Ava Addams

We had been dating three months when I met him. His name was Wes. We just happened to run into him at a local night club. She introduced him as one of her oldest and best friends. He seemed nicest enough and was very respectful to me. I accepted it because I had no reason to doubt her. He bought us a couple of beers and she invited him to sit with us. As the evening and the alcohol rolled on we all became quite friendly. He asked for my permission to dance with her and I said yea sure. He was a gentleman although I did began to wonder about their relationship. She seemed giddy to be around him. He seemed very happy to be close to her.

I figured the way to the truth would be through some shots. The waitress brought us 3 shots of tequila. Wes said wow we used to do body shots all the time. She laughed and said honey lick here. She poured some salt on her left breast. I licked it off and chugged my shot. She said O.K. Wes here’s yours, pouring more salt on her right one. He licked slowly as he looked me dead in the eye. Then smiled and threw back his shot. She followed quickly with hers and said you bad bad boys!

I snatched her up and pulled her to the dance floor. I held her tight and inhaled her scent. She smelled so slutty. Almost like when we had sex. I asked her what that was all about. She replied nothing just old friends having fun. I said well you two must have had a lot of fun! She shrugged it off but I insisted. Really what’s up with you and this dude? Baby don’t worry about it. We are just getting started let’s not bring this up. Bring what up? I had her! Nothing it’s nothing. If there is something I should know, it’s better to tell me now. I enjoy you and love being with you. So if you want it to work you need to be honest.

She looked conflicted. Let’s do another shot. O.K. Waitress three more! We sat back down by Wes and consumed another round. I couldn’t take it. So Wes just how good of old friends are you two? He smiled. alt porno He looked at her and said he will know sooner or later anyway…..

She got up and pulled me to the dance floor. Half crying, half excited. She confided in me. I really like you. Are you sure you want to know? Sounds like I need to! Tell me now before we get in too deep and hurt each other. She whispered Wes is my lifelong fuck buddy. I can do whatever and love whoever I want. But I always find myself wanting him again. So our arrangement is for me to remain available to him no matter what else I have going on in my life. This is fucked up! What are you saying? I thought you were single? I am! But I remain open for Wes. It made my head spin! She pleaded with me. Please understand it doesn’t change my feelings for you. Actually if you agree to the arrangement it will only strengthen my feelings for you.

Whoa this is too much! Let’s go. I can’t stay here. Let’s go. Or should I leave you with Wes! You can. Or you can let him go with us and show you why he will always own a piece of me. WTF! Really? You want me to watch you two? Baby I’m sorry but I do love being with him And I love being with you. Is it so wrong for a girl to want it all? Besides it’s only been three months. Try it tonight if you don’t enjoy it we had some fun and you found out my dirty little secret before things got to far. I’m going to the bathroom. Buy Wes and me a shot then let me know your answer.

Dumbfounded I walked to the bar and ordered 3 more shots. I always dreamed of watching two people fuck but damn the girl I was falling for? I handed Wes his shot he said relax man. It’s better you know than for her to do it behind your back. I promise you it will be a show you won’t ever forget. The shot hit bottom and I swallowed hard. I said alright then let’s see what this is all about! She came back form the rest room and Wes said he’s in. She hugged me so tight and said thanks hd abla porno baby but you didn’t really have a choice! Oh by the way we are going to your place.

She grabbed him by the hand and they walked out of the bar to his car. I went to mine and they followed me to my house. I grabbed us some beers and sat down in the recliner. They piled on the couch. They were making out from the time they hit the door. In no time he had her shirt and bra off. He was making gross slurping noises as he devoured her breasts. He would look up from time to time and shoot me an evil grin. Next he had his hand down her pants as she cooed and moaned. I could hardly take it. Jealously and horniness mixed and unsettled my already drunken senses. She stood up an slid out of her tight jeans and g-string. She stood nude in front of us both. A stunning sight to behold. How had I got so lucky to be with this beautiful woman? Now this strange turn of events was almost more than I could comprehend. He said kneel and she dropped to her knees. Now it’s time to show him why. Slowly she unzipped him, her face was flush with excitement. She looked me straight on and said here is the secret. She pulled out his half hard dick and I was astonished. I couldn’t look away. It was long yes but thicker than I had ever seen. She giggled and immediately shoved as much as she could in her mouth. Which wasn’t nearly half.

She sucked him hard and worshipped his amazing cock for at least twenty minutes. Then he said let me have my pussy. She stood up turned around and sat on his cock. It took a few tries to get it all in but she made a painful face and slid all the way down on it. I was in awe. He hadn’t done a thing really, she did all the work. Now she was fucking him as he drank his beer and smiled at me. She was gasping every time she pushed him in her. Sweat rolled down her face and back. She grunted like a pig in heat. She seemed obsessed with the act of sex rokettube porno itself. He was calm and relaxed as she pumped away. When she finally came she laid back on him and looked like a woman defeated.

After a few quiet moments he said my turn. She put her elbows on the back of the couch and rested her knees on the cushion. He stood behind her and impaled her with his extra wide cock. She screamed and tossed her head around wildly. Her pussy made nasty sloppy sounds. I watched as her pussy seemed to turn inside out every time he pulled his dick out.

Was this the same girl I was falling in love with? Wow! It was and I loved this scene. What a fabulous slut! He shoved in and out of her for about ten minutes then shouted he was going to soak her pussy. With that he let out a yell and drilled his load deep inside her. Stillness followed. He slowly pulled out and she collapsed on the couch. He put wiped his dick on her thong and put his clothes back on. She lay there spent as I looked on in shock. He said if you love her, you now know what she likes and what’s good for her. She deserves the best. Thanks for understanding and giving her that tonight. With that he walked out the door.

I eased up beside her and touched her skin. She was wet with sweat and smelled of his cum. I kissed her forehead and slowly licked her neck. She was nearly passed out. But through her haze she whispered. If you love me clean up after our lover. I had come this far I figured why not try to enjoy every bit of it. Her body was flush red and her legs shook. I pulled them apart to reveal a well used and throughly fucked pussy. Juice oozed out of it and I was overcome with the desire to lick her clean. I softly started licking her legs and worked my way up to her swollen slit. I sucked her hole and a massive amount of semen flooded my mouth. Hot and pungent. Somehow it turned me on. I started to sink my hardness into her when she said not until tomorrow. I carried her to bed and held her all night. I woke up every hour kissing and worshipping her body. In the morning I was rewarded with cold leftover slimy pussy. But it was the best I ever had.

Later that day at lunch she said I think Wes is your new best friend. Yes he was.

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