Younger Than Springtime


It was a warm spring day that I laid on my towel at the nude beach smoking my pipe, reading a book and gazing at the other sun lovers as they strolled by. Most of them were middle aged and compared to my 58 years were quite young. I’d chosen this particular spot near some sand dunes to have a nearby shelter for when the wind came up. Few others came this far preferring the social opportunities of a crowd 200 yards or more to the south. The novel I was reading came to an extended explanation that was anything but stimulating and I considered packing up my stuff and joining the growing throng nearer the parking lot but lingered to finish my pipe of good Jamaican tobacco. A young girl came walking toward me as though she’d blown in on the sea mist. Early twenties I guessed, narrow hips, small firm breasts and shoulder length brown hair. She was pretty but not beautiful and had shaved or waxed her pubic hair which was uncommon among the regulars here. Being a well behaved nudist I didn’t stare but couldn’t notice that her outer labia was extremely small. I keep my pubes trimmed which makes taking a condom off easier and it feels good to be massaged down there with little or no hair to interfere with the sensation. She walked straight up and asked if she could join me. Of course I said yes and she spread out her towel.

“This is your first time here isn’t it?”

“Yes it is how’d you know that?”

“Your bikini tan areas are like headlights.”

“I guess could explain the looks back there in the crowd. You looked old enough to be safe and I really didn’t want to be completely alone I’m Rebecca.”

“I’m Dan and don’t be too sure about me being safe. Maturity has calmed me down a bit but I’m very capable of being dangerous. Do you live around here?.”

“No I’m just on a long weekend break, I’m about to get my MBA in Oklahoma. It’s taken me 3 years of evening classes and wanted to see what California had to offer after I get the diploma.”

“There are good opportunities here the winters are mild and the life style is a lot more open then in the Midwest.”

“So I’ve heard.”

We chatted a bit and despite our age difference found things to talk about. I was pleasantly surprised that she was more intelligent than I expected.

“My Mom says that older men are better lovers.”

“Well that may be true, experience counts for something and calmer hormone levels induce patience and if your lucky they’ve done research on how to please women. Did your mother speak from personal experience?”

“She told me that before Daddy died two years ago. He was 30 years older than her.”

“Sorry to hear that it must be hard on you and your Mom.”

“Yes but we both had a good life with him. They got married after she got pregnant with me. He was extremely kind and loving and I miss him greatly. Do you mind can if I ask you a very personal question?”

“Sure fire away.”

“OK, do you feel anything different down there when you get aroused?”

“That’s hard to answer, in all honesty I’ve never noticed. Anxiously wanting to touched takes over. It’s really the whole mating ritual, the warm feeling of holding a woman in my arms, the smell of her hair, her breasts pressed against my chest, our lips and tongues exploring each other. Just the feeling of holding each other makes me feel loved even if it’s only for a little while. Men want to feel loved no less then women do. When she reaches down to hold my penis it’s almost like being struck by lightening. What’s it like for you?”

“When I get excited I feel a tingling sensation inside that grows and when my juice starts running it feels wonderful and want to be touched, preferable by a guy who knows what he’s doing. Sometimes I go shopping wearing a skirt with no panties. When my juice runs down my leg it’s really exciting and sometimes have to duck into the bathroom to give myself a release. One time I was in the mall and feeling frisky until my period started and had to stuff some toilet paper up there and duck walk to the drug store to get panties and a tampon which didn’t feel at all sexy. When my flow is heavy at home I get in the shower and let the blood run down the drain. That feels naughty and exciting. Did you ever go out with it dangling?”

“Yes but I’m afraid that I’ll get a boner and be embarrassed. I had a girl friend that was kinky and she liked to put a cock ring on me with a string to pull me around. She wanted to go shopping with me like that but I has too bashful.”

“In some ways guys are more shy than girls. We like the attention that showing off our bodies gets us.”

“Men have a disadvantage of it being obvious when we’re aroused but sometimes advertisement pays.”

“The sight of a bulge in his pants usually gives me a thrill and wonder what it looks like undressed.”

“Now it’s my turn for a personal question.”

“What would you like to know?”

“Does a penis feel different than a dildo inside you?”

“Oh for sure, even the flexible ones. With a dildo you know exactly what to expect even it someone else is using it on you. A guy on the other hand is unpredictable no matter what it looks like before penetration and if he’s big Kartal Escort enough it fills all my nooks and crannies then it’s a surprise about how long he’ll last before losing his erection. If he’s a Johnny cum quickly it’s frustrating but the varied ways he moves is exciting which makes it worthwhile even so. Would you like to move behind the dunes and so some experimenting?”

“Sure lets go.”

We gathered up our stuff and went over a few dunes to spread our towel out she garbed my dick and we started kissing. Her lips were soft and her tongue was hard. I could feel my dick being pressed between her legs as her juice rained on it. The urge to shove it into her was strong but I wanted to enjoy the feeling our playing with each other. I cupped her breasts and teased her nipples with my tongue as she pulled my face hard against them. My hands found their way to her skinny little butt and massaged it letting my fingers probe around her bung hole. She pushed her pussy against my now very hard dick and I rubbed it along her slit trying to make as much contact as possible with her clit without putting it inside of her.

We collapsed on the towels and she took my shaft in hand and stroked me stopping briefly to the put some lotion on her hands and my cock. I coated my hands also and her labia massaging the soft folds and her clit until she twitched with a small orgasm and she folded at the waist to take my cock in her mouth and deep down her throat. The feeling was fantastic as she played with my balls as her tongue ran over the underside of my shaft then I rolled onto my back pulling her on top of me to eat her out. I shoved my tongue into to her pussy and searched for her G-spot while my finger pressed her asshole. As her orgasm built up I put my thumb in her ass and concentrated my tongue on her clit. The distraction of her squirming was enough to keep me from exploding in her mouth.

I rolled her onto the towel face down and rubbed my cock between her ass cheeks and labia which were now engorged and puffy before teasing the head just inside her pussy then pulling back and reentering her. Her juice was flowing in buckets and I slowly entered her balls deep. The feel of her small firm butt checks against me just above my penis as I thrust into her was fantastic. She moaned and said “Take me hard and deep.” She was soft, slippery and amazingly tight around my cock. When she reached under her self to rub her clit she shuddered with another orgasm then reached further back and grabbed my balls pulling me against her and I erupted with a super strong orgasm of my own. “Stay inside me” she said and I did. For a few minutes we just laid there. She rolled me onto my back and straddled me reaching down to guide my hard cock into her pussy and clenched her pelvis in a rhythm that felt wonderful. We both had an orgasm without either of us thrusting very much which was amazing. She said “I’ve been doing kegel exercise and wanted to see if it was possible to cum that way.”

She rolled off of me and spread her legs wide apart. I kneeled to run my dick on her clit and she pulled it toward her love hole. “Fuck me” she said “fuck me hard”. Needing no encouragement I eased my dick into her very wet pussy thrusting slowly at first then faster until she convulsed with an orgasm. I didn’t stop thrusting until I came inside her then stayed there as she did that kegel thing keeping me hard. When I finally pulled out my cum and her juice flowed onto the towel and I played with her clit and pussy. I coated my fingers with the mixture of our fluids and put them in her mouth. She smiled and did the same to me which didn’t surprisingly didn’t taste bad.

We frolicked and fondled in the surf until the sun was low on the horizon and we got dressed and went to a store to buy wine and food then back to our spot on the beach gathered some drift wood to make a fire. I kept a blanket in the trunk of my car to lay on which was much better then beach towels The fire kept us warm as she snuggled into my arms and I stoked her firm young breasts through her T-shirt then under it.

“If you keep that up you may have more than you can handle”

“Would you like me to stop?”

“Not at all I just hope your penis is still serviceable.”

“Judge for yourself.”

She pulled off my pants and pulled my half hard dick out and played with it then took it in her mouth and started sucking with a vengeance. I just laid there enjoying the feeling as she licked and sucked my balls then my shaft and just behind the bottom of it’s head until I came on her face.

We fucked a fondled until the wood was gone and she followed my to my house where we spooned in bed. Her skin was so soft and smooth and I got hard again and rubbed it in the crack of her ass. She lifted her leg and reached down to guide me into her pussy and I pushed deep into her and slowly fucked her until we both had an orgasm then I stayed inside her as we fell asleep.

The next morning we got in the shower and got all slippery and soapy. She gave my goodies a lot of attention as I worked on her tits. We rinsed off our nether regions and she held the shower wand onto her clit as I took Yakacık Escort her from behind. When she came her orgasmic screams echoed loud enough that I bet the neighbor heard it . It felt fantastic and I didn’t want the day to end but she said she had a plane to catch for Oklahoma. We exchanged emails and phone numbers but the connection was clearly just a lark for her. She did say that further research with older men’s sexual prows would be necessary so there was hope for a reunion.

I had some dinner dates with women friends but just couldn’t get interested in sex with them. She sent me a few generic texts and I masturbated to gave myself relief. I wondered if perhaps this was really love and not just passion. When I fanaticized while giving myself sex it was always her beautiful young body that I imagined. The feel of her firm breasts pressed against my chest and her hands stroking my cock. Not wanting to distract her studies or disillusion myself about a young woman wanting anything more than a few hours of lust with this old man I only replied with kindness and encouragement.

Two months later she called me and asked if I could pick her up at the airport on Saturday. She’d graduated and had some interviews lined up in my area. Of course I said yes and offered to put her up. To my delight she said that was what she’d hoped for. We collected her bags and got in the car. As we entered the freeway she said “How long is it to your place? I replied that it was about 20 minutes. “Sorry but I can’t wait that long.” She unzipped my fly and pulled my dick out. I got hard as she fondled it then she unzipped her jeans unlatched her seat belt and gobbled my knob while she fingered herself. I pulled her pants down and played with her pussy from behind her. She squirmed and took me deep throat as her orgasm overtook her just as we passed a bus. I imagined that we were being watched by all the passengers seeing her bare ass stuck in the air which pushed me over the edge and I shoot a load into her mouth.

I closed the garage door and we went into the kitchen. My pants were still unzipped with my dick hanging out. She dropped her jeans and panties on the floor and I pulled my pants down. Off came her top and bra which she discarded with my clothes on the way to the bedroom with her holding my cock. We kissed and fondled standing there by the bed. I massaged her tits while tonguing her smooth pussy area inside and out. We collapsed into the bed and fucked like rabbits missionary and doggy until we were spent.

I made a simple dinner for us and we stayed naked under robes and sat on the couch. Her firm small breasts jiggled with her nipples peeking out and I got hard again. She commented on how much she loved how it looked and gently massaged my balls and shaft then knelled down on the floor and started licking the bottom of it and just behind the head until I shoot a load of cum onto her face. She speared my cum all over her face and rubbed it in. I kissed her could taste myself. We went to bed and I used some oil to give her a massage. As she relaxed and I explored her skinny body and firm ass slipping my finger into pussy. She moaned as I felt her vagina twitch and I kept it up until she came. I rolled her onto her back and fingered her clit and pussy while sucking her nipples. She had a huge orgasm and her convolutions made her buck like the proverbial mule. She sucked my dick but after 4 orgasms this afternoon I couldn’t cum or even get fully hard and we went to sleep. The next morning we got in the hot tub and she fondled my penis which got very hard and she sat on my lap putting my penis inside her pussy and did kegel contractions as she raised up relaxed it as I thrust up. It was a strange hybrid of pleasure and pressure which gave us both wild climaxes.

“Let’s go out for breakfast and hit the mall. Did you bring a short skirt?”

“You just want to see my bare twat in public you dirty old man.”

“Guilty as charged and thank you, I do try.”

“OK, do you have a camera?”

She put on a very short and very thin floral print skirt that only enhanced her adorable little butt and a large white top with a wide and deep V neckline. Her strapless push up bra revealed the tops of her breasts and lots of cleavage. I put on a T-shirt and loose fitting cargo pants with no skivvies. As we walked into the restaurant the sway of hips her skirt outlined her adorable butt and I started to get a hard on which felt very exciting as it rubbed against my rough pants. We were seated in a booth in the back and looked over the menu. The server took our order and as we sipped out coffee I got my right loafer off and rubbed her thigh. She got a shit eating grin and slipped her left sandal off and put her bare foot on my crotch. I stuck my leg out to rub her calf and worked up to her bare pussy. She reached down to take my sock off and pulled my toes onto her pubic mound and I could feel her clit which was wet with her juice. I saw our server approaching with our meal and pulled my leg back but she didn’t move hers and my hardening cock pushed against her foot with the server putting down our plates and asked if she could get us anything Kadıköy Escort else. I said “Nope, we’re covered thanks.”

At the mall she bent over at every opportunity to show off her snatch while I took pictures and videos of her and the looks of other people that noticed. She groped me behind a cloths rack and we both looked around for an empty change room. As luck would have it there didn’t seem to be one and we headed back to the house. We’d picked up a few groceries and put them away.

“Dan, would you let me shave your pubes? I want to take some pictures of your junk.”

“Ok but I can’t take responsibility for what that might lead to.”

“Not a problem, I just love the look of your tool and want some pictures for posterity. When your completely relaxed it’s like a cute little basket. I want to play with it and feel you get hard in my hand.”

“That’s fine with me and would you mind if we ran the camera while we’re doing all these fun things?”

“OK, let’s start with a shave.”

We put some towel out and I sat on a kitchen chair and set up my small video camera. She took some stills with her smart phone of me just sitting there mostly relaxed then used my clippers to take off the longer hairs. Oddly I stayed fairly limp until she lathered me up. The feeling of her putting on the cream lubricated everything got me aroused. She very calmly shaved my shaft, balls and mound then lathered me up again and took some more pictures. By the time she wiped the cream off and applied moisturizer I was hard as a brick.

“Are you OK with shaving me now?”

“Actually I’m not certain but lets give it a shot.”

She only had a stubble so I just lathered her up and used the razor. I turned her over and took off what little hair there was on her butt then rinsed everything and put on lotion. This got her going and she was sopping wet. I massaged her adorable ass and pulled her up onto her knees. Her lips swelled up and juice ran out of her pussy which I lapped up. We moved to the floor and left the camera running. I knew that the video would be exciting to watch later. We made love slowly and savored the minutes of our now hairless primal parts thrusting together in a variety of positions.

After lunch we went to the beach and shot some more video of us running naked with her tits and my dick swinging and we got into the water where she fondled me to get an erection and we headed for the dunes. As we approached the second dune were surprised by the sight of a young couple ridding him reverse cowboy. We quickly ducked down and continued to watch them go at it. They couldn’t see us and Becky put her hand on my cock and I played with her ass. Her juice coated my finger my finger and I moved behind her as she spread her legs and pulled me tight against her slit. I moved back and forth to rub her clit and as our passion grew she kneeled down on all fours in the sand with her ass in the air and I eased my dick into her pussy. We watched the other couple humping away as we went at it full tilt. It was very exciting to watch them orgasm as we went at on our own. I didn’t notice that they had finished until the guy stood up and saw us and they both watched at us banging away. As we had a gangbuster climax I looked up and he was humping her doggy style as they had watched us going at it.

They eventually recovered and waved at us with shit eating grins. We all introduced ourselves and lazed together on our towels. Mary was 21 and Jay was 23, both of them were students at the local college. I invited them to my place for some spaghetti and stopped for wine and cheese. I fanaticized that we might have a four way fuck later in the evening. We all got in the hot tub naked of course. Becky told me later that when they were alone for a few minutes that she Mary had her asked about age difference. She told her the whole story and Mary had said that it was something she’d like to try.

We polished off the first bottle of wine quickly, finished the second bottle with dinner and started on a third one. We were feeling no pain and I suggested that we have a group massage which we did on the floor with a comforter for padding three people massaging one to start which didn’t last long and our hands were all over each other. Mary’s boobs were a little bigger than Becky’s but very firm and her nipples got very hard when I stroked them. Her pubes were trimmed to a narrow strip above her puffy outer lips with her clitoral hood peeking out through them. I lightly rubbed it and she spread her legs to give me more access inviting deeper exploration. Becky was fondling Jay’s hard on freely and sitting on his face. I hadn’t touched another mans penis since early puberty and couldn’t resist the opportunity. It felt kind of sexy and the wine had numbed my reservations. Women sucked cock all the time and here was a chance to find out what it was like for myself. I tool his tool in my mouth which didn’t feel sexual at all but I wanted to give him some satisfaction and stayed on him for a minute or two. I stroked him slowly like I do for myself and enjoyed feeling his dick tightening as he approached orgasm. When he erupted thick ropes of cum feel on his stomach and I kept rubbing him slowly to extend his climax. I looked over to see Becky and Mary playing with each others pussies. Mary laid in front of Becky and ate her which got me and Jay excited and we masturbated each other watching the girls to it.

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