With The Vacuum(s)


This story is about masturbating with several types of vacuums.  People say this can be dangerous. I guess I’ve been lucky.  I’m a male about fifty-seven years old.  I work an opposite shift than my wife; she works days, I work nights.  During the day, I am usually up a lot and very horny. Many years ago, I had heard stories of guys masturbating using a vacuum, but was afraid to give it a try thinking the suction could damage my dick.  One day, I was home alone so I decided to try getting myself off with the vacuum.  I finally worked up the courage. I used my regular vacuum and it got me off so quick and with such an intense orgasm, it was unbelievable.  I was in front of the mirror, stroking my dick with the vacuum hose I did not have time to brace myself, Cebeci Escort so I fell to the floor when I orgasmed and shot my cum all over.  That’s how intense it was.  One of the other things I like is there is no cleanup.  You suck the mess right into the vacuum. Several years ago, I lived in a house that had a central vacuum system, those are the ones that have the hose outlets in the walls throughout the house.  I was home alone and horny.  I wanted to masturbate but also wanted to try something different.  Stroking your dick can get boring sometimes.  I decided to try the central vacuum. When you open the cover to the hose outlet, the vacuum automatically turns on.  I would get naked as I Çıtır Escort like to be naked as much as I can. I stuck my dick in the hole and came within seconds.  That’s how intense and great that was. The feeling that went through my body was incredible.  I did that on a weekly basis until I moved out of that house. My wife and I have a good sex life.  We enjoy trying different things, we have mutual masturbation sessions, which are great.  But I do like to jerk off if she is not available.  The other day, I was horny and wanted to masturbate using the vacuum.  The regular vacuum I have does not have the greatest suction to get me off quick, which is how I like to do it when using the vacuum.  Demetevler Escort I also have a shop vac, they have a large diameter hose and great suction power.  I stuck my dick in the hose before turning the power on. I did not want to damage my dick and did not know what the suction power would do trying to insert my dick while the vacuum was on.  This was the first time trying this vacuum.   As soon as I turned it on, it immediately sucked my dick and balls into the hose,  that was a great feeling in and of itself, I like having my balls played with,  that is such a turn on for me.  So having the vacuum suck on them vas fantastic.  Because of the feeling on my balls and with the suction of this vacuum on my throbbing dick.  I pulled my dick out slightly and let the vacuum suck it back in.  I did this for about a minute because I was about to come.  Suddenly, I felt the vacuum suck the cum out of my dick and it felt like I had a lot of cum.  I had one of the greatest orgasms that have had in my entire life, apart from when I fuck my wife, that I’ve ever felt.  This will be my new go-to machine.

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