50 Shades Of Beech Moutain– Chapter17


50 Shades Of Beech Mountain

As this story progresses , I will delve into the craft of BDSM.

I’ll say it’s not for everyone, but there are too many possibilities out there to ignore this extremely sexual lifestyle.

I will include the link below–and I’m by no means advertising for the books. It is the best examples of what you may seek in your life.

This forty-five minute video simply can explain why so many are moved not only by curiosity, but seek an alternative to expand sexual pleasures for themselves and others.


The week ended suddenly as it began and Sandra and I were landing back at Beech Mountain Friday afternoon. Donna met us with Sandra’s Hummer. Warm hugs and wet kisses were exchanged and we made our way back to Sandra’s place.

“So Donna–How are the twins doing?” Sandra asked.
“They have been busy as hell love–I can’t complain about them at all–considering they only began a couple weeks ago.”
“Have the members been getting massages?” I asked.
“Oh hell yes! There is someone on the table constantly. The twins swap off the work, and I’ve even been requested to give them.”
She was grinning to see our reactions no doubt.

“And just how wild have these sessions been I wonder?” I asked.

“Actually there’s been very little sex related massage Dano–maybe a dozen out of the thirty or so we did while you two were gone. We’ve signed up eight more members too.
The twins and I have been sleeping upstairs at your place — had a three way in your room after work last night . A four way if you include the Sybian!
I thought it better you hear it from me first.
The condo is clean as a pin with fresh sheets on the bed and I just re-stocked your kitchen with food and Black Label Jack Daniels!”

We pulled into Sandra’s condo and helped unload her stuff.. She must have bought new outfits because she had twice as many suitcases as she left with. My Miata was parked there also.
Donna explained that Josie had followed her to the condo in the Hummer and caught a cab back to the gym, so we would have a ride back.

Sandra and Donna spent a little time opening up gifts she had brought her in the bedroom as I had a double Jack. I could hear the giggles and moans but chose to let them have their time alone..It was an hour before we were back at the gym. Home at last!

The twins tackled me as soon as I was inside the door, smothering me with kisses.
I made them carry my luggage upstairs as I spoke to a couple of the members. I no sooner sat down on my couch upstairs when Sandra called.

“ I need you ready to fly to Knoxville tomorrow by noon please. I’d like to hire the people we need to get that place upgraded and you’ll need some time with Connie’s training I’m sure.
You can coordinate with the architect that will do the blueprints. We’ll have him recommend the best contractors he feels can do the job right.”

“Sounds like a plan sweetie. You rest up. No doubt you need to after being nearly half way around the world and back in a week. I have another idea brewing that concerns Shannon and others. Your sister is insatiable. She hinted she may see us soon, but I couldn’t tell if she was joking or not.”

“She’s gonna come up here, she told me cause I was having all the fun and she wanted in on it! She hinted at wanting to meet Connie. You know why?”
I laughed and filled her in about her sister’s submissive side and hung up as she laughed.
I took a long time to wind down, but shaved and put on my loosest shorts and tank top and made my way to the juice bar with another double Jack, but in my coffee cup to be discreet.

Josie was on duty and leaned over to flash her cleavage at me.
“We sure have missed you Dano. Ever since that day, the sex just gets better and better between Jan and I.”
“Well stop being so picky and branch out to others Josie. Do you two not have any guy and girl friends?”

“Yeah–but now that we have this job–we can’t show favoritism and we would rather keep our sex close knit with you–Donna and Sandra if thats OK.
Believe me when I say we had a very protective Dad. He died a couple years back and our Mom took over his business. He was a cement contractor. She has a full plate running that and we just stay out of her way”

“Well I have a couple of like minded women who you’ll be meeting soon. Shannon is Sandra’s younger sister, and Connie is in Knoxville–but I may have her here a few days for training.
I expect you two do do whatever I ask of you. I consider you two mine for the moment.”
“Yes Sir–we will.”
“ Be sure to let Jan know. This will involve more training for all of you so keep your off hours open.” She winked at me and moved on to wait on a couple members.

I called Connie’s cell and she answered immediately.
“Hi Dano!”
“Hi–Listen, I don’t have but a few minutes. What hours are you working at the Inn tomorrow?”
“I’m free this week end Dano. I get one weekend off a month.”

“ I’ll be there by 4pm tomorrow. Till then–see if you can get a few more days tagged onto your weekend..we’ll be doing some training, and I’ll need you here at Beech Mountain for it.”
“No problem Dano–I can get my shifts covered easily, coz I have sick days and vacation days
I’ve not used.”
“See you later Connie. You’re never gonna regret this move. Bye”

Next I called Sandra back to see if she could get Shannon here quickly. She assured me she could have her here tomorrow,so the plan was set.
I also told her about the twins family being in the cement business and to talk with them about pouring the foundation for the guys gym next to us.
We will meet with the architect and map out a second floor blueprint in Knoxville – fly Connie back here and hopefully Shannon would be here waiting for us.

I went over to my office and made a call to my bank about a wire transfer to Western Union so I could have more cash on hand…just in case. I had a shit-load of irons in the fire–and an idea that might become very profitable as a side venture.

Donna came in with a grin and gave me a long wet kiss. She pressed an envelope in my hand.
“This is for you lover. Your split of the massages we did while you were resting up.”
I looked inside and saw seven one hundred dollar bills.

Very nice commission for one place in one week. I slid it in my pocket as she sat in my lap and we cuddled. That returned my original investment plus a hundred..the rest would be gravy from now on.
“I sure have missed you, and the twins have also. I’m not sure what your plan is for us, but please keep me in the loop. I hate surprises Porno hikayeleri that might upset me.”

“There will be a different kind of training going on Donna. The twins can run this place just fine–I can see that now. I’ll be bringing Connie and Shannon into our group for some “fetish” training that will supplement all our incomes if it works as planned.
The twins are in on this–but are unaware what’s in store for them yet.”

“Explain it so a horny Cherokee squaw can understand” she said as her hand slid up my very loose shorts leg.
Gripping the head of my semi hard cock, she squeezed it and then let go. She slipped to her knees and snatched my shorts to my ankles.

“I’m so fucking horny for you Dano! The twins are a great distraction when you are not around, but your cock scratches an itch only you can relieve. One or two orgasms just don’t do it for us anymore. Between you and the Sybian I think you have us spoiled.”
Her warm hand cupped my balls and she rolled them around as her tongue licked my cock from base to tip.

I leaned back in the chair and watched as Donna gave a truly superb blow job.
I’ve always thought of oral skills–breasts–pussies and cocks as be as individual as our fingerprints. Think about that a moment and see if you don’t agree.

No two are alike, and Donna was no exception. Her style was to suck as much cock into her throat without gagging, then slurp her way back noisily to the tip, stopping long enough to roll her tongue around the head as she lightly nibbled with her teeth on it.
Doing all this as she squeezed and rolled my balls in her hand was doing the trick for me, and it was less than three–four minutes I was pushing lightly on her forehead–her signal that I was about to cum.

I pulled her off my stone hard cock and spun her around. With her perfect ass to me–she dropped her gym shorts– straddled my legs and lowered slowly onto my cock. She was already very wet and as she sank inch by slow inch down my shaft, her moans and growls defied description. Her long fingernails dug into my inner thighs, marking me.
Rolling her ass cheeks as she neared bottom, I slapped both cheeks hard leaving my hand prints on each orb.

“Ahhh Yesssss–I’ve really missed that cock!” she said as her ass met my crotch. I reached around to pull her into an incline so her shoulders pressed into my nipples.
She was fully impaled and happy now, and as my hands went to cup her breasts, her cunt muscles spasmed to milk my cock.

I rolled her hard nipples with my fingers as she pumped and rolled her pussy, moaning softly as her first orgasm flooded my crotch and balls. I began to spank her exposed clit slow at first, but getting a little faster as she cum. Her thighs spread extremely wide to maximize the pleasure.

“Cummmming!” and another wave shook Donna from head to toes as she ground her ass down on me. She raised straight up and began to take long strokes, squeezing my heavy balls lightly as she felt my cock expanding.

“I’m cum-iinnngg now!” I said as her strokes grew faster. She pulled up on my balls and held them close to her throbbing clit as I shot thick hot ropes of cum against her cervix.
She howled at the feelings and had yet another orgasm to mix with mine as she pounded my poor cock with her tight pussy.

I spanked her blurring ass cheeks over and over as we cum–adding to the intensity of the moment for both of us. Slowly the motion gave way to little jerks of aftershocks from both of us, and she lay back limp against my shoulders, her slick pussy still pulsating and leaking cum all over my balls.

I continued to pinch her nipples and kiss her neck while Donna’s hands went behind my neck and locked her fingers. A very intimate moment all women love is the aftershocks and cuddling with their lover. It was no different here. We frenched slowly as our breathing became almost normal again.

Slowly she eased her weight off of me and stood—both her inner thighs slick with cummi strings that slid slowly towards her knees.
“You be still Dano–I’ll be right back.”
Donna went to the rest room and I heard the water running as she cleaned up. In a minute or so she came back with a couple of warm washcloths and fresh towel and proceeded to clean me up.

She began at my sweat covered brow and stopped at my navel with one cloth , then used a fresh one to clean all around my happy cock and groin area. Drying everything throughly she returned the stuff to the rest room and came back.
Donna raided my mini fridge for a bottled water and ice cubes. She fixed my favorite Jack Daniels double over ice and we sat and glowed in the aftermath of our quickie.

I decided to lay my idea out to her before talking with Sandra, sorta to feel out what a woman’s view would be..
“It’s been a few years back Donna, but I am a past Master in the BDSM craft. Do you know what that is?”
“Sort of Dano–you mean like the whips and ball gags–nipple clamps and such?”

“It’s a damn billion dollar a year business in the U.S. alone, and my idea’s could possibly get us a large piece of that pie.”
“So whatcha got in mind?” Donna was a bit of a dominate herself–I could tell from our first encounter when she tackled me onto a couch.

“ I’m telling you all this not only to keep you informed–but to try on Sandra before I pitch the idea to her. I want you to spend the night at her place and do exactly as I ask.”
“Oh good–I need some downtime with her too. I’ve missed her almost as much as you.”

“That’s fine Donna- now we both know Sandra’s sexual stamina, so what I’ll suggest will just be another level of what she already enjoys.
BDSM is all about “fetishes”–whatever turns you on sexually–whatever fantasies you’ve had but not tried can be a fetish.
I think if we were to cater to this sexually speaking–we’ll all be happy and make a killing on other people’s fetishes.
I’d be willing to bet my money on it–and Sandra’s too if she’s smart.”
“So tell me what to do Dano.” Donna was not only hooked–she had swallowed it!

“You are mainly a “Dominate”…I’ve witnessed this side of you. You like being in control of a situation, and that’s great. We can use that to our advantage.
When you and Sandra finally get down to lovemaking–here’s what you do.
You’ll need basic items. Plenty of red candles–not the long ones, but the fat ones that have their own glass or coaster.
You are gonna learn the fine art of wax dripping. Some silk scarf’s too. You can buy these items at any Wal-Mart.”

“Oooh fuck yeah! I get it!!” I saw Donna’s eyes glaze over thinking about it. I continued.

“ Get her on the bed-couch–floor– I’ve even done this on Erotik hikaye my massage table.
Any place you can bind her wrists with silk scarf’s.
I never use regular rope because of rope burns. We can order spools of Japanese braided bondage rope online in any color we choose.”

“You bind her wrists over her head, eat or finger her pussy–spank her clit, whatever you two do to get each other off…at the moment of orgasm, pour the melted wax onto her nipples and clit. I promise you it doesn’t burn that bad and it cools instantly.”

“ She will love this I’m almost certain. You can squat on her face as you do this and demand she swallow every drop of your cum. This is just for starters.
There are hundreds of “fetishes“ to explore, and we’ll be charging heavily to make people’s fetishes happen.”

Donna’s breathing was giving away her obvious excitement over what she fantasized doing to Sandra. She suddenly kissed me deeply and gave my cock a squeeze.

“Wait till you meet Connie-She a natural Dominatrix..and Sandra’s sister Shannon is her exact opposite–a natural Submissive. The twins are mostly submissive, but I’ll need to be with them tonight to see which is the more Dom of the two.
They’ll spend the night here with me, so I won’t get cold.” Heh Heh..“ I plan to convert one of my bedrooms upstairs into a playroom to train in.”

“Can anyone imagine the price we could charge to fuck a set of blonde twins?” Donna said smiling.
“Not just fucking them–but letting them have their way with a customer. He or she states their fetishes on paper, and we do our best to make them happen. They sign a form not holding us responsible for anything that happens, and they choose a ‘safe word’ to stop anything they don’t want.”
“Dano I think it’s an excellent idea, and I’ll do my part in convincing Sandra –as if she would say no!
I knew there was something special about you the day you took the job here.”
She reluctantly put her shorts and top back on , kissed me again and left for Sandra’s place.

I got online and ordered some of the things I was sure we would need in the coming weeks and just mainly relaxed an hour or so.
I ordered Japanese silk braided rope-three twenty five foot spools of it in red–purple—and blue. Nipple clamps–four sets.
Ball gags in three different colors.
Three leather riding crops — four dozen of the fat candles in red–purple–and dark green.
The deeper the color–the hotter the wax is.

Four sets of the fuzzy hand cuffs that I knew would bring a laugh from the girls. Three spreader bars that I knew would come in handy. I would get the proper materials online also for a St. Andrew’s cross for my playroom.

A tap came at my door and it was Jan–all smiles as usual. I motioned her to take a seat.
“Josie said you got plans for us?” She bit at her lower lip.
“I do–you two will be spending the night with me. Donna wants to be with Sandra tonight, and it will give us the chance to get to know each other better.”

“Do we need to bring anything from home?”
“Maybe a clean change of underwear–if you can call six square inches of thong underwear.”
“What time Sir?”
I smiled and said just as soon as we closed. It was set!

It was well after dark and I had just taken a slow hot visit to the sauna. Standing under the exit shower I rinsed the sweaty beads off just as slowly and let the incredible relief of the days tension roll off me and down the drain. I made my way back up my steps to the top and heard the twins.
Seems they were always in a happy mood, and I was going to make them even happier I hoped.

“Hi girls–Have you had your evening baths?” They were sitting knee to knee on my large couch.
“Yes Sir” they answered in perfect unison.
I made myself a double Jack over ice and motioned for them to separate. I took a seat between them.
“ Tonight we will be training down a different path that neither of you has likely walked.
I’m sure you both have heard the term ‘BDSM’ before–and we will be exploring this tonight to see if you can become comfortable with it. Are there questions before we begin?”
Jan just smiled–but Josie’s hand made a little wave.
“Can I be first Dano– I’m the oldest by five minutes.” I laughed and pinched her thigh lightly.

“I want to talk first and gauge your receptiveness to the idea. The “craft” as it’s often called has been around at least a thousand years, and yet there are no schools or diploma’s to earn.
Each is taught by a “Master or Mistress” who was in turn taught by another who passed it down.. It’s the way it’s been done for countless generations.”

I let these statements sink in as I drained my bourbon down. Both were wide–eyed and all flushed-as if excited by the new idea.

“Every person has a fetish inside them. Some may have several. A fetish is what turns you on sexually–or a fantasy you always wanted to try, but never did.
A Master or Mistress of the craft will explore these fetishes with the client and seek to expand the limits and boundaries that most will have.”

“ Being a past Master, I will pass on some instruction to you two beginning tonight.
Sandra, her younger sister Shannon , Donna, and Connie whom you’ve yet to meet also will be participating. I cannot instruct without total submission on your part.
If you cannot abide by certain rules– you will suffer punishment by me — Donna or Connie.
They have already shown to be Alpha females or ‘Dom’s’.
I will not always be around to guide you–but one of them will be.”

“The number one rule is Respect. You always obey me with a “Yes Sir” and you do it quickly. Saying No is not permitted to a Dom or Master. You will enter into a training period of a year minimum to learn the various fetishes–beginning with your own tonight.
Tell me Jan, what turns you on sexually?”
Her cute nose cringed up and she answered quickly– “Sex toys Sir!”
I smiled and looked to Josie–raising my eyebrows as if asking.
She responded the same “Sex toys Sir”.
But of course being twins why the fuck not?

I stood and gave them a ‘come with me’ motion with two fingers. We got to my bedroom and I saw the Sybian sitting beside the bed, still plugged in. The attachments lay on the nightstand.

“O K girls-please remove all clothing and jewelry.” They quickly shed what they had on and stood side by side watching me. I lit three of the red cherry scented candles and placed them close by on the nightstand.

I let my baggy shorts hit the floor and removed my shirt. Jan spoke first, asking if she could get me another double. I thanked her and said by all means–and fix you two whatever you like and return quickly.
“Yes Sikiş hikayeleri Sir” again in unison. How do they do that I kept asking myself?

I lay back propped up by the thick pillows and just lay there forming my next moves. The twins returned with our drinks and as I scooted to the center of the bad I had them get on each side of me. I felt since they were young, I would lay out an outline for what they needed to know.

“Ladies I consider you my “sub’s” or submissive’s. I want to know something. When you two are having sex–who takes charge?” Both smiled and Jan replied first.
“We trade off the top Sir, Josie and I have never been aggressive to each other since we read one other so well.”

“Okay then, since that’s the case I’ll enlighten you some more about what our plan is and what’s expected of you. You will obey not only me, but Donna, Connie and of course Sandra. In the coming days, alot of rules and information will be told to you. They will be given a few at a time so they sink in and you won’t forget them.”
“Yes Sir” again in unison, so cute.

I downed my double and set my glass on the night stand and relaxed my hands on each twins highly toned inner thigh. They wiggled them open slightly.
I began by explaining their roles as subs was to please mee or any Dom that they were with at the moment. A few rules came next.

To do whatever was told them quickly and without question.
To service their clients in the same fashion as if they belonged to them for the moment.
Fulfilling to the best of their ability any and all fetishes the client may want to explore.
Giving the client extreme pleasure and expand the fetish to it’s limits and beyond if possible.
To create a ‘safe word’ with each client and remember to stop immediately if it is spoken.

I told them I would be converting my spare bedroom into a play room for these activities to take place, and they would help in the decoration and keeping it clean and ready for use at all times.
At their own expense keep a drawer full of condoms and make sure the client uses them.

“The clients are paying a fee for use of the room so you can never be charged with soliciting or prostitution.”

If he wants unprotected sex, use your own judgment but charge him double the $150 an hour rate for use of the play room.
If they want both you twins the rate is $400 an hour. You will be on a commission getting fifty percent of what you charge. Both twins eyes sparkled at that statement.

“This side of the business will begin slowly I expect, and word of mouth will be your only advertisement. I also see it snowballing into a waiting list for your services. You may have to have help running the juice bar and gym. I’ll see that Donna is informed of this.”

“Josie, we will begin with you sitting right up here on my face. I want you facing Jan–who will be riding my cock. You cannot cum till I give permission.”
They squealed “YES SIR” and mounted me. Jan sucked sloppily on my hard cock as Josie’s pussy covered my mouth. I began to nibble at her exposed clit as I felt Jan’s warm pussy envelope my thick cock.

I reached up and spread Josie’s ass cheeks as wide as possible and tongued her winking anal muscle. I took a deep breath and spoke again–telling the twins they had permission to kiss and fondle each other. “Mmmmmm” was all I got in response.

I licked Josie from clit to ass hole in long teasing strokes of my tongue. I spanked each ass cheek till she was moaning and wiggling back onto my tongue, trapping it inside her pussy. Jan was rolling her tight pussy all around the root of my hard cock. I could feel the muscles gripping it and milking me. We fucked and played for at least twenty minutes.

“Pl–Please Sir–may we cum now?” I couldn’t tell which one said it but I muffled out a
“Not Yet!” I began thrusting–bouncing Jan off my cock a few inches as she squealed in delight. I ran my tongue all around Josie’s dripping pussy lips catching most of the copious amounts of fluids draining out of her. I spanked both ass cheeks till they felt very warm. I managed to pull my face free long enough to give them permission to cum—as I was very close.

“You two may cum together now–all you want!”
No sooner than I said that I felt Jan’s tight pussy milking my thick cock as she squirted her warm fluids all around my pounding cock.

Josie let loose a stream of cum that threatened to choke me as both girls Frenched and moaned loudly. My hard cock began shooting thick hot streams of cim deep into Jan’s spasming pussy. It quickly over filled and ran out the sides and down my balls.
I licked and swallowed stream after stream of Josie’s warm cum.

“Josie–grab a candle and drip wax over each of Jan’s nipples” I said as my orgasm wound down.
I pushed Jan off me and onto her back to receive the wax treatment from her sister. As Josie was on her hands and knees dripping the wax—I moved in behind her standing at the edge of the bed and slid my half hard cock into her tight asshole.

“OH FUCK YEAH!! Josie screamed as I began to “inch fuck” her ass.
“I’m cummming again!!” Jan moaned as the wax did a number on her erect nipples.
I handed Jan another candle and whispered for her to lay a trail of wax from Jan’s exposed clit all the way up to her navel and fill it up.
Jan moaned and kept hunching her pussy upwards as the wax was applied . She spread her puffy cunt lips so the clit was very exposed.

“God that feels soo good!!” Jan’s eyes rolled back into her head–moaning. One last squirt came from her pussy to drench Josie’s chin. Jan became semi- conscious from the pleasure briefly.

I had about half my cock in Josie’s ass when it began to thicken again and harden up. I smacked each ass cheek as she backed up–trying to bottom my cock out in her hot ass.

“Fuck Me Danoo!!” she screamed as I bottomed my hard cock in her bowels. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks wide for me. I slammed her sweet ass for a good five minutes as she began to have anal orgasms–one after another.
“C-Cummming !! My ass is cummmingg Dano!!” I felt the ring of muscle as it spasmed over and over around my cock.
That’s what I had been waiting on. I gave two very hard lunge’s forward and held my cock deeply as my cum boiled out and bathed her guts well.

“AHhhhggg—I feel your hot cum Dano!!

Her ass began to pump–milking my poor cock of all reserves it had. I pulled her up roughly by her hair and kissed her as we cum our last few strokes together.
All energy seem to leave her as I frenched her —and Josie slipped onto her belly with me still buried balls deep in her quivering asshole.

I pulled my numb cock from her ass as thick streams of my cum ran down her ass to soak her pussy. God I could hardly wait till Shannon and Connie were here.
We were gonna really set up a Dungeon of Delight!

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