A Little Accidental Voyeurism


During my freshman year of my undergraduate studies, I was staying in some really old dorms that had never been renovated. They were so old and out-of-date that they still had the original steam heaters from when the building was first built in the 1940s. Let me tell you, those things were fucking ancient. They were really huge too and they were in all the rooms.

None of the dorm rooms had individual bathrooms either; instead, if you needed to use the bathroom or take a shower, you had to go down the hall to the communal bathrooms shared by everyone on the floor. The dorms had originally only been built for men, so all the women’s bathrooms were just repurposed men’s bathrooms. They even still had urinals in them!

On top of all these nuisances, my dorm room was always really noisy during the evening. My roommate was always watching sitcoms on her television set that she’d brought with her from home and she’d always laugh at them hysterically as though they were the funniest thing in the world. Meanwhile, all the walls in those dorms were terribly thin and the girl in the dorm next to ours was always listening to pop songs at top volume. I tried to ignore all the noise, but sometimes I just needed to get away from it all.

The dorm building I was living in was divided into “houses” with each “house” having three floors of dorms, a resident assistant or “R.A.,” and a small lounge on the top floor that was just for members of that house. Some of the houses were co-ed, but my house was all-girls. Whenever I needed to work on homework, I’d go up to the lounge on the top floor, where it was usually nice and quiet.

There was an area with three couches and some coffee tables at one end of the lounge and at the other end, furthest from the door, were two tables with chairs. On that side of the room, there was also a steam heater. I’d always sit at one of the tables in the back of the room and work on homework or study for my classes.

No one else went up there—ever. Every time I ever went up there, the place was totally desolate. I mean, most nights, I could’ve probably gone up there, gotten totally naked, stayed up there like that for hours, and no one would’ve ever caught me. Of course, I never actually did that because I wasn’t a fucking idiot, but I probably could’ve done it and gotten away with it.

One night in early December at around 11:30, I was sitting on the other end of the room and I heard really loud sexual moaning coming from the heater. I went over to the heater and put my ear to it and realized the moaning was coming from the girl in the dorm room directly beneath the lounge. She was having very loud, passionate sex with a man.

I could hear literally everything that was happening in that room very clearly through the heater. I could hear the woman moaning very loudly, the man grunting as he thrust into her, the woman giggling between thrusts, the two of them talking to each other. It was Sex hikayeleri fucking hot and I was getting really turned on.

I could feel my pussy growing wetter by the second, so I reached into my panties and started playing with my clit. I know how incredibly perverted and voyeuristic this sounds, but I really couldn’t help myself and, besides, I could hear them from across the room anyway, so I figured, if they’re going to be so loud anyway, I might as well get off on it.

There was a window on the door to the lounge and, even though no one from my actual house had ever come up, boys from the house next door had sometimes come up to the door, thinking it was their lounge, and tried to get it. Obviously, they couldn’t get in since their keys wouldn’t work in the lock, but they could still see in through the window. I turned off the lights to the lounge so that way, even if one of them did happen to come up and look in through the window, all he’d be able to see would be blackness.

Then I laid down next to the heater. I unzipped the fly on my jeans, slid my hand into my panties, and started full-on masturbating as I listened to the couple having sex downstairs. I slid my middle and index fingers of my right hand into my tight opening and began thrusting in and out, fucking myself, while I used my left hand to fondle my breasts and play with my nipples.

I closed my eyes, imagining that I was the woman in the dorm below and that it was her partner who was fucking me and fondling my breasts, rather than my own hands. I tried to time each thrust of my fingers with each groan from the man in the dorm below. I tried to imagine what the mystery man might look like. Naturally, of course, I envisioned him tall, buff, and handsome with a mane of curly, brown hair.

The woman’s moans were getting louder and louder. I removed my left hand from my breasts and brought it to my clit. I was struggling not moan myself as I thrust in and out of my own pussy with my right hand and furiously rubbed away at my clit with my left.

Then I heard the woman cry out in ecstasy as she (presumably) came. That was hot enough to put me over the edge. I let my first orgasm that night wash over me. It took all my self-control to keep myself from moaning out loud in ecstasy of my own. After that, I heard them talking.

“I want you to deepthroat me,” the guy said.

“Sure,” I heard her say. After that, I heard her gargling as she sucked his cock. Then I heard her coughing. She coughed for several minutes. Finally, she stopped.

“God, I just almost died,” I heard her gasp breathlessly.

“I guess you can’t deepthroat,” the guy muttered.

“No, I can deepthroat, but, I mean, you’re just so huge I can’t do it on you,” she excused.

I had to keep myself from giggling at the sheer awkwardness of the situation. I was overhearing a couple in their most private moment and learning all their intimate Sikiş hikayeleri details of their sex lives—all just because they happened to be unaware of the fact that the pipes for the steam heater carried all the sound from their room straight up into the lounge!

Then, at that moment, I was forcibly yanked out of my state of amused contemplation and back to reality by the sound of a key turning in the lock to the door of the lounge. I panicked. No one but me had ever come up to the lounge before—ever! I’d been sure no one else in the dorm even knew it existed. I quickly pulled my now-soaking wet hand out of my panties.

The lights flipped on and I sat up to see the R.A. for my house come in through the door. She was a sophomore, which made her a year older than me, since I was only a freshman at that time. I barely knew her; she had led several house meetings, but that was basically all the contact I had had with her. A rush of panic washed over me. Had she seen me masturbating? I hoped to God that she hadn’t.

“Oh. I’m sorry I woke you up,” she said. “I saw the lights were out and I assumed there was no one in here.”

Thank God. She didn’t know I’d been masturbating while listening to the sounds of the couple downstairs in the throes of ecstasy.

I quickly went back over to the other side of the room and sat back down at the table and pretended to go back to my homework. My right hand was still covered in my pussy juices and the fly on my jeans was still open. I crossed my legs under the table, hoping the R.A. had not noticed my open fly. I surreptitiously wiped my hand on the leg of my jeans.

The R.A. sat down on one of the couches, got out her computer and started working. We sat there, both working in silence for a few minutes, but the couple downstairs wasn’t done yet. Not even close. Within minutes, I started hearing them fucking again.

The woman was moaning up a storm and I was certain the R.A. could hear her moaning too, since I was on the other end of the room and I could hear her, but the R.A. was sitting right next to the heater, meaning she should’ve heard the moaning even better than I could from where I was sitting.

The girl’s moaning got louder and louder and soon she was flat-out screaming.

“Ohhhhh fuuuuccckkk! Ohhhhh Godddd yeeeesssss!” I heard her shriek.

The R.A. and I both tried to ignore her screams and cries of ecstasy, but I could feel the wetness soaking through my panties and I was guessing from how much the R.A. kept fidgeting and readjusting her sitting position that she was feeling uncomfortably aroused too. This went on for what felt like forever, but was probably actually only around twenty minutes.

I think that those twenty minutes of sitting there in the lounge with the R.A. with my fly undone, my panties soaked, and my head filled with lustful thoughts as we both listened to the girl in the dorm on the floor below Erotik hikaye getting her brains fucked out were possibly the most awkward twenty minutes of my entire life. The sexual frustration was unbearable. My pussy was aching for further release. I desperately needed to finish off what I had started.

Finally, after sitting there for what felt like ages, the R.A. finally packed up her laptop.

“See you later,” she said. Then she left. The door to the lounge slammed shut and locked behind her, leaving me once again alone in the room. By this point, the screaming had subsided. I went over to the heater and listened. They were talking to each other.

“That was amazing,” the woman said.

“I could tell,” the guy responded.

“I can’t believe we actually had sex,” she told him. “We’ve been friends for so long and we’ve never done this before. My boyfriend’ll be so mad if he finds out.”

I felt like my heart skipped a beat when I heard this. The man this woman had been fucking wildly for the past hour or so wasn’t her boyfriend; she was cheating on him. This made the fact that I had overheard them fucking seem even more thrilling.

“We can’t let anyone know about this or it’ll get around to him,” the man who was not the woman’s boyfriend replied.

“That’s absolutely right. We can’t tell a soul. No one’s ever gonna know we FUCKED,” the woman laughed. “We’ll take this secret with us to our graves.”

I was struggling to avoid laughing out loud at the whole irony of this situation. It just so happened that the one time they were the most certain that everything they were doing was a complete secret was actually the one time someone else was listening in on them.

After that, I pulled my jeans and panties all the way down to my knees. I plunged my middle and index finger of my right hand into my wet pussy and began fucking myself with them, thrusting in and out as I simultaneously used my left hand to play with my clit. I came something like fifteen times, all the while thinking about the things I had just heard.

After I was done fucking myself, I was all hot and sweaty. Even though it was December, the steam heaters tended to work too well and so all the rooms were always way too hot. I packed up all my things and brought them back to my dorm. Then I got together everything I needed to take a shower and headed down to the showers, wearing only a fluffy pink bath robe and some shower sandals.

When I got to the showers, I saw none other than the girl who lived in the dorm directly beneath the lounge, the same one whom I had just overheard having the fuck of a lifetime with her secret lover. She was just getting out of the shower and was wearing only a white towel, wrapped around her body. Her long, black hair was hanging down, dripping with water.

I realized that she must have gone to take a shower immediately after her partner and her were done having sex. I wasn’t sure what to say to her, so I just said, “I don’t know about you, but I’ve been having an awesome night so far tonight. How’s your night been?”

“I guess it has been pretty awesome for me too,” she replied. She kind of half smiled at me. Then she headed back to her room.

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