Weekend in Tampa


Richard and Brad had been close friends since the 7th grade. They attended the same middle school and high school. They also attended the same college for the first 2 years before Richard transferred to another school. Neither of them were big time jocks in high school. Brad played football one year and was on the golf team a couple of other years. Richard, although quite athletic, did not participate in organized sports. During high school, they played a lot of pick up basketball games in one or the other’s driveway. Their success with females was less than spectacular. Brad had a few girlfriends in high school and college, but Richard was somewhat shy around girls. He had brownish red hair as well as a slightly prominent nose and glasses ( at least after he arrived at college ). He tried contacts once but he couldn’t handle the process of sticking a finger in each eye. While in high school, he also had a moderate to severe case of acne which didn’t place him in any girl’s top ten list. In college, Richard had put on a few pounds so his 36 inch waist didn’t exactly attract the buxom beauties which he so dearly coveted. Although he dated a few girls, his dating life was hit and miss – with a bundle of misses.

They were now both 25 and out of college for almost three years. Richard had moved to Tampa while Brad remained in the Chicago area where they both were born and raised. Brad had not seen Richard for almost two years. Good news and bad news had entered Richard’s life about eighteen months ago. His dearly loved grandfather had passed away at the age of 85. This was the bad news. The good news was that his grandfather was more wealthy than anyone had ever imagined. During the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, his grandfather had invested all of his money in a group of about 10 or 12 stocks. Two of those stocks were Microsoft and Dell. Richard’s father was his grandfather’s only child while Richard only had 1 sibling – a brother named Hunter. Therefore, all of his grandfather’s estate went to Richard, Hunter and their Dad. Richard and his brother Hunter each received 25% of the estate while their father inherited 50%. The inheritance gave Richard over 7 Million dollars.

Richard had always been self conscious about his looks, particularly with his rather pale complexion. As a small child, he was called the little red haired boy. With the red hair comes the porcelain white skin color. As he grew into his teenage years, he gradually realized that the super attractive girls were primarily interested in only the tall, dark and handsome types. At 5’11”, he certainly wasn’t short; however, dark and handsome were words not usually used to describe Richard.

In early May, Brad decided to take a 3 day weekend so that he could visit his friend, Richard, in Tampa. Brad worked at one of those companies which had implemented a 9/80 program where you work 80 hours within 9 days over a 2 week period thus giving the employees every other Friday off. Brad flew from Chicago’s O’Hare to Tampa International on a Thursday night before the 3 day weekend.

When Richard greeted Brad at the Tampa airport, Brad at first did not recognize him. Richard had shed all of the excess pounds and replaced much of the baby fat with pure muscle. The glasses were no longer on his face as he had received the laser eye surgery giving him 20/20 vision. A combination of tanning salon visits and Florida sunshine gave Richard a great deal more color to his skin compared to his previous pasty white skin complexion. Although not as noticeable, Richard had also received nose surgery to give his face more symmetrical features. A $500 trip to the dentist had also given his teeth a shiny white appearance. In short, the improvement in his looks were nothing short of spectacular.

Within the past year, the two had lost contact with each other; thus, Brad was unaware of Richard’s new found fortune. Richard filled Brad in on the details as they drove back to his mini-mansion in Richard’s brand new gold Lexus. Richard was now pretty much living the life of Riley. He had long since resigned from his financial analyst job. One of the other advantages of inheriting $7 Million are the fancy cars and a 5000 square foot, 5 bedroom 4 1/2 bath home. It was after 11:00 PM when they arrived back at Richard’s stunning residence. They pulled around to the back giving Brad a view of the still lighted pool area before driving into the 3 car garage.

As soon as they entered the house, they were met by an absolutely stunning blond named Donna. Richard introduced Donna as his girlfriend while Brad fumbled his luggage in total disbelief of the unbelievably sexy girl standing not 3 feet from him. She had on white short-shorts and a pink halter top tied in a knot beneath her voluptuous chest giving Brad a perfect view of her flat tanned stomach. Donna’s 5′ 8″ body and her 37C-25-36 curves had Brad almost hypnotized. Brad thought to himself why she was still here at this late hour, but that question bakımlı gaziantep escort would soon be answered. After Richard dropped his luggage, Brad and Donna gave Brad the grand tour of the mini-mansion. As the tour continued on the second floor, Donna yelled toward a closed bathroom door.

“Susie. Richard’s here. We’re showing him the house.”

“OK. I will be out soon.” responded Susie.

“Susie’s taking a shower right now. She lives here too.” said Donna.

“You both live here?” asked Brad.

“Well, I was dating them both several months ago, and I thought that since I now had this big house I might as well let them move in.” said Richard.

Brad’s head was now spinning. Richard was the guy who didn’t even go to his senior prom, and now he had two live in girlfriends. Susie then popped out of a bedroom and introduced herself. The 19 year old petite blond had a huge bright white smile and dazzling big blue eyes. Her shoulder length blond hair was still wet from the shower. She had obviously quickly dressed because all she was wearing was one of Richard’s dress shirts. She stood no taller than 5″2″, but she was definitely another stunner. Although concealed under Richard’s shirt, Brad could easily see that Susie also sported a spectacular set of boobs. Susie stayed upstairs to dry her hair while Richard, Brad and Donna returned downstairs. Brad helped Richard bring his luggage upstairs to the guest bedroom. Four bedrooms comprised the second floor with Donna and Susie in two of them.

By now, it was getting very late in the evening. Richard had a big day planned for the four of them tomorrow; therefore, everyone was soon in their respective beds. They all arose somewhat early ( at least early for the retired Richard ) and jumped in the car for the 30 minute drive to Busch Gardens. Busch Gardens is a huge tourist attraction in the Tampa Bay area with lots and lots of animals along with various rides. It is sort of like an upscale zoo and amusement park all rolled into one. Susie’s outfit for their Busch Gardens extravaganza was revealing in more ways than one. She wore a rather tight Hooters shirt which advertised not only her employer but also her voluptuous chest.

As they stood in line for one of the rides, a family of four was in the line behind them. It included a father, mother, teenage son and small daughter. The teenage son looked to be about 15 years old, and he could hardly keep his eyes off of Susie or Donna – especially Susie. Richard, Brad, Susie and Donna talked casually with the family. Although somewhat shy, the teenager enjoyed staring at and talking to Susie. Even the father stole occasional glances at both of the girls. The 15 year old kid was practically drooling. He actually mustered enough courage to ask Susie for her autograph. For a 15 year old teenager, an autograph of a hot Hooters girl would probably be the highlight of his week if not his month. If he was still a virgin, this may have been the biggest event of his sex life.

The foursome of Richard, Brad, Susie and Donna were soon on the exciting water ride. Everyone was soaking wet at the end of the ride. Susie’s chest now looked as if she was the winner of a wet T-shirt contest. Susie’s transparent shirt as well as Donna’s hot figure drew the stares of men and women alike. They spent the majority of the day at the theme park before ending the day at a miniature golf course. The evening was rather uneventful as they finished the day at a seafood restaurant before watching a DVD.

On the following day, things began to get more interesting. On this Saturday, Richard and the others jumped in his SUV and towed his 2 Seadoo’s to Old Tampa Bay. Susie’s swimsuit was a skimpy pale blue two piece whose top barely covered her huge boobs. Donna was wearing a yellow two piece bikini which included a unbelievably revealing thong. More than 80 percent of her perfectly shaped ass cheeks were in plain view. After they lowered the Seadoo’s into the bay, Richard and Susie took off into the water on the first personal watercraft while Brad and Donna climbed onto the second Seadoo. After abour an hour or so, Susie and Donna switched skis so that Susie was now riding with Brad and Donna was teamed with Richard.

After agreeing to meet back at the dock in about an hour, the 2 Seadoo’s took off in different directions. Donna was in the driver’s seat on their boat with Richard’s arms wrapped securely around her narrow waist. Brad drove the other Seadoo with Susie’s heavenly hooters pressed tightly against Brad’s back. Brad was glad that he was seated since his cock was now throbbing thru his swimsuit. Brad and Susie sped around for about 20 or 30 minutes before spotting what seemed to be a fishing boat.

“Give me the binoculars.” said Susie.

“Where, you mean in the storage compartment.” asked Brad.

“Yes.” replied Susie.

Brad quickly grabbed the binoculars bakımlı gaziantep escort bayan and passed them to Susie. She fixed her gaze on the boat which was now only about 500 yards away.

“It looks like its just two guys on the boat. I don’t see any girls or kids. Go ahead and drive up toward the boat.” said Susie. As Brad steered the Seadoo closer to the boat, Susie removed her bikini top.

“You can put this is the storage compartment.” said Susie.

Brad eyes widen as he held Susie’s top in his hand. He could now feel her bare breasts pressed firmly against his back. His cock began twitching and then throbbing. After Brad maneuvered the Seadoo to within 50 yards of the guys’ boat, Susie told him to get a lot closer. Brad gunned the engine and moved the Seadoo to now within 30 feet of the boat. The guys on the boat had now obviously noticed Brad and Susie. With the personal watercraft now now completely stopped, Susie stood up on the Seadoo.

“Hi guys!” Susie shouted at the two stunned fisherman. Her two tanned 35 inch breasts were in full view of the astonished men.

“Wow!” one of the the men exclaimed.

As quickly as Susie had stood up, she sat back down in the boat.

“Have a great day.” Susie said.

“OK, we can go now.” Susie said to Brad.

Much to Brad’s disappointment, Susie’s display of her spectacular chest was much to short. In fact, Brad did not have enough time to spin around on the Seadoo to get a glimpse of what the fisherman saw. Brad had known this girl for almost over 36 hours and not yet seen her topless, yet the 2 fisherman were treated to an eyeful of female flesh. The two of them sped off in the Seadoo leaving the fisherman with a memory that they would definitely never forget. After a few minutes, Brad slowed the small boat down to 5 or 10 mph.

” I love flashing my tits like that.” Susie exclaimed.

“You have done that before?” asked Brad

“Oh yea. I first like to check to see if there are any girls or children on the boat or at least on the deck. I figure if I only flash guys, they would never call the cops on me.”

“How many times have you done that?”

“Oh, I guess this was the sixth or seventh time. I first did it when I was only sixteen.”

Susie and Brad changed places on the personal watercraft so that Susie was now the pilot. Unfortunately for Brad, Susie had placed her bikini top back on before they switched drivers. For the remainder of their ride, Brad enjoyed the feeling of his arms wrapped around Susie’s waist. After a couple of hours on the water, the 2 Seadoo’s returned to the marina. Once again, Richard and Brad could feel the stares as men at the marina were staring in lust at the two bathing beauties. After eating a quick lunch at a fast food restaurant, the foursome spent the afternoon at a local water park. All eyes at the water park were again focused on Susie and Donna. In fact, a group of three male teenagers followed them around from ride to ride thus maximizing their teenage viewing pleasure.

After arriving home, they cooked some juicy steaks on the patio. The conversation over Dinner flowed very smoothly with Brad learning even more about these two hot women. While Susie went to college and worked at Hooters on a part-time basis, Donna was a swimsuit and lingerie model. At 25 years old, she had the height ( 5’8″ ) as well as the drop dead gorgeous face for this type of work; however, Donna was much more voluptuous than your average fashion model. A lot of your high paid models are tall, thin, young and attractive, but their chests are on the small side. Donna’s 37C boobs would never be described as small. After Dinner, the four of them watched TV for awhile. Donna and Susie then retreated to their respective rooms while Richard and Brad worked out in Richard’s weight room. The training room probably measured about 20′ by 40′ and contained all of the latest equipment. Richard maintained his excellent physique by working out four or five times per week. After about a 90 minute workout, it was now almost 10:30. It had been a long day, so each of them took a shower and prepared for bed.

After his shower, Brad lay back on his bed reviewing the day’s events. Brad could not help it if he was not a little of envious of his best friend Richard. The death of Richard’s grandfather had given Richard a life of riches, a body of a hunk and two smokin’ hot girlfriends. Brad lay there in his bed clad only in silk boxers underwear just thinking about Susie and Donna. After a few more minutes, Brad realized that he had left his allergy eye drops in Richard’s SUV. Brad’s eyes were itching, and he needed the drops to help soothe the eyes. Brad walked down the stairs and thru the family room toward the garage. Richard’s bedroom was on the first floor only about 15 feet from the garage entrance. Richard’s bedroom door was open enough to see that lights were on and escort gaziantep bakımlı bayan music was playing. Brad continued on out to the garage and luckily the SUV was unlocked. He retrieved his eye drops and came back into the house. Brad again looked toward the small ray of light streaming from Richard’s bedroom. Being somewhat curious, Brad approached the door of Richard’s bedroom.

As Brad peered into the bedroom, his eyes grew as large as saucers. Richard and Donna were both standing on this side of the bed. They were both engaged in a passionate lip to lip kiss. Richard was wearing a silky black sleeveless tank top and Calvin Klein briefs while Donna was decked out in lingerie that would give a dead man an erection. Her outfit consisted of a purple charmeuse gown with front ties right at her cleavage. A purple g-string covered her crotch. With the sexy high heels that she was wearing, she stood at least an inch taller than Richard. After their lip lock, Richard moved Donna’s blond hair and began placing light soft kisses on her neck. As Brad watched this soft porn scene unfold before his eyes, he felt his cock growing beneath the silky boxers.

Brad had not been eavesdropping for more than two minutes when he heard a noise behind him. It was too late. As he spun around, Susie was standing right in front of him in the semi-dark hallway.

“You like to watch.” Susie cooed in her little sexy voice.

Before Brad could even respond, Susie pushed him on into the bedroom where Richard and Donna were making out.

“Look who I found outside the bedroom door watching you two lovebirds getting it on.” Susie exclaimed.

Brad’s embarrassment reached record levels as all three of them stared at the huge erection in his boxers. Brad proudly displayed his eye drops trying to explain that he had gone to the SUV to get them only to be curious about the music and light emanating from Richard’s bedroom. He was trying his best to extricate himself from the most embarrassing moment of his entire life. He was apologizing profusely while Donna and Susie were watching his erection as it slowly subsided. Richard was almost speechless not knowing what to say or do.

“I vote he stays. I’ve been wanting to see him naked for the past two days” exclaimed Donna.

As Susie walked to the side and then to the rear of Brad, “I say he stays also.” said Susie.

Then in one quick motion, Susie yanked Brad’s boxers down to his ankles completely exposing his now one quarter erect penis. Brad tried to pull them back up, but Donna pushed him on the bed allowing Susie to peel the silk boxers over his ankles. Five minutes ago, Brad was concerned about his itchy allergic eyes. Now he was sprawled butt naked in front of two of the hottest looking women in Florida as well as his best friend. Susie immediately climbed on top of Brad so that she was sitting on his stomach. Not to be outdone by Donna, Susie sported a cute pink sheer babydoll outfit containing small daises strategically covering her nipples. Beneath the babydoll, Brad could see a sexy little pink thong. The king sized bed had more than enough room for all four of them, so Richard and Donna climbed on the other side of the bed to continue their smooching.

With Susie perched on his stomach, Brad soon felt his cock growing rapidly. She would pull the babydoll up giving Brad an unobstructed view of the pink thong. Her blond pubic hair was clearly visible beneath the thin fabric of the thong. Richard and Donna were going at it hot and heavy as their tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths. Donna assisted Richard as he pulled the tank top over his head. An absolutely huge bulge had formed in his underwear. After a few more minutes, Donna climbed off the bed and stood on the floor at the end of the bed. In the high heels, she was a stunning 6 feet tall.

“You guys ready for a striptease?” asked Donna.

“Absolutely.” replied Richard.

“Take it off, take it off” screamed Susie.

Donna, still clad in the charmeuse gown, danced around seductively to the music. Richard had a satellite dish hookup which included a large number of music channels. Currently, he had tuned to the 80’s music which included a steady stream of songs from Madonna, Heart, Belinda Carlisle, Bon Jovi and others. Donna slowly untied the front of the gown before again dancing rhythmically with the music. With the gown now untied, everyone got a great view of her perfectly cone shaped breasts. Susie, lying between Richard and Brad on the bed, was tracing her fingers in a circular pattern around Richard’s nipples. Donna then climbed back up on the bed and stood up now towering over Susie, Richard and Brad. She sliped the high heels off and threw them on the floor. She rubbed her now bare foot all along Richard’s right leg. Her attention then turned to Brad as she laid her sexy foot on his upper thigh before her foot gently nudged his pulsating cock. Just the touch of Donna’s foot on his manhood caused Brad to moan.

While staring directly into Richard’s eyes, Donna removed the straps of the gown from her soft shoulders. She tossed the satiny gown at Brad which momentarily covered his throbbing penis. Donna’s firm, tan, 37 inch tits were now prominently displayed. Except for the purple thong, Donna was completely nude. She untied one side of the thong before Susie also stood up on the bed.

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