A Trip To The DVD Shop


I was nineteen and in my second year of Uni. I am athletic, but incredibly shy – I hadn’t had a girlfriend and used to buy a fair amount of top shelf magazines. One day on the way to Uni my train was taken out of service and everyone was dumped at a station waiting for the next one. I was thirsty so I left the station and went to find a newsagents. I thought I might get a few porn mags whilst I was around – and there was no chance of meeting anyone I knew. I walked around and found a newsagents, which was busy – so I carried on. There were a couple of shops further down the road, one boarded up, an off-license and an adult book store. The windows were all blacked out and I walked by a couple of times before finding the courage to go in. Inside it was fairly cheap looking. There was a middle aged man at a cash register near the door and a few shelves and magazine racks. I quickly started looking at the DVDs on the far wall so I had my back to the man. I selected a couple of general porn DVDs – one fairly tame and one more hardcore – and turned to pay. The owner said £20 and said I could bring them back and get another two for half price. I nodded, paid and left. A week or so later I was on my way home and decided to get another DVD. I went in and picked another hardcore Euro one and went to pay. The owner looked up and obviously escort recognised me, guess he didn’t have too much trade given the location. He asked if I had any to return. I told him no, I left them at home. He paused. “Tell you what, do us a favour and I’ll let you have this one half price.” I started to get a little panicky, “What sort of favor?” He laughed, “Nothing like that! I just need a couple of DVDs dropped off down the road. Lady called Brenda, tell her Neil sent you. She’ll give you £5 for them, you pay for this and keep the £5 she gives you.” I hesitated and he said, “Look if you get cold feet you can bring em back here, or run off with them – but if you do, don’t come back!” I said I’d do it and handed him my money. He gave me my DVD, a brown paper bag with two more in and told me the address – a side street on the way to the station. I hurried out and once out of sight had a look at the two DVDs. One was a compilation of blowjobs and the other was a lesbian DVD. I decided to walk past the house and see how I felt about dropping off porn to someone I didn’t know. The address was a ground floor flat and the area seemed fairly middle class. If I ran off with the DVDs then I would have to find another shop and that was the only out-of-the way shop I had come across. I made up my escort bayan mind to knock on the door, maybe Brenda wouldn’t be in. Brenda was in. She was late forties, maybe early fifties, short curly hair – dyed red – and quite busty. She had a track suit on and a lowish wide cut top. “Hello?”, she said. I hadn’t really though this through properly and didn’t quite know how to start. “I, err, I have a parcel from, err, down the road.”, I managed. “Down the road?”  “Erm, yeah, the er, DVD shop.”, I waved the paper bag at her. She still looked puzzled and I said, “Neil sent me, he said they were £5.” The light came on and then she looked a little sheepish, “Oh, yes, erm of course. £5 – I’ll have to, err.” She looked around the street and then motioned me to come in. “I’ll get my purse, just wait here by the door.” I stepped over the door and waited whilst she hurried into the kitchen – I could see instantly all the rooms from the hallway and it looked like a fairly cosy flat. Brenda came back out with a purse and was shaking a little as she tried to get the change. I smiled and said there was no hurry. That didn’t help much and she managed to drop a load of change on the floor. I got down to help her and the DVDs slipped out of my grasp and fell amongst the change. Suddenly we were on bayan escort our knees next to each other looking at a DVD cover with a woman’s face covered in cum and a huge cock next to it and another with a woman in lycra taking a cock from behind. Brenda was suddenly very agitated, “Oh, shit, fuck, sorry, err, shit.” She grabbed at the DVDs and knelt back clutching them to her. I was now looking at her bulging bosom with the DVD covers pushing them up. She saw where my gaze was and stammered, “Oh god, erm, what must you think of me, here take this.” She thrust a £10 note at me. I held up my hands, “No, no, it was £5.” I reached into my coat pocket and pulled out my own DVD. “Don’t worry I’m not judging I said.” She looked at mine, and smiled slightly. “I’ve seen that one – it’s very good.” We stood up and she apologised again, “Sorry, I live on my own and, it gets lonely. I don’t get much, err, interest these days.” I relaxed a little. I felt almost as embarrassed as she did and had a racing heartbeat. This had gone so badly I didn’t care anymore. “Why on Earth not?” I asked, then realised what I’d said. She went red and laughed nervously. “Look, I’ll sort out your change for you – do you want a cup of tea or something?” I said yes and she closed the front door and went into the kitchen. She made tea and sat down at her kitchen table. She put the DVDs down on the table and looked over at me. “I like the story ones sometimes”, she said, nodding at the DVDs. But if I get worked up I like the harder ones.”, she paused, “Err, with spunk and… cocks.” The way she said ‘cocks’ sounded like it was an effort.

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