Zach Loves Noelle


One day, one of our main characters, Zack, was sitting in his office at home supposedly doing some work. What he was actually doing was, thinking about his girlfriend. Lately, that’s all he had been doing; sitting in his office thinking about her. He was unable to stop thinking about her. She drove him crazy, everything about her did this to him. He sometimes found himself not sleeping at night, and every time he saw her during the day he would suddenly start to feel sick. Even a smile could make his day better. He could have been mugged, fired and then found out his mother had died. All she had to do was smile, and everything was better. Her smile was beautiful, it suited the rest of her. She had nice shoulder length blonde hair and was about 5’5″ tall. She had beautiful curves, almost like an hour glass figure. He couldn’t believe his luck that he was actually dating her.

She had nice breasts, not too big, and not too small. Her ass, was one of the best features of her body, nice big and round. Not like those skinny girls who barely have a thing they could call an ass. Her ass was perfect. The only thing that was more attractive then her ass was, her eyes. They were the most beautiful blue eyes he had ever seen in his entire her life. He had never once, seen anyone with such blue eyes as bright and as vibrant as hers. She also had a very cute small nose, not too small but not close to big. Now you can see why she had driven him crazy, and that’s only her appearance. He found himself thinking about her as he lightly tapped the pencil against the mound of papers he had on his desk.

He suddenly stood straight up, as he realized why she had been driving him crazy the way she was; he loved her, and knew it was with all his heart. He walked to the door, suddenly turning back, “I have to do my work, I can’t let this assignment be late again.”

He frowned as he looked back to the door, “But, I need her. I love her.”

He suddenly burst through his office door and rushed down the stairs to the front door. He had a plan; he was going to ask her to marry him. Quickly grabbing his keys from the front door desk, he slipped on his runners and then walked outside getting into his car. He quickly turned his car on while buckling his seat belt. Pulling out backwards of his drive way he called up his hopefully soon to be wife.

As she answered he quickly said, “Hunny, I know you’re in the middle of work, but at lunch time you’re going to have to leave. I’ve got a very big surprise for you.” Before she could answer, he quickly said, “Don’t try and argue hunny. I love you. Muah.”

He then closed the phone and started to drive a little bit quicker. It was only nine am, but he really wanted to be ready for her. He wanted to make things very perfect for her. He wanted the world for her, but was unable to give her, so he did his best to do everything else for her.

First off, he drove to the flower shop, buying 50 red roses, which he knew were her favorite. At about twenty after nine, he then drove over to one of the best local chocolate stores, and bought four large boxes of her favorite chocolates: White Chocolates, in the shape of little hearts. He then went to a winery, grabbing a very expensive bottle of Red Wine, which was also her favorite. The last thing he thought about was a ring. He wasn’t completely sure of what kind of ring to buy her, but knew he would be able to make the right decision.

As he entered the shop, he quickly looked to the clerk for help. He was excited and couldn’t help but feel jumpy and hyper as he entered. He looked to the clerk and quickly said almost in one word, “I-need-a-ring-for-my-girl-friend. I’m-going-to-ask-her-to-marry-me.”

The clerk just stared at him for a moment before saying, “Ok then.”

He led him across the store to a large counter. There was a large glass showcase, and within it were nearly hundreds of beautiful rings. His eyes widened as he stared into the glass at the rings shining and glimmering in the light. It was only about fifteen minutes of looking until he spotted the ring he wanted for her. It had a rather large diamond, and a red ruby on either side of the diamond. He knew this was the one for her.

He walked to the clerk and told him that he had found what he was looking for. Five minutes later, and about 5 thousand dollars shorter, he walked out of the jewelry store Bostancı Escort with a perfect ring for his girlfriend. He then got into his car, and headed for home.

By now it was about ten thirty and he still had more to do. He quickly ran upstairs to take a shower, and then get into one of his fancy suits. He came down and had called for a restaurant. He would have cooked himself, but he didn’t have enough time. He had ordered a very fancy dinner, even though it was only for lunch time. He waited for about another half an hour for the food to arrive and then headed out the door. He had placed the food in the seat beside him and then drove off. About half an hour later it was now he called his girlfriend. She answered the phone, he could hear the excitement in her voice.

“Ok, you know how we first met. At the lake, on the hill? Well, I want you to come and have lunch with me here.”

She then said, “Ok Zack, I’ll be there in less then ten minutes.”

He smiled and said, “I just want you to know, I love you very much Noelle.”

She then said, “I love you too Zack.”

She then hung up after he did and rushed out of work. Quickly getting into her car she did up her seat belt and then drove off. She wondered what the surprise lunch was about, and couldn’t wait to find out. She had a thought about it possibly being him wanting to propose to her.

Finally as she pulled up to the parking lot, she smiled and noticed his car already there. Stepping out she quickly walked forward, moving through a couple of tree’s to get to the top of the hill. As she passed the tree’s she suddenly stopped walking. She saw Zack, standing up at the top of the hill, waiting for her. From where she was, she could see a table on what looked like a blanket. When she had finally regained her breath, she took one deep breath before continuing to walk.

As she finally got to the top, here’s what she saw: The table had in fact been placed on a blanket, but on the blanket beside the table were roses, placed evenly about the edge of the blanket. In each corner, there was also a box of chocolates. On top of the table, there was a fantastic and beautiful looking lunch. In the center of the table, there were three candles, one larger than the two beside it. And also, she noticed on the blanket there was a bottle of her favorite wine.

He watched as his girlfriend Noelle made her way to the top of the hill, his heart racing in anticipation. He watched her eyes widen with surprise, and her eyes suddenly start to water.

He smiled as she looked at him and said, “Zack, this is. Perfect.” She then sniffled and wiped away the tears.

He moved to her chair, and had pulled it back. “Would you like to eat now?” He asked smiling. She nodded quickly and then moved to sit in the chair. Just like a gentleman, he lightly pushed the chair in and then had seated himself in the chair across from her. He smiled slightly and picked up his knife and fork, and begun to eat his food. He looked up at her, and she seemed to be eating quickly, wanting to get this over with. He then suddenly stood, and moved to the wine, taking it from the bucket of ice, and taking it to the table. He grabbed her glass while standing right beside her and said, “So hunny, how was your day?”

She looked up at him, and smiled sweetly. “It was ok. Until you called me. But I think I know why you called me now.” She said, smiling up at him.

He handed her the glass of wine and said, “Really? Well, we will see.”

She smiled as he then sat down, and raised his glass for a toast. “To us,” he said simply, and she nodded.

Raising her glass and then lightly tapping the side of it against his own she repeated, “To us.”

They then both took a sip. She thought that this would be it, that he would show her his surprise. But instead, he just continued to eat. She frowned a little but then smiled right away and continued to eat. She couldn’t wait for what the surprise was, and it was tearing her apart as she waited for him to show her. She had quickly finished her food, and looked up to her relief to see he had finished his food. But, he didn’t say or do anything right away. He just sort of smiled and stared deeply into her eyes for a moment. To her disappointment, she just stared back and smiled sweetly. Even though she had been smiling as sweetly as she could, Ümraniye Escort he could tell she was being very patient and was waiting for him. He smiled and then stood, and moved to stand beside her. She looked up at him, and suddenly brought her hands to her face as she felt the tears start to well up as he moved to his knee. She watched him move his hand into the left jacket pocket, and pull out a box.

He then said, “Noelle. You are my first ever love, and I hope to spend the rest of my life with you. “Noelle..Will you marry me?” he asked, opening the box, looking up at Noelle with a smile on his face. Now, she could no longer hold back the tears as she leaned forward.

She wrapped her arms about him and kissed him over and over again on the cheek replying happily “Yes Zack, I will!”

He smiled and then wrapped his arms about her, standing tall with her still in his arms. He lifted her off the ground, and spun around. She continued to kiss him over and over again on the cheek, barely breathing as she did. He tried to kiss her back on the cheek but she just overwhelmed him. Finally, she slowed her kisses enough to catch her breath, then kissed him deeply on the lips. He kissed her back, his kiss was eager, and his heart pounding. He smiled as he felt her open her mouth to let her tongue venture into his mouth, lightly swirling about his tongue, massaging it gently with her own tongue. He then lightly let her back to her feet, his hands slowly sliding up and down her back.

She then suddenly broke from the kiss, and moved to the table. He was surprised and laughed and pushed the table over, making sure there was nothing but the roses and chocolates left on the blanket. She then turned to face him. His

hands moved to her button up shirt and suddenly pulled it open. Her lacey white bra came into view. He smiled as he watched her, moving his own hands to his coat, pulling it off his form so he was in his white shirt and dress pants.

Dropping her shirt she stepped forward and closer to him, her hands moving to his shirt. She took better care of his shirt, being careful to unbutton it and then lay it on the ground beside his coat. She smiled and stepped back, her eyes moved up and down his form. Her eyes moved up to his chest, seeing the muscled sculpture before standing in only his pants.

She then looked back down to his crotch, smiling as she saw his hard on poking through the dress pants. She then moved to kneel before him, her hands moving to slowly and gently unbuckle his pants and then unzip them. She slowly started to pull them down, smiling as she saw how much bigger his hard on had grown. She hooked her fingers into his boxers, and slowly pulled them down along with his pants. Smiling as his cock sprang up into her face, inches away from her mouth, she moved her hands upwards to lightly grasp his cock, slowly moving both hands down the shaft.

He watched as she manipulated his stiff cock. He thrust his hips gently into her hands, moaning as he felt her hands tightening around his rod. He watched her suddenly let one hand drop to her skirt, pulling it to rest on her lap as she moved to pull her panties down. She slipped them down to her heels, her hand moving to her pussy, lightly sliding her fingers over it. She smiled and doubled her efforts as she slid her hand up and down his cock. She was already soaking wet, and very warm. She then slid one finger in, quickly accompanied by another, sliding them as deep as she could inside herself.

He smiled as he watched her now beginning to play with herself and him, watching her hand moving quickly up and down his cock. He watched as she suddenly leaned forward, her hand moving his cock to stand straight in the air. She then slipped her tongue from between her lips, lightly touching the tip of her tongue at the base of his cock, and then slowly started to move up until she felt her tongue move over the tip of it. He moaned as he felt her tongue swirl over the head of his cock. He watched as she moved down the upper side of his cock until she reached the base again. She then brought the tip of his cock mere inches from her lips before she leaned forward, opening her lips allowing the head of his cock to slide into her mouth.

Meanwhile, she had continued to vigorously move her fingers in and out of her soaking wet pussy, moaning and sending vibrations Ataşehir Escort onto the head of his cock. He threw his head back and closed his eyes in pleasure. She then swallowed his cock whole, her tongue swirling around the under side of it as she did. Pulling up slowly, allowing her lips to slowly drag along the underside of his cock, she moaned again against it. She suddenly sucked hard on the tip as her body had started to convulse. Seeing the beginning of her orgasm threw him over the edge.

Suddenly he couldn’t hold back as he started to cum deep into her mouth, sending his fluids deep into her throat. She swallowed hard and moaned, nearly choking on his cum as she tried to swallow fast. She pulled her fingers slowly from her pussy and then let his dick slide from her mouth. She smiled and swallowed what she had in her mouth and stood. She wrapped her arms about his form and pulled him tightly to herself, lightly kissing him on the lips, slipping her tongue deep into his mouth. He couldn’t help but smile a little as he tasted his own cum in her mouth, which also helped to keep him hard. She then slowly pushed him down, until he was on his back. She then slowly climbed on top of him, straddling his waist. She leaned down, and lightly kissed him on the lips again, raising her hips lightly and moving one hand down to grasp his cock. She then lightly lowered herself onto the tip of his cock, moaning out as she slowly impaled herself on it.

His hands moved to her hips, lightly holding them and helping her move down his cock even as he continued to kiss her. She then eased away from the kiss as she had fully allowed his cock to sink deep into her depths. She rested her hands on his chest as she then started to work herself up and down on his cock, rolling her hips lightly to the side. He thrust his hips a little and turned his head to the side, allowing a deep groan of pleasure escape his lips. His hands moved up and down with her movements, his thrusting in time with her own to make the pleasure even better. She then started to get crazy, throwing her hips wildly up and down and rolling them to the side as if she was actually riding a bull, her head moving side to side sending her hair in all different directions. She then leaned back, her hands moving away from his chest to rest on her legs, lifting her body and then thrusting it down hard onto his cock, causing a moan from both of them.

He then sat up, his arms wrapping about her form as she continued to move on his cock. He leaned forward, his lips lightly encircling one of her nipples. He flicked his tongue across the hardened bud, sucking gently. He moved his one hand from her back to her other breast, lightly rubbing and massaging it while he continued to suck on her nipple.

She moaned loudly, as she had continued to ride his cock. Wrapping his arms around her body he flipped them over. He was now on top or her. Leaning forward he pulled his cock quickly from her pussy until only the head was left inside her. She urged him to fuck her hard, and he did just that. He thrust forward hard, moaning loudly as he did. He moved her legs up to rest on his shoulders, and began thrusting into her quicker and harder than before. Sweat poured trickled down onto her chest as he pounded into her, he smiled as he felt their forms both soaked with sweat and sex juices.

She did her best to keep up with his thrusting, trying to move her body in time with his, but was finding it a little difficult due to the position they were in. He continued to quickly thrust into her as hard as he could, moaning loudly with each drive, hearing her moan loudly too. He smiled slightly as he felt his balls suddenly tighten to his body, and to his surprise she had started to cum, screaming loudly her pussy tightened around his cock, sending him over the edge once more. He moaned loudly and thrust a few times more, his body suddenly tensing up as he started to cum. He moaned as he felt himself unload into her, feeling cum fill her pussy and start to seep from her canal. He smiled and lifted her legs off his shoulder as he lay gently on top of her.

He lightly kissed her on the lips and smiled as he pulled back, “I love you Noelle.”

She smiled and started to cry again as she said, “I love you too Zack. I’ve already got planned what we are doing for our wedding.”

He smiled slightly and nodded, “That’s good babe, because I’ve got the honeymoon planned too.”

They both lay still for a few minutes before he fell asleep on top of her. She fell asleep minutes after he did, only to wake up just as the sun was setting with him sleeping soundly beside her.

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