When in Rome


Do you sometimes wake up it the morning wanting to do or be something different? It could be something as simple as a new hair cut or colour or maybe something more drastic, well I needed something more drastic and the perfect opportunity presented itself on a work trip to Rome.

I work behind the scenes in the British museum organizing artefacts for exhibitions, I’m a self confessed history bore, I wear clothes brought from second-hand shops, I’m curvy but I always were clothes that coved everything, I’m 29 with dirty blonde hair green eyes and DD boobs.

I live with my loving partner Mick in a two bed flat in London. Mick and I had been together for nine years, we meet at university and we had got to the stage were we had become complacent with each other. Sex with Mick was good it had never been fireworks in the sky good but it was good, now it was a quick fumble on a Sunday night. I had suggested spicing things up but he would get defensive and change the subject.

I had never been to Italy I had studied the history and the language but never had the chance to see the place made famous by the Empire, so when my bosses asked me to spend ten days in Rome to finalise the plans for a six month loan of some of their artefacts I jumped at the chance.

I arrived in Rome on a warm Friday in June; my first meeting wasn’t until the Monday so I spent the weekend doing the normal touristy things looking at the ancient buildings and monuments I’d seen in text books. I spent hours walking the streets total immersed in the culture of the city. The native Romans all looked so beautiful and as I sat and watched them from a small café in a piazza an idea popped in my head, I thought that if I went home to Mick a different me then maybe things between us would change. I spent the rest of the day going from boutique to boutique buying clothes I would never have thought I would possible buy if I was back home, figure hugging skirts and dresses, tops that made the most of my boobs, and the most gorgeous delicate lingerie, in so many different colours. It was if I had been possessed by a shopping demon.

As soon as I returned to the hotel I bathed then spent ages admiring the new me in the full length mirror. For dinner that evening I chose to wear a pair of black stilettos which I had trouble walking in ( I had only ever worn sensible shoes before) but they gave my long legs a leaner look, a knee length tight black skirt which was fully lined in crimson silk, the skirt had long splits front and back which flashed crimson as I walked. The top matched the lining of my skirt; it had a plunging neck and long shear sleeves.

I felt nervous as I stepped out of the lift into the foyer, there were a few people milling around as I walked self-consciously across the room I felt people watching me, back home I liked not being noticed but now I wasn’t being me I started to enjoy the sensation. The staring didn’t stop during dinner, in fact I had several glasses of wine sent to the table by gentlemen who wanted to do more then just look, I was sure one was a native he certainly looked Italian what with his dark hair and brooding eyes, in fact as he walked passed be I heard him whisper “Bella” as he dropped his phone number onto my table, the part of me between my legs wanted to call him but my head and heart reminded me of Mick.

Monday morning came and I headed to the museum in a taxi (it would have been safer to walk) I had put on a dark blue tailored suit and sat waiting for Dr Luca Monchello, we had been corresponding by phone and email, for the past two months I had a picture in my head of what he would look like but when I final meet him he was nothing like I had envisaged. For a start he was much younger he was about 35, he was well over six foot tall, he had jet black curly hair, soul searching brown eyes, and his face was chiselled, in short he looked like he could have been the model for one of the many marble statues we have in the museum. As he talked my minded started to wonder whether his body would look like statue as well underneath his loose cotton Büyükesat Escort shirt and black chinos. I suddenly realised that he was calling my name.

“Dr Harris what do you think?” his thick accent sent shivers through my body.

“I’m sorry what”

“Would you like to see the collection?”

“yes please that would be lovely”

I followed his pert arse though the corridors to a small storage room in the basement.

He spoke so passionately about the artefacts that his passion soon rubbed off on me. He showed me bronze and gold jewellery fine pottery and busts of bronze and marble all from the first and second century BC and all recovered From Pompeii.

I stared in amazement at this collection, Luca handed me a first century gold bangle twisted into the shape of a serpent with two small rubies as eyes it was so fragile and beautiful.

“Would you like to see Pompeii, we have more things there that you should see.”

I agreed to go the following day, it was only a two hour drive and I relished the thought of being alone with him.

After dinner that evening I lay in the bath thinking about Luca.

I imaged him as a roman solider still in his leather tunic coming back to me from some military campaign in Africa or Gaul. I lay on the couch surrounded my slaves and eunuchs wearing a flimsy shift dress when he enters the room and lifts me into his arms and kisses me passionately before carrying me in to the bed chamber and throwing me onto the bed.

In my head I can see him taking off his uniform to reveal his hard tanned torso, solid thighs and his thick unbreakable cock.

I swear I could actually feel his lips on my body. Subconsciously I started to touch myself my hands roamed over my neck down to squeeze my breasts and pinching my nipples I wanted my hands to be his hands. My left hand snaked its way down over my pale stomach gentle flirting with a soft spot on my left side that when touched sent shivers straight between my legs. I move my leg over the edge of the bath as my hand finally reached its destination I had not been that turned on for months, my fingers brushed over my hardening clit making me catch my breath, I wanted it to be his fingers and his mouth on my clit. Gradually I began to build up speed and pressure as I circled around my clit; I could feel my orgasm building I pushed two fingers in to my saturated hole in my head they were his fingers or his tongue or his cock oh how much I wanted it to be his cock deep inside me. Pumping my finger fast in to me I was now on the edge, my fingers went back to my clit as I clamped my thighs shut.

My body tensed, then convulsed several times as one massive orgasm flowed through me followed by several smaller aftershock orgasms.

Through the sound of my panting echoing around the bathroom I heard my phone ringing.

“hi Emma you alright sweetheart you sound out of breath”

My hair was dripping on the cream carpet I had the phone crammed between my ear and shoulder trying to wrap a towel around me. “Hello Mick I was in the bath”

I couldn’t believe I was talking to him whilst dirty thought still swam in my head about another man. Mick and I spent half hour on the phone, he told me of his weekend and work, then I told him all about Rome, by his responses I could tell he wasn’t the slightest bit interested, I did however forget to mention all my new clothes after all it was suppose to be a surprise.

Luca picked me up outside the hotel at seven the following morning, I had found out from the receptionist that it was going to be a very hot day and even at seven the heat was creeping up. I had put on a loose white cotton dress, and sandals, I had left my long blonde hair loose. For the entire journey I tried to think about anything other then the striking man driving, (he drove an old small Italian car which had no air con and a top speed of eighty mph.) but it was as if he had hijacked my thoughts all I wanted him to do was pull the car over and take me over the bonnet. My head Beşevler Escort and heart were loosing the battle against my lust.

“We are here” he said final as the small car came to a stop. I was relived to get some fresh air; I could push my thoughts of Luca from my head and start focussed on what I was there for.

Pompeii was amazing the roman graffiti on the walls declaring everything from games at the amphitheatre and the support for politicians to where the best prostitutes could be found. The cast of the dead inhabitants shocked me slightly, left exactly where they were buried alive. Murals on the walls of the baths and villas depicted everyday live, there was a hell of a lot of images of fornicating couples; it was if they ancient people knew my deepest desires.

By mid afternoon the heat was unbearable, sweat was trickling down my neck and Luca who was use to the Mediterranean heat was covered in sheen of sweat and cursing the heat in rapid Italian. We took cover from the heat in one of the many stockrooms in the city, as soon as we walked through the doors the cold air con hit us sending a shiver down by back and stiffing my nipples. There were boxes and boxes of artefacts in the room more gold, bronze and marble, and little objects that depicted every day normal life. I was in heaven surrounded by all of it, how I would ever choose what to borrow.

I felt Luca’s breath on the nap of my neck as he leaned over me to help me take the weight of a heavy marble bust, his body was leaning on me I had only one thought then and that was to turn and kiss him. I placed the bust back into the box and turned to face him, he moved back a few paces, I looked up into his eyes lost in there depth, my hands gaped hold of his waist and pulled him close to me. My lips found his and I kissed him firm and ardently. He pulled away from me a mystified look on his face, I felt myself turn red with embarrassment I had obviously crossed a line.

“Luca I’m sorry please forget it”

“Jo I’m the one who should me sorry. You surprised me.”

He reached out to take my hand and pulled me in to his strong body holding me close to him. This time when he kissed me it was with the same passion that I showed minutes before, our tongues dances together our arms doing nothing but holding each other close. I could feel his hard body pressing against mine. I loved just holding and kissing this man part of me didn’t want anymore then that I was happy, but I could feel myself getting wet and I got even wetter when I felt his cock harden against me.

He pulled back this time a look of unadulterated desire. His lips kissed my neck his hands pulling the straps of my shoulders my dress fell to the floor leaving me stood in my matching white lace bra and French knickers; Luca spun me around pulling my back into his chest. His lips ran over my shoulders kissing every exposed piece of me, he was obviously in no rush but I was getting desperate to have him in me, but every attempted I made to speed things up was blocked by him. He unclasped my bra letting my heavy breasts free, the cool air making my nipples even harder then they had been. Luca took both of them in his hands and squeezed them playfully before rolling my nipples between his fingers.

Taking his hands in mine I pulled him from me, turning to face him I slowly opened his white shirt revealing what I had whished for, a hard strong body which I ran my hands over. I bent forwards taken one of his nipples in my mouth teasingly nipping it with my teeth, after moving to his other one and repeating my attentions, I kissed down over his stomach reaching the waist band of his chinos. Now on my knees my head level with his encased cock straining to be freed. I swiftly had his chinos and shorts on the floor, his cock was about eight inches and was very thick, and it was as if it was made of solid marble. Cautiously I reached out my fingers to touch it lightly stroking it with one hand as I ran one finger over the head I felt it jump. Before long I had his Cebeci Escort cock in a tight grip tossing him off, I heard his breathing becoming laboured and I knew that before long he was going to cum, so I stopped and took as much of him as I could in to my mouth, what I couldn’t tend to orally I resumed using my hand, while in my other I had his balls squeezing them lightly.

“Oh Jo yes please I am cuming.” I felt his cock pulse then his cum hit the back of my throat. I swallowed as much as I could but some escaped and ran down my chin and landed on my breasts.

He pulled me back to my feet before kissing me again, even though it had only been a few seconds I felt his cock begin to stir again. Luca cleared a space on the bench before lifting me onto it, I wiggled out of the only clothing I had left on. The smell of my arousal hit us both; I can honestly say that I had never been that turned on. Luca resumed teasing my nipples now with his teeth. His had pushed my thighs apart giving him access to my wetness his fingers teasing around my clit before rubbing it in circular motions increasing the pressure before I could take no more and started to beg him to make me cum. His face lifted from my breasts giving me a knowing smile before he sank down between my legs. Luca sucked my inflamed clit in to his mouth playing with it with his tongue, two of his fingers pushed up into me trusting and twisting fast; after only a few trusts I started to tense up I had one hand in his hair whist the other was pushing on the bench trying to hold me.

“Luca I’m cuming oh god I’m cuming don’t stop please don’t stop” I started to convulse as wave after wave of orgasm pulsed through me; I held his head tight in to me not wanting to let this feeling end. Just as I was coming down from my fist orgasm a second hit me followed immediately by a third, finally I could take no more and had to push Luca away. I lay collapsed on the table covered in a thin film of sweat my breathing shallow and uneven. Luca’s face was smeared in my juices; he kissed me gentle before lifting me in his arms and laying me on the cold floor.

The cold floor felt amazing against my exposed back, Luca was again fully hard, and as he knelt between my legs poised at my opening I felt the most alive I had done in years and if he never entered me I would have been happy, but as I stared up in to his eyes I felt him penetrate me slowly I did not brake my stare until I felt his balls against me. Slowly Luca drove in and out of me not breaking his tempo I pushed up to meet him, we stayed like that for about five minutes before he paused fully in me kneeling he lifted and closing my legs pushing them gently towards me. This new position took my heightened sensations to a whole new level. Luca increased his pace and all I could do posed like I was to take everything he gave me. Faster and harder he trust in to me my breathing was all over the place I could hear his was shallow and fast, neither of us could last much longer.

“Yes Luca yes cum in me please I’m so close, yes, yes.”

“I’m almost there Jo hold on a few more…” as his cocked pulsed deep in me my orgasm began to take over.

Luca and I lay on the cold floor in each others arms I wished I could have stayed like that forever but Luca caught a glimpse of the clock on the wall

“We have to go they will be around to lock up the storerooms soon.”

The drive back seemed much shorter, Luca drove the whole way with his hand on my knee and every time I looked at him he shot me a smile that began to get me wet all over again.

That night and the rest of the nights I spent with him, during the day we were professional, but at night we were passionate lovers. Luca made sure I had the best of the collection to take back with me. I hated leaving him at the airport, but we both knew that what we had would not last once I got home so I thanked him and kissed him one last time before saying, goodbye.

Mick was waiting for me when I got into Heathrow, I had put on one of my new black tight skirts and white fitted shirt; he took one long look at me before he kissed me reservedly “like the look did you have a good time?”

I smiled at him little did he know what I had in store. After all it was him that I loved,

In the borrowed collection from Luca’s museum was a marble stature of a roman man and every time I walked pasted I couldn’t help thinking about my Roman.

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