What Would You Do To Me? Ch. 02


Author’s note: This story continues right where the last one left off with Sasha’s daughter having nearly interrupted her flipping through channels as he waited.


‘Come on, let it ‘accidentally’ come open and give him a peek!’ her mind encouraged as she belted her thick bathrobe around herself. Sasha blushed nearly as red as the garment, giving it a quick consideration. ‘… or just wear a towel and have it… accidentally… fall off…’

Before she could take up either enticing offer, she willed herselfto leave the bathroom. “Be there in a minute,” she called as she went down the short hallway to her room.

Shutting the door behind her, she gave a deep sigh through pursed lips and considered what to wear. Tossing the robe on her bed, she went to the dresser, the air cool and refreshing on her naked skin. “Bathrobe would be comfy… but I better wear something underneath, keep me out of trouble,” she said as she eyed several pairs of pajamas.

‘Do you REALLY want to stay out of trouble?’ her mind asked.

“No…” she whispered, her eyes turning to her closet as a blush rose to her cheeks.

Opening the door, she quickly pulled out a thin, sky-blue, silk teddy with matching lace panties.

‘These are going to be soaked right away…’ she thought as she pulled the underwear up her legs. ‘Can’t believe I got off TWICE in the shower and I’m still horny as hell!’

After putting on the top, she looked at herself in the mirror. It barely fell to mid-thigh, leaving her long, lean legs on full display. Her breasts filled the lacy bust, with enough cleavage showing to drive any man wild. To emphasize the point, her erect nipples showed prominently through the thin fabric.

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