WebCam Mom


Steve never thought about his mother sexually. That is, until he was referred to a video sex site by his childhood friend. Shortly after he clicked the link, he realized just how stimulating his mother could be – both on screen and in real life.

Chapter 1

After school, everyone would meet their friends to talk about what they were doing, or where they were going immediately after school. Steve had just turned eighteen and about to graduate. Not only that, he was pretty much a popular kid at school. He was a starter on the football team. Overall, people thought he was a pretty nice guy. And, he was.

It was kind of strange that Todd would even want to speak to Steve. They really never associated much anymore. When the two of them were in grade school they were inseparable. Todd only lived six doors down the street from Steve. The two of them were at each other’s house all through elementary school. They grew up with playing video games, or in the yard, and even trips to the park with each other’s family.

But once middle school came, the two of them started to hang out with different groups of friends. That’s why Steve was extremely curious.

“So what’s up?” Steve asked Todd.

“I need to talk to you in private,” Todd said to Steve while looking at Alan.

Steve reassured him, “it’s okay,” as he nodded toward Alan.

“No, really,” Todd continued with his strange behavior, “I need to talk to you in private.”

Steve nodded for Todd to follow him over by the wall. Once they were adequately away from everyone else, Steve repeated himself in an agitated tone, “what is it!”

“Look, dude, I know this is strange. But it will make sense after you check this out.” He handed Steve a folded piece of paper. Steve started to open the note as Todd continued, “I haven’t told anyone.” He said in a reassuring voice.

As Steve opened the sheet there was a web address and “Luscious Laura” written below it. He looked up from the sheet with a puzzled look.

“Just go home and check it out. Make sure you’re alone.” Todd was almost stern in his voice. “For your own sake, make sure you’re alone. We can talk about it later.”

Chapter 2

“TV tonight?”, Steve’s mom asked as she continued to load the dishwasher with the dishes that her only son was handing her.

“Doubt it,” he told her, “I’ve got some math homework,” which he really did.

“Seems like you been doing homework a lot lately, which is great. You think you might have some time tonight to catch up on our show?” She asked him about their favorite television show that they enjoyed watching. Yet now two un viewed episodes were on the DVR.

“It shouldn’t take me long, and then I can come down.” He reassured her.

“Great, why don’t you go up there now and I will finish here,” She told him. “Besides, I need a shower.”

Steve kissed her on the cheek, “Thanks mom”. He felt her warm breath as she returned the kiss upon his cheek. She smelled wonderful.

He then darted out of the kitchen and upstairs with the speed of a normal teenager avoiding the dishes.

Laura remained behind to finish cleaning up the kitchen. There was no one else in the house that could help her. Her husband had died 13 years ago when Steve was five. She put all her focus into raising him and was very proud of what she had accomplished. He was a fine young man. Yet now she was starting to see in the near future and worry about how lonely she may become.

She doubted if she would ever be able to attract another man now at her age. Her doubts were way off. She was 41 years old, yet definitely still very attractive. She continued to go to the gym three times a week. Not so much to continue looking great, which she did. More so her motive was to remain healthy. She was always promoting a healthy lifestyle for herself and for her son. Most of it was for her son.

She finished up the kitchen, turned out the light, and went upstairs. As she walked past Steve’s bedroom, she saw him doing his homework. It made her wonder if she had time for a little bit of her own “homework” before the two of them met downstairs.

She went into her bedroom, and quickly stripped down. She went straight to the shower and did not delay. She kept her hair dry but washed the rest of her tired body in warm water and it was enough to rejuvenate her. After entering the room she looked in her drawer. She had many revealing outfits to choose from. She looked over at the computer and the web cam and had to decide which she would wear to “work”. Seconds later she heard the knock on her door. “Mom?”

“Yes honey!” She replied from the back side of the room. “Let me finish this up and I’ll be there in just a minute.”

“Okay, I’ll take a quick shower” as he continued towards the bathroom. Little did he know what his mother was finishing. However, he would find out later tonight.

Chapter 3

The DVR had yesterday’s episode along with last week’s episode still there. They ended up watching both Lefkoşa Escort and it took a little under two hours. The two of them sat together on the sofa and shared the hot buttered popcorn he had made. As he sat next to her, her lovely perfumed scent was still intoxicating despite the aroma of buttered popcorn in the air. As for Laura, she was chilly and snuggled up to her son. It was innocent however. Since it had only been the two of them all this time, they had grown very close. Their relationship was special. It was not uncommon for the two of them to snuggle together on the sofa and watch TV. Each of them felt safe. Each of them felt less alone.

It was late spring and so she put on a short robe thinking her other would be too hot; however, it was colder than she had thought. Nevertheless, she didn’t want to get up and get a blanket. As she scooted closer to Steve, she made sure to pull her dark blue silk robe over her nightshirt to hide her erect nipples from the cold and from his eyesight. Although he did not notice that, he did notice that his mother was pushing up closer than usual to him and he realized that she was cold. He put his arm around her and the two of them snuggled in for the rest of their show.

Laura loved this sensation. She loved being close to him. She loved being close to anybody. It’d been a long time since she was in the arms of a man. This was such a nice safe substitute. When it was over, his mother was the first to move. She pulled away and gave him a little kiss on the cheek. As she did so, Steve could see her lovely cleavage and it was here that he noticed her erect nipples. Even though she was not as cold as before, her nipples always stood somewhat erect.

“Night, honey,” she whispered to him as she kissed his cheek.

Steve felt her warm lips on his cheek. It took him a second to reply, “Night mom. Hey, wait I’ll join you,” he told her as he got up off the sofa as well.

The two of them walked up the stairs together and his mother caressed his back with her hand as they reached the top. When they got to her room they briefly stopped and she gave him another kiss.

“I love you mom,” he told her.

“Love you too,” she replied.

“See you in the morning,” he said to her as she closed the door. But ultimately he did not know that he would be seeing her sooner than that.

Chapter 4

When Steve got in his room he stripped down to his underwear. He was about to go to bed when he realized that in his pocket was the piece of paper that Todd had given him. He pulled it out. He immediately took it over to his desk and moved the mouse as the monitor lit up. He typed in the address.

His browser immediately took him to a main screen showing many different women, each appearing in individual boxes. It was possible to see approximately 15 women on the screen at once. It was quickly apparent that this was a web cam site. Steve had done his share of surfing the Internet for porn. In fact, he had done more than his share. But he had never found his way to these sites. He always thought that there was something sad about phone sex. For some reason, this same thought had just carried on into the digital age.

He started to look through and realized that as his mouse cursor moved over each picture it would come to life with a real time video of the woman advertising. Each of these women was obviously in her bedroom and simply had found a way to make some extra money. in many cases, they were doing it while having fun on their own.

Steve was intrigued and found himself moving his pointer over many of the pictures. It was very interesting to see how in many cases the actual life video feed was quite different from the snapshot. In most cases, the snapshot was professionally done and the woman was 5 to 6 years younger. Even if she wasn’t actually younger, the professional shot always looked younger.

It then hit Steve why he was there – Luscious Laura. He suddenly started to get nervous because he had an inkling of what he was going to find. He moved up to the search bar and typed it in. One model came back. His heart literally skipped a beat and then continued to beat faster than if he had just run a marathon.

Chapter 5

He was looking at a picture of his mother just below the name Luscious Laura. He obviously had never thought of that adjective in front of his mother’s name. His head was spinning. How could she bring herself to do this? How was she even pulling it off? He had so many questions.

He moved his cursor over the picture and nothing happened. Obviously, she was not “online”. Of course not, he thought, she’s going to bed. It was then that he was able to experience two feelings at once. On the one hand he was very uneasy and nervous; but at the very same moment he found himself to be breathing heavily because of his excitement.

Below her picture he had two choices — Bio or Pictures. He actually found himself almost clicking Girne Escort on the pictures link purely from excitement. Instead, he remained reserved and clicked the bio link.

After clicking it, he realized it would be no better.

Hot, 40-year-old widow no longer wanting to be alone. Let’s spend some time together and I can show you what I can do for you.

He then clicked on the link to the photos. His heart began to beat even faster. There were photos of his mother in various types of lingerie. He could see her cleavage and all of her beautiful legs. She was wearing more makeup than he usually saw her wearing. And her hair was done in a different style. She really did look sexy. He never had really seen her in this light. She was fabulous. He instantly had an erection.

Consequently, he immediately was embarrassed. That was sick. Why would he be attracted to his own mother? Yet as he spent more time looking at the pictures, he didn’t care. He stuck his hand underneath the waistband of his underwear and grabbed his cock. As he flicked through the pictures, he began to stroke his rock hard penis.

There were approximately 30 photos and five different outfits. He kept clicking through each of these photos in secession as he continued to stroke his cock quickly back and forth. The sensation throughout his body was amazing. He had never been so excited in his life. He managed to go through each of the photos twice and halfway through the third time found himself exploding his hot come all over his lap. It was then he really started to question what he had done. But amazingly, what he started to question more so was the fact that he did not feel guilty. In fact, he still continued to feel turned on and was extremely excited.

He figured that was it and he was going to go to bed. Just before logging off he went back to her home page. She was there. Oh my God, she was there.

Chapter 6

The mouse moved over her picture, and there was his mother. Wearing exactly what she was wearing when he last saw her. Now she was looking so much sexier to him. He had been holding this beautiful and sexy woman in his arms just minutes before. That thought amazed him because he had never realized just how damn attractive his mother really was. But his once again hard cock confirmed that he was completely aware of that fact now. Her computer was always in the corner of her bedroom, he just never realized exactly what she was doing with it. The way the camera was set up, he saw her right up close to the camera as she sat in her chair. But he realized her bed was right behind her and he assumed that was where she would inevitably end up for “customers”.

It was right then he realized he had to see more. He clicked the small box containing her lovely animated figure. Instantly the frame was bigger and now he saw her even larger and in more detail. His cock twitched immediately.

He could tell by the chat to the right of her picture that there were quite a few men in the “room” with her. He saw her routinely typed the word “Private” whenever they made requests. Steve assumed that this was a reference to clicking the “Go Private” button up at the top. This must be how she makes her money. This current screen was just a matter of teasing the viewers into more.

Curiosity, along with his cock which was harder than it had ever been in his entire young life, made him click the button. It now gave him the opportunity to register and ultimately enter her “private chat room” for $2.90 per minute. Wow! He thought to himself how much money she might be making. Of course, he knew that she probably only got a very small portion of that. Nevertheless, she certainly had to be attracting enough men to make quite a bit of money. She never let on. She must be saving it all, he thought. He even felt guilty again as her occasional reference to his “college fund” came to mind.

He used his MasterCard debit card to go ahead and register. Now he was ready to fully interact. He hurried back to her page and she was still there chatting with all the others. He immediately clicked the private button. He looked up to make sure that his WebCam was turned off, and he clicked the final button. A second later and there she was. But now there was no more chat to the right of her image.

He was now watching his mother as she sat in her chair in front of her computer. Her image now filled the screen and it made her erect nipples under her dark blue silk nightgown show even more. In fact, when he had noticed them at home in the past he had made a mental note of the fact that it seemed awfully “inappropriate”. But now as he watched her on the screen, he could not believe how appropriate the outfit seemed.

The difference on screen was that she had lifted the nightgown up enough to reveal matching Navy blue silk panties. That was all. He did not think back to a time when he had seen so much of his mother. She looked great. As his cock started Magosa Escort to throb, he thought it through and realized she was just over 40. But still, she looked nowhere near her age. Her legs, as well as the rest of her body, were still tan from the summer that had just ended only a couple weeks ago.

“Hi BB”, this sexy woman typed. It took him a moment to realize she was greeting him since he just joined the chat room.

“Hi” he replied.

“How are you?” She continued to type.

“Better, now that I see you.” He replied. He was quite proud of his unique answer.

“What’s your name?”

He quickly typed the name he had already planned to use, “Brian.”

“Hi Brian, I’m Laura.” His mother replied. He wondered to himself why she picked that name.

“How old are you?” She asked.

Steve wanted her to know he was young. Should he be specific? Obviously he could not tell her he was underage. “Old enough…” He typed. He followed with a 🙂

It was what she typed next that really threw him for a loop. “LOL. So, I’m old enough to be your mother?”

He almost panicked. Did she know it was him? There’s no way she could. His camera was not on. He was using a totally different handle and name. She was just flirting with a young man who was horny and probably was about to spend good money on her.

He had to think of a good response. “You could be. I wish I was that lucky…”

She smiled right away and began to type. “You want to get lucky?”

His heart was beating a mile a minute right now. His cock was rock hard. He had never done anything like this before. Now it was actually his mother asking him and wanting to “take his virginity”, even though was online. He had put plenty of money on this card.

“I’d like that”, Steve/Brian replied.

Steve was about to have online sex with his own mother.

Chapter 7

“You are beautiful.” Steve typed. “Can I see more?”

He was not being very patient. He could not wait to see more of his mom.

Pam/Laura slid her chair back further from the computer and within seconds took her top off. She continued to play with her breasts and tweak her pointed nipples. Her right hand then moved down and began to caress her cunt through her blue silk panties. Steve could see plenty of hair poking out from underneath. He could not wait to see if it was as hairy as he had always remembered. In fact, he felt that his attraction to hairy bushes most likely came from what he remembered seeing when he was a young boy.

She leaned forward and typed again, “do you have a cam?”

He hesitated because he was focusing on getting a good hold of his penis.

She typed more, “can I see that young cock?”

Steve was nervous, but he had thought about this previously. “Sure.” He answered.

He made sure the camera was pointing away from him and he pushed the on button. In the corner of his screen he could see the exact view of just his waist and his hand underneath his underwear. He looked closely at the image to try to determine if his mother would realize it was him. He knew that the shirt was too obvious, he immediately took it off and then removed his underwear as well. Now it was his completely nude body sitting in his chair. That means there was still the chair and the tan carpeting that she might recognize. He thought to himself. The only time he ever saw that view was when he was looking at the camera’s view. Otherwise, she would never pay any mind to the bottom part of the chair or the carpet, would she? He didn’t want to take much longer, so he clicked the button to broadcast his rock hard cock in all its glory.

“Wow. I like it honey.” Laura typed. “Are you going to give it to me?” She could tell right away that although he was “old enough” in many ways, this was still a boy. She guessed he was barely of age. It turned her on immensely.

Steve was so excited. He could not believe that his mother was actually begging for his cock. If only she knew…

“Soon enough. Right now I want to see more of you.” He replied in hopes of getting those panties off of her.

She understood what he wanted. Laura reached behind her back and undid her bra. Before he knew it, it was on the floor and he was looking at his mother’s breasts in all their glory. Just as he imagined, the nipples were extremely erect. And she immediately began to tweak them with her right hand.

He became especially amazed when he watched her suck her own nipple. It became even harder and more direct. He could remember seeing those in the past and how much they always pointed out. He thought back to the several times he caught her walking in the hallway back from the shower. Her nipples were never that hard. Obviously, she was excited. It was then that she moved her left hand down between her legs and began to play with her pussy through the material of her panties.

All the while, Steve continued to stroke slowly; but he wanted to pick up the pace oh so badly. But he knew if he did he would come too fast. He did not want to be embarrassed like that. So he continued to steady stroke and he noticed that her rhythm up and down her pussy was the same as his.

She licked her lips and Steve couldn’t wait anymore. He typed on the keyboard again, “can I see even more?”

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