Wet T-Shirt Contest With Kelly


It was the spring of 1980. Kelly was in her sophomore year of college.Since starting college Kelly had been pretty well behaved. We were living some distance apart and I would visit her once a month or so for the weekend and we would find a way to screw like bunnies. Tricia, her roommate, was pretty cool and would head back to her hometown when I was coming to town so Kelly and I could fuck all weekend in the apartment.Neither Kelly nor Tricia had the money to go south for Spring Break and was just planning on staying in town. I took some vacation time and was planning on staying with them. Shortly after I arrived we started talking about things to do for the week.There was a new club in town, not far from campus. They had just jumped on the new craze: Wet T-Shirt contests. They were advertising several big contests for Spring Break week with decent prize money. Kelly was very fascinated and wanted to know what I thought? Yeah, that took a New York minute and I told her that she definitely had to enter!Tricia piped in and said, “I think she’s nuts if she does it!” Well, my fantasy of them both entering started to slip away…The club was having preliminary rounds each night Monday through Friday, with the nightly winners coming back on Saturday to compete for $500. Kelly and I went Monday night to check it out. There were five girls entered. All were wearing blue jeans and the provided T-shirts. They brought them on stage one by one, had them stand in a kiddie pool, poured a couple of pitchers of water down their chests, they stepped out and danced around for a minute or so, then they brought out the next one.The first girl was pretty generic. Medium boobs that sagged a little. And she was an awkward dancer. The next girl was darker skinned, probably from central America. Her boobs were about a B cup but her nipples looked black through the T-shirt. She got some attention and folks were clapping and cheering her on as she danced and shimmied her boobs at the crowd.A couple more gals that are not memorable and then they brought out the last girl. Kelly’s boobs are a 32F. This girl was close. She was fairly tall, probably 5’ 8”. While her boobs were big they also were a little saggy. But, as she shook them around in her shirt, they were flying around everywhere. The crowd was now into it and started chanting “Take it off! Take it off!” The emcee broke it up when he came out and then brought the other four back to the stage.They all started dancing. The crowd was yelling, “Skin to win!” The dark-skinned girl made the first move. She pulled up her shirt for a quick flash. The crowd went nuts. Her dark areola and stiff nipples were really turning guys on. You could feel the heat rise. She dropped her shirt and kept dancing. The girl with the big tits took the bait next and flashed also. The crowd went berserk! Her bright pink nipples were also bullet hard. She dropped her shirt for a moment to a chorus of boos and in the next moment yanked it off over her head, twirled it around, and tossed it into the crowd. The guys were nearly panting. Cocks were getting stiff.The first girl started to unbutton her jeans. The dark-skinned girl saw that and undid hers as well. The first girl pulled down her jeans. They were so wet her panties stuck to them and started to come down as well. She had her panties to her knees and the guys were screaming. She had a big brown bush. She realized what had happened and went to quickly pull them up. Even louder “Boos” rained down. It was deafening. She stopped, looked out at the crowd, and pulled off her jeans and her panties. She was bottomless and clearly the crowd favorite. She kept dancing and turned around with her ass to the crowd and bent at the waist and touched her feet. You could see pink and another eruption of cheers! When she came up and turned around she seductively peeled her shirt over her head.The dark-skinned girl had her jeans open so you could see her panties, but that was it. ‘Big Tits’ was still shaking them around, but Gölbaşı escort that was all. The other two had moved to the back of the stage and looked shell-shocked. The music was done.The emcee came out and lined them up. Number one was now holding her hands over her pussy. He went down the line starting with number five gauging the crowd’s cheers. Lots of noise for five, crickets for four and three, lots of noise for number two. And then complete pandemonium for number one. Her hands were off her pussy and being held in the air in the ‘champion’ pose.I was worked up staring at that pussy. So was Kelly. “Holy fuck! I can’t believe she got naked! Did you hear the guys screaming! I am so wet right now I can’t believe it!” said Kelly and then she reached down and grabbed my cock. I was hard as a ball bat. She looked into my eyes and said, “Follow me.”We went upstairs to the balcony area. It was dark. And even louder than the first floor (as the speakers were mounted up there.) It was hard to see and hard to hear. We moved against a back wall. Hard to tell if anyone else was close or not? Kelly pulled her jeans down to her knees, turned around and leaned against the wall, looked over her shoulder, and barked at me, “Fuck me!”I whipped out my cock and sunk it to the hilt. She was dripping wet. I banged the hell out of her. She came in seconds. I kept on fucking her hard and fast.I felt a presence. Another couple had bumped into Kelly as they tried to find their way in the dark. The guy felt her back and could tell she was being fucked. He reached under her shirt and started kneading her boobs and rolling her nipples. His girlfriend had her hand on my chest and then took my left hand and moved it into her jeans. She shifted next to me so I could rub her clit. She was shaved.She came quickly. She had her boyfriend’s cock out and was stroking him. Kelly was rubbing his nuts with one hand. The boyfriend came. A lot of it hit Kelly. I got the girlfriend to come at the same time. Then I lost it and smashed Kelly against the wall as my nuts erupted their load into her. We all pulled apart. They left without a word. I put my cock away. Kelly got her jeans up and said “Thanks! I really needed that!” and we headed downstairs.Kelly made a beeline for the restroom. I went to the bar and ordered drinks. The whole vibe of the place had changed. It was electric. The dance floor was packed. You could smell hormones in the air!Kelly stepped out of the stall at the same time as the girl in the next stall. As they walked toward the mirror she recognized her as the girl who won the contest. “Congratulations! You were incredible!” Kelly said to her.“Holy crap! I can’t believe I won! That was the nastiest thing I’ve ever done in my life!” said the winner. Kelly asked her if she realized how horny she made the whole crowd and then Kelly confessed she got so worked up she had to take me upstairs for a fuck. On top of that, a complete stranger shot his cum load all over her.“You think you’re horny? Do you have any idea what it feels like to have a whole club full of people screaming at you to get naked and show off? Jesus, I nearly came right there on stage. I’m so fucking horny I still can’t believe it.” Then she reached out and lifted Kelly’s huge tits. “Why weren’t you in the contest? I wouldn’t have had a chance against tits like these.”Kelly returned the favor and discovered that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath her ‘I was a winner…’ shirt. Kelly rolled her very hard nipples. She looked into Kelly’s eyes and moved in for a kiss. Kelly responded by shoving her tongue down her throat. They both made a mad grab for the closest stall, stumbled in, locked the door, and started making out. Kelly pushed her hand down the front of her still-wet jeans and the winner quickly tried to unbutton them. Kelly moved her fingers through her bush, found her slit, and curled a finger into her pussy.Kelly was forcefully trying to get this girl to cum. And it only Keçiören escort bayan took a quick minute. The winner’s knees started to buckle. Kelly helped her steady herself and then went at her again. This time she was jerking her clit. In another minute she came again with a loud moan. Kelly pulled her hand out. The winner looking incredibly satisfied. She looked at Kelly and said “You have no idea how bad I needed to cum. Oh my God, thank you!” One more quick goodbye kiss and Kelly left the restroom.Kelly found me at the bar and took a quick swig of her drink. I glanced up and noticed the winner walking by. I nudged Kelly and said, “Hey, you should go talk to her.”Kelly leaned in and whispered in my ear “We’ve already met.” While at the same time sticking her middle finger into my mouth. I licked it off and looked at her very surprised. It tasted like pussy, but clearly not Kelly’s pussy. I looked at her wide-eyed. “I’ll tell you all about on the way home.”I slammed the last of my beer and said: “I’m ready to go!” On the walk to her apartment, Kelly gave me all the details of masturbating the winner. “So, what do you think about it all? Do you want to enter the contest?”“Are you kidding me! Hell, yes, I want to enter. I want to get on that stage and show every guy in the house what I’ve got!” With that, Kelly started talking about her plans. She needed to buy a skirt, new heels, new panties, and foremost, she had to shave her pussy.Tricia was asleep when we got to the apartment. The next morning, I slept in. I heard loud giggling and squealing coming from the kitchen. I stumbled out just wearing my briefs. “What are you two up to?”Tricia said, “I can’t fucking believe what this crazy girl did last night!”“Yeah, she’s pretty amazing,” I said. I noticed Tricia staring at my crotch. I finally realized I was sporting some morning wood. She finally glanced at my face and smiled at me.Kelly piped in, “Looks like you were dreaming about last night. Are you still horny? Fucking me while jerking off a girl you never met must have got you going?” The flirtatious talk and the fact they were both staring at my cock was more than I could take. My dick grew until it was bone hard and straining in my shorts.Now, I should let you know that there were no secrets between Tricia and Kelly. Since they became roommates they had opened up about everything, especially sexual things, to each other. Kelly would tell me detailed recollections about the sex Tricia would have with her boyfriend, which made our sex even better and I was sure it was going the other way too. Kelly had told me that for the past few months they would get each other so hot that laying naked on the couch, facing each other from the armrests, and ‘Jilling off’ had become almost a weekly stress reliever for the both of them.Kelly said, “It looks like you need to take care of that.”I told her “You’re right. I’ll meet you in bed.”“No. That’s not happening. I don’t have a problem. Just you do. You need to take care of it. Right here. We’ll watch.”“Are you fucking serious?”Tricia said “It only seems fair. It’s not her problem. I won’t mind.”I pulled my underwear down real slow. The elastic band caught my cock and pulled it straight down against my body. More and more was showing the lower I went. Finally, it caught the head of my cock and my prick shot up and aimed straight at the girls. I started to stroke it. Very slowly at first. I went at it slowly for probably five minutes. The girls were in a trance watching me. Then I started to pick up the pace. They both adjusted themselves in their chairs. Their knees were unconsciously falling open.I switched hands and started jacking myself faster. Kelly moaned. Tricia sucked in a deep breath. I switched hands again now going even faster. I was getting there. They could see it on my face. Both of them slipped a hand into their panties and each was rubbing their clit. That’s was helping me out a bunch!My nuts were pulled up tight. Escort Kızılay My back was arching. I was doing everything I could to make this a huge release. No surprise, Kelly came first. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck… Oooooh fuuuuuck…” That was all I needed. I clamped my fingers tight just under my shiny purple cock head. I felt my load moving to my shaft. I held it back for a moment and then released it. Oh, my God, did that feel great! I launched four huge streams of cum into the air. I was a foot or so away from the table. They landed in thick white stripes all the way across the table.My last blast was leaving my cock when Tricia moaned loudly and pulled her knees tight, clamping her hand in her pussy, and pulling her knees to her chest. She was panting and shuddering.I stepped to the table and squeezed as much cum as I could from my dick and dripped it on the table. Tricia slid off her chair to her knees. She grabbed me at the base of my cock and pulled it to her mouth. She went to work sucking me clean. I’ll be honest. I have had fantasies about Tricia ever since they had become roommates. Having her mouth on my cock was, literally, a fantasy come true. Tricia stayed on it. Kelly was smiling at me. My cock had bottomed out and was now responding. Ten minutes after she had started, my prick was rock hard again. She had been deep throating me as I grew without so much as a blink of hesitation. I was not only hard, but I needed to fuck.Tricia could tell that the next stop would be my face fucking her until I came again. Kelly stepped over to a rug in the living area and laid on her back. Her knees were bent and set wide apart. “Hey, bring me that thing before you make her choke.”I reluctantly pulled out and went over and mounted Kelly. I couldn’t come for the life of me at that point, having just boiled such a huge load. So, it meant I could fuck like a machine. I fucked her for probably ten minutes in that position. Then she flipped and I fucked her doggy style for probably another ten.Tricia had gotten naked, moved to the couch, and was rubbing her clit right in front of me. Kelly had come at least four times. Kelly crawled out and stood up and told me to do the same. Then she jumped up on me. I caught her under her knees. Her arms were around my neck and she impaled herself on my stiff prick. She was bouncing up and down on my cock. I turned and was facing Tricia on the couch. Tricia reached out and fondled my balls and then played with Kelly’s pussy. Kelly came a fifth time. She was done. “Let me down. I need air.”I set Kelly’s feet on the ground. I thought she might suck me off. Instead, she said to me, very hoarsely, “Let Tricia finish you off.”Tricia was already laying back on the couch. One foot on the back of the couch, one on the floor. She was a sight to see! Tricia is shorter than Kelly, probably only 5’ tall. Small B cup boobs that jutted straight out topped with rosy pink nipples. No need for a bra at all. Her pussy had very light brown hair. It was a full bush, but very wispy. She looked delicious. Her hands were down at her pussy and she was spreading her womanhood wide open for me. I put one knee on the couch, a foot on the floor and aimed my missile at her twat. She was wet and tight and I slid right in. I couldn’t hold out for long. This had my head so turned on my cock didn’t really matter.We fucked for probably ten minutes. Kelly was watching from a nearby chair. She had one foot up on the chair. She was stroking her pussy. Not to cum, just to keep it wet and enjoy the feeling.Tricia said, “Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I’m going to cum!” and that pushed me over the edge. I shot what the cum factory had been able to produce in the past half-hour or so. Not too much cum, but the orgasm felt great! Tricia lay where she was. In a few minutes, I saw my small load slip past her lips and down into her ass crack.Eventually, we all got up and started to sort out ourselves. Tricia went over to clean up the table and exclaimed to Kelly, “You weren’t kidding! That boy is a cum factory.”I looked at both of them and said, “So, this was all planned wasn’t it?”Kelly said, “Who us?” trying her best to be innocent. And then fessed up, “Of course it was planned and the first chance that we get, I get to fuck Alan.” Alan was Tricia’s boyfriend.

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