Working Away Ch. 04


The room was quiet as the two lovers dressed, preparing for the meeting they were scheduled to attend that morning.

Both Tina and Steve were suddenly conscious of the huge step they had taken, especially now, as the outside world started to intrude on their sexy, safe bubble. The room still smelt of sex, the bed was a tangled mess of sheets and covers and there were clothes dotted around the room, dropped in the heat of passion the night before.

There was a comical moment when Tina was unable to find one of her shoes — it had somehow ended up behind the bin under the desk in the corner. Steve passed it, a little awkwardly, across to Tina.

“Why thank you, kind sir,” she quipped, bobbing a curtsey.

Steve replied with a bow “You’re welcome, fair maiden.”

Their eyes met, both looking a little furtive. This was the tricky part — the sex had been great, but they each had to return to the real world today — Tina to her husband and daughter, Steve to his wife and kids. The euphoria of the night away was pretty much spent, and life still had to be faced.

Steve opened the door and allowed Tina to leave. He glanced round the room, realising how shabby it looked. It reflected perfectly the way he felt about his behaviour. Yet it had been a great night, probably the best night he’d ever spent with any woman.

Tina slipped out the door and made her way down for breakfast, sitting opposite Steve at a table in the window. They certainly looked subdued as they ordered tea and coffee from the surly waitress. Tina reached out cautiously with her foot and rubbed it against Steve’s leg. Their eyes met and they tentatively reached for each other’s hands across the table. Little was said as they ate breakfast, the odd request for salt or pepper but not much else.

Steve was concerned. “Are you sure there’s nothing wrong?” he asked.

Tina sighed. “There’s nothing wrong. Apart from the fact that it is my birthday today and no-one, not even my husband, has bothered to call or text me. Nothing like making you feel loved, is there?”

Steve paused, then, saying nothing, walked to the door of the restaurant and into reception. Tina looked worried until she realised his jacket was still on the back of his chair.

Within minutes, Steve was back, clutching an envelope to his chest.

“Sorry — I didn’t realise!” he said, proffering the envelope.

Tina took it cautiously. “I wasn’t dropping hints; you know that, don’t you?”

“Yes, no problem.” Steve lowered his voice.”They didn’t have any Happy Birthday to My Lover cards!”

Tina blushed as she realised that they had indeed crossed the line into being lovers. What strange new uncharted territory had they wound up exploring together?

She opened the card, noticing that it was not too sloppy, not a post modern joke card, just tasteful, and quiet — the kind of thing she would buy herself. Inside was a simple message

“To Tina, with lots of love and thanks on your birthday, Steve” followed by three kisses.

“Thank you, that’s really kind of you” Tina replied quietly. The rest of breakfast was particularly quiet — Tina mulling over the first use of the word “love” between them, Steve wondering what sort of husband would forget his wife on her birthday, especially if she were away on business.

The cab, ordered by reception (who had all but ignored them on their departure) arrived and whisked them off to their meeting, çankaya escort which was completely forgettable. Once or twice the two of them exchanged a quick glance, but otherwise felt they portrayed a perfect image of professionalism. It was only a few weeks later that one of Tina’s contacts commented on the two of them looking very pleased with themselves!

One of the clients from the meeting insisted on buying the two of them lunch, and they sat next to each other, each trying to seem nothing more than workmates. Only when the third member of their party popped to the toilet did the facade slip. Tina caught Steve’s eye with a look of such intensity that it was apparent this was not the end of their more intimate relationship. Steve wasn’t sure of what his face portrayed, but he felt a lot more relaxed by the time the client returned — the two large glasses of red might also have helped!

Lunch over, they made their way towards the station, Tina taking Steve’s arm with casual comfort as they crossed the busy main road. Steve squeezed her arm closer to him and the mood lifted a little as they made their way to the ticket barrier. The train was not too busy and they soon found their seats, conveniently close to the bar and at the quiet end of the coach. They each bought a couple of red wines and settled down for the journey.

Tina snuggled close to Steve as the train gathered pace, and at last they began to discuss their feelings about the last 36 hours. Tina had been very quiet, so it was Steve who plucked up the courage to break into her reverie.

“Erm… are you ok?” he asked, cautiously.

“Yes, I’m fine, just tired. You?” came the reply

“I’m fine, just struggling to adjust to the changes you’ve wrought in my life.” Steve replied.

“Oh? Such as?” Tina teased.

“Well, I’ve never cheated on anyone… then again I’ve never made love so many times in one night!” Steve almost laughed, but was not quite sure of how he felt or how he should play this situation. He was still partly in shock from how he had rediscovered his libido and partly scared of how he might ruin the whole situation for both of them, not to mention how he’d cope when he returned home to his wife.

“Nor me, don’t forget!” came the sleepy response from somewhere in his right shoulder or armpit.

“I know — I’m just not sure where we go from here. Is this a one off, is this the start of something, a relationship, an affair? I mean do we just go our own ways, do we see each other again? Do you even want to see me again? I really don’t…” Steve’s anxious babbling was cut off abruptly as Tina raised her head from where she’d been snuggled on Steve’s chest and kissed him, hard, on the lips.

“Shhh. Let’s just enjoy the moment, shall we?” she murmured.

Steve smiled down at her. At least she wasn’t revolted by the idea of seeing him again. Mind you, even that was a double edged sword. He placed his arm around Tina’s shoulders and pulled her closer. She wriggled in her seat and dozed, her face resting on his shirt.

Steve mind was running too fast for him to be able to doze off, although the antics of the previous night meant that he felt absolutely exhausted. He replayed the most exciting part of their sexual play in his mind, gazing out the window as the winter countryside flew by…

“What can you see?” Tina asked, pushing her backside up further into keçiören escort the air. “Tell me what you can see.”

Steve adjusted his position again, moving closer to Tina’s exposed sex. He swallowed hard as he looked closely at the sight before him. “Well, I can see inside your pussy from here — the entrance to your vagina is open, and shining with your juices. The edges of the hole are lighter pink and kind of scalloped — I guess that’s the muscles that hold me so tightly. I can also see your inner lips, spread wide.”

“I could spread them wider” came a slightly muffled voice…and Tina reached back between her thighs and gently spread her lips with her fingers.

Steve looked on amazed as Tina’s pussy opened even wider. She shuffled her knees apart on the covers and tipped her hips further. Steve’s breathing was now deep and irregular, and his cock was as hard as he could ever remember it being.

“Don’t stop… Please…Tell me more!” Tina begged.

Steve moved closer still, the head of his cock was now scant inches from Tina’s pussy. He tried to concentrate on the description Tina wanted, but was getting more than a little distracted. He started to speak again, swallowed and then just pressed his erection against Tina’s moist entrance.

“Oh God, yes, do that instead!” Tina moaned from the foot of the bed.

Steve was in no frame of mind to argue and drove his cock deep into Tina’s tight hole. He could feel the muscles inside her vagina gripping tightly around him as he thrust forwards. The head of his penis bumped into something, probably Tina’s cervix, as he buried the entire length of his shaft into her.

“That’s so good” Tina responded, pushing back onto his erection and wriggling her hips as she did so.”Go on, I want to feel all of you.”

Steve withdrew, almost to the point where his cock slipped from between Tina’s lips before plunging back into her willing body.

“Oh yes, do that again, as hard as you like,” she mumbled.

Steve again pulled out. Glancing down, he could see the juices from Tina’s arousal clinging to his penis. He groaned with excitement as he once more slipped all eight inches of his erection deep into Tina and started to set a steady rhythm.

In the mirror on the wardrobe Steve caught sight of the pair of them. God it was sexy, almost being a voyeur; spying on them. He watched, fascinated by the sight of Tina’s slender body working in such exquisite harmony with his. If only the mirror was closer, he’d have a great view of his cock actually penetrating her. In the meantime he watched her delicate breasts swinging back and forth in time with his thrusting.

Tina reached back between her legs and rubbed her clitoris — gradually speeding up until Steve felt the spasms of her orgasm washing over his cock. What a feeling! It was enough to push him over the edge and he came, deep inside Tina, as her orgasm started to recede…

“Tickets, please!” The gruff voice startled Steve out of his dreams. He groped around for his wallet, waking Tina as he did so. The two of them found their tickets and had them checked. All in order, they sat, hand in hand. Steve turned to Tina.

“Penny for them?”

“Oh, just reliving some parts of the last day or so…” Tina responded.

Steve looked closer. “I do believe you are blushing!” he laughed.

“What if I am? It was all a bit racy anyway,” etimesgut escort Tina countered

“Well, do tell!” Steve begged, wondering which part of the trip had particularly caught Tina’s attention and memory.

“I loved the way you looked at me when I first took my clothes off” Tina murmured. Steve leant closer so he could hear her more clearly.

“You just looked so pleased, so impressed, so interested. It’s been years since anyone looked at me like that. You got me so wet, just looking at me, admiring me! And then when you were between my legs, you still gave me the chance to say no. That was so lovely.

“Then, when you rubbed your cock against me, before you slipped it into me — that was great, it really turned me on.

“And when you slipped yourself inside me… Oh God that was good! I can’t remember the last time I felt so full, if I ever have! It was a bit painful at first, but once you started to slip in and out a bit, it felt so good. I could feel your balls swinging against my bum, the hairs tickling against me. By the way did I tell you how much I like your body hair? I felt so full, so stretched, so wet. It was great.

I really can’t remember feeling so wanted, so loved or so sexy! Do you really find me sexy?” Tina asked.

By way of answer, Steve took Tina’s hand and placed it on his rapidly hardening cock below the table. Tina adjusted her position to allow her to rub more accurately over the bulge now showing in Steve’s trousers.

Steve groaned — even though his cock was still tender form the nocturnal fun they’d had, Tina’s touch was certainly having an effect!

“Oh, I’ll take that as a yes, then!” Tina chuckled, looking down and licking her lips.

There was, yet again, a sense of sexual tension in the air between them. It remained, hovering over them like a hawk, until the in-train announcement informed them that they were approaching their final destination. They reluctantly untangled themselves from each other, Tina running her hand appreciatively over Steve’s erection through his trousers. Steve in turn couldn’t resist a quick look down Tina’s blouse, checking out her soft breasts inside her lightly padded white bra for a moment as she bent to pick up her handbag from the floor.

Tina paused, knowing exactly what he was looking at, before straightening with a slight smile on her face. Steve helped her into her coat, retrieved their bags from the overhead rack and made for the door.

They tumbled out of the train onto the dirty platform, sorted out bags and headed for the exit.

“Fancy a last drink?” Steve suggested tentatively.

Inevitably they ended up in a nondescript backstreet pub. The beer was ok, but they both knew this was more about putting off the moment when they had to part. They eventually dragged themselves back to the tube station where they had to go their separate ways.

“OK. Thank you so much…for everything,” Steve was the first to speak at the ticket barrier.

“That’s ok.” Tina’s voice was almost lost in the noise of an approaching train. “I hope to see you again soon — maybe later this week?”

“I hope so, too. It has been really special… And thank you, once again, for everything.”

Tina leant slightly forward and there was a brief pause, then they were kissing passionately. Despite their heavy outdoor clothing they could both sense the urgency between them. It was probably apparent to anyone watching them. Their kiss ended, albeit reluctantly and they stepped apart, each headed for their train towards their respective trains, homes and families.

What they both knew was that life would never be quite the same again, they had both crossed the line between loyal, faithful partners and lusty, cheating lovers and there was no way back.

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