A Mom In Need Ch. 05


The next day as soon as her husband and son were off to work, Connie got a visit from her young lover Jason. She was only wearing a night shirt, which came down to mid thighs and she had nothing underneath. Her nipples were protruding against the fabric as he entered the house and pushed the door shut.

Before she could say anything, Jason had already grabbed her roughly and placed his lips onto hers. Then the two of them were kissing passionately by the front door, Jason pushed his tongue into her mouth and she let out a soft moan.

“Not here, follow me up to the bedroom.” She said breaking off the kiss.

“All right.” He said reluctantly following her up the stairs.

She led him into the master bedroom and closed the door behind him, he took off the tee shirt he was wearing. Then he pulled his shorts off standing before her with his large cock, already hard and bouncing lewdly in front of him. She led him over to the unmade bed, she pulled the sheet and light blanket back that they used in the summer. Then she pulled her night shirt off and stood by the side of the bed, she got on top of his legs naked, straddling them.

She took the large cock in front of her into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the young man’s sensitive head. Jason moaned and placed his hands on the back of her head pushing on it to make her take more of him into her mouth. She found that she could effectively suck seven or eight inches of his cock without gagging on it.

After sucking and pumping his cock with her mouth and hands Jason was finally spewing his cum into her mouth. She swallowed as much of it as she could only let a little of it roll down her chin.

“Wow, Connie that was fantastic, but I really wanted to have sex with you again.” He said sullenly.

“The day is still young lover, just lay there and relax.” She said to him getting off of the bed.

She went into the bathroom and took a quick shower, while in the shower she shaved her pussy. Then she got out she brushed her teeth and gargled with some mouth wash before going back into the bathroom.

Jason watched every move she as she came back over to the bed and laid down next to him, he rolled over to her to embrace her. The two of them were now kissing passionately again, his gently roamed her body, he toyed with her big tits and then he went down to her bare pussy, rubbing its wetness. Then he started to finger fuck her, as their tongues dueled back and forth, Connie was now eager to get fucked.

“Oh yes honey, I’m ready for you, climb up and give it to me.” She said to him in a low sultry voice.

Jason got between her legs and she parted them for him, he slid inch after inch into her hot wet pussy. Connie moaned with pleasure as his cock filled her tight pussy again, until he had it all the way in. Then he slowly lifted his ass pushing it in and out of her, making love to her with it, he especially enjoyed being able to suck her tits and kiss her while doing this.

As nice this was Connie was now filling with a sense of urgency, she wanted him to fuck her with his big cock, she wanted him to give it to her hard. She reached down and grabbed her legs pulling them up as high as she could get them. She could feel his cock push deeper inside of her, she had a soft orgasm as it penetrated her deeper than ever.

“Oh yes, oh yes that is so good.” She said to him. “Now fuck me baby, c’mon fuck me hard.”

Jason sped up the pace as he was instructed to do and began to shove his cock in and out of her pussy. He was now pistoning his cock in İstanbul Escort and out of as fast and hard as he could, she was so wet and horny that you could see her juices start to flow out of her pussy, then down her ass.

“Oh god yes, you fucking stud, fuck me, fuck me.” She said aloud.

“Oh I wanted to fuck you like this for so long.” He moaned.

“Fuck me, oh fuck I’m cumming.” She said as her words changed to moans and pants.

“Oh fuck. Goddamned I’m cumming too.” Jason said gushing cum into her pussy.

She let the orgasm subside, caught her breath and then lowered her legs, Jason finished cumming and then rolled off of her. The two of them fell asleep together on her bed in each others arms until about two in the afternoon.

Connie slid out of bed trying not to wake him and went to the bathroom, when she came back in she went over to her dresser to get some clothes out. From the top drawer she got a fresh pair of panties and a bra, then a blouse from the middle and some shorts from the bottom drawer. She had her back turned to the bed and did not see Jason get out of bed.

He slowly walked across the bedroom to where she was bent over the dresser, surprised her by putting his hands on her waist. She jumped for a moment and then stood up, he reached up in front of her and cupped her breasts. He then started kissing her neck with soft wet kisses, she started to turn around so they could go over to the bed. Jason had other ideas instead he gently pushed her forward and made her lean over the dresser.

Connie placed both of her hands on the dresser to steady herself and then spread her legs enough to give him access to her pussy. Jason slid his hard cock inside her pussy and fucked her from behind, Connie could see their reflections in the mirror.

He looked so young and youthful as he reached up with both hands to fondle her big tits, she could see his face was now on fire with lust. Jason pumped his cock in and out of her, making the flesh of her ass cheeks jiggle obscenely as he did. He was playing with her tits so rough that she was now both moaning with a combination of passion and pain. She had orgasm after orgasm, her legs were feeling as if they were going to buckle, Jason continued to fuck her, sweat now pouring down off of his head.

Finally he threw his head back and once again he was cumming inside of Connie, when he withdrew from her she had almost collapsed, if she did not have the dresser for support she probably would have. After a brief rest Connie finally sent him home, took a shower, got dressed in the clothes she pulled out earlier and started dinner.

During dinner she could not help feeling that Scott was undressing his mother with his eyes, she knew she was going to have to confront him about what had happened yesterday. Her husband was making small talk about how Hank and Mark were hoping she would join them on the boat for fishing.

“Sounds like fun actually, so maybe I will.” She said to surprise everyone at the table.

“Good I will tell the guys.” He said finishing the last of his mashed potatoes.

“Scott would, but you be a dear and clear the table for me, I want to check some e-mails.” She said to her son getting up as well.

Scott thought I got something you should be checking, he said to watch her ass sway as she left the kitchen. He cleared the tables and found his parents in the living room when he was done, his mother at the computer and his father watching an outdoor life channel. So he went upstairs to listen to music Kadıköy Escort until one or both of them went to bed.

Connie got a surprise e-mail, and her sister Colleen had sent her e-mail from her parent’s house, telling how sorry she was for screwing on the money. Connie sat for a long time, just thinking before she sent a reply, then she finally sent one. She asked her sister to come to the house on Saturday morning, but she was going to be on the boat with her husband and his friends. An hour later Colleen sent an e-mail back and said she would be delighted to come sees her.

“Well I’m off to bed, are you coming up?” Bill asked her.

“No, I’m going to look for a movie to watch that I’ll be up later.” She said watching her husband goes upstairs.

She shut the computer down and was hoping for Scott to come down, in order for her scheme of revenge on her sister to work, she would need Scott’s help. In an hour Scott came down and sat next to his mother on the couch, she felt uncomfortable having him so close.

“Hey Mom, mind if we hang out for a little while?” He asked her.

“No, we really need to talk about yesterday though.” She said to her son.

“All right let’s talk then.” He said to her putting a hand on her soft thigh.

Much to his surprise she did not remove it and she turned slightly so she could face him, letting his hand slide up a little further. Then she took a deep breath and told him what Aunt Colleen had done, how Jason helped her out, how she was now having an affair with him. The whole time Scott was getting harder and harder listening to his mothers’ tale of infidelity with his best friend.

“Wow, and I didn’t know the little shit had it in him.” He said in surprise.

“Well he’s not so little in a certain area.” She said blushing.

“I wish you could have found out that I’m not so little anymore, you know Jason and I have spent most of our puberty spying on you and having masturbation fantasies about you.” He said to embarrass her further.

“I’m flattered and shocked.” She said reaching down to hold his hand.

“Mom, I think you are about one of the sexiest women alive, I want you so bad right now.” He said to her moving closer to her.

“I will let you have me just one time tonight, but you have to promise you will do me a big favor on Saturday, both you and Jason?” She asked him.

“Anything for a chance with my milf mother.” He said to her.

“You and Jason are to fuck the living shit out of Aunt Colleen, sort of for fucking me over, you two studs are then going to pimp her out to your friends for the entire day while I’m fishing with your father for the day. Charge whatever you can, bring over as many as you can to fuck her, give Jason the money if you get up to twenty-five hundred. If you make more than that then you keep the difference, I will keep your Dad at the lake as long as I can, call my cell phone if you have any problems.” She explained.

“So you want me and Jason to fuck your sister, my aunt to get her back for fucking you out of money and getting you into the situation you are in now. Then you want us to pimp her out to our friends to get Jason back the money he lent you, any extra I get to pocket. No, it seems really cut and dry to me, so do we seal the deal now?” He asked her.

“Yes.” She said to pull her horny son to her so they could embrace into a kiss.

Her son was a very skilled kisser and unlike his virgin best friend he knew how to use his hands on a woman. He had already reached under her blouse Ataşehir Escort and was now fondling her sore bare tits.

“Oh mom, let me see them.” He said to her as he pushed her back and pulled the blouse up.

Then he gently licked and sucked on both of them, Connie arched her back up toward him so he could get at them better. He then undid her shorts, he pulled them and her panties down in one shot, he gasped at her pussy.

“Oh mom, you are going to find out what kind of man your son is.” He said standing up and getting his jeans off.

His hard cock was poking lewdly out of his boxers, it was not as long as Jason’s but it was actually thicker than it. She reached up to touch it, but she could not even get both of her hands around its girth. He pulled down his boxers and she dipped her head underneath, she licked and sucked his large egg sized balls. She then attempted to get her mouth around his cock, it stretched her mouth to the limit as she only could barely slip the head of it in. He had to be satisfied with her licking it all over, up and down the thick shaft.

He let this go on for a few minutes, then he pushed her back down on the couch by the shoulders. He was immediately on top of her, he shoved his fat prick into her pussy, she could feel the opening stretch painfully to accommodate it. Connie’s pussy was sore, she has not had this much sex, let alone so much cock in her entire life. As sore as she was, her body was now stretching to accommodate her own son’s cock, she could not overcome how horny she has now become.

Scott fucked his fat cock in and out of his mother not too slow, nor too fast, she looked at her son with lust filled eyes and they kissed. Now he fucked his young cock even faster, she was moaning with ecstasy as she was getting into committing sinful incest.

“Oh yeah, fuck mommy with your big fat cock.” She moaned as she was now thrusting up to meet his thrusts. “Oh god you are making mommy cum.”

Scott was very happy to hear her moans of ecstasy as she was having an orgasm with her own son on the couch in the living room with dad upstairs sleeping. He then pulled it out of her making her moan in disappointment, she was soon relieved when he rolled her over on her side, he lifted on leg high in the air and fucked her from behind.

Connie now took one hand and rubbed her clit while her son was fucking her, she was once again cumming all over his cock. She was amazed at how much staying power her son had, she knew he was experienced but she did not know how much. He then whispered something into her ear as her last orgasm had subsided.

He sat up into a sitting position and his mother climbed up on top of him, slowly lowering herself down onto his cock. She loved looking at her son as she fucked him, he had one hand on her ass and she tensed up when he slips his hand inside her crack. Then he slid one finger up his mother’s asshole, while the whole time she was riding him for all she was worth.

“Oh yeah baby, finger mommy’s ass, oh fuck your mommy, I’ve become such a whore.” She moaned.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum into you, you want that mom, you want your son to cum into, to cm into his slut mom?” He grunted and groaned.

“Yes baby, make me feel like a slut, cum into me, oh fuck, I’m cumming, come on Scott, come into your slutty whore of a mother.” She said as she just moaned really loud in passion as both her and her sons were coming on the sweat soaked couch.

They sat holding each other for a while, then he was off to bed, she made a quick phone call to Jason’s cell phone telling him not to come over for a couple of days. She had things to do and she was sore from the fucking her pussy had just gotten today. Then she too was off to bed, she slept the sleep of the dead dreaming all night of big cocks filling her every hole.

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