A Fat BlackOldWomanLove Story Ch. 05

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Yes, I’m angry. Angry at myself because I can’t resist giving in to that dominate lust I experienced after years. It’s that strong, that common sense is overpowered by the urge. Weekly now my ugly, fat old black body is the possessing of a young white stranger with a horny obsessing for it. I think it’s an unhealthy desire and also cannot believe this young white man can find some attraction in it. And I give in to his sick desire, because I’m too weak to put an end to this. Let me explain:

I am a fat black old woman in her sixties, always being single because nobody ever wanted me. Life can be so unfair sometimes. I’ve always been fat, better said heavily overweight. I’m a kind of ugly, very tall and never attract eyes of men. I’m really an old fat, very big black woman, near 325 pounds.

When I was around twenty and already very fat, I let me seduce me by a horny boy. I thought he liked me as a person but soon found out he was just curious about my big fat body. He deflowered me against the fence of his parental house within the minute and after that I never saw him again.

A few years later I had a lover for one month, but regrettable found out he also had only interest in my big overweight black body. He let me do some very obscene things with him and I gave in to it, hoping some relation ship would be the reward in the end, but it didn’t. And that’s all of my experiences. Both had me just for their amusement.

Life since then was work, eat a lot and I became heavier and heavier in the years, and had to amuse myself because no one else did. I’m retired since a couple of years. It’s not fair for someone, who had strong sexual needs (and strangely I do), and not getting the opportunity to get any satisfaction. It made me a grouchy person in the years. Believe me, I tried everything to get attraction from men, tried to loose weight, followed diet after diet, but I didn’t have the discipline to hold on to it and grew fatter and fatter. I’m now almost 325 pound and although old, I still could knock down a brick wall if necessary. Because I’m grouchy I’m a lonely person, I don’t care anymore. I’m like, you mind your own business, and I mind mine.

Sometime ago I was walking through the mall and I’ve got the feeling of being followed. I was irritated but curious. I know, because of my heavy weight en being a tall woman, I have a funny walk but nothing to be a laugh. I wiggle while walking and I’m aware that my whole body wobbles because of my wasteful fatness. I held still by a shop window and notify that a very young white man was watching me; I think he’s in his mid twenties. He was an average type, not a stud, but just the type you wouldn’t notice in public. He notified me too and quickly passed further. I waited for a few minutes and went on.

About a quarter of an hour I saw him again, explicitly watching me as if I were some kind of spectacle. I got angry because it wasn’t any respectful. I decided to buy me a cup of coffee (and of course a big piece of apple pie). I went into a restaurant and ordered so. I set myself down near the window and while joining the coffee and the pie; I noticed after a while the young white man also stepped into the restaurant. He set him down at another table.

“This is my chance to get rid of him”, I thought.

I quickly eat the rest of the pie and drank up my coffee. I putted the money on the table, stood up, and walked my way to the door. It wasn’t to avoid I had to pass the table the young white man was sitting by.

When I nearly passed him, I heard him with a soft voice said: “Ma’am, I hope you’re not offended, but I love big black women like you!”

“Yeah, so!” I thought and felt my anger growing.

“Make someone else laugh!” I answered and before he could answer, I disappeared through the door.

I hadn’t any appetite to go on shopping and quickly went home. I kept irritable the rest of the day.

The next day I was irritable too. I had to go back to the mall because of the incident with the young white man. I had to buy some necessary I didn’t when that young white man bothered me. After some time I notified the same young white man was following me again. I decided to put this to an end, stopped by a shop window and when this young white man was passing I turned around and grabbed him by the arm saying: “What sick person are you, stalking an old woman?”

Daringly the young white man answered: “Ma’am, as I told you yesterday, I love big black women like you.”

He looked at me freely, slurping my big overweight body with his eyes. I’d tried to cover my excessive fat body by closing my open coat as if that would conceal my fatness. I felt my anger raise and nearly gave him a punch.

“Go find a psychiatrist with your unhealthy habit or find someone of your own age. Let this woman has her quiescent life.” I bitched him.

“Ma’am, I won’t do either of that because I have you in mind. And I won’t stop until I get what I desire.”

I was shocked and made a fist Anadolu Yakası Escort to knock him down. “Leave me alone or I call the cop.”, I sassed.

“That won’t help”, he answered quietly, “Someday you will give in to me.” and walked away.

I was speechless and that confused I forgot about the shopping and went into the same restaurant and eat two big peaces of pie. I then bought the necessary and went home.

I tried to banish this young white stranger from my mind but it didn’t. No doubt he made a joke on me and was trying to find out how far he could get a lonely, overweight old black woman. It irritated me a lot.

Every time I visited the mall he followed me. Despite of ignoring him, he persevered his unhealthy obsession for me. Always with that greedy look at me. I had to go to that mall at least weekly because it’s nearby my house. And I’m limited mobile of my excessive weight. I don’t have a car and have to take a bus or walk. The mall is only a ten-minute walk from home.

I puzzled about this young white man’s fixation. He became more freely and sometimes he walked, without saying a word to me, beside me for a while. Sometimes I turned around, but he kept following me.

Because this young stranger besides bothering me did nothing that could speak against him, I couldn’t get rid of him. I was tired of it. By the next time he walked beside me I grabbed him firmly by the arm and sasses: “You’re irritating me a lot! Tell me what you want from me to leave me in peace!”

He calmly answered: “I won’t bother you again if you once offer me your delicious big body.”

I was shocked and speechless. I must have had loose hold of him because he was disappeared before I could react.

Confused I did my shopping and went home. I kept shocked for the rest of the day by the words of that young white man. Never, no never I heard that freely daring. Those youngsters had no education these days! What does he think; just if he’s horny for a woman’s body he thinks she spread her legs for him?

I got very angry and grouchy. For the next days it didn’t leave my thoughts. I kept angry and grouchy about it, but during passing days I got mixed feelings about it. Me, a never wanted elderly, heavily overweight black woman, got stalked by a horny young white stranger in her retired days. And he wanted to possess this ugly, awesome big fat body. Strangely, I got a certain feeling below my belly but I ignored it.

Some weeks later, it was almost common now this young man walked for a while beside me, I heard him say: “Thought about it?” and was disappeared again.

I got irritated again; I even hadn’t the chance to respond. It was repeated several times I was in the mall. I became hopeless and was tired of it. My mind gave in to the thought of giving this horny young white stranger what he wanted to get it over.

Only the question: “Thought about it?” made me desperate.

He played it well, nothing pushing, but making me tired of it and not allow me to respond. I decide to buy extensive supplies and stayed away for three weeks from the mall.

It didn’t help. The next time I entered the mall, the young white man stepped again beside me, saying: “Missed you ma’am, busy thinking it over?”

I really became hopeless and in a pulse I answered: “Okay, I give up. Do what you please and then leave me in rest!”

Sudden I realized what I just said and I became in some kind of panic. But before I could straiten it, the young white stranger managed to turn me around and said: “Lets go to your house.”

I was in a dazed confusion while walking with him, showing the way to my house. We stood inside my house before I realized what I offered this young white stranger. He seemed comfortably with it.

I then got that indifferent behavior. It seemed I was fated to be the object of curiosity by horny young men for my awesome ugly fat body.

“Let him have his fun.” I thought, “Let him get loose of his lust for me. As soon he see my big fat naked body, he probably run out of this house and never bother me again.”

I took him to my bedroom after first persisted to let him shower; I took one after that. I stood there naked for him; hoping he was disgusted by the endless rolls of fat hanging from my overweight body.

But nothing of that, I saw his lusty eyes absorb every inch of it. It surprised me; it flattered me a bit, but also irritated me. I realized I was standing completely naked in front of this horny young white stranger who nothing less expecting from me to lie down on my bed, open my old black fat thighs to satisfy his unhealthy lust at me.

Somehow it didn’t bother me; for me, men were like all men; just wanted to get rid of their horny lust, even if it was an old, massive fat black woman like me. I would lie on the bed for him; I would spread my big fat legs wide open for him; I would allow that he put his horny white hard dick between my fat black pussy lips; I would let him get rid of his fascination Pendik Escort for me and let him deposit his load inside me as long as he leave me in peace afterwards.

I settled myself on my bed, spreaded my legs and was staring at the wall in opposite of the young white stranger, not interested of what would come next.

I turned my head to look at this young white man; as I described he was an average type, a bit skinny, not tall, not hansom. I saw his eyes lustfully absorb my old black overweight body and notify he had an extensive hard on.

I was surprised; still I’d expected this young white man would loose his interest in my ugly fat old body, seeing it’s rolls of fat. But he didn’t.

“Come here, do your thing and leave me in peace!” I bitched him.

He crawled upon the bed next to me. He tried to kiss me.

“No kissing, just quickly do where you came for and go!” I bitched again.

The young stranger didn’t respond at my words and began to fondle my huge black boobs. I let him, not interested. He massaged my big nipples and I felt some eagerness because they responding by getting hard.

I felt then one hand slowly stroking about my huge fat belly, direction the place between my spread fat legs. A few fingers fumbled my gray pubic hair and later I felt one finger between my fat black pussy lips slid.

It didn’t do anything to me, nothing. Another finger joined the one between my fat black pussy lips. I had just the intention by saying him he must put his hard on between them to get it over when I got that strange feeling.

With his two fingers this young white stranger was now massaging the knob in front of my fat black pussy lips and I felt some tinseling rising. I heave a sigh and let him go on with it. It felt very pleasant which increased when I notified it became swollen.

Tensed I waited how this developed. Although pretending not interested, I could not prevent become wet between my fat black pussy lips. Also I couldn’t prevent my sigh changed into moaning and it irritated me. I became wetter and wetter and slowly my disinterest changed into an unknown strong feeling.

I wouldn’t give the young white man the idea that I was beginning to like what he was doing so I bitched him: “Come, remove your fingers, put the other thing there and release yourself from your sick desire!”

The young white stranger climbed upon my old huge fat body and the settled himself between my spread mighty fat thighs on his knees.

“Well,” I thought, still not showing any sign of interest, “within the minute he has his satisfaction and I have my rest.”

I pulled my big fat belly up to give him access between my fat black pussy lips. I spread my mighty fat thighs some wider. I felt the glance of his rigid dick shove between my wet fat pussy lips, then the rest shove inside. I was only thinking that it soon would be over and waited for this young white man to get his release.

He began to move his hard boner backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards. And I waited for it to be over.

“Not done yet?” I bitched him.

Somehow this pumping inside of my old overweight black fat body did flicker an unknown strong feeling and it made me some angry. I nagged him to hurry.

My only experience were with the two other guys, who were just like this young white stranger, amusing themselves with my awesome fat body. It was always short, they used my big fat body to release themselves, and I was too reserved to get any satisfaction from it. For me this young white stranger was the same.

Maybe this unfamiliar circumstances were of any influence, but I’ve notices more excitement rising. This young white man, a stranger to me, was assiduously throbbing between my fat black pussy lips. He was, as I told, sitting on his knees between my black fat thighs, pumping his hard boner in and out of me.

As he was doing so, I was watching him and he was watching me too. It was really a very strange situation. He kept staring me in the eyes, sometimes greedily watching my wasteful fat body joggles, every time he firmly thrust this rigid completely inside of me. I noticed as he did, he really enjoyed it. Also trying to detect some response from me, but I gave none.

At some point I found it exiting. I concentrated on his movements, I looked at the pushing of his small hips strongly forwards between my black fat thighs, penetrating me complete with his white horny dick. It began to pleasure me and instead of wishing it soon would be over I wanted it go on for a while.

This nameless young white man seemed to have the skill not to come within the minute, but preferred to have some longer lasting enjoyment by pumping my old black fat pussy incessantly.

I stayed silent and didn’t snarl at him anymore. I slowly gave over to that crescent thrilling feeling. It took more and more possession of me. For the first time in my life my old fat black pussy got worked well, and I had to admit it was Kurtköy Escort a new exiting experience.

I closed my eyes, letting me carry away with the incessant movement of this young white stranger’s penetration between my fat black pussy lips. It went on and on; I heave a sigh, let a moan, letting me deeper and deeper sank into this inexperienced feeling.

Warily I began to move along with him. It increased my lustful feelings and I began to produce more juices. I reached my fat arms behind me; grapple the trellis with my hands on the head on the bed, stretching my excessive fat black body.

I was lustfully groaning now each time this young white stranger plunged me deeply, letting me further carry away in delicious thrill.

And as he did, I greedily jostle with my enormous fat black ass. If I wanted to stop it now, I couldn’t; lugged along with this bewitching rhythm I began to move faster and faster, just to get this younger white stranger’s hard on quicker complete inside my old fat black pussy.

Each time I succeed I groaned in pure joy. It felt as a kind of reward when this young white stranger deposit his sperm into me, a feeling of liberation.

I believe I then had my first orgasm. I didn’t recognize at first what happened with my old black overweight body. It incessant began to vibrate in a way as I had lost control over myself. But what a heavenly sensation it caused. I was confounded.

I realized what just happen when this young white stranger pulled his dick out of my old fat black pussy. A pour of his semen escaped from within my fat black pussy lips, paving a way down between my huge buttocks.

I quickly grabbed a towel I had put ready, wiping off the sperm. I looked at this young white stranger who had given me that unforgettable sensation. He sat there between my mighty fat thighs; attentive watching me with a big smile on his face; pulling at his half erected dick, as he hadn’t enough. I must have been crazy, instead of coming to my senses and send him away to have my rest in future, I heard myself said to him: “Do it again!”

“Say please”, was the short answer of the young white stranger.

I felt an anger growing and refused.

“Do it”, I said, looking at him.

“Only if you say please”, was the answer again.

My irritation raise and I said: “Do it or disappear”

By my astonishment the young white stranger climbed off the bed and putted on his clothes.

I also climbed off the bed, a towel holding between my wet fat black thighs. The young white man already had his clothes on when I found a dressing gown.

“Go and leave me in peace in future”, I bitched him.

I disappointed because I wanted to feel that sensation again. But my anger at that moment was stronger. I’m a bit prevailing and had no intention to beg for it. I walked him to the door en let him out. I admit I was confused and had a bad day afterwards with mixed feelings.

There was a part of me feeling the embarrassment I gave in to the unhealthy desire of the young white man. Other side’s there was disappointment. I regretted of my grouchy manner that prohibited the possibility of experiencing that satisfaction again.

The next three weeks, when I was in the mall, I didn’t see the young white stranger and I thought I would never see him again, just like the other two when I was young.

“I did get my rest,” I thought and I had some peace with it. I cached myself looking for the young white man when I was in the mall. It bothered me; I didn’t want to have that feeling but the desire of that unfamiliar feeling was stronger then I thought.

I’d tried to get rid of it but didn’t succeed. It almost felt like a relief when in the fifth week he suddenly walked beside me. I looked at him, not saying a word and he didn’t either.

He went into the supermarket with me and I did my shopping. I paid for the grocery and walked out of the supermarket. Still either of us said anything.

The young stranger kept walking beside me as I left the mall, direction home. It was a rare situation. At some point I wanted to say to him to clear off but I didn’t. That deep hidden feeling was stronger and I wanted him to come home with me.

We stood still at my front door. I searched for the house keys in my handbag; opened the door and stepped in. I noticed the young white stranger didn’t and I turned around, a little bit uncertain. I looked at him and he looked back. It was some kind of weird situation.

My urge to experience this delicious feeling again was stronger than rational thinking. I saw in the eyes of this young white man he some kind of expected it and looked at me, as I was undressed. I couldn’t care, as long he provides me with what he did before, I would be content with it.

“Say please”, he said, “That’s all.”

“Please”, I sighted.

The young white stranger entered my house and closed the door. I left the shopping in the hallway, preceding him upwards to the bathroom where we took a shower. I felt very strange, uncomfortable with the unhealthy desire of the young white stranger for me, uncomfortable with my irresistible longing. We had nothing to say to each other; we both knew we’re together to give in to that dominant impulse.

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