Whose Fantasy Ch. 02


Chapter 02: Love-Making Her Way

I was wearing my brand-new, sexy red panties and bra, and Oh, yes! my new garter belt and nylons (quite uncomfortable!). I stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself; I looked pretty good, far from perfect, but good enough, and very sexy! I dabbed some perfume on all the right places. My new boy-friend would be here in a half hour, and I hoped to attract him to those special places! I was very excited about today.

My name is Roxanne. I am 46, but I look younger, I usually tell people I am 44 and they still say “Wow, you don’t look it!” My hair is dark blonde, and I am quite tall and on the thin side. I never considered myself ‘pretty’, but all dressed up with makeup on, I feel I can be attractive. I have my hair in a short style, and I wear just a little make-up, lipstick and eye makeup. I keep my body in good shape, going to the gym 3 to 4 times a week. Realistically, though, I wish I was not as tall with a more rounded figure.

I am an OR nurse with a very responsible position. I am very good at my job and I love it. I am well regarded and respected by the staff that I work with, and that makes me feel very good and builds up my self esteem. When I used to go home my self esteem would decline considerably, but that has all ended now that I live alone.

I am almost divorced; let me start by telling you about that. I was a faithful wife, married to Mr. Jerk (aka Mr. Control-Freak) for 20 years, until I found out about a year ago that he had been seeing another woman for three years. “Seeing” was not the only thing he was doing to this woman, if you know what I mean. I had met her and she was nothing: not pretty, no class, not smart, I don’t know what he could have seen in her except she was about 20 years younger than I was, with bigger breasts than mine.

I found out about this affair when he was away overnight on business — you can guess what the ‘business’ was. Anyway, I stuffed some of his clothes into his suitcase and put it on the front steps. I locked all the doors, unplugged the phone, and went to bed. No way was he coming back into my house!

Of course there was a big fuss when he got home, but I kept him out, and I saw a lawyer the next day. My ex made a lame attempt at reconciling, weak apology, etc, and now is being a real jerk about the divorce; his lawyer says that I have one of his cd’s! Can you imagine? Anyway, I will get as much out of him as I can, and I will get over this in time.

Now don’t think that because I’m 46, I don’t feel sexy; actually I feel sexier in the last year or so than I have for a long time. I have masturbated a few times in the past year: a new experience for me as I had never done this before. Of course I had thought about it, but I did not feel the need.

This sexuality started about a month after my marriage break-up, when I was reading a romance novel in bed and I got to a part where they were getting romantically intimate and I started to feel sexy, I was getting moist and was aware of my genital area. I put my hand down there to see what was going on, and it felt pretty good when I touched myself. I didn’t bring myself to climax at that time, but I thought about it afterwards and decided that next time I would keep going. I had been having some erotic thoughts and fantasies since I have been living alone, but up until this occasion they were only fantasies. The following night I got nicely into bed, and then went back to the same part of the book that had turned me on the night before, and this time I kept on stroking until I had a climax, and it felt good. About a week later, I rented a Brad Pitt movie and sure enough, I started to get aroused, so I started to touch my vaginal area and massaged and I even inserted my finger inside and found my clitoris. My climax came in about ten minutes and again it felt very good and I was quite satisfied afterwards.

Since then I have bought myself a vibrator. When I opened the package I had a good laugh when I looked at it and turned it on. The next time I started getting a bit horny I got the vibrator and fooled around with it just around the edge of my vagina and brought myself on that way (I tried it on my breasts but it didn’t feel good at all). The next time I tried pushing in an inch or two, and that felt even better, and now I’m an expert at touching it to all the right places and having a climax whenever I want without a man anywhere near.

One of my co-workers propositioned me. We went for a drink after work and she sort of hinted that I should try sex with a woman, and she was looking at me in a certain way and smiling, but I do not fancy that. Maybe sometime in the future, but it does not appeal to me at this time.

So I have a new boyfriend and I am moving on to the next episode in my life. You have to realize that I am not a bossy person by nature, quite the opposite — a bit on the passive side; maybe a bit too passive, always trying to do what people ask, and being told what to do, especially by my husband. For once in my life I want to get a man to please me– you know? My husband never did anything just for me, certainly not in love-making. For instance, I have very sensitive breasts (but they are tiny) and one time we were about to make love and I asked him to caress them tenderly; he told me that I was flat-chested so I didn’t have breasts, and just thrust into me in his usual way. I didn’t ask him again. (Our usual foreplay was a tube of KY jelly)

Anyway, I figured that before a man got me into bed he would agree to just about anything. So I planned this — the next man that seemed promising, I would lead him on and when he talked about making love, I would tell him the rules. I didn’t want to have sex, I wanted him to woo me and make love to me, in a slow romantic, fulfilling way, and he would do it my way.

So my new boyfriend, Barry, has been very attentive to me, buying me roses and bringing wine. He seems to me as a very sensitive, caring person; a little shy, someone I can relate to. He is good-looking and a bit taller than me. We have lots in common and are able to talk for hours.

I’ll tell you what really turns me on about him: he likes me! I mean not just my looks or my sexuality, or the things we have in common, but the real me, the ‘me’ that others don’t see, the inside me that I hide from others. A man that really likes me, how erotic that is! I feel that I can talk to him about anything and tell him my deepest secrets.

All we had done up to this point was some deep passionate kissing, and it was obvious that he wanted me, and he knew that I wanted him. When Barry asked me to make love, I told him what I wanted. He agreed to my rules, without my giving him any details, but I had it figured out in my head.

I had shopped for some very sexy lingerie and I had stopped in at the sex shop for a few items. He came to the door with a huge bouquet of red roses. I was dressed in my skirt and blouse — nothing too sexy yet. I started kissing him with passion just while we were standing there in the entrance hall, and I could feel his erection pushing against me.

I touched him with my hand just through his pants and I knew that we were going to have a lot of fun, and then I kissed him some more. His hand moved to my crotch but I moved it away, telling him that he was breaking the rules, and he had to wait until I told him what to do. We went inside and I got some lunch together. I made sure that he stayed excited — this was part of my plan, to keep him this way as long as I could.

We started on the sofa in the living room, and I undressed him to his boxer shorts — they were printed with rhinoceroses, which were very suggestive if you know what I mean — those horns sticking up! His body was in very good shape — no flab and quite muscular. I ran my hands over his chest, arms, stomach and even had a peek at his erection! Actually I had more than a peek; I reached for my glasses and had a good look, and a bit of a caress. Looking at this erect penis, all standing to attention just for me was a big turn-on; I could have just opened wide then and there and swallowed him up with my mouth or my vagina, but this was not as I had planned it. I wanted to stretch out the time as long as I could, with hours and hours of foreplay. I was getting my pleasure from him, and we had all day. I was still fully dressed and I had this man in his underwear all excited and with a full erection — how good does it get?

We kissed this way for an hour or so, while I made all the moves: the stroking and caressing, the deep passionate kisses, and the sexy talk. I didn’t let him do much at all, but I kept checking his excitement. Then I led him into the bedroom, and I started to strip. I had him slowly unbutton my blouse until I just had it loose, so he could see my sexy red bra, then I had a few more deep kisses while I caressed his bare skin. I slowly took off my blouse and threw it away, then some more kissing. I told him that he could kiss and stroke my shoulders, chest and arms, just down to the top of my bra, but not my breasts.

This lasted a while, and then I wanted him to touch my breasts, so I did a little strip-tease with my bra and skirt and flung them away. I was wearing a garter belt which I left on for a while, as I knew that he would find that very sexy. I told him to caress my breasts, and he did this slowly, slowly, until my nipples were both standing up and excited and I told him to please kiss my nipples and complete breasts. “I love tiny titties,” he said! He started to kiss around my breasts, just gentle kisses, and I felt his tongue go all around just touching the areola, then he did the same to the other breast. Then I felt his mouth on my breast, and his tongue was flicking my nipple, and he was gently sucking, and then sucking very hard. He worked on one breast and then the other (I have two, and they like to be treated equally). I felt a shiver go all through my body. This seemed very stimulating for him and he went at it with enthusiasm. I had never had my breasts kissed and my nipples sucked like this before! What a wonderful sensation for me!

He seemed to know exactly what I wanted, he knew what turned me on. I became so ecstatic with the sensation that I seemed to be in a higher level of consciousness, where everything was so real and sensual; I was aware of every cell in my body: aware of my skin, my breathing, my heart racing; the feeling of my skin wherever he was touching me, and especially the touch of his mouth and his hands stimulating my breasts. I became aware of everything in the room, every sound, even noticed a dog barking in the distance. I wanted him to suck me harder and harder and never stop, to do it more and more.

I had not realized that a woman could have a climax just by breast and nipple stimulation, and I was in for a surprise! A big climax was coming: slowly at first and then very fast and hard and I almost could not stand it. I was trying to rub my vagina, but I still had my panties on, and then the orgasm came from inside me. I felt so much sensation and emotion that I had never felt before. It was so absolutely wonderful that I couldn’t help laughing and crying at the same time, with big sobs and with real tears running down my cheeks,!

I told him how wonderful my climax was, and we kissed and caressed for a while, then he said he was sorry but he had to go to the bathroom real bad and couldn’t wait. He told me maybe we had better quit until he had finished, as it might be difficult to go while he had an erection — I hadn’t thought of that! I held on to his erection and led him to the bathroom. Even kneeling in front of the toilet, I could see it was a problem, so I suggested that we both step into the shower. He got in and I stood behind him and held on to his erection with both hands. Now it was getting very funny for me, and I starting giggling, as he couldn’t go while he had this enormous erection, so he had to relax a little. As soon as he started to relax and dribble, I gave him more stimulation, just a few soft rubs and he stopped going!

It was very funny, but he told me it had started to hurt, so I let him have his pee while I was aiming it — wide circles on the shower wall, lots of fun! I pushed up to his back with my breasts and thighs and gave him a few rubs with both hands, and then I put his hand on his erection as well! My right hand was way down around his balls, then his hand over mine, then my left hand at the top; three hands going up and down in unison! Then I told him that I had to go, so we stepped out of the shower and I held onto his erection while I sat and had a pee. I don’t know why, but I found this very sexy!

I wanted to get back to the bed as fast as possible, as I was very aroused. I led him back and I stripped off my garter belt and nylons, and then we lay on the bed and I told him he could take off my panties. He kissed my stomach and very slowly started to pull my panties down and was kissing me as he was doing this. I wanted him so bad by this time that I asked him to hurry, but now he was the one taking his time! He was teasing me by kissing and stroking close to the sensitive areas, but not right at my vagina where it is most sensitive.

He finally got my panties off and I tried to kick them away but he grabbed onto them and put them up to his face and breathed in deep. I wanted him to make love to me with his fingers or his tongue, but he just kissed, fondled and stroked around my vagina and it was driving me crazy. He then ran his finger and his tongue around the edge of my vagina, just stimulating and arousing my desire. I could feel how wet I was getting and I so much wanted him to penetrate, but he was taking his time. At last he pushed his tongue right into me, and licked gently right into me, just once.

He went up on his elbows, looked at me and said, “You have the sweetest smelling crotch and the loveliest tasting juices in the universe!” Then he pushed up higher on his elbows, gazing at me. “And you have a beautiful body”, he said. I melted as my emotions overwhelmed me and I totally lost control; this man could do anything he liked with me, I was his slave. Although I loved his saying these things to me, I needed his tongue back where it belonged. I told him to save it and tell me later, and I gently pushed his head back into my crotch, where the delicious sensation resumed. I had my legs bent up and I slightly squeezed his ears with my thighs.

He was licking all around my vagina then finding my clitoris with his tongue; he then pushed his tongue inside as far as he could. His hands were all over; up to my breasts, around my buttocks and anus, stroking my stomach and his finger pushed deep into my vagina. I watched what he was doing with a small hand mirror; I wanted to see the action. He started slowly moving to my side, I wasn’t sure what he was doing, maybe 69 was on his mind. My right leg was draped over his shoulder and back, and when he was cross-wise on the bed beside me, his tongue went from side to side, from the top of my vagina to the bottom, as deep as he could: a fantastic sensation for me.

Just when he was getting me close to orgasm, he stopped and came up to my breasts again, sucking and squeezing and biting, then again down to my vagina. He did this a few times, each time he brought me close to orgasm, and then let me down just a bit. I suddenly came in a mad rush of an orgasm with fantastic sensations that I had not felt before, I was shivering and shaking, I was happy and sad, I was totally full of emotion, and Oh, my God, I was again calling out to the heavens for help. My second climax of the day and it was as wonderful as the first. I got his lips up to mine and we had some passionate deep kissing. I finally realized that I had wasted 20 years of my life on that low-life, when I could have been enjoying sexual pleasure like this.

I could feel and see his erection and I was eagerly anticipating the full sexual experience of his erect penis deep inside me. I could hardly wait for the next episode, and he was as ready as me. He hauled over and penetrated my vagina; it felt wonderful, but I did not want to hurry. I pushed him away and told him to wait. He was surprised! We had another break: same thing in the bathroom, and a very quick bite to eat- enough to give us the energy to carry on! All this time I couldn’t get my mind off the bed in the next room; I was in a hurry, and he was, too. I managed to keep his ‘interest’ up, with help from some cream that I had; it brought a ‘Wow!’ from him, and perked him back up.

Back into the bedroom we lay on the bed and he entered me. It felt wonderful as he pushed inside and filled me up. He started slowly enough, but then got faster until he was going like a rabbit: this had to stop, or it would be all over in five minutes! I rolled over and managed to get on top, kneeling over him, where I could control the situation. I could now go as slowly as I wanted and change from deep penetration, to just barely touching. I could go slow; I could go fast; I could push all the way down, and then just stop and enjoy the sensation; I wanted this to last, and it did; it lasted and lasted as I prolonged the action!

I jumped off him and turned around. I squatted right on his face and rubbed my vagina up and down over his mouth and tongue while I got his erection into my mouth. I sucked and licked and he was doing the same; oh what a wonderful feeling! I hopped back and got him into my vagina again while we had more deep kisses. I was totally in control and I was in heaven!

He finally got them off Suddenly I realized that I was looking into the eyes of this good-looking man who was thrusting deep inside me, who had given me and was giving me so much pleasure, I was overcome by emotion — I was totally, romantically, passionately in love. I wanted to laugh and I wanted to cry.

I got him so he was almost ready to come, then I jumped off, sat on his face again and rubbed myself over his mouth and tongue. I still wanted this to last as long as possible. When I got him back inside me I knew that he would not last much longer, and we were both ready, so I timed it so that I was climaxing and I brought him on at the same time. We both came and it was a true relief for both him and me. It was a big one for me with waves of pleasure coming over my whole body. I lay in his arms while he nodded off and I enjoyed the feelings I was having, and the memory of what I had gone through. He was still inside me, but was starting to shrink until he slid right out.

In the morning I had a little surprise for him. I got up very early while he was still asleep, and had a quick shower. I had bought some special mouth lubricant at the sex shop and I took a mouthful and gargled with it. Then I crept back into bed and got him uncovered, all shrunken and floppy. I sucked his penis right up and he quickly swelled up into my mouth and slid down my throat; this was very uncomfortable feeling for me, but I knew he would like it a lot. I think he was still half asleep! I rubbed him with my hand then sucked him up again and again, then rubbed him.

He was now wide awake as I rubbed his very hard penis up and own; up and down, faster and faster until he called ‘Faster! Faster!’, until I was at my top speed. “Oh, my God I’m coming!” he said, so I got my mouth around him as far down as I could and sucked very hard. I finished him off with my mouth, tongue and hands until he spurted into my mouth. The whole episode had taken only a few minutes from start to finish! I sucked him dry into my mouth, and then went as though to give him a passionate kiss, and squirted it all into his mouth! He was still only just waking up so it was a real surprise to him. Anyway it was worth a big laugh on my part, but although he complained, I’m sure that he loved it. I handed him a Kleenex.

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