A Summer of Slow Transition Ch. 04


Pam was excited. Charlie’s boat was in the water and he invited both her and Bob to join him to go out for a ride to make sure everything was working properly. Charlie called it a shakedown cruise. Pam had made some sandwiches and packed enough soda, for all three in the cooler.

She had put on the bottom of her bikini with a pair of Bermuda shorts over it. She only wore a light T-shirt for a top and brought a light material, front zippered hoodie in case it got chilly. She went rummaging through her closet looking for her old topsider shoes. She was pumped in anticipation of going on the boat.

While on the drive to the marina, Bob said, “No bra, I see.”

“Well, it’s not like Charlie hasn’t seen them before. He’ll be busy driving the boat and checking that everything is working properly.” Pam giggled, and said, “You’re not jealous, are you?”

“Wise ass. You know all this turns me on, and you too.”

“I just want to feel comfortable. It’ll only be the three of us.”

They drove the short distance to the marina. Bob grabbed the cooler and the bag with towels, jackets, and other stuff they might need. The sun had already burned off the morning mist and there was no breeze. It promised to be a nice warm mid-June day on the water. As they were walking on the dock and got close to Charlie’s boat, Pam said, “Oh fuck, give me my jacket.”

“What’s the matter? Your jacket is in the bottom of the bag. I can’t get to it now.”

“There’s an old man on the boat with Charlie. I can’t get on the boat dressed like this.”

“Not much we can do about it now. We’d look kind of foolish putting everything down so you can put on a jacket. Got to suck it up now, girl. What’s two more eyes at this point?”

“Bob, he’s a fucking stranger. What’s two more eyes? A man we don’t even know? He could be some sort of a criminal.”

“If he’s a friend of Charlie’s, he is far from being a criminal.”

“Fuck it … let’s go”, Pam defiantly said. “What are you turning me into?”

“I didn’t tell you to not wear a bra. That was your choice. Everything that has happened thus far has been your choice and you’ve been in complete control of it all. I haven’t turned you into anything you didn’t want. If you feel uncomfortable, just cross your arms,” Bob chuckled.

“Alright then, you want any old man to see my tits, so it shall be. You had better be there if I need you.”

“Charlie and I both will make sure you’re safe. If you want to be,” Bob laughed aloud.

“Very funny man. Don’t dare me. I’m not the Pam Taber you knew almost three months ago.” Pam gave Bob that naughty smile, he’d become familiar with.

As they approached the boat, Charlie gave a broad smile. He waved and said, “Hey there. I was beginning to wonder if you guys were coming … come on aboard. The ocean is calling.”

They climbed aboard and said hello. Charlie showed Bob where to put the cooler and said, “This is my old fishing partner Hank. He retired three years ago. He was a teacher too. Always need another person familiar with boats when on a shakedown cruise. Hank owns his own boat as well. His boat is bigger than mine.” Charlie looked at Pam and smiled as he said that. Pam blushed, shook her head, and turned away.

“Had we known there was going to be another person coming, we would’ve made more to eat. We only made enough for three people,” said Pam.

“Don’t worry about me, honey. I brought my own lunch,” said Hank, as he stared at Pam’s nipples sticking through her shirt.

“If you want anything, feel free to grab it. We share in our house,” said Pam.

“Thank you. That’s kind of you, honey. I’ll keep that in mind.”

Pam thought, “Fuck, that didn’t come out right.” She saw Hank’s eyes immediately go back to her tits when he said that.

They tied off the boat and got under way, heading into the harbor. Hank and Charlie were reading all the gauges at the helm and listening for any foreign noises. Pam and Bob sat on the rear deck and admired the view from the water. Pam looked at Bob and said, “Hank keeps calling me honey.”

“Just his way of being friendly. He’s an old man. He looks around 70,” Bob said.

“I don’t think he’s that old. Charlie said he retired from teaching only three years ago. He’s close to that though, I bet.”

“He likes your tits, I noticed,” Bob said with a smile.

Pam sucked her teeth, making a “tsk” sound and playfully slapped Bob’s arm saying, “Bob! You’re hopeless. Is that all you think about?” As she showed that lovely naughty smile.

“What do you think Hank is thinking about? You should think about shedding that shirt and get some sun on those lovely orbs of yours.”


“Their nice and round and out of this world. Yeah, orbs is a fitting description.” Bob smiled and winked at Pam.

“I just might do that, so don’t dare me. You would really want me to go bare chested in front of Hank and Charlie?”

“Hell, Charlie has already played with them and sucked them. Hank has just about seen them through that thin white T-shirt. You really Anadolu Yakası Escort liked Charlie feeling and sucking them. You might get a little turned on showing them to Hank.”

“What are you saying? Are you telling me that you want Hank to feel and suck my tits in front of you and Charlie? I could never. I’m beginning to wonder if I married a pervert.”

“I’m not telling you anything except that I love you and I’m okay with anything you want to do. We both know that all this excites and turns you on. Do whatever you want to do. You liked making Charlie feel special.”

“Let’s just enjoy the boat ride, okay?” Pam turned to look at the water.

After about a half hour and out of the harbor, Charlie and Hank put the boat through its paces, checking everything. Charlie came from the helm and approached Pam and Bob with a big smile. “The old girl checked out perfectly, she is ready to do some serious fishing this summer.”

“Hey that’s great, Charlie,” Pam said, with a big smile.

“Excellent,” added Bob.

“We’re going to cruise to one of our fishing spots and get a few lines wet. It should take about 20 minutes or so. We’ll drop anchor and that will bring us right around lunch time, so you guys can grab a bite, if you want, once we get there. I only have three fishing poles onboard right now, so only one of you will be able to fish, if you’d like. Sorry.”

“That’s okay, Charlie. I think I’m just going to catch some sun today,” said Pam. “Bob can fish with you guys.”

Charlie smiled and headed back to the helm to join Hank. Hank looked at Charlie when he got to the wheel that Hank was tending.

“That is one beautiful young lady, Charlie. Her body is absolutely perfect. How in the hell did you become friendly enough to have them come on your boat? Fucking her would be a dream come true. At 68, she would be a fantasy fulfilled.”

“They bought my sister’s old house, right behind me. They’re a couple of real nice kids. Take it easy old man.” Charlie and Hank both laughed. “She is quite the looker, I agree. She said she wanted to take in some sun while we fish, so we may get a good look at that perfect body,” Charlie said.

Hank grabbed his cock and balls over his pants and shook them lightly, saying “Oh yeah. I’m going to have to come visit you more often now.” As he showed a big smile.

“Just remember, they’re good kids and my neighbors. I’m quite sure Bob is the only male she’s been with sexually, so she’s rather inexperienced.”

“All the better,” said Hank.

They got to their destination and dropped anchor. Charlie went below and brought up the two rods and bait he had stored. Hank had his own rod. He told Bob he could use the rod he put in one of the holders and that he could fish off the stern, and that he and Hank were going to fish off either side. He looked at Pam and said, “You do whatever you want and just look beautiful. If you decide to take in some sun, you can climb on top the foredeck above the cabin. There’s plenty of space for you to lay down and not have to worry about getting hit with any fish we catch.” Charlie laughed aloud and continued, “We wouldn’t want any slimy fish touching that lovely body of yours.”

“Thank you. I think I’m going to eat a little something first. Does anyone want a sandwich or a soda?”

“I’ll have a soda, honey,” Bob said.

Charlie declined. Hank just said, “No thanks. I have beer in my cooler. Do you have anything else to eat?”

“Just sandwiches in the cooler. Sorry.”

“Pity.” Hank said, as he shook his head and gave Pam a lascivious glance.

Pam had an idea what Hank was implying, but ignored it.

Bob chuckled to himself and thought, “Horny old fuck is trying to hit on my wife. Why does that thought excite me? Maybe I am perverted, like Pam said.”

Pam ate her sandwich while watching Bob fish. She then asked Charlie how to get to the sunning area he told her about. Charlie told her she would have to walk on the narrow walkway alongside the covered helm and hold on to the small handrail on the top. He then said, “Come on over here. I’ll help you get up.”

Pam walked over to Charlie and he put his hands on her waist, as she placed a foot up on the narrow walkway. He lifted her as she stepped up. His hand went to one of her ass cheeks for support. Hank was watching with an eagle eye and gave Charlie a thumbs up as Pam sidestepped her way to the foredeck. Charlie walked into the helm area, where the split windshield windows were open and showed her where she could lay down. He also had her can of soda, waiting to hand it to her when she got on the deck. Hank walked up to Charlie and whispered, “Nice move there, my man. You’re pretty free with your hands with her. Are you fucking around with her?” Charlie just shook his head in the negative.

Pam loosened her Bermuda shorts and took them off, bending in plain view of both men. Her ass was facing them, covered by her somewhat small turquoise bikini bottom. She spread out her beach towel, then moved over to the Avrupa Yakası Escort open windshield and, while on her knees, reached in for her can of soda. Her tits were just hanging right in front of them, swaying softly. She grabbed her soda and glanced over to Hank. She noticed his eyes wide open and a huge bulge in the front of his baggy pants. She moved back to her towel, feeling a tingling sensation and a slight wetness in her crotch. Pam was thinking about how she made Hank hard looking at her body. She sat on the towel, facing the men and paused for a moment. She put her soda can on the deck, looked at Hank and pulled her T-shirt off. Her white round tits juggled as she shook her head. She leaned back on both hands and looked up towards the sun.

Hank moaned and said, “Oh my fucking word. That is the most splendid ass I have ever seen. That is just begging to be licked. She’s giving me a hard-on. Fuck fishing, I’m going to just enjoy the view and this hard-on. I don’t get these as often as I used to.”

Charlie went back to his fishing pole. Hank remained in the helm area and moved by the wheel, his eyes glued on Pam and her nearly naked, young and perfect body. He had already consumed a few beers and didn’t care about anything, or anyone else. He was going to enjoy what he was looking at, no matter who noticed. The only sound that came from Hank was a breathy “Ooh”.

Pam kept glancing towards Hank, through her sunglasses. All of a sudden she noticed Hank’s shoulder area moving in a jerking motion. Her thoughts went immediately to what Charlie had said earlier about Hank’s boat being bigger than his. She was getting very turned on, envisioning Hank actually masturbating right in front of her while looking at her tits and bikini area. She knew what he was doing and couldn’t believe it, but it still excited her tremendously. She moved the bottom of her left foot up to the inner part of her right knee, giving Hank a perfect view of her pussy, covered only by the thin turquoise material. Hank’s shoulder moved even faster as she began seductively rubbing her right inner thigh with her right hand, still leaning slightly back resting on her left hand.

Charlie glanced towards the stern, where Bob was fishing and noticed that Bob was no longer fishing, but looking at Hank. Although he could only see his back, he did notice Hank’s right arm moving rapidly while looking out the windshield at Pam. Bob had a huge bulge in his pants watching Hank obviously stroking his cock looking at his wife. Bob apparently found that extremely exciting and was horny as hell. Charlie approached Bob and softly asked, “You find it very exciting watching other men get turned on by Pam, huh?” Bob nodded his head in the affirmative and said, “I do and I don’t know why. It just turns me on.”

Charlie put his arm around Bob’s shoulder and said, “And you don’t mind that Pam is enjoying it just as much as Hank is right now?”

“No, I don’t. I find that even more exciting. Is there something wrong with me?”

“I believe that if a married couple can find anything that they equally enjoy, then they should pursue it. It’s not my place to judge or to tell you there is something wrong with you. I personally don’t think there is, though. You know exactly what Hank is imagining right now, don’t you?”

“Yeah, he’s imagining fucking her, or doing something else sexual with her.”

“Would you like to hear about or watch Pam fucking another man?”

“I don’t know, honestly. I think, if Pam did do that and she enjoyed it and told me about it, it would turn me on. She would’ve had to have wanted to do it; her decision. I do know that when Pam told me you were feeling her bare tits and sucking them, while she was stroking your cock, I got so horny I almost came in my pants.”

“She told you what happened at my house, huh? You should know that she did nothing to provoke that. It just happened and emotions took over both of us. She stopped when she realized what we were doing. I think it’s important you know that.”

“Thanks, but I knew she wanted what happened to happen and she enjoyed it, so I am fine with it. She’s enjoying herself right now. I’m pretty sure she knows what Hank is doing. She’s having fun, so I am fine with this too. “

“I’m going forward where Hank is and enjoy Pam with him. Don’t be shy, if you want to stay back here and do the same, go right ahead. Neither Hank nor I will be looking at you.” Charlie smiled, slapped Bob’s shoulder, and went to the helm area where Hank was.

Bob could see Charlie motioning like he was unzipping his fly and taking his cock out and then started stroking it as they both looked at his near naked wife, laying only a few feet away from them, watching both of them jerking off. Bob couldn’t see either of their cocks, they both had their backs to him. He also knew from Pam’s position and the bottom of the windshield being about chest high to the men Pam could not see their cocks either; she could just see the motion of their upper arms. Bob wanted to join in, but just İstanbul Escort sat back and enjoyed the goings on, thinking about the great sex he was going to get later that night.

When Charlie joined Hank, Hank said to Charlie, “Look at that gorgeous young, tender pussy. I bet it tastes deliciously sweet. Damn, I’m so fucking hard, knowing she’s aware of what we’re doing, and enjoying displaying herself for our pleasure. Look how she has her pussy facing us and open, like she’s saying, ‘You like my pussy don’t you? You’d like to put your old fucking hard cock inside it and fuck me, huh? Here it is … come for me. Show me how much you like it.’ Oh fuck Charlie, I’m gonna cum.”

Charlie said, “I’m almost there too, Hank. Oh yeah, fuck her, Hank, fuck her hard. I want to shoot my load all over those young, firm, tits of hers. I want to paint them with my hot juices. Oh fuck, yeah.”

After about five more minutes Hank appeared to be putting his cock back in his pants. Bob went back to fishing so the men wouldn’t know that he had been watching all of this. Hank popped open another beer and started picking up all his fishing gear. He looked at Bob and said, “That is one fine woman you’ve got there son. I bet she is great in bed.” Bob said nothing and kept on fishing.

Charlie came to the back of the boat and said, “You’d better start reeling in your line. We’ve got to start heading back. I’ve got to buy a case of oil and swing buy the house and pick up a few spare parts and tools I forgot to bring with me today. You don’t mind bringing me, do you? I won’t ride with Hank after he’s had a few beers.”

“No, of course not. It should only take about 45 minutes, there and back. You have everything ready to go, right?”

“Yeah, it’s all in a box in my shed. I just forgot to bring it this morning when Hank picked me up. We can leave as soon as the boat gets tied up so we can get back in plenty of time to be back home for dinner. Pam won’t mind staying on the boat, will she? This way I won’t have to close the boat completely up until we get back. Hank won’t hang around, I’m sure.”

“I’ll ask her, but I don’t think she’ll mind, under the circumstances.”

“It’s just that it takes a little bit to make sure everything is shut off and secured. If I rush, I always seem to forget something.”

“No problem,” said Bob. “Honey,” Bob called out. “You better come back down here now. We’re going to be heading back to the dock.”

“Aww, so soon?” Pam moaned. “Alright. Give me a few minutes.”

Charlie took hold of Bob’s arm and said, “Before Pam gets within earshot. You know that Hank and I both jerked off and came, admiring Pam, right? She made us both cum quite a bit. Hank was turned on knowing that Pam was enjoying watching him jerk off. I loved it too and came right after him. It was great, thanks for lending us your wife.”

Bob replied, “Yeah, I knew what you guys were doing, and knew that you both came. I also knew that Pam was having just as much fun as you two. You guys made her just as horny as she made you.”

Pam grabbed her towel and shirt and put on her topsiders. She sidestepped her way along the narrow walkway. When she got to the end of the enclosed area of the helm, Hank walked over to her and put out his hand to help her down. She took hold of his hand and jumped onto the deck. Still not wearing her T-shirt, her tits bounced and jiggled, to Hank’s delight. She thanked Hank for helping her down. Hank looked her straight in the eye and said, “No, thank you.” “You’re welcome,” she responded, and smiled. She walked to the cooler, reached in for a soda and asked, “Anybody want a soda? You guys must be thirsty,” then giggled. Bob nodded yes. Charlie and Hank refused. She got a soda for her and Bob and walked over and took a seat beside Bob.

Hank and Charlie were at the helm talking boat stuff. Bob and Pam couldn’t make out what they were saying due to the engine noise.

“Are you going to put your shirt on?” Bob asked.

“Yeah, if another boat heads our way or when we get close to the entrance of the harbor, I will.”

“Whatever. Up to you.”

“Are you mad at me or something?” Pam inquired, in her little girl look.

“No honey. Of course not. I think you handled everything very nicely and you enjoyed yourself as well. Didn’t you?”

“Uh-huh. It wasn’t quite what I expected, but it was fun. We didn’t catch any fish though.”

“Ha, you caught two big fish from what I could see.”

“Oh, stop it. From what I could see, you were enjoying yourself as well. I honestly had no idea they were going to do what they did. It was extremely exciting though. I have never even seen you do what they did.”

“Turned you on, huh?”

“Uh-huh, extremely. Let’s wait until we get home to talk about this. Okay?”

“Yeah, okay. We’re getting pretty close to the harbor entrance. Oh, you know you made them both cum, don’t you?”

“Both of them? Oh I wish I could’ve seen that. That’s so hot.” Pam put her soda down and put on her shirt.

“Oh, by the way, I need to take Charlie by the house when we dock. He forgot some stuff he meant to bring for the boat and wants to leave them on it. He wanted to know if you’d mind staying on the boat while we go so he doesn’t have to rush around to secure the boat for the night. It shouldn’t take more than an hour.”

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