Who Needs a Fantasy? Short #01


Hi readers! Lily and AJ are living their happily-ever-after but their story is far from finished. I’ve decided to keep telling their story through very short one-scene stories that will give you a little insight as to how their lives are going. I’m not giving a timeline for these shorts and they aren’t necessarily being released in chronological order, just in the order that they come to me. I hope you enjoy them!

AJ arrived home forty-five minutes later than they had told Lily to expect them home. It had been a long but very interesting day and they were looking forward to sharing their good news with her.

AJ found Lily in the basement that they had converted into a gym when the two had moved into their new, shared home. She was hanging from the bar of the captain’s chair doing pull-ups as AJ approached from behind. She was wearing a solid royal blue sports bra and black leggings with a geometric pattern. Her back muscles flexed hard as she pulled herself up, then slowly lowered again. Her tan skin was shiny with a layer of sweat and, if AJ was guessing, they would have guessed that Lily was a little more than halfway through her workout.

The two locked eyes in the mirror as AJ walked closer and put their water bottle and towel down on a bench, but Lily didn’t stop her repetitions. They didn’t expect her to stop either – she was very particular about making sure she finished anything she started and they did not want to get in her way.

When Lily completed her eight and final rep, AJ wrapped their fingers around her waist and pressed their lips to her slick lower back as she hung from the bar. She tasted salty from her workout.

“You started without me,” AJ said as they placed sloppy kisses across Lily’s lower back. When they reached her hip, they couldn’t stop themself from pausing to sink their teeth into soft skin.

“You were late,” Lily replied as AJ dragged their lips across to the other side.

AJ slid their hands across Lily’s ass and stomach as they squeezed their body around her side, bursa escort between her and the side of the captain’s chair. They kissed along her waistline as they went, ending with a long open-mouthed kiss just below her navel.

“I have a good reason,” AJ said as they hooked their fingers into the waistline of Lily’s leggings and underwear and looked up to her eyes. She nodded back at them and they slowly pulled the fabric down, past the curve of her ass, before they pulled the leggings off completely. They rubbed their hands up her legs as they returned to a standing position, setting her thighs on their shoulders so they could support most of her weight.

Lily relaxed her arms and slid her hands down the bars of the machine so she was gripping the vertical bars in front of her, roughly shoulder-width apart, for additional support. AJ was strong enough to hold her there on their shoulders, but they could hold her there longer if she supported herself just a little and took some of her weight off of their shoulders. If that wasn’t a perfect metaphor for their relationship, AJ didn’t know what was.

“And what’s the reason for your tardiness?” Lily asked as AJ kissed from her knee, up her inner thigh.

“You are about to come on the face of the new varsity softball coach,” AJ said as they tongued the crease between Lily’s thigh and her center, inhaling her scent.

“Mmmm, I’m honored,” Lily moaned as AJ adjusted their grip to hold her by her ribs where they could keep her more stable when she reached her climax.

AJ dipped their tongue into Lily’s folds, pulling her arousal into their mouth and swallowing hard. They swirled their tongue around her clit once before concentrating on her entrance. She tasted so good and they needed to taste more of her. They dipped their tongue into her and were rewarded with a low moan from above.

“Oh, fuck, yes, baby,” Lily whispered as she released one of the bars and tangled her fingers into AJ’s hair. They were thankful for the additional strength training she’d had bursa escort bayan them doing for the last couple of months as they prepared for their show. More on that later, though.

AJ adjusted their stance to support Lily as she directed their tongue in and out of her with her hand on the back of their head, the other still holding the bar for support. “Fuck me with your tongue,” she demanded as they match the speed of her hips with their neck and jaw, trying to give her more to grind against. Her juices ran down AJ’s face as she used their tongue for her own pleasure, commanding and encouraging them from above.

“Oh fuck, yes, faster baby.

“Right there, AJ, right there.

“I love fucking your face.

“Do I taste good, baby?”

Lily flexed her hand in AJ’s hair, silently signaling for them to stop. The two communicated constantly, often without many words, and it was rare that they weren’t completely in sync with each other. It was an unbelievable feat for AJ, who had struggled with communicating with other people for almost four decades.

Lily tilted her hips down so AJ’s tongue pressed against her clit. “Flatten your tongue for me, baby,” she instructed as her hips started grinding against their face again.

“Yeah, mmm, just like that, AJ.

“Fuck, AJ, right there.

“Don’t stop.

“Fuck, AJ, don’t fucking stop.”

“Yes!” Lily cried out as her body quaked with an orgasm above them. AJ concentrated on keeping their tongue flat and their core muscles still as she bucked on their shoulders. They could hear their name spilling from her lips, despite the sound being muffled by her thighs against their ears.

Lily gripped AJ’s hair tightly and jerked their head back, away from her sex. She looked down her body at them and rewarded their good work with a wide grin. Her chest heaved as she stroked her fingertips along AJ’s scalp. Then, she reached her arms above her head again to grab the pull up bar and lifted her legs off of their shoulders. She repositioned her legs under escort bursa AJ’s armpits and locked her ankles there. They held her tight against them as she released the bar and slid down their body.

She kissed them deeply when her feet reached the floor. “If you’re going to do that every time you get a promotion, I need to start bribing your Athletic Director,” Lily said before covering AJ’s mouth with her own again. “Fuck, that was hot.”

“Forget the dancing,” AJ said, referring to their upcoming drag show fundraiser for the softball team they’d joined in Philadelphia. “You need to keep me in this shape so I can do that for the rest of our lives.”

“Gladly, babe. Gladly,” Lily said before bending down to pick up her underwear and leggings. “Now are you ready for your actual workout?”

AJ groaned. “Do I have to? That had to have counted for something,” they argued.

“Oh, it counts for something. But I promised you a ripped bod for the fundraiser. All of this,” Lily said, gesturing towards AJ’s body, “represents me. And I need those double-income-no-kids clients. Momma’s got to pay the bills so we can both lend our talents to the youth of South Jersey sports.”

Somehow, the new softball team that AJ had joined had convinced them to perform at the team’s upcoming fundraiser. After they were dared to give Lily a lapdance at their team getaway to the Poconos in the Winter – and their teammates observed the rhythm that they had no idea AJ had – their team begged them to perform a Magic-Mike-esque dance to earn more donations from the crowd.

With Lily’s help, AJ was becoming more and more comfortable being more and more social. They’d always thought that wasn’t even possible, but her presence at their side helped to keep them grounded when their anxiety started to become overwhelming. A gentle touch from her on their lower back could snap them out of a spiral before it went too far to come back from.

“Plus, it gives us a chance to talk about your promotion,” Lily said as she put the rest of her clothes back on. “I didn’t even know Debbie wasn’t coming back this season.”

“Oh, there’s drama,” AJ said as they sat on the rower to start their warm up. “And it involves Jennifer’s husband.”

Thanks again for reading. Let me know what you think!

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