Zero Thousand Foot Club


Author’s note: The prompt for this story was, “I will handcuff you to me.” I usually write submissive women, so it is enjoyable to have a strong female lead in this light-hearted male-female romp with playful sex and very light bondage. There is some time spent on character and setting development.


I’d been working for Emirates out of Heathrow for only a week when I first saw Jess. Of course then I knew her only as Ms. Diamond–I wouldn’t have dared to call her Jess. We were on strict orders from the management because the airline’s top priority was to achieve the best customer service in the world, and every action, the behavior of every employee in every world airport was engineered to perfection towards that goal.

That’s why they hired me. I came with an excellent referral from a top London hotel, where I solved all known problems of the high-flying elite. And they always have a problem to solve, I can assure you that. Whether you might consider some of their “problems” real problems that regular people would need to solve is another question, but I was paid to serve, and I was very good at it.

In that first sighting, she passed to the executive lounge, where I was working, to wait for her outbound leg to Singapore. I didn’t know who she was or what business she had there, but I knew she was amazing. I had to suppress my urge to stare: beautiful oval face with jet black hair and dark eyebrows–I thought I caught a hint of Chinese or asian origin but she denies it–a stunning slender figure with ample curves tucked neatly into a lightly white-and-blue-vertically striped business shirt and black skirt with a tight belt.

I had to avert my eyes when I swung around from the customer service desk–we call it the customer success center at Emirates–because by pure accident I was looking directly at the level of her chest when she was walked past. I immediately saw the outlines of her firm breasts and even the bumps of her beautiful bold nipples covered by the tightly-fitting shirt. I sucked in my breath as I composed myself.

I don’t know if she noticed me that first time, but she noticed me later, because on every subsequent trip she walked up to the solutions center to engage me in one task or another. She was always polite, but serious, in her public persona. I learned that she was an executive for a major fashion brand, and I could very well imagine her running an international team of designers and manufacturers with a strict work ethic and sense of duty to the company. There wouldn’t be any goofing around on that job with her in charge.

Over the course of those trips, I checked for her seat upgrades, I ensured her bags were checked through, looked up hotels for her across asia, I helped her reroute for a delayed flight, and a myriad of other things. After each instance of helping her, she thanked me and flashed me just the hint of a small smile. That was the only time I saw her break character. Until the day of the flight delay.

When Emirates gets caught with a delayed flight, we work very hard to minimize the impact for business and executive class passengers. On that special day, two days before Christmas, her flight to Vietnam was delayed 8 hours. There was nothing the airline could do. Heathrow often runs at maximum capacity even not during the holiday rush.

But, as a silver lining, I was able to secure one of our executive lounge sleepers for Jess–a small room right in the Emirates on-airport lounge that resembles the first class cabins in the big airplanes, or one of the capsule hotels you might find in Japan, for instance. Small but well furnished, with a private sink, toilet, desk, bed, and in her case even a small window looking out to the airport runway, where she could watch planes queueing for takeoff in the rain. I eagerly told her of this after I tracked her down in the crowd of disconsolate holiday travelers.

She ambled off to the room to settle in, only to return ten minutes later. She requested my immediate attention for a problem. I followed her dutifully across the wide open floor of the lounge with its padded chairs and internet kiosks, for once avoiding eye contact with the many other passengers who all demanded special attention and solutions so they could make it back to their families for their Christmas Eve ham.

But that day, I didn’t want anything to distract from my errand to help this gorgeous woman. Whatever she wanted, I was going to provide it and I was going to attend to her only. I watched her ass carefully in that black skirt she always wore. I was mesmerized by the way it swished back and forth as she walked across the lounge floor.

She led me to her room, and over to the little bed, pointing to the ventilator duct above it. I kicked off my shoes and stood on the bed in my socks, craning my neck upwards to have a look. I couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary, but I hadn’t been in these units very often and I was distracted because she had reached up to hold my arm, for my balance, I thought. Then I heard büyükesat escort the audible click. As she held me tightly, I paused for a moment, staring at the vent to gather my courage for a look down at her.

When I turned, I saw the damndest thing. There she was, with her serious face as always, looking incredibly hot in her business suit and all her curves, but around my right wrist was the silver loop of a metal handcuff. And chained to it was another cuff that was secured to the wrist of her left hand. I was confused and lowered myself down carefully next to her. She didn’t break her poker face.

“Ms. Diamond, can I help you?” I glanced down to where our opposite hands were held together by the cuffs. “Was that an accident?”

“Steven,” she said in her serious voice. “I have a problem.”

My eyes flew wide open. I had no idea what she was going to say next. It appeared that I was handcuffed to this woman, this important executive customer of my airline. And what she said next was worse than anything I could imagine.

“You have been looking at me when I have come into this lounge. In a sexual way. I have taken note of it.”

Oh my God. My career with Emirates as well as my entire future in the hospitality industry flashed before my eyes. Any chance for a good referral would be absolutely gone after my boss and then my boss’s boss and probably even the VP got wind of this complaint. She was right, though. I thought I had been discreet about it, but she was absolutely right. I was guilty.

Over the past months, I couldn’t resist taking peeks at the line of her shoulders, or at the angle of her open shirt into the curve of her breast when she bent forward to me at the solutions desk, or at her hourglass tummy and hips, or at her ass like just then when we walked over to the sleeper from the lobby. But surely she couldn’t have noticed all of those times? Damn this woman, this beautiful, gorgeous woman who could ruin my career with a single letter of complaint. I was in love with her and feared her at the same time.

She was silent, just watching me.

“Uh,” I stammered. “I surely did not mean any offence, Ms. Diamond. I apologize profusely for any mistaken glances in your direction.” She wasn’t buying it. I continued, “I deeply apologize for the inconvenience my behavior has caused you.”

“Have you been looking at me in that way? Confess that you have.” She said it matter-of-fact, without emotion.

“Ms. Diamond.” I started, then paused while I mulled over the situation. How do I play this, I wondered. If I deny it, she won’t believe me, and if I tell the truth, then I’ll be further in trouble. But I’m already six feet under, I thought, so what the hell. I shook my head and decided to put my cards on the table.

“Ms. Diamond. I do apologize, sincerely. I confess that I have looked in your direction in a manner that was unnecessary for my customer service duties, but only in admiration of your beauty, ma’am.”

That came out pretty well! I was pleased with my fast work on the wordplay.

A small hint of smile, even a smirk, played across her lips, which I read as her satisfaction that she had correctly guessed my intentions. Then the smile disappeared as she sharpened up and came right into my face. Her cuffed arm went down to her side, and since mine was attached, I lowered my arm as well.

“Your job is to satisfy your airline’s customers, is that right?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Put your other hand out.”

I looked at her again, doing a double-take.

“Excuse me, ma’am?”

“Put your other hand out to me. Now.” She wasn’t mad, or rude, or even commanding me. But she said it in a confident way that this was what was going to happen, and I couldn’t refuse.

“Yes, ma’am.” I held out my left hand and I watched her skillfully flip a second set of cuffs around me, which clicked shut, and then onto the wrist of her right hand. I wondered, where the hell did she get these handcuffs? Did she carry them with her for such a situation? Now our two pairs of opposite hands were cuffed to each other and we were locked face-to-face, alone in her little sleeper cabin, standing together at the foot of the bed. I’m glad she had closed the door behind her! And I’m glad years of customer service had given me a routine of excellent hygiene–my mouth was only inches from hers, and my chest only a little farther than that from her breasts.

“I know you’ve been watching me. I’ve been watching you, too.” Then she smiled just a little. My heart fluttered. Was I saved? Did this mean…?

“Wait. Ms. Diamond. Do you mean, you’ve been watching me, … in a sexual way?” I ventured, using her wording.

“Yes, honey. In a sexual way.” Her smile grew. She was absolutely beautiful when she let herself smile. At that, she took a small step towards me, but with my arms attached to hers, I couldn’t use them to keep my balance so I fell backwards onto the bed. For a moment she tried to keep her balance and cebeci escort I tried to hold my hands up with hers to avoid pulling her down on top of me, but there wasn’t enough slack in the chains, so she teetered and tumbled forwards right on top of me. We were face-to-face on the bed, belly-to-belly. Then she giggled. It was the first time I’d ever seen her not serious.

“Call me Jess,” she said in a sexy whisper.

“Jess?” I stared back at her. Her face was only inches from mine again, lips inches from my lips, but now her body was lying fully on top of mine and her slight weight pressed onto me pleasantly. I could feel her breasts on my chest, her stomach on my stomach, and her hips on my hips. I started laughing in relief. “Oh my God, what the hell are you doing, woman? You had me worried for my job there!”

Her giggle turned into a laugh. She made a motion with her arm like she wanted to bring it to my face, but it pulled against the chain attached to my arms. Anything we wanted to do we’d have to coordinate together. So instead of touching my face with her hand, she leaned her face down to me and put her lips on mine. It was a gentle kiss, and the fire ran up and down my spine.

“Steven. Your job is to satisfy your customers. I am a very important customer.” She giggled again and leaned down to take another kiss. I didn’t mind. I could feel things happening in my groin and wondered how soon this would be obvious to her, the way she was pressing on me.

I kissed her back, running my tongue around the circumference of her lips. She closed her eyes, pulling up slightly but not out of reach, and let out an “mmm” sound while I barely brushed her luscious lips with the tip of my tongue.

I found myself in an awkward position of wanting to do many things with her, to her, but being unable to because my arms were pinned to the bed. I didn’t know if the handcuffs were a standard routine of hers, but she didn’t seem to be any more capable than me in this situation, so I was guessing not. An important, beautiful, impulsive woman. Who was she? And why was she laying on top of me in the Emirates lounge angling for sex? And how was I going to even get that done with our hands locked together?

She pulled her head up, and I got a good look down her shirt at her cleavage. Such gentle creamy skin, showing the arcs of her breasts. I wanted very much to open her shirt, but with her on me and our arms pinned I was helpless to take this any further.

I had an idea. I couldn’t try a hug because that would force her hands behind her back, but I brought her hands and mine down to our sides and started rocking back and forth. She was surprised, but compliant. After a few oscillations, increasing the effort, we flipped all the way over, still on the bed but closer to the window. And I was on top now.

“Ms. Diamond. Jess. This is how I can best serve my customers,” I said, and she giggled again. By this time, I was well aroused and my hardening cock was obvious to her as it pressed down onto her skirt. My hands were still down by her sides, so as I brought them up, with her hands attached, I grabbed the fabric of her skirt and pulled it up with me. She let me pull the skirt up, exposing her panties. I settled my cock in better, still through my pants, but at least one layer of fabric was removed between us.

“Ooh,” she said, with her eyebrows raised in interest as she felt me push against her pussy. I think half the fun for her was enjoying how I was going to manipulate our bodies so that I could have sex with her. And how I was ready to try!

I let my full weight press down on her, and she squirmed under it with content. As she rotated her hips back and forth under me, my cock settled deeper towards her pussy, through our clothes. I shifted my own hips to find a better opening and I thrust a little to engage her. My mind flashed to my high school days, tucked into the back seat of the car on a Friday night, having an underwear fuck after the football game. And it was just as hot. I wanted this woman, badly. I had wanted her since the first time I saw her. And evidently she wanted me too. I couldn’t wait to get her undressed, if I could just figure out how.

I brought our hands up together, one pair on each side of us, against the bed. I stared down at her shirt. I wanted that open. I needed that open. I started to move my arms in towards her chest, but she held her hands, and therefore mine, pinned to the bed, outstretched.

“Nuh uh,” she said, with a sly smile, denying me use of my hands. Damn this girl! Again I had that mix of emotions of loving her but being frustrated at the same time. I slumped my head right down into her chest. It was comforting. But my hard cock had other ideas for this session with Jess–a cozy nuzzling on a pretty bosom wasn’t where this was going to end. So I pulled my head back up and looked closely at the buttons on her shirt. She watched me curiously.

I shifted my hips around to thrust into kolej escort her groin again, which felt so good, and then leaned my head over the first closed button. I felt the button with my tongue and manipulated it with my lips. How the hell can I do this with just my mouth, I asked myself. I pulled, at first easily, then harder. Then I started tugging. This caused some alarm.

“Oh, Steven. No, no. You bad boy.”

I smiled back, devilishly. She had handcuffed me to herself in the middle of the afternoon, in the middle of a crowded airport. She owed this to me. “You have a whole suitcase over there full of shirts,” I said.

“But this is my favorite!”

“The airline can reimburse,” was my last comment on the matter, and I pulled my head up hard, popping off the button. I grinned like a wolf at her. She was alarmed, but exhilarated, so I continued to the next button and popped it off with my mouth, then the last two. Then I pulled her shirt open with my teeth and exposed a beautiful cream colored bra.

“Oh yeah, this is coming off,” I said with glee. She watched expectantly. “You’ve been teasing me with these gorgeous tits since the first day I saw you, and now I’m going to see what you got under here!” She giggled again.

Grabbing the middle of the bra with my teeth, I pulled it up towards her head. The flesh of the underside of her breasts came into view, then her nipples popped out. And what glorious large areolae, large and light brown. I lowered my head and put my lips on the delightful knob of nipple in the middle. I sucked gently, then licked, and flicked it with my tongue, then moved to the other side. She hardened up to my touch, and rolled her head back with her eyes closed as I played with her slowly.

What beautiful, firm and full breasts she had. I couldn’t use my hands to explore them, as we held them pinned to our sides by mutual agreement–she had held me back earlier, and then I pinned her when she tried to bring her hands to her chest at my nibbling–so I instead pushed my face into the flesh of her chest, licking from the ticklish sides up to the nipple, feeling her fullness. I opened my mouth wide and took in as much breast as I could, sucking it in around the base of her breast to tease, and then around the nipple and breast itself. She squirmed her hips, grinding them against me, rolling her head back and forth as I pinned her to the bed and consumed her breasts with my mouth. This was so hot. I needed to find a way to get her pants off. And mine.

She resolved the issue when she rocked us back and forth, until we flipped over to the position we were in initially, with her on top. Only this time, she smiled slyly at me and inched her body down so her head was on my chest. Then lower to my stomach. Then even lower to my pants. Her feet must have slid down to the floor at the foot of the bed, but our wrists were still locked together by our sides.

Then she started the sweetest torment. Through my pants, she mouthed my penis, taking in what she could get through the fabric, moving around and sucking here and there. Then she licked, big sloppy licks on my pants. I was hard now, and in danger of cumming right then, but I didn’t want to relive that other part, the embarrassing part, of the high school underwear fuck memory. She had the same wish as me to get my pants off, for she pulled her arms towards my groin. But it was my turn to say no.

“Nuh uh,” I said, shaking my head, and smirked at her. Then I opened and closed my mouth, to say, you can only use your mouth. She flashed a pout to me for show, then looked down at my pants to see what could be done. Somehow she found a way with her tongue and lips to pull my belt off enough so that she could pull my pants down–she had to pull hard to pop the pants over my cock–and because she had grabbed both my pants and boxers with her teeth, my dick just popped free, naked. I was so erect that it swung up into the air, pointing straight up.

“Well, hello! Nice to meet you, too,” she said, looking down right at my hardened penis, then snorted at her own joke.

She pulled my pants and boxers down further with her teeth to free up my balls, then started playing with me. She licked my balls, then a long lick up one side of my cock, put her mouth up and over the top, chewed on it lightly, pulled it down to the other side all the way where my dick was horizontal, then she let go and it sprung all the way back straight up. She giggled again.

“Excuse me, Mr. Customer Support, I have a problem,” She said, as she looked up at me with her serious face. “I can’t get this to stay tucked in here for takeoff.” Then she put her mouth up and over the top again, sucked, and pulled it to the other side, before letting go and letting it twang up in the air again. I didn’t think a girl could have this much fun playing with a cock.

Her bra was still loose around her neck, and every time she sucked on me I could see the profile of her breasts and nipples swinging gently to my thighs. She looked up at me submissively with her dark eyes, wanting me, needing me, telling me this powerful executive was my servant now. Oh my God, those eyes. The way she looked up at me with my cock in her mouth. I was really about ready to blow now with all this attention, so I shifted my body away from her the best I could and tried to get her to come back up to me.

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