What If…? Ch. 7


You wake up the next morning to find my face licking up the wetness between your legs. You cum quickly. You wonder how your body has been producing so much lubrication theses past few days, but you don’t care as long as it keeps up. You’re still frustrated from yesterday but hope that today will be different, it being the last day of your trip. We quickly shower and eat breakfast. After some last minute shopping we return to relax before heading to the airport. Laying around cuddling, you notice my cock betray me as it grows to its full mast.

After all, how can my cock not stay hard around that tight ass, rounded chest and radiant smile of yours. You slowly lick your way to my cock tasting my precum as it oozes out. I slowly grin and let you continue to suck me. You are determined to give me the best blowjob I’ve ever gotten and satisfy your thirst for cum at the same time. As you alternate between licking and sucking, you realize my precum getting thicker and thicker. You get wetter realizing that you will finally get the cum you crave. I begin to grind into you as you swallow me.

My cock throbs to the point you can feel my pulse with your tongue. You smile as you realize that all that built up ambrosia from yesterday will finally be yours. Your tongue begins to lick faster as my cock throbs quicker. Finally I explode filling your mouth. I pull out leaving a trail of cum from your lips to your breasts. You smile like a cat swallowing a canary. You look down and see I’m still hard as I spread your legs and enter you slowly. You’ve never felt anyone so hard. You clamp down trapping me in your depths.

I slowly and teasingly grind myself into you as you get wetter and wetter. You can’t figure out what to savor more, the taste of my cum in your sweet mouth or the feel of me inside of you. You can’t stand this feeling anymore. You have cum so many times. You have resolved to please me now as you have never pleased anyone. You squeeze your inner muscles tighter and tighter. I can’t take anymore, I cum and cum and keep cumming.

You can’t believe that I’m coming so much after I just came in your mouth. You smile knowing that now you have something to think about on your plane ride home. Little do you know I’m not done. I slowly pull out splashing some cum on your thighs in the process. I urge you to suck me till my cock is so hard its touching the back of your cum clicked throat. I reluctantly pull myself out and turn you on your belly. You realize now why I saved all that cum. I was truly determined to fill ALL your holes up for your trip home. You bend over and spread your ass anticipating my penetration.

With all the orgasms you’ve had you’re so wet there’s no need for lubrication. I slowly stick a finger in to see if you can handle it. It slides in with ease. You beg for more. Two fingers then three enter you. You want you need more. You beg me as I replace my fingers with my cock. I’m surprised that there’s no resistance. You look back and smile with lust in your eyes. You push back encouraging me to continue.

Despite all the wetness, you’re still tight. You’re this way to much and want this to last. You are hooked. With every thrust you feel the cum in your pussy and taste the cum in your mouth. All the nerve endings in your breasts, ass and pussy are short circuiting. You scream demanding me to cum in you. To flood your ass. An ass that was a virgin until recently. You beg for it.

It’s a request I can’t deny you for long, As I plunge forward for the final time, I flood you with my juices. You collapse in my arms with a knowing smile. I tell you to get dressed or you’ll miss your flight. As you get dressed you feel the warmth of my cum in all your holes. You realize I have given you something to really think about on the plane ride as my cum oozes out all of your holes. You can’t wait until next time but for now this will have to do. You wake up, as your plane lands, smiling. If it wasn’t for the taste on your tongue and the juices seeping from your holes you would think that this was all a dream. Until next time you think to yourself as you take a cab home.

Wait until you find the tape hidden in your luggage …

To Be Continued… maybe

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