Watching Ch. 02


She had never known TRUE ecstasy until she had met this man. She could NEVER get enough of him! He opened up her entire “world” in the bedroom. He was just what she had always wanted in a sexual partner, and she had her share of sex with both men and women. Only one other person had satisfied her sexual appetite, but she was over 24 hours away (that’s a story for later). (But enough with the back story, now onto the “good stuff”!)

He kissed her passionately, enjoying the way her tongue ring slipped around his mouth. He left her lips and traveled to her nipples, sucking and biting one then the other, all the while massaging them with his work roughened hands.

She loved the feel of him; the roughened hands, his 3 day stubble, and especially the width of his manhood. She loved teasing and to be teased, so he lovingly (as to not pull or tangle her luscious blonde hair) put the blindfold she had used on him over her eyes. Just before the blindfold covered those (normally blue) beautiful eyes he noted the color change (a bright, vibrant green). Her green eyes could only mean one thing… She was BEYOND ready.

He wanted to keep her guessing, just as she had done to him so, he reached into their “toy box” and Pendik Escort pulled out their nylon ropes and tied her with them to each corner of the bed. Now she was truly spread eagle.

He began by removing her heels, she had only worn these a handful of times (mainly for him) and he loved her in them. He grabbed some warming massage oil and drizzled it on her feet. Gently massaging her feet, applying slight pressure to her arches, and started slowly working his way up to he ankles, calves, thighs… Moving inch by inch to the place between her thighs she craved his wandering fingers to go. He finally got to her junction and quickly stroked her exposed clit. She moaned and begged him to continue, but then she felt him get off the bed. She wondered what he was up to and moved her lips to ask when he said, “Nope, don’t ask. I’ll be back momentarily.”

Knowing she was straining to listen to hear exactly where he was going, he closed the door. “That damn little tease,” she thought to herself. He knew she was still straining to listen so he tiptoed VERY quietly to their cupboard, opened the door and grabbed a bowl. Then walked over to their freezer and put some ice in the bowl with just a Pendik Escort Bayan little bit of water so the ice would not harm her delicate flesh.

He walked back into their room and grabbed a candle. He placed the candle and ice on their night stand next to each other and asked his retrained wife, “You ready for a surprise?” “Mmmmmm,” was her reply.

He reached to the night stand, grabbed the candle in one hand, an ice cube with the other, and the dripped a spot of wax on her stomach. She sucked in her breath deeply. He dripped the melting ice on her thigh and she hissed… She was enjoying this.

He set the candle back on the night stand and then ran the ice cube slowly up her body. From the tip of her toes, up her ankle, calf, thigh… Circled her outer lips, up her stomach, around each nipple and back down. She was moaning in delight at the surprise from her husband. Typically she was the one doing the spontaneous things like this… For him to do it was a complete surprise and she loved him even more.

He grabbed another ice cube from the bowl and hovered above her clit. She could feel the coldness of the ice cube on her clit, even though the ice cube was not yet Pendik Escort touching her, and she shivered. He loved the torment and frustration he was causing her, knowing when she finally did cum it would be mind blowing for her.

He slowly ran the ice cube up and down her slit. Every time he reached her clit he applied a little more pressure in a circular motion. She gasped and moaned. Gods how he was teasing her! Up and down, down and up… Slowly but effectively building the sexual tension in her. A few more minutes of this and she started writhing and grinding against the ice cube.

He grabbed another ice cube and continued his play. She was moaning and screaming his name. She started saying she was going to cum soon. He removed the ice cube from her slit and replaced it with his mouth. The warmth startled her so much that she came right then. He worked his tongue on her clit intensifying and prolonging her orgasm. She moaned loudly calling his name over and over.

He finally removed his mouth from her mound and crawled up her body to kiss her lusciously full lips, leaving a trail of kisses up her body. He reached her lips and kissed her passionately, making sure she could feel his swollen cock against her pussy lips. She moaned into his mouth.

He released her from her restraints and removed her blindfold. She gave him a deliciously devilish look and rolled him on his back. Now it was again his turn for torture. Sexual revenge is the best kind of revenge…

(To be continued)

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