Wee Doll


Trade shows are usually the same every time. Moving from booth to booth gathering information and collecting all the free stuff that the vendors have to offer. This particular show was out of town and so I had to get a room at the hotel where the show was being held. Every time I have my own room I always get ideas running through my head about how great it would be if I had some hot chick with me to just have constant, wild sex with. On this occasion, the dream would actually become a reality.

As I was sitting on the floor of the show having lunch, I look up to see a petite, pretty woman asking if she could join me since the place was so full. I gladly invited her to sit with me and we soon struck up conversations covering various topics. Her name was Tracy, and the more I spoke with her, the more attracted I became to her. I was getting a vibe that she was feeling the same way towards me. Tracy was petite in size but with a perfect figure, pretty as can be with auburn red shoulder length hair and piercing green eyes. As we finished up lunch we exchanged cards, and actually decided to meet for dinner after the show since neither of us had any plans. I was looking forward to it the rest of the day. My thoughts were of her as I sat through the variety of classes and seminars, wishing the dinner hour would just come already.

Our dinner went nothing like I would have expected. I started to see a completely different side of Tracy once we were together, alone over good food and many bottles of wine. There was definitely some serious heat building between us. As the night wore on, and our inhibitions lowered, the sexual innuendoes starting flying. It was obvious, the two of us wanted each other bad. I suggested retiring for the evening but Tracy wanted to go out to a club somewhere and dance and drink some more. So I figured, what the heck… lets go for it. As we drove around looking for a place, she pointed to of all places, a topless strip joint. I was surprised at first, but when I saw she was serious, I quickly pulled in to park. The place was hopping when we got there and we got a table along the back of the room but near a side stage. We had the drinks flowing in no time and I was amazed at how well such a petite woman could hold her own in the drink department. After a bit of whooping it up with some expensive shots, some girls came over to chat with us. Tracy bought me a table dance… once again I was a bit unsettled but she was really into it so I just sat back and enjoyed the view. As the busty dancer grinded herself into me, I watched Tracy as she was transfixed on the two of us… It was obvious she was getting more and more aroused as she watched us. This girl was wild and liberal and I LOVED it!

Just as we finished another round of drinks, Tracy leans over to me and whispers into my ear… “You have no idea how much I want you right now… I do believe its time to leave and go back to my room so I can give you the fucking of your life.” I kissed her passionately as our tongues met. We then left the table and headed straight for my car. As soon as we reached the car, Tracy was all over me. The entire ride home she had my cock out of my pants and was fondling and licking me to a full erection. We kissed often, especially at stop lights, not caring who saw us. I would fondle her breasts and rub my hands between her legs sending little shots of passion racing through her entire body… she was so HOT and turned on, I didn’t know if I would even make it to the room. We tried to remain discreet as we walked through the empty lobby of the hotel and we decided to go to her room for our “nightcap.”

As soon as we got the door closed and locked behind us, Tracy leaped up into my arms and wrapped her legs around me. Her petite body felt light in my arms as I carried her to the bed and laid her down on her back. She didn’t stay there long though as she rolled herself over on top of me, straddling me and literally tearing open my shirt as the buttons flew everywhere. I sat up and pulled her shirt up over her head, the scene was almost humorous but neither of us were laughing as our moans of passion filled the room, we couldn’t get undressed fast enough as I ripped her bra from her body, each forceful action just adding to the level of passion and excitement. Tracy was amazingly limber and agile as she leaped off of me and finished disrobing herself naked… I quickly followed her lead and in no time we both were naked. Her body was stunningly gorgeous and her petite but perfectly proportioned size was just sooo adorable.

Before I had a chance to fully take in her naked state she thrusts me back onto the bed. I was beginning to get the sense that this adorable little woman really liked it rough.

“I want to fuck you so bad” she panted as she crawled up on top of me, grabbed my cock in her hand and immediately lowered herself down onto my raging hard-on.

Her pussy felt incredible… so tight and wet… “fuck me hard, baby” she cried out as I get into her sense of roughness and start pounding my cock deep into her wetness… gaziantep escort “ohhhhhh god, fuck… YES… that’s the way” she screams out… her body thrashes about on my cock… riding up and down on it… her legs spread wide as I hold her against me thrusting hard and fast in and out of her… “ahhhhhhh yes… yes… yes… ooooh baby… fuck me with that dick of yours… “

Never had I been with such a wild, outrageous woman before, and I was loving every minute of it. She grabbed my hands and pulled them up to her breasts that were bouncing up and down to the rhythm of her movements… together we fondled her nipples until they were fully aroused… my god she was sooo fucking HOT.

Pants and screams started emitting from her now as my cock relentlessly pounded in and out of her… she rode me like a bucking bronco… her pussy so tight and wet. “Ohhhhh fuck, I’m cummmingggg!” she screams as I feel the muscles of her pussy tighten around me as she collapses down on top of me

I continue sliding my cock in and out of her as I start to feel my climax building… “yes… yes… yes… ohhhhh god fuck me harder… ” as she pounds on my chest and a second orgasm flows through her body…

Its more than I can take and scream out… “fuck, I’m cummmingg.” Then, in a flash, she pulls herself off of me, spins around and grabs my cock just as I unload my cum all over her face and hands… her mouth engulfs my cock and she starts sucking me clean… my god, what a feeling!!

I can hardly move as I am overcome by the feeling of her mouth and hands milking my cock dry… she continues her actions and now backs up over me and straddles my face, lowering her pussy to my mouth… her lips are sopping wet and glistening in the soft light… her clit is aroused and exposed as I suck it into my mouth and tease it with my tongue…

“Mmmmm yes… lick my fuckin clit… ohhhh god yes… that’s nice.” Tracy starts grinding her pussy against my tongue as her hips undulate back and forth on my face.

I wrap my arms around her legs trying to hold her still as my lips, tongue and mouth are all over her sweet, wet pussy. Tracy now leans over and takes my cock into her mouth. Her incredible sucking action on my cock brings me back to its raging erect state in no time and just as I sense she is about to unload again she pulls away from me and says “I want you to fuck me like an animal,” positioning herself on her hands and knees, lowering her head to the bed, arching her back and raising her ass and pussy high for my taking.

I am amazed at how quickly she moves from one position to the next and it is obvious that this girl just wants to be fucked more than anything else. I slide in behind her, my cock raging hard and I slide it up and down along the outside of her glistening wet pussy lips.

She reaches between her legs for it, her breathing rapid and passionate… begging me to fuck her… “Oh baby, fuck me… I am so fucking HOT for your big cock… please fuck me.”

At her request I grab both sides of her small but beautiful ass and slide my cock as deep as possible into her tight pussy. “Ohhhhhhh god YES!” she screams, burying her face into the bed. She feels sooo damn good as I move in and out of her, back and forth, faster and harder with each stroke of my raging hard-on. Tracy starts to rock back and forth against me as I pick up her legs and continue to just grind my cock deep inside of her. She is screaming and panting for breath yet crying for more… urging me on to fuck her harder and faster. I can feel her pussy tighten and loosen around my cock as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure pulsates through her HOT, petite body. As I pound in and out of her, her body collapses flat on the bed, I follow her down never loosing contact with her sweet pussy. She begs for me not to stop as I am laying on top of her sliding in and out of her.

After a few minutes in this position I pick her up in my arms, my cock still deep inside her and I sit her on my lap as I sit myself on the edge of the bed. She bends over to tighten the grip of her pussy on my cock and starts to rock back and forth against me. I hold on to her hips to keep her inline as she bounces up and down on my erect shaft. She is a sight to behold as I watch my cock appear, than disappear, in and out of her pretty little pussy. She is ravenous with her actions… she can’t seem to get enough of me. I have never seen a woman cum like her and just never slow down… I was getting tired just watching her fuck me.

I figured it was time for another position change as I pick her up and lay her down on the bed, just long enough to spin her around. Tracy wraps her legs around my shoulders and I thrust deep inside her sending her off again on one of her passionate rages. Her hands grip hard on the sheets pulling them from the bed, her head thrashing from side to side as I can feel the tip of my cock banging against the upper limits of her pussy. Suddenly she sits up and wraps her arms around my neck… we kiss passionately as I continue to slide in and out of her. I am amazed at this woman’s flexibility.

She slowly lowers her legs from my shoulders, wrapping them tight around my back. “I’ve got you now, stud” she whispers into my ear.

I pick her up in my arms with little effort, standing and walk towards the bathroom counter. I rest her there in front of the mirror and she leans back against it. We watch each other now from every conceivable angle as she gyrates her hips and pussy against the lower bone of my cock. Ohhhh god, she is soooo fucking incredible. My one hand moves behind her back, pulling her chest towards my lips as I lower my head to her nipples, aroused hard by the cool air… I suck her nipples into my mouth as my other hand finds her soft, sensitive clit.

She immediately responds to my touch as I circle her clit over and over, while pulling gently on her erasure like nipples, bringing her right to the edge of climax, then slowing down… my cock still moving in and out of her wetness. She pants uncontrollably and just enjoys the immense pleasure I am bringing her. I can feel my own climax starting to build and I increase the pace of my touching her clit and nipples… “oh baby, I’m about to cum” I tell her…

“Mmmmmm, oh god yes, I am soooo close too baby… cum with me… cum deep inside me” she coos between pants. “Take me back to the bed and fuck me hard until you cum.”

So I pick her up again and throw her down on the bed, we both giggle as we bounce about… I stand upright and grab her ankles, spreading her legs wide and start fucking her with rapid piston like strokes as she holds on for the ride of her life. I feel her warm, wet pussy tighten around my cock. “Ohhhhh god, I’m cummmmminggggg!!!” she screams. I can hold back no longer and with one hard lunge deep into her, I unleash a huge load deep inside of her wet, warm pussy.

I collapse on top of her as my cock continues to empty itself. She wraps her legs around my back and I can feel her milking me dry inside herself. We both are breathing hard and we kiss passionately as we try to get our breath back.

“You are so fucking incredible” she whispers to me.

I just smile… “me, you are an animal” I tell her.

“Hey, I like to fuck, what can I say” she tells me and we both start to laugh as I roll over and she just follows along, rolling over on top of me. Then she says, “I like the feel of your cock inside me… I’m not ready to let it go yet.”

We both laugh again as I reach up and caress her breasts. She smiles devilishly down at me and slowly starts to rock back and forth. I can feel her trying to milk my cock back to life. “I love the way you fuck me and I just hate to let you get away from me.”

“Your pussy is incredible, but I think I’m gonna need a little time this time before I’m ready for you again” I tell her.

“Maybe we could watch one of those pornos on your pay TV and in a little bit… who knows.”

I smile and she gives me a pouty look back that soon turns into a smile as she slowly crawls off of me. “I’m going to take a shower… why don’t you join me.” Now that’s an offer I’m not about to refuse. She takes my hand and leads me into the bathroom. Her body is petite but so very, very sexy, as I finally get a chance to fully admire it.

We reach the tub and as she bends over to turn on the water I grab her hips and grind my still limp cock against the beautiful crack of her ass. “Mmmmm” she moans, “you are such a naughty boy… I like that.”

In no time we crawl into the warmth of the shower and start to enjoy the revitalizing feel of the warm water. We soap each other up and slide up and down on each other. My god she is so passionate and so much fun to be naked with. I wash her hair and wash and caress her body all over. We kiss passionately, her arms around my neck as my hands move all over the wet slickness of her soft skin. Tracy then moves her hands down over my chest and takes my cock into her hands. She strokes it softly in her hand as we continue to kiss deeply.

My hands move to her backside and squeeze her ass, which feels soooo nice. I then move my hand between her legs. She opens her legs for me as I gently start to caress her clit and slip a finger into her warm, moist pussy. She jumps slightly as I enter her with my finger and her kiss turns into a smile. My cock is starting to return to life as she continues to stroke it up and down in her hand. I now remove my finger and start to concentrate on her aroused clit. I can hear her moans of pleasure as we kiss and she breaks from me and buries her face into my chest.

“Oh god baby that feels so good… you make me soooo damn HOT, I can’t stand it.” I reach both hands behind her ass and pick her up into my arms.

She immediately responds by wrapping her legs around me as I try to position my now raging hard cock at the entrance of her pussy. “Oh god, fuck me baby,” she cries out in passion.

I lean her against the wall of the shower and she wraps herself tight around me as my cock starts to enter into her. Slow but sure the warmth and wetness of her tight pussy envelopes my cock as I move deeper and deeper into her. She draws me in and starts rocking herself against me. Ahhhhhhhh god this is soooooo damn good. I balance her small, perfect, light weight body in my arms as I gyrate my hips in and out of her. The water pouring down on us, her screams and pants of passion, the feel of her warm, slick body against mine make this a fuck that one typically only dreams about.

After fucking in this position for what seems like hours, and the countless orgasmic spasms that Tracy has been through due to the deep penetration I was getting with her, she drops her legs to the floor of the tub and slides off my still raging hard cock. “Your cock is so fucking incredible” she says to me with passion in her eyes. “I have never in my life cum this many times.”

She now drops to her knees, sliding her hands down over my chest. She takes my cock into her one hand with a firm grip and engulfs it into her mouth. Mmmmmmm my… her mouth feels wonderful as the water pours down over us. Her other hand gently slides between my legs as she caresses my balls. Her touch is amazing… gentle yet just right. I look down on her and she is looking up at me as I watch my cock move in and out of her HOT mouth. She teases the tip of my cock’s head with her tongue and then again fully engulfs the cocks shaft as her hand is constantly moving up and down on the shaft. I can now feel her other hand moving further back between my legs as she slips her middle finger between the cheeks of my ass… sliding it back and forth against my sensitive asshole.

Ohhhhhh my god, what an incredible feeling as I can feel my climax quickly building. “Oh god Tracy, I’m gonna cum all over you if you keep doing that.”

Hearing that she increases the intensity of her mouth and hand on my cock and slowly starts to slip her finger into my ass. “Ohhhhhh shit” I cry out as I unload into her mouth. Her eyes widen and I can feel her mouth drawing against my cock as she drinks in my full load, not missing a single drop. “Ahhhhhh baby… that is soooo fucking good” I tell her as she continues to suck and jerk me off while gently fingering my ass. This has turned into one absolutely incredible shower…

After almost dropping to my knees and passing out from that last climax we finally step ourselves out of the shower and start to dry off. Wondering what we could possibly do next we simply stare into each others eyes as we towel the moisture off of ourselves and each other… giggling and tickling each other along the way we make our way back to the bedroom. She lays down on the bed and seductively rolls her naked body from side to side. I collapse onto a chair, watching her, and make myself a drink from the fridge.

We strike up a conversation reminiscing about how great this night has been and the fact that we may never see each other again after this night. We make a pact to touch base whenever another conference comes up, so that we can re-enact the greatest sex either of us have ever had, at least a few times a year. We both laugh, but promise to uphold our agreement.

Tracy is lying back on the bed with her feet dangling over the end of it. We are both quiet for a moment when she says “why don’t come over her and lick my pussy” and then turns her head to me, smiles and signals me over with her finger. Not being one who can turn down such an appealing offer I get up and meander over to her. I lower myself down on top of her and we kiss. Slowly I kiss my way down over her neck, chest and breasts, pausing to arouse her nipples with my tongue and caress her beautiful, soft breasts in my hands. Tracy moans with approval as I now continue my descent, kissing my way down over her belly. Tracy draws her belly in and arches her back slightly. She is so damn sexy as her legs part slightly for me as I settle in between them. Her pussy is beautiful and still slightly damp from our previous encounter in the shower. She is closely shaven, her lips smooth and soft. I run my hands under her thighs and raise her legs high, spreading them wide as I start to slowly run my tongue up and over her slightly exposed outer lips. She responds immediately with small twitches of her hips. Her pussy and ass are fully exposed to me in this position as I start to twirl my tongue into the wetness of her pussy. She moans with delight as I cover her sweet wetness with my mouth and lips, running my tongue up and down, in and out of her wet, warm pussy. Tracy grabs a hold of the calves of her legs, holding her legs high and spreading them wide.

I rub against her clit with my nose as my tongue licks all over her now sopping wet pussy lips. My tongue flicks teasingly at her clit and then moves up and down over her wet lips. I stick my tongue out far and start fucking her with it… burying it as deep as possible into her. My hands and fingers caress her inner thighs as she is spread wide for my taking. Tracy is moaning with such passion as she encourages me on. I have her right on the edge that I know that now is the time to move in for the ultimate pleasure. My mouth moves over her clit and start to circle it continuously… over and over with my tongue.

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