by Oediplex 8==3~

It helped that daddy was rich and mommy was good looking. For if my father had not been a well off executive with a major firm, earning six figures back then, nor my mother what we now days call a MILF, certainly the events which set up the affair between my mom and I would never have happen. But thirty-five years ago we began a long term liaison which ended only shortly before her death from cancer several months ago.

At the beginning I was in Graduate school, having my own apartment, thanks to pop’s support. I needed only to earn spending money, concentrating on my studies for the most part. Late in the spring semester I came down with a very nasty bug, sick enough even to spending a couple of nights in the hospital. My mother flew out to Chicago from New York to take care of me. After fussing over me and promising me a week of care and cooking, she left saying that while she would stay in a hotel near my apartment. In the meanwhile she would shop and get my place ready for me to convalescence.

She got my keys when she came to the hospital visiting straight from the airport. She knew where I lived from a trip my folks had made earlier in the fall. Of course, my protest did no good and off she went to see what a mess I lived in as a bachelor. I figured that the dirty dishes and laundry would not shock her – as that’s how I had been at home during summers too. But if she puttered around in my bedroom she might very well discover my not so hidden stash of porno: mother/son erotica, books, older women and younger men pictures, every naughty kind of thing about my fetish; quite a collection.

She did, but never mentioned it until afterwards, when I had already had my fantasy cum true. The antibiotics they gave me had me back home in a couple of days. It took several more for me to feel human again, and shortly after a week of being weak, I was my old self, and horny with little chance to do much under mom’s constant supervision. She would ‘tuck me in’ then take a taxi to the hotel. I would fall asleep before she left, the drugs still made me a bit groggy.

Now a few days before she was due to return we planned to go to dinner and out to a movie. I rode my bike down to the hotel and we ate there at a nice restaurant and went by taxi to see the latest block-buster at a movie theatre. The plan was then for me to ride back to my apartment. The flat Midwest landscape had made the cycle a more practical mode of transportation for my student days and Chicago had plenty of mass transit otherwise, but the buses didn’t run that late in the suburbs. Only we had not planned on the huge rain storm that evening.

We wanted to spend a little more time together and to split a bottle of wine we ordered from room service and chatted away for another hour. By the time I was ready to head out the mist had turned to a deluge. So mom suggested I just spend the night at the hotel in her room. I figured she would get the manager to drag out an extra cot since there was but one bed in her room. But she said that the bed being king size was fine and we could share, if I didn’t mind.

Yeah right! I guessed she hadn’t seen the porno or she would not have suggested that. Little did I know! Mom went into the bathroom and came out wearing a mid-length nightie of a rather shear material that clearly showed she had no underwear on. She suggested I simply strip down to my jockey shorts. She acted like it was no big deal for us to be so undressed around each other, but I had a hard-on that I had to hide or be too obvious about my interests.

Now I have to confess, back in those days I was in some ways innocent of the ways of the world and the wiles of women. Oh, I knew all about sex and I was not a virgin. But not so experienced in the type of intimacy I was finding myself involved with, much less the lady in the room being my mom. In fact, I only attributed the most pure motivations to my mother, never thinking that she might be thinking naughty thoughts as well. Actually I had never ‘slept’ with a woman before then – spent a whole night in a bed together; though I had bedded a couple of gals.

So I was prepared for an entirely innocent overnight, although my penis was stiff at the view mom’s gown revealed. She climbed into her side and set the last of her wine next to her on the nightstand and fiddled with the remote. As the host of the ‘Tonite Sex hikayeleri Show’ introduced the next guest I did likewise, the blanket covering my boner. Mom indicated I should scoot over and cuddle with her. Happy to do so as I loved her as any good son should; I provided the tender affections without any ulterior motives. However, my hormones were certainly flowing and while my intentions were honorable my libido was delighted with the sensation of my arm around the female of my deepest, dirtiest fantasies.

I felt my mother’s hand rest on my leg next to her and lightly begin to rub up and down. She sipped her wine; I mine; as the television provided a focus for my eyes, while the feeling of her manipulations sent the horniness of six days without release of sexual tension into a near frenzy. But still I didn’t think she knew what she was doing to me. Then she turned off the set and turned to me and asked me if I was sleepy. I was a little but still I didn’t want the moment to be over, it was very stimulating.

She slid down and pulled me down and close then hugged me. She began an intimate conversation asking me who had been the first girl I had made love to, telling me about hers – a guy she dated in high school. I told her this night was a first for me, to spend an overnight in a bed with any woman. She commented, “And it turns out to be your mother! You get lucky and are out of luck at the same time!!” she laughed at her own humor. I assumed by that comment that I was not going to ‘get lucky’, but then I never thought so in the first place. After all, she was my mother – nothing could/would/ happen. Right?
She gave me a chaste kiss on my lips and rolled over to her side with her bottom pointed back at me. She whispered that I could cuddle with her during the night as we slept, so that it wouldn’t be a total loss for me. I told her I loved her and drew close so that my arms hugged her body, but I kept my erection at a distance from her buns lest she get upset and ruin the evening by getting angry at what I couldn’t help. She sighed and got quiet. I had almost fallen asleep when she shifted so that my hand came in contact with her breast.

I froze. I had not done it purposely, though I instantly memorized the electric sensation. She made no effort to remove it, nor gave any sign that she was aware of that intimate touch. I was wide awake now. Then she said she was chilly, that I should snuggle closer. So I form fitted my body to hers and for sure now could she not detect my boner against her backside? She then shocked me by saying she knew I liked to sleep in the raw and added she did too. Would I mind if we slipped out of our things?

To my unbelieving eyes, there in bed with me mom wriggled out of her gown. I was not to be left behind and shimmied out of my shorts. I was getting the idea that the real fun of the evening was about to begin. I was unsure why my mom consented, in fact instigated that she be naked with her son in bed, alone together in a hotel room where no one would know of anything we did. But it was now clear that what ever had led her to this moment, there was no longer pretense of an innocent thing going on. Still I thought it prudent to let her take the lead as to how to proceed.

As we resume our cuddle spooning, once more she drew my hand to her tit. This time I could feel the hardened nipple poking into my palm with a turgid heat. I slowly rubbed my open hand just grazing the point to lightly stimulate the erogenous flesh. Since this made mom give a little moan of contentment, I then grew bolder. I began to finger then rolled the nipple with thumb and index finger, it got hard and long. I switched to the other and a breathy “Yeess!” was voiced by my mother. I gently fondled her mammary’s, her skin smooth and the double pillows so soft with the center of each a rubbery tip.

After several minutes I began to stroke her side, the curve of her figure was hill and dale down to hips and round to the dome of her tummy, a slight rise of a mature figure that had not gone to pot. This tested the waters for lower explorations. No indication of concern or limits was there, only a deeper breathing that was somewhat more ragged. A gasp was audible as I pushed my fingers into the tangle of pubic hair. I played in her furry forest ever getting closer to her nether lips. Even though I was in uncharted waters of my mother’s body, I was practiced at turning Sikiş hikayeleri girls on there. I sent the middle finger probing.

Her labia were swollen and damp as I brushed them. I found the nub of her clit and twiddled it lightly. I drew up her moisture to lubricate the flesh toy and she made small movements with her torso. I want to touch her inside and prodded her opening. My digit slipped into the well of womanhood and I wiggled it. Mom giggled with pleasure and made “Uh huh, uh huh” a chant. She opened her thighs giving me better access and I made the most of it as I buried my finger deep and added a second to stroke my mother’s vagina.

Suddenly she turned on her back, for a moment I thought that was going to be it, but then she began to kiss my face as if she hadn’t seen me in years. Her eagerness, even a hunger was evident. I kissed her back with equal ardor and we transitioned into sloppy Frenching. I rolled half on top of her, my stiff cock on top of her leg as my leg found the space between the thighs. She reached for and discovered my hard cock and gripped it firmly, stroking slightly, to my delight.
My mouth made a nibbling journey down her neck and over her chest to her edible melons and budding berries where for several minutes of oral gratification I became both her baby and lover simultaneously. Then I continued my tonguing assault to the ultimate intimate munching. Something I seem to be very good at by all reports. As her fingers danced on my skull I drove my mom out of her mind with the most inspired cunnilingus I had ever done. I discovered shortly there after that mother was a screamer when she came that way. And did she; again and again; until she begged for a break as she was getting too sensitive.

While we caught our breath, I moved both my legs between hers, resting my weight on knees and elbows, my cock pushed at her mound, the hair tickling and erotic. I bent down to kiss her lips as a prayer in that missionary position. My cock was prone and I moved it seeking to probe the gash and enter her heavenly hole. For a few moments as she thrust in counterpoint to my dancing and hunching, I got the thrill of humping my mother’s mound. Her hands stroked my back and held me in a hug, then lowered to my hips; her legs, bent at the knees, rose and spread. My mother opened herself to me completely and I knew it was time.

Her hole was tight, hot and so slippery. I penetrated about half way and withdrew to just a dipping contact, then thrust gently again, still not as deep as I could but making good progress. Back I retreated to the head being enfolded by her engorged labia, forward advancing to the root, out by half – and then as deep as I could. My balls squished on her ass-crack, my cock plugged at her uterus, the tip touching the nubs at the inner core. I held that connection of love for long moments then, instinct took over and I began to saw in and out. She gave cries and moans, encouraging me with movement in sync with mine.

Our mutual pleasure gained momentum as the fucking rhythm picked up; the slapping of flesh against flesh a meaty smack that echoed in the room. A steamy pungent aroma arose from our thighs as the friction of blood filled sex organs evaporated the love juices and sweat that poured down her crotch. My ball-sack was slick with it. I could feel her tighten the vaginal muscles and milk my cock. I had never felt anything so good; I loved her for giving herself to me physically and wanted to please her body with everything I had. I pounded my hard-on in her to bring her off.

It was not long in cumming with that effort. She began to make her special keening wail, the cry of overwhelming orgasm that could not be denied, nor stopped even though it was her son who was banging her. As I felt her buck and spread even wider she squeeze her legs together, I forced my way as deep as I could go, held it there as I gave great throbs of my prick spewing the huge load that had been building for days, indeed ever since my incestuous desires had been brewing for years. We froze in that coupling, united in waves of sensation and satiation.

We parted dripping perspiration but kissing between our gasps for air. We whispered, “I love you’s”; we looked into each other’s eyes and knew that it was right to have shared such passion. Then we settled into a side by side hug and began a conversation which set the foundation for our affair that Erotik hikaye lasted three and a half decades. Mom confessed then to having discovered my porno and read some, getting turned on by the forbidden fruit of her son having the hots for her. She even masturbated, she told me and then wondered how to provide an opportunity for us to do the dirty without seeming too wanton, though of course she was.

The rainstorm had been a stroke of luck for lust, a fortunate chance to fuck. Once she knew we would bed she was sure that it would culminate in our having sexual relations. I told her how many years I had had a thing for her and had sought to peek at her when ever I had the opportunity. She was not unaware of my interest, but had thought it simply a curiosity about women, not her being the actual object of my sinful desires. I asked if she had any regrets, would she tell dad? No it was a private secret for only us, no one must ever find out. I guaranteed her that it would be so. And yes, she regretted it had been so quick. It wasn’t done yet if she wanted more; I assured mom that it did not have to be over as I was swiftly getting my second wind and my mast was rising.

Mother told me her favorite position was to be taken from behind, so we did it doggie. I was afforded a totally awesome view of my prick stabbing into the pink pussy of my mom, her narrow hips pushed back as I poked her slit. I felt her opening once more gripping my sword in her fleshy scabbard, the enveloping like a wave of pure pleasure as pumped in and out. I knew the angle must be rubbing inside over her G-spot, as my balls swung up and beat on her, it was pounding where her clit protruded.

This went on for a long time before the urgency of my climax made my screwing rougher and quicker. She began to moan and saying “yes! – good! – now!! – I’m cumming, I can’t stop cumming!!!” Finally we collapsed in a heap, me atop her completely spent in energy and consumed in physical gratification. That was the last I remembered until I woke in the morning. I looked over and saw my naked mother gazing at me and rubbing her tits. She wiggled her I brows and I gave her a big shit-eating grin. Then she climbed on top of me and fed her beautiful breasts to my mouth, while her cunt scraped lightly over my rapidly rising cock.

When it was totally turgid she did a trick with her hips to angle it in as I trust upwards. Once more I was entering paradise. She rode me like there was no tomorrow, her velvety tits swept back and forth over my chest, a sensation I never got tired of. Mom would slowly stroke up and down, pausing to holding me deep inside. Other times she made just the head to enter, saying “No, my boy shouldn’t fuck his mommy – that is so naughty, mommy mustn’t let her baby screw her – but I can’t help it, you’re so big and hard and I’m so hot and horny – oh darling just a little, maybe just for a moment, so you can feel what it’s like – Ahh! I want to have you all the way inside me – I want you to cum in me – we mustn’t, but I can’t stop you – OHH! GOD! Fuck me, FUCK ME – I”M CUMMING BABY!! CUUMMINNGG!!!”

Of course those words made me explode too. She collapsed atop me and wet spot was a foot in diameter when we got up. We showered together but were too spent to do anything but wash each other. When we dressed we had breakfast at a diner that was in walking distance. Taking the El into the city we did some shopping for clothes; acting like lovers when in private, but proper in public. Back in the afternoon at the hotel we got naked and made love both orally (mom gave great head) and fucked for several hours taking our time and enjoying each other’s bodies. We discussed the future and planned for when I came home as to how to get it on when my father was at the office or on a trip.

While my affair with her lasted many years it did not have any effect on my general dating and I eventually married, nor was mom’s love for dad and their sex life altered. Neither of us was jealous, recognizing we had a special bond of love and lust, but not needing to limit ourselves to being exclusive. Until I shared this with you, only two other people have known about Mother and me; my sister who eventually guessed and thought it was totally funny, since she had been into my private stuff for years – the snoop; and one of mom’s friend’s who had confessed an assignation with a neighbor to her and mom in a moment of weakness had also let her own cat (pussy?) out of the bag.

Now that she is gone I have a need to tell someone what a wonderful connection it was for us. Not everyone would have such a good thing, but it worked for us.

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