What Christy Wants, Christy Gets Ch. 03


It was Sunday night. Christy’s mom, who was also my wife, was coming back from her business trip. I fucked my eighteen-year-old stepdaughter, Christy, for the first time Friday night, and we screwed like rabbits all day Saturday in a cheap motel. Christy wanted to keep fucking me all day Sunday, but I told her no. I had to save up something for her mom. If I didn’t give my wife, Sarah, some good hard energetic sex, she would get suspicious.

“But I want more daddy!” Christy protested earlier that day.

“No. And that’s final young lady,” I told her. “Your mom has needs too. Now you’re just gonna have to wait.”

Sometimes, you have to be strict with your stepdaughter.

Christy and I drove together to pick her mom up from the airport. Christy’s wandering hand kept reaching over the console, onto the bulge in my pants that she loved to touch so much. I kept pushing her hand away. We couldn’t engage in any horseplay. It wouldn’t be fair to her mom.

“I thought I told you no, not today,” I reminded her.

“No fair,” she whined.

“Fair or not, that’s how it is.”

She realized her complaining wasn’t getting her anywhere, and she changed her tactics.

“Daddy,” she beamed a smile at me and raised the pitch of her voice, making it as girly and cute as possible. “Remember the ride to the motel? Let’s do that again.”

My heart beat faster and I couldn’t hold back a smile. Of course I remembered the ride to the motel. It happened just a day earlier. Christy sucked me off while I was driving, and when we got there, I came all over her adorable little face. That was fun, and I would have loved to do it again. But we were about to see her mom, and it would have been hard to explain to Sarah why there was cum on her daughter’s face.

“We’ll do it again,” I assured my baby girl. “Just not now.”

“So not fair,” she folded her arms and looked away, pouting.

We arrived at the airport, and my wife was waiting for us waiting at the curb with her luggage. Christy and I got out of the car, and we both gave her a big hug. I kissed her and told her how much I missed her.

That night, at the dinner table, I couldn’t follow a single word either Sarah or Christy were saying. How could I pay any attention? Even though I never really could, now I definitely couldn’t focus on my wife’s words. When Sarah told us how her trip went, I just encouraged her with “Uh huh” and “hmmm” and “you don’t say,” always trying to figure out the proper facial expression to keep her going and to keep her from suspecting anything. Since that was my usual contribution to our conversations, Sarah was blissfully unaware that her daughter had her cute little leg pressed against mine under the table.

It was a crazy scene, my stepdaughter on one side of me, the touch of her leg exciting me, while on the other side, Sarah had her hand on my other leg, squeezing it, smiling at me, giving me every indication of what she wanted to do to me later. I smiled back at Sarah, trying my best not to notice her dry hair, her split ends, her thick glasses, the wrinkles around her mouth when she smiled. Sarah was far from old, not yet even middle-aged, but she was starting to show the signs of getting older. On the other side of me, it was hard to keep my eyes away from Christy, whose skin was so fresh and smooth, whose hair was so shiny with a bounce whenever she turned her head. I really didn’t want to judge Sarah so harshly, but I couldn’t help it. There was just no comparison between the women on either side of me. One was halfway through her sexy years, and the other was just getting started.

Out of the blue, Sarah squeezed my leg even tighter. She moved her hand up, up my thigh, and felt my rock hard erection. She was obviously pleased, and had no idea that she played only a small part in getting me there. With desire in her eyes, she said to me, “I’m tired honey, take me to bed. And Christy,” turning to her daughter, “you take care of the dishes, okay?”

“Yes mom,” Christy reluctantly agreed.

We walked up the stairs and Lefkoşa Escort into our bedroom, man and wife. I undressed her to her underwear and lay her down on the bed, under the covers. I undressed myself down to my boxers and climbed into bed with her, ready to give my wife the proper servicing she deserved, with a little something extra to ease my guilt. When I reached my hand against her soft cheek to caress her, I noticed that her eyes were closed, and she was fast asleep.

“I suppose she really was tired,” I thought to myself. “Maybe it was the jetlag.”

I spent the next half hour wide-awake in the dark, too excited to fall asleep, not sure what I should do about it. I tried nudging Sarah awake, but it was no use. She was out like a light. Every time I tried to paw her breasts, she groaned, kept her eyes closed, and swiped at me.

Typical, I thought to myself. This was so like Sarah. Even when she held out the promise of wild sex, she rarely delivered.

I was lying there, stewing in frustration, when the bedroom door opened. The light from the hallway shined in, and, lit from behind, the Christy was standing under the doorway. She was wearing only her cream-colored satin bra and panties, nothing else. She leaned against the door jamb with one hand, and twirled her long black hair with the fingers of her other hand, teasingly. She bent just one knee, pushing her hip out to the side. She stuck out her chest and ass, accentuating her tight young curves. This was obviously a well-practiced seductive pose. And it worked. I was seduced.

“Hi dad,” she said.

As hot as she was, and as much as I loved the sight of her, I motioned for her to go away. If Sarah woke up, it would be very hard to explain to her why her daughter was wearing nothing but a bra and panties, posing in the doorway like a streetwalker. Christy was in enough trouble with her mom for her usual habit of wearing tight tank tops and short shorts. But at least you can wear those outside in public, skimpy as they are. Her virtually see-through underwear, on the other hand . . .

She stretched one of her sexy legs forward, and ran her hand up her body.

“Do you like what you see daddy?”

I whispered as softly and harshly as I could, “Quiet. You’ll wake up your mother.”

“No I won’t daddy,” she said, as she slinked forward, crossing one leg in front of the other, swaying her hips with each step. “I put a sleeping pill in mommy’s wine. She’ll be asleep all night.”

“You what?” I asked. “But . . .”

“I told you that I needed daddy, but you wouldn’t give me any,” she explained. She made her way to the bed, slipped her hand under the covers, and ran her fingers up my leg.

“Let’s go to another room,” I said.

“No,” she replied. “Here. It’ll be fun.”

“But your mom,” I protested.

“I already told you, she’s not waking up,” she said. And to prove her point, she started shouting. “Mommy, wake up! The house is on fire!” Sarah didn’t move. Christy climbed onto the bed, stood up, and jumped up and down. “Mommy, wake up! Daddy’s fucking me!” And still Sarah didn’t move. She was not going to wake up for anything.

Finally, as a last test, Christy placed herself between me and Sarah, and started shaking her mom. “Mom! Wake up!” Sarah groaned, and swiped at her daughter, like she did when I tried to paw her earlier. But the whole time Sarah stayed asleep, eyes shut.

“See, daddy. But we’ll be quiet, just in case,” she assured me.

It was clear by just how comatose Sarah was that Christy had given her more than one regular sleeping pill. “How many sleeping pills did you give her?” I asked, concerned.

“Enough,” was all Christy answered, and she lifted the covers off me. With the covers gone, Christy saw all she needed to know that she had me. My cock had made its way through the hole in the front of my boxers, and was pointing straight up.

“I love it when you get hard for me,” she squealed, stroking it. “Tell me, daddy, when we were having dinner, and my leg was rubbing Kıbrıs Escort up against yours, did you get hard for me then?”

“Yes, baby.”

“Hard for me, and only for me?”

“Yes, baby.”

She got up on all fours, and crawled down the bed. She placed her knees between my legs, and her hands on either side of my hips. Her ass was pointing straight up in the air, the arch of her smooth back curved down from her ass, and rose up again to her head, which was right in front of my straight, hard cock. She kissed it, and blew softly on it.

Before she began, she rose to her knees and removed her bra, showing me her exquisite, firm titties, and, biting her lower lip and letting out a soft laugh, she pulled off her panties, down to her knees, and then lifted one leg at a time to remove her panties entirely. The scent of her pussy filled my nostrils, and I gazed at the beautiful young slit that made me so happy.

She tugged at my boxers. “Off,” she said. I immediately lifted my hips and pushed my boxers off.

My stepdaughter, still kneeling between my legs, grabbed my naked cock with both hands, stared at it, and licked her lips. She dove down and swallowed my hard rod, making me moan loudly before I remembered where I was.

I looked over to Sarah, worried that I just woke her up, but she was too far gone into dreamland. She was clueless about the fact that her own daughter was sucking off her own husband in their marital bed, right next to her.

And, oh, it felt so good. She treated my cock like it was a treasure, sucking on it like my pleasure was the only thing in the world that mattered. Up and down she went, her long soft hair brushing against my skin. The light from the hallway made my cock glisten with Christy’s spit. And Christy’s eyes, always so devious and bright, sparkled in the dim light of the bedroom.

I stroked Christy’s hair, and hoped that I could feel this way the whole night. She looked up at me and smiled. She lifted her pretty face up from my cock, took her hand off, and straddled me across my thighs. She didn’t have to say another word. I knew what she wanted. But she spoke anyway.

“I need daddy in me,” she said.

On her knees, slowly she inched her way up my body, until her delicious pussy was right over my cock.

“Are you wet?” I asked.

“I always get wet when I suck you,” she answered.

She placed one hand over my heart, and with the other hand she guided my rod to the entrance of her warm, wet pussy. Gently she sat down on it, letting out a long gasp of pleasure as she slid all the way down. She placed her hands on my shoulders, and I cupped my hands around her soft, beautiful ass cheeks.

She leaned forward, bringing her face an inch from mine. We stared into each other’s eyes as Christy rode up and down. Her tight pussy felt so smooth on her way down, and so tight as she lifted her ass up. She was milking my cock with every little movement of her hips.

Louder and louder she moaned. I squeezed her ass, her hips, and the outside of her soft thighs as she transported herself to greater and greater ecstasy. My cock was getting thicker inside her, pressing against her walls, ready to explode.

Christy leaned down next my ear, and whispered, “I want your cum daddy. I want it bad.”

That was all it took. With a powerful thrust up, I sprayed everything I had inside my stepdaughter’s sweet pussy. With each twitch of my throbbing cock, Christy squealed. She reached one hand down and played with her clit, tickling it back and forth as I continued to fill her up with my sperm.

She collapsed her body on top of mine, still keeping one hand at her clit. Her hot, sweaty skin was pressed against mine. Her fingers played furiously against her sensitive nub. She wrapped her free arm around my neck, and whispered, “Keep your dick in me daddy. I’m about to come.”

She grinded her pussy against my still-hard cock, gyrating her hips while rubbing her clit. Her breath was hot in my ear as she moaned. “Oh daddy. Lefkoşa Escort I’m coming,” she whispered. She shook all over. And then, she was still.

Christy brought her hand up from her pussy, and tenderly stroked my cheek with the back of her fingers. She gazed into my eyes and kissed me on the mouth. She sat up on me, her pussy lips still around my softening cock.

“I love you daddy,” she said.

“I love you too pumpkin.”

At that moment, Sarah rolled over in her sleep towards me, and started caressing my shoulder. Christy and I exchanged a dirty conspiratorial smile. We tried to stifle our laughter, but we couldn’t help ourselves. I chuckled, and Christy giggled, as we shared this inside joke at her poor mom’s expense. Christy’s lips widened in a mischievous grin.

“Mommy loves you too,” she said.

Christy pulled up off of me. My cum dripped out of her pussy, onto her thighs, and onto my cock. She lay down next to me, on the other side from her mom. “Now I want to cuddle,” she demanded.

“We can’t do that sweetie,” I said. “Your mom is gonna wake up sooner or later. We can’t cuddle. You need to go back to your room.”

“That’s not fair,” she whined. “Mommy gets to cuddle and I don’t.”

“That’s how it is,” I explained. “This is a tricky situation. Now you have to go back to your room.”

She looked at me, hoping I would change my mind, but she could see I was firm. “Okay, fine,” she pouted. “But I’ll get my cuddles later, right?”


“You promise?”

“I promise.”

Christy slid off the bed, saw her bra and panties on the floor, and bent over at the waist to pick them up, showing me her full round ass one last time. She put her undergarments back on, her beautiful backside to me the whole time.

As she walked away, I gazed at her from behind. Her body was the shape of a new, healthy woman – a narrow waist with wide hips and a round ass, advertising her fresh fertility. I knew I had to have her again. And soon.

As if reading my thoughts, just before she walked out the door, she turned her head around, smiled, and said, “If you want more, you know where to find me daddy.”

Well, I did want more, but it would have to wait until another time, when her mother wasn’t in the house with us. And the next time, I would be sure to punish Christy for drugging her sweet, trusting mother.

I looked over at Sarah, sleeping peacefully, with a smile on her face, oblivious to the betrayal that had just taken place right next to her. I gently removed her hand from my shoulder, got up out of bed, put on my boxers, and walked out into the hallway, closing the door behind me.

I took a shower, washing myself thoroughly to make sure Christy’s scent was off me. I dried off and crawled back into bed next to my wife, who was still happily snoozing away. I checked Sarah’s pulse, just to make sure I didn’t have to call for an ambulance. It was 60 beats per minute, which seemed about right. I told myself I was going to stay up all night and watch Sarah, just in case she stopped breathing, but my eyelids were heavy from cumming so hard in my stepdaughter. Within moments, I fell fast asleep, exhausted, satisfied, and happy.

– – – – –

The next morning, Sarah woke me up with a kiss on the cheek.

“Morning, honey,” she said. “I must have gone right to sleep. I had no idea how tired I was.”

“Yeah,” I agreed. “You were out like a light.”

“I’m sorry baby,” she apologized. She started stroking my penis. “Were you frustrated all night?”

“No, I took care of it.” I said.

Sarah pressed herself closer to me, and started nibbling my neck. She sniffed my hair. She pulled away and looked at me, surprise and confusion written plainly on her face. She sniffed again. She sniffed my hair one last time, deeply, and then she smelled my skin.

“Oh god,” I thought. “This is it. She’s on to me. She knows something is not right. She smells Christy.”

“Did you take a shower last night?”

Thank goodness. She smells the shower. “Yeah,” I answered. “I took care of myself in the shower.”

“Oh, baby,” she said. “I’m so sorry.”

“That’s okay,” I comforted her, caressing her skin. “You were tired. I understand.”

Sarah kissed me on the cheek and stroked my cock until it stiffened. “You’re the best husband a woman could hope for.”

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