A Week in Vegas with Sisters Ch. 02

Female Ejaculation

I want to thank all of you for the outpouring of kind encouragements. To be honest, I was expecting a few comments that said “meh” and maybe one or two that said “you suck!” or “Not bad.” Several of you asked that I continue the story, so here goes. I don’t know that I’ll be able to keep to a consistent schedule, but I’ll post a chapter any time I have one ready.

Thank you all!

Chapter 2

The water cascaded down my back as Amelia tenderly massaged the shampoo into my hair. The experience of the last few hours had been some of the most eventful of my life, but it had still come right after sitting down for a four-hour car ride. It’s not like I was icky or anything after the drive, but there’s still something about being stuck on the road for that long that made me feel like I needed to wash the morning off of me. For me, the shower was more than nice, it was necessary. The fact that I was getting help in there from not one, but two beautiful girls made it amazing. We had all used the excuse of helping one another wash up to grope and fondle each other as we relaxed and got ourselves ready for whatever was next. As I rinsed my hair, I watched the two sisters lathering soap all over each other in a way that was somehow both playfully chaste and heavy with innuendo at the same time. I was really glad that I’d splurged for the newly remodeled room with an upgraded bathroom, because the shower was big enough for all three of us to fit inside comfortably.

It had taken a little while before all three of us had regained enough energy that we felt up to standing long enough for a shower, but it was definitely worth it. Of course, male orgasms tend to feel more draining, whereas cumming for a woman tends to be more invigorating, so despite how much I wanted to just stay under the warm spray and watch the beautiful bodies enjoying one another, I was the first one out so I could dry off and lie back down.

Once my head hit the pillow, I closed my eyes and let the memories of the last few hours replay themselves in my mind while I tried to think of what kind of options we’d have for the rest of the night. Of course, most of the possibilities were dependent on what either Amelia or Sarah wanted to do or if they had anything planned.


I instantly shot up at the sound of a blood-curdling scream that sounded like it came from Amelia. I heard the water shut off as Sarah ran behind the bed, holding a towel but naked and still pretty much dripping, putting me between her and the bathroom she had just escaped from.

“YOU CAN RUN, BUT YOU CAN’T HIDE YOU LITTLE TWAT WAFFLE!” Amelia shouted from the bathroom.

“What happened?” I asked Sarah as she tried to crouch behind the bed, but not really hiding anything.

“I told her I was done and asked if we could cuddle for a bit again when we got dry, and she said she was going to stay in the shower for a bit longer. I thought it would be funny if I hurried her up a bit, so I turned the water all the way to cold before I closed the door.”

“Ah, got it. Well, it was really nice knowing you, and I very much enjoyed everything we did this evening. I’ll let your parents know you died well and…” Before I could finish, Amelia had appeared in the bathroom doorway, equally naked, equally dripping, not even bothering with a towel. The look on her face was fury, but knowing her as well as I did, I could tell that it was mostly for show as I saw the corner of her mouth twitch up, trying to keep the smirk off her face.

“You’re going to pay for that…” she less walked towards us than stomped, doing her best impression of the T-Rex from Jurassic Park. It was obvious where Sarah was hiding, because short of going out of the room into the hallway, something she’d be unlikely to do in her current state of undress, there was really only one place she could be without being visible from Amelia’s vantage point. It was a nice room, but it wasn’t a big room. Even so, Sarah gave herself away as she unsuccessfully tried to stifle a giggle.

Amelia lunged across the bed, practically flying behind me, and just barely missed grabbing her sister’s ass as Sarah got up and tried to run to the other side of the bed. Clearly, Amelia was familiar with the tactic, and was quickly back up and colliding with her little sister, grasping her in a bear hug.

“No! No! I’m sorry! I’ll be good! I swear!” Clearly, Sarah’s pleas were landing on deaf ears as she was half lifted, half dragged back to the bed, and quickly pinned underneath her sister.

“You think you can get away with freezing my ass? Oh no little girl. You need to be PUNISHED!” Even within all the flurry of movement, my eye was quickly drawn down to Amelia’s pussy, which was right next to Sarah’s in that position, and my body started to respond. Considering how much I’d already cum that evening, I was a little surprised that was possible, but I wasn’t about to complain. I couldn’t tell exactly what Amelia had in mind, but it seemed like it was something I should travesti gaziantep keep out of. Besides, wasn’t it Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother that said ‘Never interrupt a girl fight!’ I might have been paraphrasing in my head, but at the moment, it seemed like the best advice I’d ever heard.

I couldn’t quite tell how the physics of it all worked, but somehow, Sarah’s wrists were pinned above her head, then crossed and twisted in such a way that she turned over onto her belly, face to the side, looking away from me. Amelia turned around in a blur that was faster than I’d ever seen her move. Now using her ankles to trap her little sister’s arms, her hands were holding the girls thighs, and her ass was planted right in the small of Sarah’s back. If it weren’t for the fact that Sarah couldn’t stop giggling, I might’ve been a bit worried about her. When Amelia was sure that her sister was completely immobilized, she sat up and looked up at me with a devilish grin.

“BABALUUUU!” Amelia sang out and started spanking her sister’s ass like a set of bongos.

“AHHH! NOOO! No no no no no.” Sarah squeaked out, though still through peels of laughter.

I don’t remember how long the the number took when Ricky Ricardo originally played it in I Love Lucy, but Amelia didn’t let up for a long time. I couldn’t take my eyes off the scene in front of me. Who’d have thought a couple girls just rough-housing would be so damned sexy?

After a couple minutes of relentless spanking, Amelia started to slow down, the slaps subtly transforming into pats, then rubs, then a deep massage. Sarah’s laughter got quiet before turning into relaxed moans.

“Oh my god, Sarah. Look at how wet you are! Did someone like their punishment? Did my little sister just discover she likes a little spanking now and then?” Sarah didn’t say anything, but I saw her nod, not realizing or not caring that her sister couldn’t see her response while so focused on her other end. “I’m gonna have to figure out some other sort of punishment for the next time you misbehave, if a good SPANKING…” Amelia raised her hand and brought it down quickly with a loud ‘SMACK’ to emphasize that last word, and Sarah gasped, but the inhale quickly became a delightful little moan. “…isn’t going to deter you. I’ll have to think of something… Hmmmm… What to do, what to do?” As she was saying this, her hands moved from rubbing her sister’s ass to toying with the girl’s clit from behind.

At this point, I was at full mast and ready, but the scene playing out in front of me was so sexy yet cute, that I didn’t want to interrupt. Besides, it’s not like I was in desperate need, having been drained so thoroughly before. Amelia was now using one hand on her sister’s pussy as the other continued to massage the girl’s ass, occasionally moving between her cheeks, eliciting little gasps and moans from the new experiences. It was spectacularly erotic to watch how tender Amelia was being, especially in contrast to how utterly blunt she had been only moments ago. She was working slow and gently, but steadily persistent. This was going to take a while to build, but when it did, I had a feeling that Sarah was in for something earth-shattering.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm… Oh… Amelia. That feels so good… I think I’m gonna… Oh, yeah…” Amelia sped up ever so slightly, and I could see she was putting a little more oomph into it, causing her breasts to wobble deliciously, her nipples nearly close enough to graze her sister’s ass. “Amelia… Please… Oh… Don’t stop. I’m almost… I’m almost there… Oh yes! I’m… I’m gonna cum… I’m about to…”

And Amelia stopped, and got up, and casually strolled aback to the bathroom to get a towel for her hair. Sarah turned to face me, and just stared with a completely puzzled look that could only be described as ‘Wait… what?”

“AMELIA!?” Sarah shouted towards the bathroom.

“David, can I get your help in here with something really quick?” The expression on Sarah’s face didn’t change as I got up and followed Amelia into the bathroom, the girl staring at me the the whole way, as an arm popped out of the bathroom to do one of those come hither gestures.

“AMMMMEEELLIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!” Sarah shouted even louder as the door closed behind me. Amelia had wrapped the towel around her head in that way that girls do, but it was barely staying up as she was laughing so hard she almost couldn’t breath.

“That was pretty mean… Super sexy, but pretty mean…”

Still laughing, she turned to me and said “The little bitch deserved it, trying to freeze me to death…” I moved to give her a hug as she was reaching for a second towel, and I could feel that she was justified. Her whole back was cool to the touch. Of course, part of that was because she had been sitting on her sister for a while while her hair was still wet, but clearly Sarah had contributed to the problem with her prank too.

“How long are you planning on leaving her hanging?” gaziantep travesti I asked, while holding her from behind, trying to help warm her up just a little bit with my own body heat.

“Just until my hair’s dry. It’s not like that was the last chance she’s ever going to have to cum. At the very least, she’s got tonight, and if we all want, she can probably stay with us the whole week.”

That was surprising. Granted, I was in uncharted waters with all of this, but past precedent left me with questions. “Won’t your mom wonder what she’s doing with us for so long? I mean… she knows what we’re doing here, right?” Amelia’s parents had always been pretty open and honest about sex, so when it came to that kind of stuff, Amelia and her sister had pretty much been honest with her too. Somehow, though, this seemed like it might be crossing a line.

“Well, we didn’t talk about any of our plans explicitly, but we might have sort of implied that you had a suite with two rooms so that Sarah could have her own space and privacy for a little staycation. I don’t know how much mom actually bought it, but she trusts us to know what we want without getting in the way.”

“So, you think your mom knows the two of you are sharing me?” I asked

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure she’s assuming that. I don’t think it would occur to her that we’d be sharing you at the same time, or that you and I are sharing her…” Amelia devolved into a fit of giggles “…or that the two of you are sharing me!” The giggles turned into full blown laughter again. Clearly, that was the first time she had thought of this arrangement in those terms. “I think it’s fine, though. She knows what I’ve been through with you, so if she thought that, I don’t know, I was ‘loaning’ you to Sarah, that it was probably something we all put a lot of thought into.”

“Well… you two put a lot of thought into it. I wasn’t consulted…”

Amelia once again, burst out laughing.

“RIGHT! I’m sooo sorry. how dare I make one of your most deeply held fantasies come true without your permission. Let’s pack it all up and never speak of…” I kissed her to keep her from finishing that sentence. Once again, it began relatively chaste, but quickly escalated as our tongues moved to play with each other. It escalated further as she grabbed my dick, which was already almost fully hard just standing next to her while we were both naked, but we were interrupted by a banging on the door.

“You two almost done in there! I need help out here! You can’t just leave me hanging like that! I’m gonna get blue… I don’t know what! But, I’m sure something’s gonna turn blue!” Amelia snorted at that, bursting out laughing yet again. “Come on… I learned my lesson… No messing with anyone’s body temperature ever again. Please come out so we can kiss and make up!”

Amelia gave me a look that said ‘Think she’s had enough?’ I responded with a short nod, and reached to open the door. As soon as I did, a naked blur came through the door and slammed into Amelia. I was worried for a fraction of a second until I saw Sarah planting kisses all over her big sister’s face like a little kid who’d just gotten exactly what she wanted for Christmas. The cute little kisses turned into one big kiss, and then a full on make out session. As cute and sweet as that was to watch, it quickly turned hot when Amelia grabbed her little sister’s ass and pulled the girl up. Sarah quickly took the hint, adding a little hop and wrapping her legs around Amelia’s waist, continuing the kiss as her big sister carried her back towards the bed.

I followed right behind them, though I wasn’t even sure they’d need me for anything, but heard Amelia break the kiss to ask a question. “How do you wanna cum angel?”

Over Amelia’s shoulder, I saw Sarah’s confusion. “Um… quickly? And hard?”

That got a laugh from her big sister. “No, I mean, do you want me to play with you, eat you, do you want David to do something?”

“Ohh! Um… so far I think I came hardest with David inside of me, but I really like this hug we’re doing right now. It’s so nice and warm and I feel all of your body on mine. So…”

“I’ve got an idea. David, you come behind her.” I did as I was told, though I wasn’t quite sure where this was going. “Loosen your death grip on me baby girl.” I saw the tension leave Sarah’s legs and Amelia lowered her down a bit. “Let me know when you’re lined up, David.” Ah, now I got it. I moved in closer, putting my hands on Sarah’s waist and moved my hips forward until I felt the telltale humid warmth of her most delicate of parts. I raised up ever so slightly, until I was just barely within her opening. Sarah gasped at the feeling, letting Amelia know I had reached the right spot. “You ready?”

Sarah nodded, and Amelia leaned her head back in to resume kissing her sister, and lowered her further onto me. The position was a little awkward, but it still felt amazing. I hugged Sarah from behind and helped lift her gaziantep travestileri back up, and then down again. After a few strokes, the three of us found a rhythm that we all seemed to enjoy. It felt very nice to be in this group hug of a position, though I thought it might have been easier if we were horizontal. I felt Sarah’s legs start to tense and realized that she had locked her heals behind her sister’s back, allowing her a bit more leverage to control the pace. I felt Amelia’s fingers bump against me as she shifted the position her hands were in so she could work on Sarah’s clit while I was sliding in and out of her. I heard a little muffled scream come from the kiss and figured that Amelia must have found her target. I was grateful, because this position was taking it’s toll and I didn’t think I’d have have been able to keep standing like this much longer. Considering we were doing this to make up for leaving Sarah hanging earlier, it made sense that Amelia didn’t want to stop before her sister finished, and anything that could be done to make that happen sooner was perfectly fine with me.

It was impressive that, given the work of this position, the girls had yet to break the kiss, even as Sarah was practically jumping up and down on me. My view of their fronts wasn’t great, but from the way their tits seemed to squish towards their sides, I could imagine that their nipples were rubbing together in a way that must’ve felt spectacular.

“Oh! Yes!” Sarah screamed, breaking the lip lock with her sister. Amelia took the opportunity the new freedom of movement provided to kick things into high gear. We were lifting her up and slamming her down on my dick at an incredible speed that allowed me just enough time to shove up to meet her on every down stroke. It almost felt like Amelia was using her sister to jerk me off, almost like a living sex toy, but I think we were both more determined to make the toy cum than we were concerned without our own pleasure. “God, I think I’m almost there! Amelia… David… Ahh…!” I could feel her pussy tighten on me, but I didn’t want to change anything in a way that would spoil her orgasm, and I didn’t think Amelia or I could go any harder or faster than we already were. “I’m cumming… Yes!” Her legs tensed around her sister’s waist, clearly unable to keep moving on her own with the intensity of her orgasm.

“Oh, baby girl, I can feel you cumming.” Amelia said with a breathlessness to her voice “It’s like your tummy is vibrating against mine. That’s so cool!”

I felt Sarah’s pussy release its grasp on me and the fluttering stopped. I took hold of the rest of her weight so Amelia could let go. After one last gentle kiss, she flopped down on the bed, letting her legs rest. I didn’t let go of Sarah, holding her tight to my chest, my dick still nestled deep within her as I moved us both to the bed. I sat down right next to the space Amelia had claimed, glad to be off my feet, but loving the feeling of just being tucked away inside her sister. “You don’t have to move until you’re ready. If you want me to get out of you though, I can.” I whispered into Sarah’s ear.

“No, I like this.” She pulled my arms tighter around her, leaned her head back to rest it on my shoulder. She turned her head just enough to give me a gentle peck on the cheek, then nuzzled into my neck like a kitten. “That was amazing. Thank you two so much.” The three of us just sat there for a little bit, not really needing to catch our breath, but still feeling the need for a bit of recovery time.

My thoughts were interrupted when I felt her tummy rumble under my hand. I looked over at the clock, and realized it had been almost five hours since we’d gotten to the room. No wonder she was hungry, it was quite a bit passed dinner time. “I think we should decide what we want to do for dinner.” I said, not wanting to break the spell of the quiet relaxation we were all enjoying, but knowing it had to be done. I was about to offer up a couple options, but before I could get a word out…

“Room service!” both girls said at the same time. I had a feeling they wouldn’t want to leave the room tonight. I knew I certainly didn’t. After a few more minutes, I gently turned, and laid Sarah on her side, and slowly slipped out of her. “Hey wait… you didn’t cum that time?” She asked with a tone of concern.

I walked to where my pants had landed earlier that evening, so i could grab my phone to pull up a room service menu. “No, but it felt amazing. Honestly, as intense as you two made me cum, i’m not sure I have another one in me tonight. That doesn’t mean i’m not absolutely loving every minute of this, and it doesn’t mean that I want to stop taking care of you two tonight.” I pulled up the app for the hotel and found the link to the room service menu and passed the phone to Amelia. “Please, get whatever you want.” I said as I laid down next to her. The girls made their selections before passing the phone back to me. I picked something for myself, and added a milk shake for the three of us to split, and put in the order.

While we waited for food to arrive, I figured it might be better to talk than to start something that might be interrupted by dinner. “So… Amelia said she cleared it with your parents that you can spend the whole week with us. Is that something you want to do, or would you rather tonight be a one-time thing?”

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