What We Missed Then


Being female, and (of course) the only girl on my college football team, I was loving life. I have always had better friendships with men than women, and so I was right in my element. Of course, all of the player’s girlfriends hated me and thought me a slut. (If they had only known I was a virgin still at 19 ha -ha.) I got along with all of the guys and was interested in a few of them. I never dated any of them, but it never really crossed my mind why. I found out later that I was off limits on coaches orders.

It’s not like I’m an ugly fat chick. At 19 (and even now at 32) I was very beautiful and sexy. Hourglass figure with 34DD breasts, long black hair, clear brown eyes, and with my olive complexion I have been told several times that I am exotic looking. Just the right height too at 5’5″.

I might have been a virgin, but I was so naturally sexual, I considered myself a non-practicing nymphomaniac. This of course translated into a very horny and frustrated teenage girl who liked to flaunt herself at any chance. I guess you could even have called me a prick tease. I loved every minute of it!

It wasn’t until a few months ago that I realized what I had been missing when one of my football players friended me on facebook.

At first, everything started out tame.

Zac: “Hey Kat, is this really you? Wow, you’re still very beautiful, and those eyes, I always loved your gorgeous eyes.”

Me: “Yep, it’s me. And who are you to talk, you’re just as gorgeous and hot too.

Zac: “Your eyes are so sexy, yummy bedroom eyes.”

Me: “LOL, thanks.”

This thread continued on for a couple of days as we caught up on what had been happening since college and talked about our families. Then, over the next few days, things got a little more interesting.

Zac: “I could really use one of your massages right now. Remember when you used to offer them to the guys? I know I really loved them. I remember a time that you asked me if I wanted one and I said sure. You came behind me and straddled the bench where I was sitting and started working on my shoulders. I could feel your breasts against my back every so often rubbing softly and it was all I could do not to reach back and start rubbing your legs. I was really attracted to you.”

This was a surprise to me as I still didn’t know that I had been off limits. So I asked “Why didn’t we ever do anything together?” Then it hit me and I asked, “Was I off limits or something? Did coach tell you guys you couldn’t date me?”

“LOL, yeah,” Zac replied, “Something like that.”

Well, that explained some things and then I wondered why I had never thought of this before.

Me: “Hell, had I known about that, I would have walked right through it. You were one of the guys I really liked and would have loved to go out with and have some fun with ;).”

Zac: “Mmmm, I would have loved to have fun with you too. You still look as hot as when we were at school.”

Me: “Oh, I don’t know about that. I have a mommy body now.”

Zac: “Just as sexy. Nothing at all wrong with that.”

Me: “Thanks (lol), but check out my pics first and then decide ? “

Zac: “Do you have any naughty pictures?”

Me: “Actually yes, not online though. I made a calendar for my husband the first year of our marriage. He really liked it :)”.

Zac: “What kind of calendar?”

Me: “Oh, you know, the R rated kind with some X too.”

Zac: “OMG, I would love to see those pics.”

Me: “I’ll send you some of my favorites; do you have a safe email?”

He replied with it and so I sent out 5 of my favorites.

I didn’t hear from him the rest of that night, but I hope that he used the pictures for his pleasure.

Later in the week I was on the computer late again checking facebook and email.

Zac: “Hey Kat, those pictures were fucking awesome. You are so hot and sexy.”

Me: “Thank you. *blush*”

Zac: “So, I could still use that massage. My shoulders are really tight right now.”

I was pretty horny at that moment because I had been reading online stories so it isn’t a surprise what happened next.

Me: “Okay, imagine me sitting behind you and I’m working that tension out with my hands. I need you to take your shirt off because I can’t properly rub you down with clothes in the way. What do you want me to massage?”

Zac: “Am I between your legs?”

Me: “Yep, we can sit on the floor.”

Zac: “Well, you are starting to turn me on so I’m going to reach back and slide my hands up and down your legs. I can feel the soft press of your breasts every so often and so I lean back a little more. Do you mind?”

Me: “Nope. The slight contact is causing friction on my nipples and it feels wonderful. I am pressing them into you a little more firmly now, purposefully rubbing them against your back.”

Zac: “Yummy, I like that. Are you getting horny?”

Me: “Yes, I want you to touch them now, but I am going to keep quiet to see what you do.

Zac: “I hear you get more breathless as I continue to rub your legs. I am making little circular motions and moving a little higher each time. How far will you let me go?”

Me: “Depends, you seem almanbahis to be distracting me from your massage.

Now I see a slight problem with what we are getting into. We only live two hours away from each other so this could turn into something completely physical. That’s really not too far of a distance.

Zac: “I turn around and catch you by surprise as I raise my hands to your shoulders pushing you gently to the ground.

Me: “Oh, (my breath hitched now) what are you going to do?”

Zac: “First I’m going to kiss you and suck on your lips and tongue. What are you doing?”

Me: “Mmm, I’m getting wet thinking about this. What are you going to do now?”

Zac: “I’m going to slip your shirt over your head and push your bra down so that I can lick and suck on your nipples. Do you like that?”

Me: “Aaahhh, that feels so good.”

I can feel myself getting wet as we continue to “chat.” I haven’t started touching myself yet, but I know that I soon will be so I wait, torturing myself and he continues to tell me what he is doing to me.

Zac: “I’m going to slip your jeans and panties off now so I can get to that delicious pussy. Oh God Kat, I am so fucking hard right now.”

Me: “What’s next?”

Thinking about this thought, my breath is becoming more rapid and my nipples are now hard and sensitive. Because I don’t have a bra on, the friction against my shirt is driving me wild.

Zac: “I’m gonna start licking your slit, just on your lips right now, teasing you, tormenting you, making you beg me. Then I’m going to slip my tongue inside and find your clit. Are you wet for me?”

Me: “Oh Fuck”

Zac: “I’m going to lick and suck on you as I put a finger inside your wet pussy. Then I’m going to add another finger and frig you as I suck on you.”

Me: “Oh fuck me, I want to cum so badly. Please, please. I am soooo wet right now; I really wish you could actually touch me right now.”

Zac: “Can you call me? I want to hear you come.”

Me: “God, I can’t, I can’t let anyone hear me.”

Zac: “Damn, okay. You are getting wetter and more out of control as you let your orgasm take you over, and you cum all over my fingers and my mouth, you are so delicious and hot.”

Me: “Oh fuck” (again and yeah, not very original).

Zac: “Now I ‘m moving up your body kissing as I go along.

Me: “Are your pants off yet?

Zac: “No, would you like me to take them off?”

Me: “Oh please, please, I want you inside of me Now!”

I am touching myself at this point and am amazed at how hot and wet I am. I can almost feel him here doing to me what he is writing.

Zac: “I’m taking them off now, going slowly to keep you on edge. As they are sliding off my hips my cock comes into view.”

Me: “I bet you’re magnificent. I wish I could see you right now.”

Zac: “My cock is so fucking hard; I really wish you were here with me so I could really fuck you.”

Me: “Aaahh yes, that would be so awesome”

(Damn those two hours)

Zac: “I’m going to put my cock into your wet pussy. I’m gliding into your hot wet heat.

I am going to push in slowly then pull out almost all the way again and do it all over. In and out, in and out, watching you. I’m speeding up now, pounding you into the floor. Do you like it hard?”

Me: “Oh God yes, please fuck me hard. I love it.”

I was so wet at this point that my chair was getting soaked beneath me.

Zac: You feel so good. Oh God, tell me to fuck you again”

I could tell he was loosing control fast.

Me: “FUCK ME. Fuck me now Zac, pound your hard cock into me and make me come again all over you.”

Zac: “ooohhh, nnnggggghhh tell me one more time”

Me: “Fuck me Zac. NOW, HARD.”

He didn’t reply after that one so I know that he was coming. I only hope that he came as hard as I did a second later.

As I thought about it, I couldn’t believe it. Did I actually have cyber sex? What an awesome experience! I got horny every time I thought about it afterwards.

Over the next week or two, as I thought about what had happened, I tried to figure out ways that we might be able to get together or see each other. I finally sent Zac an email to see what happened:

Zac, I know that you want me as much as I want you. You want to touch me, smell me, taste me, FUCK me. This is for you, so close your eyes and imagine me there.

I walk into the room and come up to your desk smiling. You look at me with questioning eyes as you stand up and I just smile a little bigger. I move into your space, bringing my hands up onto your chest and then up your neck to your head. As I tangle my hands in your hair, I lift up on my toes to give you my mouth. We kiss gently, in no rush because there is no need to be. We explore each other’s mouths with our tongues. You taste so delicious.

As we are kissing you back me up to the wall and your hands start roaming my body feeling me and caressing me. You gently shape your palms over my breasts and start rubbing in circles. My nipples are hardening under your hands and I am pushing them towards you. You back up a step and quickly lift my shirt over my head. But then almanbahis adres you stop. My shirt is tangled around my hands and you hold my wrists with one strong hand above my head. I shudder at the eroticism off my position, and my nipples get even harder.

Looking into my eyes and then down, you move your finger lightly over my skin. Starting at my lips then down, your eyes follow your path as you roam around to touch each of my nipples. Then you lean into me and lick and bite them through the light material of my bra. I can feel myself getting wet for you.

You let go of my hands, but I leave them there above my head by some unspoken agreement. You now unclasp the front of my bra exposing my breasts to your eyes. They are as beautiful as you had expected them to be. After you admire them for a minute, you gently cup them in your hands and start raining kisses all over them. One by one, you suck and nip the tips causing me to gasp and wriggle as I try to get closer to you. You have gone down on your knees and now look up at me asking permission with your eyes. I smile again acquiescingly.

You slowly unsnap and unzip my jeans kissing your way down my tummy as it’s exposed to you. With a gentle tug, you pull them off of my hips and down my legs. I place my hands on your shoulders as I step out of them. You encircle my hips with your hands and press your face into the junction of my thighs. You can smell my arousal and it excites you. You sit back on your heels and look at me. I slip my bra off of my arms and make move to take of my panties but you stop me. As you stand up, you take off your shirt in a fluid movement and wrap your arms around me.

The feel of your chest hair on my bare nipples is tingling to them and causes a delicious friction to heat up and spiral down to my waiting pussy. I can feel your hard arousal through the fabric of your jeans which is chaffing the tender skin of my stomach. You are kissing me, more demanding now, thoroughly and completely making love to my mouth. “Please.” I whisper so softly you only feel it.

With that sound, you pick me up and with my legs around your waist move me to the desk. I can feel your arousal through your jeans and my panties and I temptingly rub my crotch against you before you set me down. You step back grasping my panties and then pulling them down my legs. You stand back up and look at me admiring me in my glorious nudity. You gently move my legs apart again so that you can see the prize before you. I sit still; I am not ashamed; the heat of your gaze is making me even hotter. I return your gaze boldly and watch as you slowly undo your jeans and take them off. You slip whatever underwear off with them so all that I see is your beautiful cock springing free. It is so hard already; I can hardly wait to touch it.

You kneel down and reach out grasping my knees so that you can settle in between them, closer to my heat and wetness. Starting at my knees, I feel you giving my inner thighs butterfly kisses, light, but heavy enough to cause me to catch my breath each time. Closer and closer you are getting to my moist center. I open my legs farther inviting you in, yet you tease me. I want you to touch me there, right there, and you don’t. You are kissing as close as can be and blowing softly on my lips. Then, I feel your tongue ever so lightly running up and down my slit; not penetrating yet, but close, so close.

I start squirming a little bit because I am getting so desperate for you to touch my clit. You finally do and I throw back my head crying out in pleasure. You slide your tongue inside my lips and start lapping up my wetness. You circle my clit and suck on it and then move down to my now sopping pussy. Your tongue pistons in and out; back to my clit. I feel you push two fingers inside of me. I come suddenly, violently, crying out your name, shuddering around your fingers moving inside of me.

As I come down from my orgasm, I slide off of your desk onto the floor and you gently turn me over and bring me to my knees. I feel you position yourself behind me and then thrust into my waiting pussy, Oh God, you’re so big; I feel like I could come again right now. You move back taking your beautiful dick to my opening making me whimper in protest, but I shouldn’t worry, you bury yourself again as deep as possible making me gasp and cry out in pleasure and pain. In and out you stretch my pussy around your hard cock. You rotate your hips making me moan and cry out louder.

Reaching around, you touch my clit causing my pussy to clench around you. I feel you shudder and gasp as you try to keep control. One more flick of your finger and I climax again, intense pleasure radiating out from where we are joined. My pussy continues to spasm around you as you ravage me. Soon, I can feel you surging, I feel and then hear your growl from deep in your chest as you start pumping into me harder and harder and then you cry out my name shooting your hot cum into me.

You collapse beside me and I hear you whisper my name with awe and a smile in your voice. Then, the silence only intensifies the power of the passion that we have just shared.

Anytime almanbahis giriş you want me, anywhere you want it, close your eyes and picture me, and I will always be there.


Wow, did I actually send that? Yep I did, and I couldn’t wait to hear his response to it.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait long for Zac’s response. He wrote back that night.

“Oh God Kat, that made me so hot and horny. What is the chance of us getting together so that I can reenact your email? Can you just imagine what it would be like between us? Explosive! Let me know if you are up this direction, and I will let you know if I come down that way.”

I wracked my brain trying to figure out a way I could get up there to take advantage of this situation. I think I got wet every time I thought about what we could do and more than once, I had to take care of myself to ease the growing desire I was feeling.

As it turned out, three weeks later, I actually had a business trip that was taking place close to where Zac lived. I debated back and forth if I should let him know, give him the chance to come to me if he truly wanted to. Finally I decided I would let him know two days before I left. I sent a simple email telling him that I would be in the area on business for two days and the hotel that I was staying at. Even though I had no idea if he would come or not, I packed my sheer black and pink baby-doll with its matching thong and full length sheer robe. I also took my special perfume that contains pheromones to drive the men wild.

I got to the hotel and after checking in; sent Zac a text message with just my room number. It was up to him now. He never did return my email so I had no idea what might happen. I checked in early enough to prepare for what I hoped would be a wonderful night of passion. After taking a slow and luxurious bath, I dried off and put on my “come hither” outfit that I had picked out. I was nervous and excited at the same time. Would he come? Would he blow me off? What was I doing? Was I stupid for doing this? Would this be a huge mistake?

When the knock came at the door, I about jumped out of my skin I was so worked up. I quickly looked out of the peep hole and saw him standing there. OMG he actually came! I suddenly became very flustered and was not sure what to do. I did have sense enough to open the door and smile as he came in. He walked into the room beyond me and looked around as I closed and locked the door. Then he turned to me and held out his hand. Nothing was said, and there was no need.

I looked at him as I walked forward to take his hand. He pulled me to him and with his other hand lifted my chin to look deep into my eyes. I read his desire and knew my own eyes reflected the same. He leaned into me and softly brushed his lips over mine. I closed my eyes, sighing, and then realizing he backed up, opened them again. He looked me up and down undressing me with his eyes. Then he started actually undressing me. He reached up to untie the bow of the robe at my neck. Letting it fall open, he slowly pushed it off of my shoulders with light caressing fingers. He then took the hem of my baby-doll and brought it up over my head tossing it behind us. I only had my thong and thigh high hose left. He removed each of these items caressing me with his fingers and eyes over every inch it seems.

As I stepped out of my panties, he stepped back to just look at my body, now naked for his perusal. I stood in the soft lamp light and started to breathe a little faster. My nipples started peaking from my desire and he smiled at this. It was my turn now and so I stepped up to him and begin unbuttoning his shirt. As I opened each button, I kissed his chest lightly and ended each with a flick of my tongue. As I reached his jeans, I tugged the rest of his shirt out leaving it open around him. I was kneeling then and so I started to undo his jeans, but he stopped me.

“Let me.” He commanded softly and then quickly stepped out of his shoes, socks and jeans. As he flexed his shoulders back, his shirt fell to his wrists and he tossed it to a nearby chair. Now it was my turn to admire him. I slowly circled his body marveling at the strong, taut, muscular beauty that was before me. Kneeling down, I tentatively reached out to touch the tip of his penis with my thumb and wrap my hand around his shaft. He was so hard already and there was a drop of moisture at his tip that I rubbed with my thumb.

I looked up at him to see him regarding me with hooded eyes. He gave me an almost imperceptible nod to the question he saw in my eyes and held his breath. I leaned forward and licked his swollen head hearing him gasp above me. As I traced the veins on his shaft with my tongue, his hands were in my hair stroking and I heard him whisper my name. I slid my mouth over the head of his penis and gently started sucking while moving up and down on his shaft. My tongue darted all around, top and bottom, licking his head and shaft. I put my hand around the base of his shaft and started pumping slowly but steadily. I looked up at him again, but his head was back and I think his eyes were closed. I continued for about a minute and then with reluctance and laughter in his voice, he softly told me that it was his turn now. He lifted me easily to my feet and captured my mouth with his again. He then backed me up until my knees hit the bed where I sat and then scooted back onto the pillows.

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