to take in the sight of her magnificent ass. She even bent over the slightest bit, with her hands on her knees. I could almost feel a little drool coming out of my mouth. But as soon as I saw her starting to turn her head, I moved my gaze back down and away.

She seemed to be taking it as a challenge and bent over again, this time putting her hands on the table and doing a little twerk, looking back occasionally, and occasionally catching me watch her. “Look at me baby,” she said. Her ass bounced mesmerizingly up and down right in front of me. She grabbed the elastic of her pants and made it snap, looked back straight into my eyes. Her eyes told me she knew I was interested, that she could see me staring.

All of a sudden she was on the floor, face down ass up, and moving her ass back and forth, and up and down. What a show. It was getting really hard to pretend I wasn’t watching.

Soon she was turning around to face me again, on the floor, legs spread wide, massaging her titties and pulling on the corners of all of the elastic she was wearing–“come on baby, touch me.” My charade was becoming a bit half hearted, she clearly had my attention, but I pretended there was something else on my phone still pulling me away.

She got up, took off her shirt and bounced her tits in front of me, making the massive globes slap against each other under bra. Then she started taking her pants off with a little shimmy as she bent her chest towards where I was sitting. This had to be the best strip show I had ever seen. I’m sure she could just see my thoughts racing.

When I went back to my phone again, she tried to take it, saying, “come on put it away!” And we were play fighting again. She ultimately could not take it away from me, even though I was distracted by her skin rubbing against mine as we tussled. Finally, she gave up. She said, “fine, if you won’t do anything, I guess I’ll have to take care of myself… I’m just going to be right here, if you need anything…” She sat next to me, reclining on the other side of the couch as she slowly moved her knees away from each other, giving me a full view of her lace bra and panties covering the last of her up, our eyes meeting for the fiftieth time since she started this campaign of seduction.

Sure enough, she escort bayan bursa started playing with herself, slipping her fingers under her lace, kneading her tits and staring at me the whole time. I heard her let out soft moans as I pretended not to be dying on the inside.

“Fine, don’t look at me, let’s see how you do if I sit over here,” she said. First I saw her boobs swinging as she turned around towards me on all fours and then her beautiful toned legs as she turned to sit on the back of the couch, her ass now just to the left of my head. Her panties came off next and she threw them aside.

She went back to playing with herself, only now, about a foot away from my face. I could hear the slick movements of her fingers as they slid and dipped into her pussy. Somehow I stayed strong. Her bra was off in no time too and I just had to look. A big smile came over her face as she saw me, and she positioned herself a little closer to me so I could have a better look.

When I went back to my phone, she swung her leg so that it was fully on the back of the couch behind my head and scooted her butt over so that if I turned around, I would be staring right at her cunt. “Come on baby,” she said, as she stuck a finger inside herself, “you can do anything you want to me.”

I couldn’t help but look, but decided not to act on my impulses. I didn’t bother saying I didn’t want it, because I knew that she already knew that I did. I could tell every time our eyes met that she knew it was only a matter of time.

“Do you need me to get closer?” she asked. And she scooted herself only a few inches from my face, close enough where I could smell the sweet juices of her arousal, as they dripped onto her fingers and her legs. I wanted so bad to graze my tongue over her inner thighs, lapping up every drop that escaped her delicious pussy.

I willed myself to look away one more time, sneaking glances still, and making eye contact every time. Her moans grew more steady, until finally it happened. One of her hands snaked over my head, and fingers through my hair, her hand nudged me toward her ever so slightly, just as I had suggestively but softly nudged her ass so many times before. She was so close to taking charge. I resisted her pull without looking at her, and she scooted just slightly closer.

“Come on baby,” I heard her say above the sound of her juices slapping near my ear. She tried pulling again, with a little more force this time. I resisted, but I clearly wasn’t going anywhere.

Scooting just a little closer meant being right up against me. She let her pussy lips gently touch my cheek, and her finger touched the side of my head as she played with herself. “Baby…” she whined. I was so turned on, but I didn’t turn towards her. I just looked up and met her gaze, with a look I can only hope did not come off as desperate.

At some point, she must have gotten tired of the friction between her finger and my face because she just scooted closer. She fully planted her pussy against my cheek. She played with her tits at first, but eventually she started moving her hips tentatively, as if to see if I was going to react. I didn’t. I kept playing with my phone and hoping she would keep going.

Slowly she started really moving her hips, at least not as tentatively as before. My face started getting slathered with her pussy juices, and I was loving what she was doing. Her hand was back in my hair again, and as her hips moved just a bit faster, her hand held on to my hair just a little tighter. She was now holding my head in place as she fucked the side of my face.

There was no pretending anymore. I was letting her do this. I put my phone down and used my hands to caress the thigh that was nearest, egging her on and squeezing when I could feel her really going for it. It seemed she had finally caught on because she used her grip on my hair to push me down against the side of the couch. Her pussy lips quickly and wetly resumed their same position.

“So now you’re leaving your phone?” She asked quizzically, moving her pussy slowly. I couldn’t turn around and look at her at this point and didn’t really know what to say. I just squeezed her thighs again, hoping she could see the pleasure I was feeling on my face. My hand found its way to her ass and I spanked it.

“Ah yeah, baby,” she moaned, and she started grinding harder. She knew that spank was permission to keep going. She was so wet her juices started dripping down the side of my face towards my nose and my mouth.

“Ah yeah baby,” she said, “let me fucking cover you with my cum.” At this point my face was really starting to get wet and I was playing with my now rock hard dick, moaning and responding, “yeah, baby, fucking claim my face, its yours baby.”

I guess she decided that’s what we were doing now because she then turned my head towards her. Her knees came down hard on either side of my head but she didn’t sit on my mouth like I expected. She pulled on my hair again and turned my head the other way, bringing her pussy onto my other cheek, and moving it up and down, coating me with the slick bursa sinirsiz eskort juices coming out of her vagina. She was getting bolder now too. Her pussy was even grinding up to my eyes.

My mouth was against the inside of her thigh and I bit it with approval as she destroyed my face. She then twisted my head back and grinded on the other side as ferociously as she had failed to do it the first time. “yeah, baby, take that fucking pussy,” she said, “show me you’re my little fucking bitch.”

I had no idea where this was coming from, but I was ecstatic and just kept licking and biting the inside of her thigh.

She turned my head towards her now, and I could see her glorious tits and pussy right above me. She sat up a little and played with her clit over me, moaning and running her other hand up and down her body. I think I saw a shiver go up her spine.

And then her attention was back to me. She seemed to suddenly catch herself in the act, realizing everything that had just happened. “Are you okay?” she asked. “oh my god, I’m so sorry, I just got carried away.”

“What are you sorry for?” I asked. “I mean that was just crazy, and I called you a ‘bitch,’ I’m never like that, I’m sorry.” She seemed genuinely surprised at what she had just done.

“Please stop apologizing,” I said, “I’m having the time of my life.”

It took her a bit to register everything, but I could see her expression slowly change for a second to one of appreciation, and back to one of depraved heat. “Okay,” she said. “so, you want me to call you ‘my bitch?'” “I mean..” I started, “I guess I enjoyed it when you said it.. I don’t know, it’s not a word I had ever thought of someone calling me in a good way…” “I can stop,” she said, a little concern coming back into her face. “no, no, no,” I said, “I think I like it… You should keep going… I really like that you took charge, and I kind of want to see what else you come up with… I want you to surprise me again.”

That smile was creeping back. “are you sure,” she asked. “Yes,” I said, “call me your bitch… and do whatever else you want, I’ll let you know if it gets too crazy.” “Huh.. okay..” she said. She had the biggest smile. “So, you want me to grab your hair again?” “yes,” I said, almost too eagerly. “okay,” her smile widened as she placed her hand on my head again, kneeling a little more upright over me. “and you want me to fuck your face with my pussy?” “Oh yeah, baby,” I said, “please.”

“Okay…” She said, “this is really turning me on…” I could have guessed that from looking at her, but I was glad she still said it.

She started rubbing her pussy with fingers again, playing with her tits with her other hand. I could feel her cum from before drying on my face, while I saw more forming between her folds. “So beg for it.”

“What?” I asked. “If you want me to fuck your face so bad, beg for it,” she demanded.

“Okay…” I said, wondering if my eyes and my salivating mouth did not already do that enough. “Please baby, fuck my face with your pussy, I want it so bad,” I said. “Mmm,” she moaned, and grabbed firmly on a tuft of my hair with one hand, as she kept moistening herself with the other. “Are you going to swallow my cum?” she asked. “Yes, baby, I’ll swallow all of it,” I responded. “are you going to stick out your tongue when I ask you to?” “Yes, baby, anything you want.” “Beg me to claim you with my pussy again,” “Please claim my face with your pussy.” “Tell me you’re my little bitch, and that your tongue belongs inside my pussy,” “yes baby, I’m your little bitch, I want my tongue inside your pussy all the time.”

I felt a sting on my cheek out of nowhere. I was a bit stunned. It wasn’t hard, but it took me a second to realize she had just slapped me. I must have looked shocked because all the worry came flooding back into her face. “Oh, I’m sorry babe, I’m telling you, I’m getting carried away,” she said.

“No, no,” I said tentatively. I guess I was trying to figure out whether I actually liked it. “Look don’t worry about it,” I said, a little surprised but happy with how much she was suddenly taking charge. “Look, we can try that again, and see if it feels okay,” I said. “Are you sure?” she said sternly. “Yeah, I think so.” I responded. “You think so?” “yes, yes, let’s do it.” “Okay… are you ready?” she asked.

“Okay,” I said. “Alright…” she said, “only if you want me to do it…” “yes, yes,” I said, “let’s try it. “Okay, okay,” she said. “Take off your shirt first,” she said. She had to move a bit out of the way as I did but then she went back to how she was playing with herself before. She let her hand slide down on my arm and my chest and back up to my face again as she stroked her pussy. I could see her starting to get into it again when I felt her hand get firmer on my face, and then tap it very softly.

“Was that okay?” she asked. I chuckled. “Yes, you can do it a little harder if you want.” She was still playing with herself. She was starting to get back into the rhythm. “Okay..” she said, and then she slapped me, nice and firmly, and I escort bayan let out a moan. I was rock hard again, and I could help but stroke myself under her.

“That was actually pretty good for me,” I said.

“Oh yeah?” she asked, smiling, as she continued to play with herself. “Yeah, I guess so.”

She smirked. She then looked back a little and noticed that I was playing with myself too. “Ohhh, I guess you are liking it huh?” I smiled at her. “Yes, baby, fucking dominate me okay.” “Okay,” She said, “want me to try other stuff?” “Sure,” I said, “go for it.” “Okay,” she smiled.

“I want to make that face nice and wet again,” she said mischievously, ” I want you to smell like me until next week.” She turned my head to the side again before I could respond, pulling my hair, and I finally got to feel that wet cum slide across my face again. She lathered me up in no time, switching to the other side to make sure I knew that this was her face now. “And if you wash it I’m just going to have to do this again,” she said.

Then she had me facing her again. “You ready to get your treat now?” She asked, with her pussy inches from my face?” “Yes, please baby,” I said, sticking my tongue out to try to get to her. “Ah ah ah,” she said, and held down my head, moving away ever so slightly.

“First, open your mouth,” she said, and I did. She looked straight down at me and slowly spit out a strand of saliva, some of it went in my mouth, but part if it fell on my cheek. “Open your mouth wider,” she demanded. I quickly complied and she then spit directly into my mouth.

“Now close it,” she said, “I want you to swallow.” I did as she told me and then I felt another firm slap. “that’s right baby, you’re gonna do whatever I tell you from now on.”

As I opened my mouth to respond, she planted her pussy down on my mouth and said, “and I don’t need you to agree.”

Soon, she was sliding her pussy from my chin all the way up to my forehead, leaving me sticky with her fluids and letting them slide into my mouth. “Lick me,” she said. I did as she said, encouraging her by grabbing onto her buttcheeks and running my hands up and down her back as she ground her pussy against my face. Her thrusts were forceful without being painful, and there was just enough time between them for me to breathe a little through my mouth, although it felt like her juices were all the way inside my nose. I spanked her and she moaned.

She seemed to be done lubricating my face and now kept her grinding over my tongue.

I couldn’t help but stroke my cock as she dumped more and more of her pre cum into my mouth. I alternated between lapping it up and sucking it out of her as she grew bolder, really fucking my tongue. I licked her faster and faster, and moved my head from side to side, occasionally turning it altogether and biting her thighs so she could fuck the sides of my face again.

Ultimately, she held my head down so I could only face her. I loved watching her titties bounce and collide into each other. I could feel her muscles contract around my tongue as I licked her in just the right way, and her lips opening to let her wet juices out as I lapped at them, her face contorting in time with her gyrations and with the spasming of her cunt.

“That feels so good baby,” she moaned as she looked straight down at me. She locked eyes with mine and I could see the pleasure in her eyes as I moaned straight back into her cunt, completely submissive to her desires.

“Ah baby, I’m gonna come soon,” she exclaimed.

I moaned into her cunt approvingly as she rode faster and faster. “I want you to latch your lips onto it when I cum, okay baby? Don’t you waste a single drop.” Her attitude leapt between blissfully absent, dominant and an all out frenzy.

I moaned into her cunt again as she kept riding and her moans kept coming with more and more frequency. “ah yeah, baby, keep licking me like that, ah yeah, you’re going make me come all over your face, baby, ah yes, keep sucking it you little bitch, ah yeah, you little slut, fucking drink it up.” I was in ecstasy. She kept grinding and moaning, until finally her moans became quick and heavy, “ah FUCK baby,” she practically screamed, “fucking suck on it, ah!” she was arched over me and I latched my lips around hers, feeling as wads of her cum streamed into my mouth with the pulsations of her body. “Ah yeah baby,” she said, “oh my god, that’s amazing.”

She tried to pull away, but I held her down firmly with my arms. She had no idea I might have wanted her to gush down my throat more than she did. Her hips bucked, and she kept trying to pull away until her orgasm had subsided, giving up as she realized I wasn’t going to lick her overly sensitive clit.

I could tell it was hard for her to hold herself up on the edge of the couch, so I pulled her down so she was reclining sideways on the arm of the couch, her fat ass on the cushions, and I was sideways with my face still between her legs. I licked up the streams of cum on her thick thighs that had escaped my lips, as she twitched in her post orgasm sensitivity. I pulled her towards me with my hands on her ass, spreading her legs, and placed my lips just outside her pussy lips, lifting her upper leg over me without turning her around to be fully on top of me. I relished the feeling of her cumming in my mouth, as what was a forceful grip on my hair turned into a caress between sighs and pants.

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