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Please Note: I know this story is really long, as I wanted to describe the whole scenario in which things actually developed that particular day. So please read only if you want to get the full picture. In case you are looking for a story having only the words like tits/ boobs/ pussy/ dick/ fuck/ cum/ oohhh/ aaahh, etc. then this story might disappoint you!

It was a normal Saturday for me. I returned home from office at about 4 pm even though it was a half day for me. While driving back, when I took the final turn for my house, I could see a girl standing in front of my house and talking on phone. She looked cute. Although she was over dressed due to extreme winters..but still she seemed to have a nice figure.

Before going any further, let me tell a bit about myself. I recently moved to Chandigarh from Mumbai. Here in Chandigarh I am living in top floor of a house. AT ground floor lives the landlady (aunty), who stays there alone and On second floor there is a family. Once aunty told me that she has a son and daughter and both are studying in delhi and she is planning for marriage of her daughter. I never met anyone in her family apart from her.

Anyways, back to the story. I parked my bike outside the house and when I came towards the gate, I could hear the girl arguing with someone on the phone. I generally dont interfere in lives of other people, so I didnt bother about the discussion and came in my flat. Although while crossing her I had a good look at her and she for sure had a sexy figure! Anyways, I came up admiring her figure, changed my clothes and got into my blanket and slept.

It would have been hardly 20 minutes but my phone rang. It was my landlady’s call and she asked why I am not opening the door as she has been ringing the bell for quite some time. Anyways when I told her I didnt hear the bell as I was sleeping, she said that plumber is here and I could get the taps and shower repaired as I have been asking. (Whenever there is any such repair work, aunty generally comes along as she thinks I will get everything changed and there will be a huge bill).

After about 5 minutes my door bell rang and I heard it this time. I opened the door for plumber. Anyways behind plumber was this girl and she said that “mom’s legs are paining so I came instead of mom”. Anyways plumber started his job and we both were just standing outside bathroom. I asked her to sit as it would take long and then she just asked about where I work and a casual conversation started. After about 15-20 mins of chatting, I said that I heard her arguing with someone in evening and asked her if it was from office? She became a little conscious but then she said that it was her boyfriend whom she is going to marry in 2 months. I congratulated her for marriage and she said a thanks in very low voice as if she would cry any minute.

Me: Is everything alright? You suddenly seem too depressed?
She (Sobbing): Yeah, I think I should go
Me: Please wait, If you go down to your mother in this state, she might think that you are crying because of something I did and she will kick me out.
She (Slightly laughing): No that wont happen, I will make sure
Me: Please just wait for a couple Maltepe Escort of minutes (and I offered her a bottle of water)

She sat down on bed and drank water calmly and took a long breath. We stayed quite for a couple of minutes and she suddenly asked me “Why is sex such a necessity for guys?” That question hit me like a bouncer as I was not at all prepared for such a question. Anyways, maintaining my calm, I asked “why do you ask?” and she then told me that she came to know about her boyfriend cheating on her and that was what she was fighting about. After saying this, she again asked same question.

Me: Well is it not important for you?
She: No, not so much. I love him as a whole not just his dick (yeah she said that) but guys loves girls only because of their boobs and ass
Me: Then why are you so much bothered about something which is not much important to you? You love him for his qualities and those are still there!
She: No, its not that. I have never cheated on him and expected the same from him. Shouldnt sex happen between two people who love each other?
Me: Well, I personally dont think so. For me it is like a sport. Any two people who know how to enjoy it can enjoy it. I feel it should not at all be associated with love. But yeah, at the end of the day, what maters is how a person himself sees it. And if you are angry because you did not cheat on him, then you can now do that without any guilt.

This made her laugh out loud. By this time she was in a jovial mood and she said “you really have some clear views about sex”. I just laughed on that and replied that a guy who stays alone always has a lot of time to think about sex and related matters. She was quite surprised by my reply and said “you guys really think so much about sex?” To this I replied “you have no idea at all” and winked at her. Then slowly the conversation drifted to my sexual experiences. I was starting to tell her about them, but plumber came out and said that he is all done. So she got up and left with him saying that it was nice talking to me.

All the conversation about sex with a hot girl had made me hard, so I thought of jacking off before cooking my dinner. I switched on some porn and started enjoying myself. As I live alone, so I generally dont use headphones or care about volume. While I was enjoying the show, the door of my bedroom moved a bit. I looked up and there she was, looking at me. I almost freaked out looking at her and out of impulse I started covering myself and said sorry to her.

She asked me why am I saying sorry, when she liked what she saw! I was staring at her with my mouth wide open. She then turned around and went towards main gate. I though she went away but then she locked the door and came in and while coming she said that she doesnt want anyone to walk on us and winked at me! I was on the seventh heaven when I heard that!!

She came beside my bed and removed the blanket which covered myself and without saying anything she started sucking my cock. Believe me, I have never ever had someone suck my cock so amazingly. The way she pulled down my foresking and licked the slit of my cock. She then occasionally pressed my balls while Maltepe Escort Bayan licking the sides of my cock like a candy!! All the time I was caressing her head and holding her hair. I slowly moved my hand to grab one of her boobs and she suddenly slapped my hand and said “Keep both of your hands behind your head…if you bring them on me, I will leave right away!!” I was definitely enjoying the blowjob I was getting. So I decided to control my hands as she worked magic with her lips, tongue and hands! Soon she made me cum and she took all the cum in her mouth! She kept sucking till she had milked every drop of my cum and then she went in washroom to spit it out and wash her mouth!

When she came back back, I said “I thought you will swallow it”. She laughed and said that she did swallow some part and winked at me and again said, well I can swallow your entire load next time when she meets me after her mom has slept. She then while going said “Dont start before me, else I will again not let you touch me” and she left.

I was quite eagerly waiting for her to come. In the mean time I cooked and ate my dinner and cleaned my room a bit. I had no room freshner so sprayed my deo in the room! At about 11.30 I heard a knock on my door, I knew who it was and so I quickly opened it and let her in. As soon as I closed the door, she put her hand on my crotch without even saying any word. She felt that my dick was hard and erect and said that you couldnt wait for me!! I told her that I really did not start, it was just the excitement of seeing you that my cock became hard instantly.

She again held my cock and pulled me to my bedroom. She sat down on bed while I was standing and slowly started stroking my cock. She suddenly said, “you were right, I dont feel that bad about my boyfriend cheating on me after giving you a blow job. I think by tomorrow morning, it wont even matter to me” By the time she completed her sentence there was a big smile on her face.

I just held her hand and made her stand and we started kissing each other. Wow, she had some strawberry lip balm on her lips and they tasted so awesome. While kissing she kept stroking my cock slowly and my hands were stroking her back. She then held my one hand and kept it on her boob. It was really big. Much bigger than I expected!!! And it was really firm. I then broke the kiss and started sucking and kissing her neck and then her shoulder. She started making some gentle moans. By this time my hand a reached under her sweater and was pressing both boobs turn by turn.

It was anyways warm inside the room thanks to the heater! We both then removed each others clothes and were just in undergarments. I then took a break form kissing her and had a good look at her. She had really amazing figure!! All the fat was at right places! Big and tight boobs and an amazing round ass!! She was looking like a baywatch model in those red bra and panties. I told her “Red looks really good on a fair girl, but it wont be staying on you for long.” She blushed and pushed me on bed. I quickly pulled her with me and said “now its your turn to lie down and relax!” Then I slowly pulled down her panty and to my amazement it was all Escort Maltepe shaved down under! I started kissing on her smooth pussy. It was all wet already and I licked her juices. I then used both my hands to open her pussy and started licking inside. It was totally pink inside and her juices were flowing non-stop!! I kept licking her and her moans started getting louder. I then inserted my middle finger in her pussy and started fucking her with my finger while licking her clitoris and this made her arch her back. She held my head and started pushing my head closer to her pussy and within almost a minute she had climaxed!! I licked her juice as much as I could before she pulled me up and started kissing me! She stopped in between and said “I liked taste of your cum, but mine is good too” and again started kissing me.

I then moved down to her boobs which were still inside her bra!. I quickly opened her bra and threw it aside and started kissing her nipples. They were already hard and erect. While i played with her boobs, she removed my boxers and started stroking my cock. By this time my cock was oozing a lot of pre-cum. By looking at the pre-cum, she said, seems it is ready for some action and then she asked my lie down on my back. She then got on top of my and slowly sat on erect cock! As she sat on it we both let out a loud moan. Her pussy gripped my cock really tightly! And then she gradually started to move up and down! We both started moving together! I was thrusting my dick in her pussy and she was pushing her pussy down on mu cock! Looking at those amazing boobs bounce while she was riding my cock was an amazing view! It was such a turn on that I was about to cum in about 5 minutes only!

So I pulled her towards me and started kissing her boobs while she was stil riding me! I then flipped her over and now she was under me. I lied down on her for a second and then again started pumping my dick in her wet pussy!! In this peak winters of December, we both were sweating profusely and the sound of our moans and my dick going in and coming out of her pussy was filled in the room! We both were now reaching our climax and she asked me to cum in her pussy! what could be better than that for me! In a couple of minutes we both had cummed and it was one of the most amazing cum i ever had! Her moans and working of hands on me were amazing.

I lied on her for sometime and then she said that she has to go else if her mom wakes up she might get suspicious! I asked her what will she do as I did cum in her pussy. She laughed and said that she has been using iPill whenever she allowed her boyfriend to cum in her! She then asked me to come and close the door and while at door she just turned to me and said “thanks for this…I really feel much better now and would be able to marry my boyfriend happily!” and then she leaned forward to kiss me and we again kissed for a couple of minutes! This kissing again made me hard and my dick started poking her!! She then broke the kiss and said this time close the door before you take care of your boner! She just smiled and left after that!! I later realized that we did so much and I still didnt know her name! Rather we never exchanged our names even!

Any reviews about the story will be highly appreciated! And if there are more girls/ ladies out here in Chandigarh who would like to have some such discrete fun, the do mail me back at [email protected]

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