Working Out With Aunt

Big Boobs

Ever since I was a little boy, I found a slight interest which onemay consider an attraction to my aunt. I remember one time she made metry on a set of pants she wanted to give me for a present and I washeavily reluctant being very little. However she pursuaded me it wasquite all right and I ended up doing it, while I was changing, shemoved to another side of the room and changed from her work clothesand if I recall correctly I got a instant boner. From then on I found myself sort of interested in her. Then,one year I decided to lose weight because I was tired of being a fatboy. After sometime she noticed this and asked how I did it, so I toldher it was a mixture of hard cardio and weight lifting. Then sheasked if I could show her how to workout in a way which would be goodfor her and innocently told her sure. Back then she was around 35,single and still was petit, had boobs which were a bit little than onewould call medium sized breasts and had a curved ass to goalong with it. At the time I was 17, normal looking in terms ofweight and had a slightly muscular built. Being a late sprouter inpuberty as my doctor told me, my penis was 5.7 inches erect at the time thishappened and this really bothered me. The next day we met around 9am, she was wearing a tight istanbul travesti babyblue sports bra which clearly showed her nipples poking out, reallytight pink short spandex boy shorts which outlined her ass and pussylips as well as pink ankle socks which seemed to go along with heroutfit. I was wearing a simple gray t shirt, tidy whities, a pair ofshorts and black ankle socks. We chatted about how the recentparty for my cousin was and about a new car she was considering and Imanaged to keep my dick flacid even though the outfit was practicallyscreaming I dare you to not get hard. Then she decided we shouldstart because it was getting a bit drafty. As a way to keep the embarassment away from myself, Isuggested we did the workout together which seemed very smart at thetime. So we started off with jumping jacks, I did them right next toher and I noticed the jumping jacks caused her breasts to jump around.Already, my boyhood was starting to poke against my shorts whichstarted to embarass me. Luckily, we finished the jumping jacks beforeshe seemed to notice. We went to the weights and I instructed her todo as I did, so we ended up curling dumbells and doing other exerciseswith dumbells for the next 30 minutes or so in which I istanbul travestileri regained mynormal composure and was able to focus on something else other thanher body. Then she decided she was done with her arms and would ratherto keep her arms toned then gain muscle which I totally understoodsince musclar women are a turn off to many. She asked me to show herhow to do propper sit ups and that’s when the situation got horriblyembarrasing. I don’t find myself as being a person who’s into feet butI do find stockings and ankle socks to be a turn on. So according toher request, I instructed her to lay back and I would hold her feetdown to insure she would do the sit ups flat and wouldn’t bend and doit wrong. As I sort of pulled back on her toes in her ankle socks tokeep her from lifting her legs, I sat down in a way which positionedmy crotch right by her toes and my legs around her’s. I soon realizedthis gave me a good view of her breasts pushing against the tightmaterial of the sports bra and her pussy lips clearly outlined againstthe tight boy cut shorts as well as the problem that her toes crawledcloser to my cock after every situp which tickled and made me get harder even faster. I could not help but to look and soon travesti enough my 5.7 inch cock was pushing agaisnt my shorts leaving a bulge which was very noticable. After every sit up she kept looking atthe bulge get bigger and bigger until she had a smirk on her face andmade direct eye contact with me a few times as my eyes scanned herbody. She kept going until we finished the first of 20 sit ups andthen stoped and rubbed what looked like her cunt for a quick secondand then took a drink of water. Being embarassed of the boner, I gotup and turned around and told her to let me know when she was ready todo another 20 while I pretended to look at the art work she had onthe walls. She got up, followed me to the wall and purposefully wentin full view of my boner sticking out like a nail. Then she explainedto me she knows teenagers get them all the time randomly and its okayshe understands. Then I went on to tell her I was really sorry and Ididn’t mean to have a boner while with her. She laughed and called me silly and we went back to theposition as she did another 20 sit ups. My dick was standing at fullattention and her clothing practically encouraged it, I got up andtried to turn away again but she stoped me and said it was okay, sheseen a penis before and it was quite alright. Then she asked if shewas doing it, and I replied yes and she smirked once again. Feelingembarassed about the size of my penis as well, I decided to talk toher about it. I told her my doctor told me that I’m a late grower andlast time I measured it, I was 5.7 inches erect.

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