young private nures trainee part 2


I went back down stars to mr parker and I could sea by his eyes he was shocked. He got up out of his chair breathing kind of hevilly saying do you want a drink or something to eat. It was like his head was in bits and he didn’t no what to do. I had something to eat with him and a drink and ours past on. By time I was leeving a ganed a very good relationship with mr parker.
I asked him before I left the door. “Can I come back tomorrow becauce me and my freinds wantto go to a part tomorrow and I think I might b to drunk to sea my perents. my perents would kill me if I ever came back drunk to them. I just need to sober up hear before I sea them is that ok with you? Yes of course you can keep a secret with me meeka”. Ok thanks mr parker. No call me danni. Ok thank you danni. I then hurried home and thort about how much danni was getting aroused by my reveeling sight. I said hello to my dad and went strait to bed. I just wanted tomorrow to cum fast becauce I was exsited about this party.

Tomorrow came. I woke up with the sunshining threw my window again. I got ready into the short dress I was goin to wear to the party with my freinds. We all new to meet at the mall at 4 o’clock. When the time came I met my freinds and all of us looked like bomshells. I had my long blond hair down in curls and the tight short dress just made my bubble but stick right out. Shaking and jigeling as I walk. All of my freinds wanted a booty like me but they never had any geins that gave them a figure like that.

Anyway we made it to this party drunk as a bat becauce we was drinking on the way there.
Men trying to grab my booty as soon as we walked in. I heard them saying things like ” have you seen that ass on her and things like look how small she is” her Sex hikayeleri tits are huge. I loved the atention. The night went on and I was legless. I told my freinds to take me home. Then my brain clicked. I need to go to danni’s.
I just left the party on my own and got a taxi to danni’s house. Wen I got there I lifted my left tit abit out of my dress so half of my nipple was showing and rang the doorbell. He opend up the door and he took a look at me and stuterd cu cu cum in me meeka. Strait away I acted more drunk than what I alredy was. Hugging onto him in a playfull slopy drunk way. I turned up his tv an put it on a musice chanle and sed let’s dance danni stumberling and gigaling at him. Danni laft it of and said I can’t dance meeka pluse I don’t no how you youngsters dance nower days hahahaha. I said yes you can al teech you just stand hear and move your hips abit am gunna sho you how to twerk. What dose twerk meen said danni. I said I’m going to sho you. I bent slitely over and started booty poping and shaking my booty up and down. He looked like he was thirsty watchin me fling my booty about. I said get behind me al sho you how to dance with a girl. Still stumberling and laffing I was booty poping on his crotch. I could feel his hard cock threw his trousers. I new what I was doin but I said to him that’s how us teens dance now days at the clubs. He said rely it wasn’t like that back in my day. I said to him I want more alchol I went to his fridge without his consent and seen a bottle of jack daniels. He said qwickly I can’t give you that am not goin to incoridge you to drink wen your alredy drunk young lady.
I just opend it and started taking swigs. That’s when he gave in and said don’t tell anyone you got it from me. I said to him Sikiş hikayeleri I want a shower in a sluring voice. he said ok then you no were the bathroom is. I stumble upstairs with the bottle still in my hand and striped naked and got into the shower. I thort to my self in the shower how am I goin to tease him. I thought to my self I no what. I got out the shower put on just a bra and left the rest naked me pussy still exsposed and went into his room. Then lade flat on my stomoch with my ass in the air and pretended to b past out. After about half an our I haird him shout “meeks are you alright up there. He got no reply. Then I herd him cuming up the stairs my hart was racing. He got to the top of the stairs an seen his bedroom door open with the light of but the light from out side was shining in on my bair ass and pussy lips. I heard him cum into the room. I heard him say on my. I had the jack daniels bottle on the side half drunk but rely I poord most of it down the sink. He probly thort I was out of my mind drunk. He shook my arm an said meeka wake up. I moved abit an wisperd oh yeh that feels good in a way that I was dreeming in a drunken state. He nudged me agen and I said eat my pussy. He clerly seen I was so drunk I didn’t no what I was talkin about. I then fels his hand on my ass and saying are you alright do you need a abilence. As he was saying the he was sliding his finger down my ass crack to my pussy. I felt his finger slide in. I was thinkin what a dirty pedo molesting me wile I am out of my mynd bit it got me so wet I coated his fingurs with my juice. I dicided to take it one step further and pretend to think it was my boyfreind. Is that you rick put your cock in my mouth I said in a soft sleepy slury voice. Just pretend Erotik hikaye to fall back on conchus with my mouth open I heard his ziper go down. My face was on the edge of the bed and he came to the edge and got his cock out. I new I was a deapthroat qween so I new what to do. He put the tip of his cock to my mouth and thats when I reveeled I wasn’t drunk. I forced my hed all the way down on his cock and forced all of his fat cock down my throat . I got up and said you dirty fucking pedo he said “no no no am sorry please don’t” I qwickly stoped what he was saying and said “shut up get on the bed you sexy dirty pedo. He then looked at me in suprise and relised I liked it. He said I don’t understand. He laid flat on his back and I climbed on top and took him in my mouth agen. This time I gave it all I had slaming my face into his crotch deepthroating and gobling him everytime. My throat was making the wirdist noises from how brutal I was swollowing him. I then got up for a breather then he said can you ryd my cock with your back faceing me an twerk your booty like earlya please I beg of you your ass is amazing I haven’t had sex in years.
I then spanked my booty in his face an he watched it woble from side to side then I sat on his cock. I felt his fat cock stretch my pussy wide apart. Uhhhhhhhhhh he moaned like he was goin to cum strait away. I said are yo redy babe he nodded. I started twerking and booty poping on his cock slaming my booty down on him. I felt the climax bilding up in me and I let out about a gallen of cum sqwuirting all over him. He sean how much I cumed an how much I was shaking and screeming and I think this pushed him over the edge. He said “I’m going to cum” I jumped of his cock and turned around and deapthroated his cock again. I felt him shooting load after load down my throat. Then I took his cock out with him still cuming and slaped his cock all over my face and the rest of his spunk splashed all over my lips and face. To be continud

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