Weird Auntie Jayne Ch. 02


It was five when I went back over to Auntie Jayne’s house. The weather held through the afternoon, and in a couple of hours it would be sundown. I’d changed from my suit and tie into my sweats after getting home. In spite of my excitement, I’d drifted off for a while and awakened like a kid very early on a dark Christmas morning, not knowing what time it was or whether Santa had made his round yet. I check my e-mail and reviewed my assignments: I only had one class on Monday and it was a review day before a test.

I never knocked before going into Auntie Jayne’s house, it was a habit from my first memory. She told me I could always come and go as I pleased and even gave me a key to her house before my mother gave me one for mine. Her door was locked, and I made sure to relock it after me. The old neighborhood wasn’t a high crime area, but it always paid to be safe. Her voice came down the stairway. “I’m upstairs, Jakie. Don’t let Mr. Whiskers out of the basement.” A soft mewing came from the basement door, right on cue, but Mr. Whiskers had never been my particular friend, so ignoring him was no problem. I forced myself to walk upstairs rather than run, to calm my nerves. “Come on to the back bedroom. I’m ready for you.”

The door was open, and I could tell it was lit by a myriad of candles. The shades were pulled to highlight the artificial light, and a couple of large mirrors reflected the light around the room. Auntie Jayne sat on the bed in her favorite pink robe, barefoot, with her hair tied back in a ponytail, her face creased in a broad grin. “Didn’t get that nap this afternoon after all. Did you?” I nodded my head and she giggled. “Well, you may need it. I’m so excited, I’ve never had anyone to share this with. Are you ready?” I nodded again. “Then let’s get going. Maybe you’d like to lotion up my boobs.”

I picked up the squirt bottle and she opened her robe. Her massive tits fell free, shining in the light. Putting some lotion in my hand, I rubbed it all over her floppy udder, making sure to work it in carefully before pumping more to cover the other one. Auntie Jayne’s head rolled around and her mouth opened as I touched her, her tongue slipping out to moisten her lips. After I finished, she opened her eyes and pulled up a tray table she’d covered with wax paper. “Usually there’s a limit to how many candles I can have in easy reach, but now you’re here, we can keep going a lot longer. You ready?”


“Good. Take any candle you want and hold it about a foot above the skin. That’ll feel nice and warm without being too stingy.”

“Is it a little stingy anyway?”

“Yes. But a little stingy is good, I like a little stingy.” I took a thick candle and saw a nice little pool of wax waiting for me. Her mouth opened as I tilted it, and she sighed as the first white drops hit her skin. I made a spiral pattern, and enlarged it with the second candle. Then I took a darker candle and made some vertical lines of dots from the white patterns and up toward her chest. “That’s lovely, Jake. Take a picture of that.”

Her digital camera was on the dresser, and it took a moment to snap a few shots from different angles. “This is why it’s good you’re here. You can get some angles I can’t. Do another pattern on my left boob.” Taking a green candle, I created a series of big blobs on her skin that I juxtaposed with horizontal white trails. She puffed and let out a “Woo!” as I worked. “That’s a bit stingy, but I can take it. I’m getting more tingly that I’ve been in a long time. Keep it up, Jake. After you take a picture of the new pattern and the two together, just keep going until I tell you to stop.”

The pictures were duly taken, and I turned back to white candles. I made sure to hold them higher as I worked, but made sure the wax from the new ones ran down over her nipples. She clenched her hands a bit and bit her lower lip softly, but nodded her head when I paused. I continued until I noticed some smaller candles by the window that were almost extinguished from hot wax. “It would be a shame to waste these, Auntie Jayne.”

“Yes Jake, it would. Glad you noticed them. Don’t waste them.”

Until now, I’d been dribbling a strategically placed stream, but taking the smaller ones, I tossed each one of their entire contents on her at once, drawing a big gasp and loud woo-hoo with every impact. When I’d done the half dozen from the window sill, I asked her: “How are you doing, Auntie?”

“It’s wonderful, everything I’d hoped it would be. My breasts are tingling so much, and so is my lower region. Touch them, play with them, jiggle them, I’d love to feel your hands on my tits.” I ran my fingertips on the exposed flesh from her armpits down to the uncovered part of her nipples, taking care to pinch the buds softly. “More, more. Harder.” I twisted them gently and she sighed and nodded; I pinched them harder and she gasped in delight.

I added more wax, overlapping previous work, until her massive jugs were encased in wax. Her eyes were Kıbrıs Escort closed and she licked her lips, her hand reached out and she put it on my left hip. “Take some pictures, I haven’t been this covered for a long time. Bill Larsen will love this.” After taking the pictures from many angles, I looked at her sitting there from head on, her head thrown back with wax reaching from her chest all the way down to her nubbins in a rainbow of colors. I realized the artist she was, the only colors she had available were colors of the rainbow and they all worked together, so the combination on her flesh was harmonious in spite of the random order. She opened her eyes and looked at me dreamily, with a glow in her eyes I’d never seen before. “Jake, if only I’d know you ‘d do this. . .”

“I’m glad you’re happy, Auntie Jayne.”

“Oh, I’m in heaven, dear boy, in heaven. My breasts are almost quivering by themselves. Do you mind if I finger myself?” I nodded solemnly. She smiled and continued. “Do you want to beat off? I see you’re pretty stiff. Maybe you want me to touch your dick.”

“That’s all right. I’ll come closer.” I stood by her and her hand reached into my sweats to pull out my manhood. Her hand was so soft and she traced the contours of my staff so skillfully, I started trembling immediately.

“Where do you want to squirt your load? On my hands? On my breasts? On my face? On my tongue?”

I couldn’t speak again, but moved my hips closer to her face. “All right, put it right on Auntie’s face. I’ll open my mouth and try your joy juice. It’s all right. Give it to me.” Her tongue snaked out to tease my cockhead, and I almost collapsed. She pulled me close and swallowed my entire dick at once, moving in and out quickly while stroking it vigorously. “I want you in my mouth. Give it to me. Give it to Auntie.” It didn’t take ten seconds before my balls pulsed and I shot several times; she held me in her mouth with a death grip, squeezing my nuts, accepting all I had to give.

Opening her mouth, she showed me creamy whiteness on her tongue before closing in and swallowing it down. “And to think this mouth took communion earlier today. That’s OK, it’s not forbidden by the Bible. You just can’t fuck me, but we can suck and finger each other as much as we wish.” She smiled and a wet, white stream dribbled down from the side of her mouth.

I sat on the bed for a moment and watched as she brushed the wax off her jugs. From time to time, she shot me a conspiratorial glance from the corner of her eye, a slight smirk on her lips. Her skin was a very light pink once it was clear, and she held her breasts up to me: “All clear, all nice, no more stingy. There’s a little ice bucket under the bed. Would you like to rub an ice cube over my poor boobs?”

Sure enough, there was a covered ice bucket under the bed, and Auntie Jayne purred as I rubbed an ice cube over her red skin and over her rock hard nipples. Spreading her legs, she said: “You can even rub it down here, I like that.” Trailing the ice cube over her stomach, I moved it down her thighs out toward her knee before moving in to the intersection. As it got smaller, she sighed and said: “Rub it on the lips down there, rub the clit. Push it in if you can.” She twitched as I reached my goal, quivering as I traced her lips and circled the bud and shuddering as I forced it inside. Taking another one, I went directly for her slit and she nodded her head as I rubbed it around again and forced a bigger piece through. “More, more. Keep your fingers in there, I’ll tell you when it’s too much.”

I massaged her breasts and milked her teats a little before getting another piece of ice and working it in. Keeping my fingers stiff, I followed the ice sliver in with two of them, moving in and out and adding one more finger at a time. “Hot and cold, I love it. More.” All fingers were in, so I curled them up and added my thumb, slipping my hand in up to my wrist. The sensations of hot and cold inside her were amazing. She leaned back and bucked against my fist, I began to piston it in and out until she gasped and writhed until she almost fell off her chair. Keeping everything in position, I moved her onto the bed, on her back, moving around so I could keep my hand inside her, and once we were stable gave her a huge orgasm complete with screaming.

Letting her lie there until she recovered, I took a piece of ice and cooled her breasts some more. After her eyes focused again, she kissed the hand which had been inside her and smiled at me in a way I’d never seen before. “Hello, lover. Little did I know. How was it for you?” My head went down, but she looked between my legs, pointed and giggled. “Looks like he’s coming back for another round. Any ideas, anything more you’d like to do to me?”

“I don’t know. Is there anything you’d like to try?”

She thought for a minute. “Don’t get into spanking. I used to trace a brush over my tits after a wax session and that felt nice. There’s Magosa Escort a brush on the dresser, Jake, get it for me.”

Like a good boy, I fetched it, and started tracing the soft bristles on her skin. She purred a little, and purred a little more when I lifted her huge mams up and worked the undersides. Then I went down and brushed her pubic hair a while, which gave her a huge grin. It had a long handle, and after stroking her hair and teasing her private parts with the bristles I stuck the handle in her cunt. “I’ve got an idea.”


“I’ve got some brushes in the garage. If I brace them, they’ll stand up on their own. When you can sit up again, we can put them under your tits while we do the candles and ice on the top. It’ll be something to try next time.”

“Oh, goodie, we’re going to do this again?”

I reached over and kissed her on the lips for the first time since I was little. She kissed back fervently, slipping me some tongue and reaching down for my cock with her hand. I lay beside her and fingered her cunt again, and we lay next to each other, our lips locked in an open embrace that allowed our tongues to slide back and forth against each other. A familiar tingle started in my balls and I flipped around so she could take my dick in her mouth, reaching to put my tongue on her clitoris. The magic she worked almost made me lose my focus completely, but I reached down for another piece of ice, which I sucked on for a minute before attacking her genitals with my cold tongue and mouth. She shrieked with her mouth full of my cock, which was thrilling in itself, and before long I was sending another load into her hungry suck as she shrieked in orgasm again with her mouth full.

The next couple of days were a dream; I managed to focus just enough on my classes and paperwork to get by, while I plotted what I would do with Auntie Jayne next. Wednesday was a long day, but Thursday was clear, so we planned another session for the mid week evening. When we crossed paths during the first part of the week, Auntie Jayne acted as if nothing were different, wearing nothing out of the ordinary, but sending me pictures of her candle work I’d seen in the museum. I saved myself, not masturbating or surfing porn, since I knew where my next meal was coming from, so to speak.

We decided to meet at my house; she cleaned it for me regularly, and I had some ideas that worked better there. She laid out my favorite supper like she did on my birthday: spinach salad, pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, brussels sprouts, with apple pie and ice cream for dessert. She knew what I like to eat. We chatted about simple things: she forced the conversation away from anything salacious even though she knew I had some preparations made upstairs, patiently awaiting their time. I helped her with the dishes, keeping my distance and ignoring the stray touch below my waist. After dinner, we went into the sitting room and sat on the couch together, watching television for a little while holding hands.

At 8:30, she flicked off the TV and looked me in the face. “It’s time, lover. What devious ideas do you have for me?”

“I thought you’d like a twist on the candle game. The candles are lit upstairs for you.”

“Oh goodie..”

“Ready to go upstairs?”

She responded by giving me a long, open mouthed kiss on the lips, which I responded to eagerly with a lot of tongue. We almost didn’t make it off the couch.

When we got upstairs, I showed her a shower mat that I’d put on wax paper, which rested on the table. The mat was white, and had lots of little plastic points all over. “What’s that?” Auntie Jayne asked.

“It’s a shiatsu shower mat. Supposed to massage your feet. I thought it might massage the undersides of your boobs.”

“Interesting. Where did ya get it?”

“Bed, Bath and Beyond.”

She sat down and looked at it curiously. “How are we supposed to try this out?”

“Just pull your tit out and lay it on the mat gently. If it’s too much, we can take it off and forget about it.”

She looked at me dubiously, but lifted her right breast out of her wrap around dress and gently put it on the points, reluctant to trust the full weight until she felt the effect. “It’s like a lot of little points of tingle. Interesting. Okay, it’s a nice idea.” She put her other massive mammary on the mat and winced a little before settling in. “What’s next?”

I reached over and began stroking her nipples. She sighed and closed her eyes; I reached forward gently and started licking and sucking them until they were fully erect. I opened the walk in closet door and showed her some potpourri pots on a shelf with little bowls on top of them. “This is paraffin, just like the candles. I thought you might like some larger dollops of wax.” She went over and touched the liquid inside; her eyebrows gathered in a wince in anticipation, but she smiled when she felt the temperature. After I was sure she was all right, I turned Girne Escort off the light and we were shrouded in candlelight.

She went back and put her boobs back on the bed of nails and looked at me expectantly. “Here’s comes the heat, Auntie Jayne.”

“Yes, my boy. You got the camera ready?”

“Of course.”

“Take a couple before you start, the clean slate, so to speak.”

I did as she asked, then covered the tops in lotion before I started dribbling candle wax. I kept everything in the tingle range without venturing into the sting range I had on Sunday. Taking a hair brush from the dresser, I opened her dress completely and brushed her pubic hair again, drawing sighs and smiles. Inserting the handle, I continued the waxing until I’d covered them: this time her right breast was a wild panoply of colors in a random design while the left breast was a complex pattern of white textures. I took pictures of my work and she looked at the images with interest. “I think you can work in my studio, Jake. I like what you’ve done here. My boobs are tingling like crazy again, and so is my clitoris. You wouldn’t have the ice bucket nearby.”

“I thought you were going to get that ready.”

She shook her head, rolling her eyes. “It’s under the sink. Go fill it.”

I started for the door and turned with a wry smile. “You aren’t going anywhere, are you?”

“Are you kidding? Where would I go with wax all over my tits?”

Bounding down the stairs, I found the bucket quickly and filled it rapidly from the ice maker in the freezer. When I came back up, I found her working the brush handle in and out of her cunt. I stopped and watched; this was something she’d done all those years alone to satisfy her urges. It was interesting to watch her orgasm approach, like a summer storm crossing the plains slowly, inexorably, with distant flashes of lightning at first, then thunder booming through the humid air until the downpour arrived with electric drama, wind and cacophony. Her writhed in her chair, moving her breasts up and down on the spiky bath mat without seeming to notice their little pricks of relentless attention.

When she was done, she let me look around for stray wax chips. “We need the wax paper after all. I don’t want the mess those drippings will make on my carpet if there’s nothing protecting the table.” She gently picked her funbags off the mat and held them carefully while I took it away before placing them on the wax paper. “Great sensation, Jake. I loved all those little points. Now to get rid of the wax.” As before, the accumulated wax moved easily off her skin and collected on the covering and soon her breasts were lily white again. Holding them gently, she kissed and hugged them. “Oh you’ve had such a great time tonight. You gave me an orgasm. Now you’ve got to thank the nice young man who made you feel so good. What should we do for him?”

I carefully folded up the paper, taking care not to spill any on the floor, and threw the mess in the waste basket. “I have a few ideas.”

“So do we. Lay down on the bed.” I did, my rock hard erection pointed straight up, and Auntie Jayne beamed as she regarded it. “You’re ready for love, aren’t you my friend? I thought about using cold, but I’ve changed my mind. I’ve got something I know you’ll like. Close your eyes, Jake.”

I put my hands behind my head and closed my eyes. Strangely, I remember when I was a little tyke visiting her and being bathed in the tub. She always took care to wash under my foreskin and make sure my little butt crack was very clean. Was sorry when I got to preschool and she wouldn’t wash me anymore. Now I felt a tingling in my thighs, something soft was moving over my skin and tickling my balls. I sneaked a peek: she was using a feather duster on me. The softness moved back and forth on my thighs, coming close to sensitive skin and veering off at the last minute. My cock throbbed and she licked a drop of precum off it. “Don’t want to get this messy,” she murmured. The delicate touch moved across my testicles, sending jolts of energy up my spine before moving away, being replaced by a soft, relentless tongue. Her hand put the feather duster aside and started stroking my shaft, working its soft magic once again. It didn’t take long before I was breathing hard and my hips were bucking, a got a glance of Auntie Jayne’s face and she was beaming. This time the geyser erupted in the air, covering her face with sticky white goo. She continued stroking until it was finished, then she licked every drop from my skin, gathering it from her face with her finger and rolling it into her mouth.

Auntie Jayne made me part of her production company, and I helped her make a couple of videos, particularly when I handcuffed her hands in front and poured the wax with her breasts on the bed of nails before beating off on her face. I also took some pictures that made it into her Manhattan collection. It took the best poker face I could manage when Bob Hemmings and my buddies found the pictures and videos on the Internet to convince them I had no knowledge of their presence. I had a tougher time convincing my friends I didn’t need to take part in the porn watching session when I didn’t have a girlfriend on campus. But Auntie Jayne made it up to me, many, many times.

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