Wear Me Out


“Put my cock in your mouth, Sunshine.” I do as I am told with just a slight nod.

“Good g-girl” you say breathlessly.

“That’s Daddy’s good girl. All the way, baby. Take all of Daddy’s cock into your mouth.”

I swallow your cock and follow your hand as it guides me up and down. I can’t help but moan. Everytime you call yourself Daddy my panties get a little wetter. I love when you control me like this. I know you trust me to do a good, thorough job of blowing you, but there’s something about the way you are so commanding that turns me on.

“You have the best mouth, little one. You know that? Goodness gracious, baby girl. I love fucking your throat like this.”

I moan again and whimper as I feel the desire to be touched grow in my pussy. I move my hand to rub my clit and you grab my wrist.

“Did I say you could touch yourself, sweetness? You are sucking Daddy off right now. Focus all your attention there.”

I keep working your cock until there are tears in my eyes from choking on you.

“You want Daddy’s cum, baby girl?”

I nod best I can with your cock in my throat.

“Here it comes beautiful” you grunt.

You explode straight into my throat and I do my best to swallow every drop.

“There’s a good girl. So precious. Ready to cum for Daddy?”

“Yes, sir.” I say, giddily.

“Tell me what you want.”

Your demand initially confuses me, as I usually am given options. I stutter before I try to respond.

“Seriously? You can’t even tell me what you want me to do to you? Is sucking my cock that mind blowing for you? Use your big girl words. Tell. Daddy. What. You. Want. NOW.”

Immediately xslot I respond “I want you to make me cum Daddy!” The words spill from my mouth frantically.

“How, baby?” Your voice is soft and sweet. Your kindness is overwhelming me with emotion. Again, I stutter.

“Your.. would you… can I have your.. your mouth? If not that’s totally oka-” You cut me off with a kiss.

“If it’s my mouth on your pussy you want, Sunshine, it’s my mouth on your pussy you’ll get.”

I don’t have much time to blush before you wrap your hands around my waist and lift me from the ground. You carry me over to the bed and lay me on my back.

“But first, Daddy is gonna have his way with you little miss. You okay with that?”

“Yes, sir” I moan as you kiss the insides of my thighs.

“Good.” Without warning, you shove your cock inside me. I scream out in a mix of pain and pleasure.

“First, baby,” you say between thrusts “vanilla.”

You look me in my eyes while you thrust. I bite my lip, making you smirk. Your piercing eye contact makes me blush, so I have to close my eyes.

“Nuh-uh, Sunshine. Look at Daddy. I wanna see what this does to you.”

I force my eyes open and look into yours. You are still smirking at me. I moan loudly.

“Jeez, your so wet already. Maybe I shouldn’t go down on you!”

“Please Daddy. I WANT YOU TO,” I whimper almost inaudibly.

“Fine,” you say and increase your pace. As your orgasm builds, you whisper sweet nothings to me.

“Fuck baby, so tight for Daddy.”

“There’s a good girl.”

“Soaking wet.”

My moans increase as I feel your xslot Giriş cock pulsing inside my walls, preparing to release deep into me. You pull out of me and cum all over my stomach. I try to get up to clean off.

“Leave it,” you threaten. I lay back down and let you spread my legs. You spend two tantalizing, tortuous minutes teasing me. Kissing me all around, everywhere but on my clit. When I begin to whimper you quickly suck my clit into your mouth. I scream out in pleasure at the feel of your tongue lightly caressing my pussy. You work my clit up and down. Side to side. My body moves under each flick of your tongue. When you take my lip into yours and rub them together gently, I lose control.

“Yes Daddy!” I scream out in pleasure. This feeling is so intense. Being owned by you is so rewarding. All I can think about is how deep this pleasure is and how nothing else compares to you on me in any way. You continue to work away at me as I squirm.

“Be a good girl. Stay still for Daddy, little one.” I tense my legs in order to keep from moving so much.

“Stop.” *lick.

“Squirming.” *bite.

“Little.” *suck.

“Girl.” *kiss.

I do my best to keep still. I moan uncontrollably.

“I love you cheering me on, baby. Louder.” I let myself be a little louder but not too much. You can tell I am holding back.

“Louder, for Daddy, slut” and with this, you go to town on my clit and begin fingering me. The moans that come can’t be controlled. I am loud. For you. Louder than I can stand. But perfect. For you.

“DADDY PLEASE LET ME CUM,” I plead. You smirk at me. You slow down your pace, almost to the xslot Güncel Giriş point of stopping. You gently thumb my clit and plant soft kisses between my legs.

“No, baby girl, you may not. You don’t deserve to cum. You like to hold back. Right?” You kiss my clit tenderly.

“I won’t hold back, Daddy I promise. Please, please let me cum!” You slowly and tantalizingly move your fingers inside and out of me.

“Okay. Only if you promise not to hold back any more, precious.”

“Yes Daddy I promise. Please, please, please make me cum!” I sound so demanding. But I need it. I need to release. I need to cum for you.

“Okay, baby. Let’s go for it. Ready?” I nod. Instantly, you are working me again. I am moaning as loudly as possible and hitching my breath.

“Now Daddy! I am going to cum right now” at this, you increase your pace.

“Give me it baby girl, let daddy taste you,” you demand yet encourage. These words send me right over the edge. I scream out your name in ecstasy.

“Good job baby girl.” You say as I quiver from my post orgasm shakes. You crawl up my body and lay next to me in bed. You hold me as I come down. I am breathing heavy trying to catch my breath. I shove my face into your chest and grunt in satisfaction.

“Daddy likes,” you chuckle at me. I can’t respond. All I do is nod as my head spins. You kiss my forehead and play in my hair. Before long, I feel myself drifting to sleep.

“Thank you Daddy,” I manage in my sleepy daze.

“Every time, my sweet Sunshine. I love tasting you.”

“What’s next?” I ask sleepily.

“Well, little one. When you wake up, you are going to come lay across my lap for your spanking. You didn’t ask to cum, you told me you were cumming. I’ll have to remind you of your rules of release again.” I groan in protest and snuggle closer to you.

“Yeah, yeah baby girl. Sweet dreams,” you leave me with a kiss.

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