Where Lust Leads


Chapter 1: Where Lust Leads

This is the first of a few connected stories. They aren’t so much stories as true life experiences I’m just trying to get out on paper… err computer screen. I figured I may as well share my thoughts with some random strangers while I’m at it. Who knows, maybe I’ll even learn something from this process. In the mean time, feel free to comment however you like. Let me know what you think, relay some of your true life experiences back to me, or just give me some positive criticism. All negative comments will be happily ignored. 🙂 So, here it is:

As limited as my youthful sexual experiences are, I’ve had several encounters worth remembering… even reliving. First, a little background — I’ve been raised in a strict religious environment which I abide by for the most part… I just have a large sexual appetite and enjoy having sex to much not to. So, for me to have sex before marriage at all is taboo amongst my friends and family. The same goes with pretty much all the girls I’ve ever dated. I think it’s one of those things where you want to do something even more because you know you aren’t supposed to do it.

Because of my background and the fact that I was somewhat shy growing up, I didn’t really pursue girls to the fullest until the end of high school. This is when I started dating my first true girlfriend. We’ll call her Ash. We were both in our last years of high school and barely legal.

Ash was a redheaded beauty. Her dark red hair flowed halfway down her back and made her emerald green eyes that more intense. She tanned somewhat regularly so, her lightly freckled skin was actually a nice golden bronze. Her body was one of the tightest I’ve known. Her stomach was flat and her legs were long. She was about 5’7″ and couldn’t have weighed more than 115lbs. Her figure was curved perfectly with nice 36″ hips and 25″ waist, topped off with perfectly round 34D breasts. I remember the first time she coerced me into playing with them. I couldn’t get enough. Being that she was so young, they were extremely firm and perky. They didn’t sag in the slightest. Her nipples were actually “innies” The went inward rather than outward like most. When she first told me about this, it concerned me that they would be weird, but they were actually pretty cool. It wasn’t that big of a difference really. But they sure were fun to play with.

I, on the other hand, am a lean 170lbs at 5’10”. I’m not extremely muscular, but I am toned. I work out for an hour 5 mornings per week at 5am… fun stuff. Ha. I have a short messed up hair style. My hair is blonde with a definite red shade going on. My mom always said I was a strawberry-blonde. Ash got me to start tanning, so my skin was also lightly freckled and bronzed. Neither of us were too tanned like the leathery people you see, just enough as not to be pale. My eyes are blue or green depending on what they decide to be each day. And since it seems to be the criteria to be as detailed as possible here, my cock is straight, right at 7″ long, and about the width of a roll of half dollars. You remember those, right? Ha!

Ash was somewhat more experienced than me. Like I said, I was a late bloomer. She was actually my first real kiss. She on the other hand, had kissed several guys and even gave head to a couple to tease them with her girl friend. As we would soon find out, we were both a couple of repressed nymphos just waiting to get out. We first kissed about a week after we started dating. A week after that, we were making out every chance we got.

At first, we would just sneak in half feels of each other’s butts or the side of her boob. That led to hands up the backs of shirts. Eventually she talked me into taking off her shirt and just doing whatever I wanted with her boobs… we rationalized it as a scientific experiment of sorts. You have to remember that this was all very wrong to us. I was extremely sheltered and her dad was actually an evangelist. Her breasts were great. I caressed them gently, molded and kneaded them, even kissed and sucked on them for a good hour.

Finally, one weekend a couple months after we’d started dating her family went out of state because her dad was invited to preach. Since she had to stay home for school and work all alone, we talked my parents into letting her spend the night at my house. This wasn’t the first time this had happened. She spent the night a few times because of similar reasons. She would sleep in my sister’s room on her futon in the room right above mine.

Friday night we ended up being the last ones awake because we were watching a movie in my room, aka making out. We were getting pretty hot and heavy when my parents came by and said they were going upstairs to bed and Ash needed to be pretty close behind. By that point we had gotten really good at breaking off the make-out sessions in a hurry… which is what we did when we heard them getting close. We told them that the movie had just started şişli escort and we really wanted to see it. They said fine and told us that Ash needed to go to bed as soon as it was over. They didn’t really have a reason not to trust us… other than the fact that we were teenagers. But we were both good kids.

At that point we knew we were alone and could really get into making out… so we did. Our lips collided and our tongues mingled. We couldn’t get enough of each other. We tossed and turned, rolling all over the floor onto one another, pressing our bodies as close as possible. Our hands started to wonder as we breathed heavier. She began to feel my chest under my shirt as I was unfastening her bra beneath hers. As I unfastened her bra, she got the idea and removed her hands from my shirt, and pulled hers over her head. Her shirt and the bra were not far behind.

Since she was now topless, it was only fair that I be as well, so she then proceeded to remove my shirt. She was now on top of me and we were both moaning as we kissed passionately. I pulled her close to me, savoring the fantastic feeling of her flawlessly smooth, young skin rubbing against mine. She then started doing something that would soon become so familiar in our make-out sessions. She began rubbing her crotch up and down my leg instinctively. It was as if she couldn’t help it. She couldn’t contain herself. To this day, it is the biggest thing I miss about Ash — her pure sexual desire and energy. For a woman to be so lustful to do whatever it takes to get herself off is the biggest turn on I’ve ever experienced. I think that is why I love “slutty” women so much now.

I bent my knee as to raise my leg for Ash to get more leverage as she pleasured herself. My raised knee caused a bend to form between my pelvis and my upwardly stretch thigh. It was the perfect nook for her to settle her humping into — right next to my crotch. By this point my cock was so hard it was begging to burst out of my pajama pants. It was thrilling to know her pussy was grinding right next to my dick as she straddled my leg. At the same time her large breasts were gliding back and forth against my chest. At this point, she was getting pretty hot and moaning more and more as I began to kiss and suck at her neck and chest for all I was worth. Her breathing became heavier as I grabbed her by the ass and helped push her pussy up against me. As we kept this up, I took my hand and slid it down her pajama pants and under her panties grabbing her bare butt.

Suddenly, she stopped and asked me if I’d like to continue without clothes. I told her I’d love to. Lying side by side we then helped each other out of our pajama bottoms and underwear as we continued to maul each other with kisses, licking, and groping. Once we were completely free of our clothes we pressed together tightly and explored each other’s bodies with our hands as we passionately continued to lock lips. I remember feeling that the butterflies I’d felt being with her the past few months had taken a huge dose of steroids that night. I was almost shaking with nervousness and excitement. I reached around and grabbed her ass. Her cheek, now free of clothing, spread as I pulled her into my granite member. She moaned into my mouth as she felt its length pressing along her stomach.

After a bit, our hands finally got the courage to find the spots we’d both been wanting touched so badly. We were still kissing passionately, but we had rotated our hips away from each other slightly to allow access to each other’s pleasure spots. As I reached my hand down, I rubbed across her midsection and slowly worked my way down. At last I reached her mound, sparsely covered in short red hair. As I worked my way down further, I slid around to her inner thighs teasingly. As I caressed them, she spread her legs encouraging me to reach between… to touch what we both longed to be touched. I glided my hand upward until I brushed against her labia. She breathed heavily into my mouth as I started to palm her hot cunt and rub up and down it.

She then proceeded to slide her hand down and lightly walk her fingers on and around my member. She lightly caressed it and swirled her fingers around my balls, cupping them from time to time. Eventually she wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and squeezed it gently as I started to protrude my middle finger slightly into her slit as I rubbed up and down, still cupping her pussy. It felt wonderful. I had masturbated for quite some time, but her soft delicate hands felt infinitely better stroking my cock than did my own. She lightly glazed up and down my shaft, randomly giving it slight squeezes of pleasure.

I started to push my finger into her wanting hole when she stopped me. I was confused at first. Then she explained she had been fingered by one guy before who obviously got a little over zealous because it had hurt her, rather than pleasure her. After she explained her hesitance, I assured her that I would go slowly, stopping at the first sign she gave me. She then became cautiously optimistic as I slowly slid my index finger into her now soaking hole. She tightened her grip on my cock as I carefully pushed inward, probing her virgin pussy.

Since we were both inexperienced and this was completely new to us, we decided to experiment. At the time, as with most of the year following that we dated, we were not aware of clitoral stimulation (this is funny now looking back that we didn’t recognize that was what had gotten her off when grinding against my leg). We both knew about the clitoris, but Ash hadn’t had much success in getting off using that method in the past. So, since I had heard about the G-spot in my biology class, we decided to try and find it. I would alternate sliding my index finger in and out slowly and rubbing the “roof” of the inside of her vagina where I’d read that the G-spot was supposed to be located. She said she enjoyed both equally, so I continued to alternate, giving variation. Eventually I switched to my middle finger in order to reach deeper.

Though, well lubricated, her tight pussy wrapped snugly around my single finger. I couldn’t believe how wet and hot it was inside. It felt amazing to be feeling the inside of my girlfriend’s hot pussy — the first one I’d ever felt. Her breathing got heavier and shorter as time progressed. She held her grip around my cock for quite some time as if it were somehow muffling her cries of ecstasy.

Eventually, I settled in a steady rhythm of stroking in and out while rubbing against the top of her vagina. I noticed her pussy was getting wetter and wetter and it was turning me on more than I thought possible. My cock had been leaking quite a bit of pre-cum by the time she took her hand away to help burry her face in a pillow to keep her panting and moaning down. This only encouraged me more as I fervently, yet delicately worked my finger in and out of her ever moistening hole. Finally when I thought she was about to explode, she shuttered tremendously, clinched her legs closed, trapping my hand outside of her pussy, and let out a deep raspy moan in to the pillow.

A few seconds later she collapsed, exhausted and panting heavily. After a few minutes she caught her breath, and turned to me. She had the most wonderful glow on and biggest smile on her face as she told me that was the best thing she’d EVER experienced. She admitted that she felt horrible for doing something so sinful, but it was defiantly worth it. She thanked me for being so gentle and said that it was something she could definitely get used to. And with that we flew together and repeated the entire lustful process.

This time she told me to go faster and encouraged me to be a little less gentle. Once she had her second orgasm of the night, she told me it was now my turn. At this point I couldn’t be happier. I was so full of cum, I was about to explode. She stroked my up and down ever so lightly. It felt so good just having her hands on me. However, it was not enough to make me cum. She said she’d only done it a few times and she wasn’t the best at it. I told her it was ok and coached her a little like she did me. She got better and then she decided to go down on me!

First, she bent down and licked the pre-cum off the head of my dick. She said it was salty, but she liked it simply for the fact that it was what it was. She continued to lick down my shaft and then back up where she slid her lips over the tip and sucked on it. She went back down my shaft and sucked on the sides intermittently. Once she worked her way back to the top, she began to suck more fervently with my encouragement. She would go down a little further each time, until she had about a fourth of it down.

She tried to deep-throat me but gagged and discouragingly told me she’d really wanted to learn to do that but never could without gagging. I recommended trying to take it in slowly so her throat would get used to the feeling instead of just trying to ram it down. She tried and it worked. It was amazing. She slowly worked her mouth down around it further and further until she had a little over half of it in her mouth and it was starting to go down her throat. At that point she had to come back up for air. She looked at me with a huge grin across her face like a kid in a candy factory and said she thought it might work. She then went back down on me, flicking her tongue as she did.

She was no expert, but she was doing a heck of a job for being so inexperienced. It didn’t matter to me anyway. I was so turned on by the mere though of what we were doing, everything felt good. She continued her gradual technique, slowly working her mouth further and further down my shaft. Finally, she had all but an inch of my engorged member stuffed into her warm mouth and down her throat. She slowly started bobbing up and down, just enough to take a breath every few strokes. Slowly she built up her speed and had the full length of my tingling cock gliding past her firm tongue and down her tight throat, only to be pulled back out and stuffed back down again. The only word I could think of at the time to describe it was, awesome!

She alternated between deep-throating me, sucking and licking the head while jacking me off, and various other methods she was eager to try. Though, after a while we, she more than I, got discouraged at what seemed like no results. We thought it just wasn’t working. What we didn’t realize until much later, unfortunately, is that I just last a really long time. I can’t help it.

Considering we were so inexperienced, and her methods were not exactly perfected yet, it would have taken at least as long. It was ok to me though. I’ve always been a giver and I truly did enjoy pleasuring her as much as being pleasured myself. I regret giving up so easily, though. I believe that set a precedent that resulted in my cumming only a handful of times we were together over the next year. Not that she didn’t try… we just gave up to easily — that, and she would always cum first and then feel bad about what we’d just done. Well, I’m getting ahead of myself now.

After sucking on my cock for about 10 minutes, she had turned to position her pussy within reach. I started finger fucking her once more until she became soaking wet again. At that point I had a great idea. I had her straddle my cock as if she were about to ride it. However, we did not want to bust her cherry. That actually kept us from going all the way for quite some time. So, instead she parted her pussy lips and sat on my ridged cock which was flat against my stomach.

Her pussy lips spread around the base of my cock and her juices acted as lubricant. She then slid along my shaft, back and forth getting us as close to having sex as possible without actually penetrating. Her labia were actually small and really tight. They didn’t spread around my shaft much at all, but the experience was wonderful and almost caused us to abandon our vows not to penetrate. The teasing was too much to handle. She looked exquisite towering above me as she glided back and forth on my shaft. She placed her hands on my chest for leverage and threw her auburn hair back over her shoulders, her beautiful breasts swaying to and fro.

She leaned down and darted her tongue into my mouth like a wild animal as she let out a long moan. I responded by pushing my tongue into her mouth, intermingling with hers, and pulling her close to me. Our hands grasped each others bodies tightly and feverishly. We rolled placing me on top between her outspread legs, my cock twitching with desire as it brushed passed her sweet, moist cunt. I pressed the head of it against her hole and rubbed it up and down her wet slit. She twitched and moaned.

She then caught me by surprise and told me not to go all the way in, but see if I could fit any of it in her at all. So, I pushed against her tight hole. Though she was extremely wet, I couldn’t get it even slightly in without pushing too hard. We decided we shouldn’t risk it but really wanted me inside her. She asked me what I thought about anal. Of course I said it would be fine. So we tried that, thinking we could have sex without popping her cherry. Unfortunately, our ignorance and lack of experience meant lube didn’t even cross our minds. So that didn’t work either.

Eventually, we continued making out and I fingered her some more. This time she told me to try using two fingers, but to be careful. It drove me crazy when she said that. So, I took my index and middle fingers and slowly slide them up inside her. It was difficult to do at first because she was so tight. I had to take it a little at a time, much like when she first started deep-throating me. Eventually, I got most of the way in her. It was much too tight to finger fuck her as I had been doing. I slid in and out a bit, but mostly just rubbed up against the top part of her vagina trying to stimulate her G-spot. Evidently it worked because after several minutes of building up she had the biggest orgasm of the night. This time my fingers stayed in and it felt amazing. She started moaning with abandon and shaking almost spastically. Then she tensed up and her pussy became gushing wet as it started pulsating around my fingers. It was as if it were trying to grab my fingers and pull them up inside her.

We continued this on and off lustful behavior all night. I fingered her to orgasm a total of five times until finally at 5 o’clock in the morning she was too exhausted and soar to go on. It was the hottest most passionate experience that exceeded all my imagination. When we heard footsteps coming down the stairs right next to my room, we had already put our clothes back on and decided to act as if we had fallen asleep during the movie. Needless to say we got in trouble, but not too bad. Just before my dad came in we had positioned ourselves apart from each other and pretended we were asleep. They didn’t suspect anything, they just said it didn’t look good.

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