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WTF? Over. Copyright © 2016 Jax_Teller

By Jax_Teller

It had been a long couple of weeks working 18 hours a day with out so much as a day off. I pushed myself too long and hard with out a break. So being it was friday evening and the truck I was supposed to be driving broke down, I decided to take a night off. I went to the enlisted club on base and met up with some friends. I was drinking like I had before this last stretch of working and my alcohol tollerance was low so, I was getting drunk way faster than I intended.

There were some faces in the group that I didn’t know but that really didn’t matter much, because chances were I’d be back at work in tommarow and not remember them at all. One thing was on my mind as I drank was I needed to devote some time to finding a regular girlfriend or a female friend with benifits. Going weeks with out sex was making the time I wasn’t working miserable because I wanted to get laid. I was drinking to excess and tossed the keys to my car to one of my friends who was talking about heading out to a motel later and getting a room. This was not unusual for me, I didn’t drink and drive and knew the money spent on a taxi was cheaper than a DUI.

That was all I remembered from last night, tossing my keys to Brian. As I stirred I realized I was in a motel from the smell. I also realized I wasn’t alone in bed, once again not too unusual for me. I would get drunk find some one who needed to get laid as much as I did and we’d end up fucking drunk. It was dangerous with all the diseases out there and sober I would make sure I had a condom in my wallet and the rest of the condom box in the glove compartment of my car. I could feel that I was naked and so was no name next to me, my cock nestled in the back of what’s her name.

I could hear others in the room moving around going to the bathroom, the noise from the parking lot, but I kept my eyes closed and hoped to drift back off to sleep. That is when I noticed the women I was spooning with was still asleep too. As usual for me I thought, naked in bed with no name. It was how I wound up on typical stress relief binges like this. It was at this point that I noticed the woman I was sleeping Sex hikayeleri with smelled wonderful, not drenched in perfume to cover the skank factor, but elegant smelling. Hmmm maybe I was doing better than usual this time I thought to myself.

As I drifted in and out of sleep, people were leaving the room, and finaly Brian tossed the keys on the my bed and whispered he was going with blah, blah, blah. Once again, not all to unusual for me. As I looked around the room I noticed pizza boxes and beer cans every where. There were wiskey bottles and fast food bags left around as well. That was when no name began to stir, adjusting herself at first and then she just rolled onto her back. I thought to myself, oh great this moment again, I wonder what breed this mutt will resemble. Well if I wasn’t in bed all ready I would have fallen to the floor, because no name was beautiful.

No name wasn’t just beautiful, as she sat up I could see she had nice tits and her skin was silky smooth looking. Her face was like a models but she didn’t seem to have any makeup on. This wasn’t my usual swamp rat pussy I had, she was something different, interesting. She said hello and I said well hello to you too. From the many times I had woke to the unknown I asked, so are you hungry? This would usually start the parade to loosing the skank dejour at some diner. No name slid to the edge of the bed and said she was heading for the shower first, but breakfast sounded good.

As she stood and walked to the bathroom I couldn’t help watching her ass sway as she walked. She was drop dead gorgeous, a twenty on the one to ten scale for sure. I couldn’t remember the last time I had been with a woman this beautiful, if ever, I was sort of a mutt. I decided to join her and as I stumbled in she got up from the toilet and flushed it. She turned on the shower and stepped in as I took my turn peeing. I followed her in the shower and after we both did the finger tooth brushing thing we laughed at our common timing. She had a good sense of humor too, which I found very attractive.

We washed our selves seperately but as soon as we were rinsed clean, I fucked her, bent over in the shower. Her tits were as perfect as her ass, as if someone had air brushed them to perfection. Her pussy was tight and her cute little asshole Sikiş hikayeleri wasn’t a streched gapping come dump like I was used to. I didn’t know where she came from but she was magnificent. Her tight body took my cock slamming her to the wall and she moaned like she’d just found her g-spot for the first time.

Her body was trembling and bucking in perfect synch with her moans, a sign she wasn’t moaning for effect. I really was at a point I’d never been to before, I wanted to know her name, Me, I wanted to know Her name. She seemed to sense my orgasm and turned quickly yanking my cock from her cunt, jerking my cock into her mouth. She knelt down sucking and jerking on my cock untilI it spewed my load in her very talented mouth.

We rinsed off and got out, dried off and both of us began the search for our clothes. The thought that came to my mind was how did I meet her? What had I said or done to get such a beautiful woman to go to a motel and fuck me in a room full of people. There had to have been 8 or more people in the room when I first woke up. God this women was hot, sexy, and obviously not one of the trolls I would have usually woke up with.

This was the kind of woman that I could slow down for, but what was it I had said or done to get her here? She seemed into me, not clingy, but not in a hurry to get out of there either. For a second I thought she might be a high priced whore, but then I remembered I wasn’t rich and never paid for pussy, well not with money anyway.

We walked out to my car from the motel being blinded by the morning sun, and I realized I didn’t even know where my car was. I located my car and led her to it, even opened the door for her, and when I got in I asked her where she wanted to go for breakfast. Usually I went to “Steak and Eggs” a chain resturant that was cheap quick decent food, so I could get the troll out of my hair a.s.a.p. No Name asked if Doc Taylors was cool and I said sure enough. Docs’ was not where I would normally take a one nighter, but this was woman was worth it. We got seated and ordered breakfast, she knew the menu and had obviously been to Docs’ before.

As I sat across from her and I finely decided it was time I should know her name, so I waited until she looked over at me and I asked her name. She Erotik hikaye laughed so hard I thought there maybe a camera some where recording my reaction. When she calmed down she said so you don’t remember last night do you? I told her I remembered drinking and then waking up next to her. She went into the story of how I was drunk and disorderly and had started talking shit and let a few details of my Navy position slip out when she over heard me.

I listened as she went into detail about what a funny drunk I was. She said when she heard me start to talk about the system I worked on, she interupted me with a drink in hand and she decided to get to know me better rather than arrest me. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end and for a second I was throughly confused. She said yeah she was with Naval Investigative Service and pulled her badge from her purse. I was dumb founded and at a lack for words, she said calm down big guy, we’re good, she laughed telling me it wasn’t like she pulled her gun out.

At this point I was looking for the food, the check, the door to escape from, but I realized she could have all ready put me in the brig had she wanted to. I recognized that she was a funny young beautiful woman and she liked me enough to keep me out of the brig. I said well at least no hand cuffs were needed last night. She said oh you don’t remember that either? She bellowed laughter again. She was the coolest woman I ever met. I liked her and not just because she was smoking hot and just fucked me. We ate breakfast and I drove her back to base to the club where her car was, and she handed me her official card with her cell phone number on the back.

As she drove away I could not believe what I saw on the card she handed me, she was an officer. Lieutenant Commander Abbigale Farnsworth NIS, CINCLANTFLT was he name and it occurred to me she could get in trouble for last night too. It made me wonder what she was doing in the enlisted club, because the officers club was much better. It occurred to me she may have been working last night, maybe undercover, who knew.

All I knew for sure was she was the best looking woman, officer, I’d ever met before and she was funny and OH Crap I was falling for her! After one night, most of which I didn’t remember at all, I wanted to see her again as soon as possible. Fuck working today, I called the pizza shop I worked at when not on duty and told Tiny I wouldn’t be in.

The End …………………………..Copyright © 2016 Jax_Teller

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