Wartime Comfort House – Lactation

Big Tits

I was the Commander of the Japanese Imperial Army stationed in occupied Shanghai during the Empire of the Sun conquest. Born in a honorable military family, I was destined to become a great general. My genes gave me an outstanding physique, improved by committed Samurai training started at an early age. I excelled in all Japanese martial arts as well as hand and weapon combat.

My career began as a Second Lieutenant. Moving up the ranks quickly, I became the youngest general during the Asian conquest. I would prefer to continue leading the front line battles but my respected superiors wanted my smarts to anchor and rule the occupied territories. Weeding out local dissidence and ensuring stable supplies to the front lines became my priority.

Day 1 Thirsty

Major Tonkatsu, my officer assistant, came into my office in occupied Shanghai. ‘General Tanaka, our troops caught a local girl trying to steal food supplies. She is an orphan hiding in the French Catholic Church. Our officers did not behead her because she is very pretty, shapely and a virgin. So I sent her to the nearest Comfort House, ready for your enjoyment anytime.’

I stood up. ‘Good news! I am really bored with the lack of progress in catching the underground spies. I will go now instead of tonight.’

I walked into the 2nd last room in the long hallway of the largest Comfort House in Shanghai. This room was restricted for my personal use. A thin but very attractive naked young thing had her arms and legs tied against heavy posts to make her spread wide and totally immobile. Long black hair passed her arm pits, small firm perky breasts, smooth round ass, few shiny hair on her mound and shapely legs would draw any warrior’s attention. Her nipples were pinkish rather than the darker nipples of most Asians.

Somehow she resembled and actually reminded me of my beautiful wife back home. The most striking was her large brown eyes, looking scared at my uniform when she heard my boots stepping into the room. I sivas seks hikayeleri fondled her soft perky tits, just a handful (full A cup). She started sobbing ‘please don’t, I beg you!’ I had been in China long enough to understand simple sentences. But this phase we heard too often everyday from the captures and locals. I hated that. Suddenly I got a brilliant idea and walked into the end room.

My 32 years old Japanese Chief House Keeper Miss Yuko Yamaha was putting on her makeup and turned around when she saw me in the mirror. She studied Chinese and other foreign languages. She came to China almost 10 years ago as a teacher but actually collected intelligence from local government and embassy staff from various countries. After the Imperial Army occupied Shanghai, her officer rank was formally re-established. With her language skills, she managed all the Comfort Houses in the Shanghai area and performed interpretations for me as needed. Miss Yamaha smiled and bowed ‘General Tanaka, do you like your new virgin?’

‘She is attractive but I am really tired of all the crying, begging and screaming every time. I missed my beautiful wife back home in Osaka. I want this girl to be my substitute here. You must convince and convert her so she can give me real comfort. Treat her gently and feed her well. She is too thin and weak. I give you three days. You get a reward.’

Miss Yamaha smiled. ‘Absolutely, General. Who would you like today as substitute?’

‘I am thirsty, bring Maple to me.’

‘Right away, General!’ She bowed and backed out of the room.

The Lees were Korean import merchants that also supplied the Imperial Army. Their partner diverted supplies in occupied Korea and the Lees were forging shipping papers to cover up. My undercover agents found out. The young Mrs. Lee had a two months old son when she was captured. Her husband and son were beheaded as usual. She was taken to the Comfort House because she was shapely and attractive.

Miss Yamaha found her dripping milk and offered her service to me. I had this fetish so I kept her for my own exclusive use. Maple, the name I gave her, was very well fed in order to maintain the milk production. She collected her milk for my consumption everyday. Some days I preferred freshly squeezed and today was one of those days. I removed my boots and uniform and mediated on the bed with eyes closed. I heard soft footsteps of Mrs. Lee followed by Miss Yamaha.

Maple climbed on top of me. Her huge soft wet nipple touched my lips. ‘General, Maple is very full, perfect for you now!’ Miss Yamaha said. I opened my eyes, licked the huge nipple and sweet liquid flowed down.

‘Very good! Miss Yamaha, you can leave!’

‘Yes General, I will wait in your room should you need interpretation.’

I opened my mouth and Maple lowered her very large D cup breast into my mouth. Once I started sucking, a steady stream of milk came out to address my thirst. She told Miss Yamaha that her breast went up more than one size because of milk production. When the flow slowed after a few minutes, I squeezed to empty the milk jug, then released my suction. Maple put the other very full breast in my mouth for the second helping.

After quenching my thirst I released my suction and turned Maple around so she can comfort my manhood while I fondled her large soft breasts. Maple unfolded my fundoshi cloth (underwear) and inserted my soft penis completely in her mouth, licking all around and building suction. Her hand cupped and gently massaged my balls. Her head started bobbing as my erection built. She had learned to control her breathing so I simply enjoyed the service. She was well trained by Miss Yamaha. I played with her hairy mound and her clit and slipped couple of fingers inside her vagina. Her love channel was still tight because she did not have vaginal birth. Maple whimpered softly as my fingers felt the creamy liquids flowing out.

I sat up and lined up Maple’s round ass and separated her moist lips for penetration. After slipping my big red mushroom in, I pulled Maple all the way down. She let out a gasp when my glans hit her cervix. I reached around to cup her milk jugs, rubbing her large nipples with my palms. Maple grind her hips against my pelvis and moaned. I pushed her forward on all fours. Parting her wet swollen pussy lips, I slid my rock ball deep immediately and felt the soft end of her vagina. She took a deep breath. I thrust fast and ball deep each time, slapping my balls on her clit! She was almost screaming! Her orgasm came fast and furious.

After she calmed down, she turned and reached back to rub my hard nipples while my throbbing manhood was still tightly wrapped inside her warm tight vagina. I pulled her body up, cupping both large milk jugs and licking behind her ear. She reached back with both hands, flicked, rubbed and scratched my super sensitive nipples. Shock went up and down my spine as she squeezed my throbbing manhood with her pelvis floor muscles. I started to thrust again. Her moaning was in sync as my thrusting slowly built up speed. Rubbing her large nipples, milk started dripping onto my palms so I used her milk to massage her firm D-cups while I slid ball deep each thrust again. Suddenly she squeezed my nipples hard, took a huge deep breath, froze into another orgasm while my manhood enjoyed her vagina spasms.

Maple collapsed on the bed when I released my grip. I squatted down facing her feet for her to lick my balls. She stroked my throbbing manhood rapidly and rubbed my hard nipples at the same time. I bent down to suck her refilled milk jug and pushed my rock in her mouth, thrust for couple more minutes, then let out a loud grunt and emptied my seeds down her throat. Maple had been trained to swallow my seeds while I swallowed her milk. Finally I got up after finishing my second feeding.

Miss Yamaha walked up to wipe my sweaty body with a wet towel. She looked in my eyes with a foxy smile, ‘General, I hope her nourishment got you recharged!’ I was curious of her progress with my local bride but will have wait till tomorrow…

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